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 Toshiba tecra r850 battery

Toshiba tecra r850 Battery Replacement

  • Capacity: 48Wh
  • Weight : 354g
  • Color:Black
  • Voltage: 10.8V
  • Size: 206.70 x 58.30 x 21.60 mm
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  • $47.35
  • Toshiba tecra r850 charger/adapter
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    • Warranty: 2 years
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New Toshiba tecra r850 Battery tips :

  • Seven tips to Prolong your Toshiba tecra r850 laptop battery life
    1. Please recharge when power left less than 5%. Don't wait run out and then recharge.
    2. Try Li-ion Toshiba tecra r850 battery for your laptop. It can work long time than Non Li-Ion one. 
    3. Keep your laptop defragmentation regularly to prolong the laptop battery life. 
    4. Use some hard drive and optical drive spin-down software to reduce the power consumpition of laptop.
    5. When long time without using laptop, Keep it in standby or sleep mode. It can both save the power and extend the Toshiba tecra r850 notebook battery life
    6. Store your battery in a cool and dry place when don't use.
    7. If you usually keep your laptop plugged in fixed power or rarely use it. Please take down your Toshiba tecra r850 battery. If not, it will hurt the battery life.

Toshiba tecra r850 battery Life

The power consumption during normal use is within the expected range. With 10.9 watts, it is only slightly higher than that of the Tecra R850 in idle with maximum display brightness and disabled WLAN module. In return, the 15 incher consumes quite a bit more power during load. The notebook needs an average of 48 watts in 3DMark 2006. The Satellite needs 64 watts to work during full load in the stress test.

Toshiba uses an exchangeable lithium ion battery with 6 cells and a capacity of 66 Wh. It keeps the R850-127 going for over seven and a half hours in the most favorable conditions in the BatteryEater Reader's Test. The laptop surpasses the battery life of seven hours that Toshiba states. However, the determined maximum rate is only achieved in idle with decreased display brightness and without WLAN use.

The notebook lasts for a bit less than five hours in practical Internet surfing with adapted display brightness and enabled energy saving mode. The laptop finishes DVD rendering in maximum brightness with over 200 minutes. Star Wars - Episode III doesn't even play that long (140 minutes). But if you'd like to watch Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King(192 minutes), you should have a fully charged battery.

The Satellite manages a runtime of 84 minutes in BatteryEater's Classic Test with full load and highest display brightness. Not an awesome time, but also not surprising in light of a power consumption of up to 64 watts. In contrast to the Tecra R850, the Satellite has to accept a minus of two hours in runtime due to the AMD graphics card. Merely the time during load varies by a few minutes.







Acer AS07A31

Review Asus Q500A-BHI7T05 Notebook and battery life

Though Asus has hit a homerun with its classy Zenbook, Transformer, and Taichi series of Ultrabooks and tablets, the manufacturer is not as well-known with regards to its budget or mainstream offerings. Acer Aspire 1410 battery This unfortunately results in some potentially great models that may have gone unnoticed or overlooked for those in the market for something more affordable than the recent top sellers.

The Asus Q500A is a great example of an overlooked budget notebook that hits almost all the right spots with regards to performance and build quality for the given price. For $629, the 15.6-inch Q500A as reviewed is equipped with a powerful Core i5-3230M, integrated HD 4000 graphics, 6 GB RAM, 5400 RPM 750 GB HDD and a 1366 x 768 resolution display. DELL Vostro V131 Battery A touchscreen version does exist with higher specifications, but its retail cost of over $900 then becomes more difficult to justify against new convertibles and Ultrabooks. The $600 model here is much lighter on the wallet and is overall one of the better deals in its category.

The jet black aluminum case and shape are slightly reminiscent of Asus' popular ROG series, but the brushed glossy surfaces on the lid and palm rests distinguish the Q500A from an ROG notebook and actually reminds us of the concentric reflections as seen on Transformer products. GATEWAY NV59C Battery This cross between an ROG and Transformer makes for a very attractive chassis, even for a notebook that isn't quite thin enough to meet Ultrabook specifications. Its overall weight (2.5 kg) is in fact only slightly heavier than the budget 15.6-inch Toshiba C850 (2.3 kg) and Acer V5-551 (2.3 kg). The underside of the unit contrasts the rest of the notebook as it is matte and rubberized, a combination of traits that are not normally associated with the budget price range. HP G62 battery The main downside to both the glossy and rubber finishing is the ease in which fingerprints will accumulate and the subsequent difficulty in wiping them off. Regardless, the Q500 is a definite step up visually when compared to the normally dull and drab looks of low-end notebooks.

In terms of build quality, the base and palm rests are stiff with very good resistance to twists and pressure. Likewise, the hinges don't disappoint despite their small size as they hold onto the display with much less wobbling compared to the similarly priced Sony Vaio T14. DELL Alienware M17x battery Twisting of the lid and depressions on the center of the keyboard are both observable, though they are far from extreme to be a cause for concern. Perhaps the weakest attribute of the case is the center of the lid where it is quite easy to warp or depress the surface with applied pressure. Though not as thin or severe as the lid of the Lenovo Y580, we would certainly slip on a protective case before transporting the notebook in a backpack with other adjacent items. Toshiba PA3729U-1BRS

Wireless communication is provided by Intel's Centrino 2230 half-mini 2x2 WLAN card capable of up to 300 mpbs transfer speeds. We experienced no unexpected dropouts or connectivity issues with both WLAN and the included Bluetooth 4.0. There are no WWAN or GPS options as is expected from a low-cost consumer-oriented model.

Acer Aspire M5 battery Dedicated accessories or extensions are not available for the Q500A due to no dedicated ports for docking, though such features are usually reserved for business-oriented models and should not be expected on a budget consumer offering. Generic USB 3.0 docks and other accessories are available directly from Asus if further connectivity options are desired.

The usual one-year limited standard warranty applies to the Q500A with extended options available directly from Asus. Lenovo 42T4845 Users who register the notebook will have additional benefits such as onsite repair and replacement with international options depending on the price. Notably, users do not have to sign up for extended services immediately at purchase, but can choose to apply the warranty at any time within the one-year purchase date. battery for DELL Vostro V130


The 1366 x 768 resolution display has been common amongst low-priced 15.6-inch notebooks for years and the Q500A in review is no exception. Note, however, that the $950 Q500A model does include a denser 1080p display in order to rationalize the much higher costs, but both models will have a glossy screen. Toshiba PA3921U-1BRS Subjectively, the 720p display is not as crisp to those accustomed to 1080p or greater devices, but it should get the job done for most home users and sufficient for light-to-moderate workloads.

With the X-Rite i1Basic Pro 2, an average brightness of about 240 nits was measured across nine quadrants. Though it could have been brighter, this is very good for a budget model where displays under 200 nits can be more common, such as the Toshiba C850 and Acer V5-551. Lenovo l09s6d21 Similarly, the contrast is nothing spectacular, but still above average for the price and satisfactory for movies. For a glossy screen where reflections can be prevalent, the screen brightness of the Asus should prove more than enough for most indoor environments.

Outdoor usability is average at best. The notebook is almost unusable when under direct sunlight without uncomfortable squinting, but is much more tolerable if under shade. Maximum brightness is highly recommended due to the glossy screen. Note that maximum brightness does not artificially drop when on the Balanced or High Performance profile while the Power Saver profile will reduce the maximum to only 216 nits. Compaq Presario CQ71 battery

Viewing angle stability is typical of TN panels. Sharing the display with multiple users for movie playback can prove to be difficult, especially during darkly lit scenes, but the narrow viewing window should be acceptable for a solitary user.


The model in review houses a standard voltage Ivy Bridge 2.6 GHz Core i5-3230M. The more expensive $950 model uses a quad-core i7-3632QM, though the dual-core i5 should be more than enough for the home user. For more information and benchmarks on the i5-3230M, see our dedicated page here. Apple A1245

RAM is provided by two SODIMM DDR3 modules: 1x 2 GB module from ASint and 1x 4 GB module from Hyundai in dual-channel mode. Both slots are easily accessible via a hatch underneath, which also exposes the 2.5-inch HDD and WLAN card.

DPC Latency Checker shows no recurring high latency peaks even with wireless radios active. The program is not yet fully compatible with Windows 8, so its results should not be taken as final.

CPU-oriented benchmarks show the i5-3230M in the Asus to be similar to the Aspire V3-571G in our database, which also houses the same CPU. Asus X72DR Battery Compared to the Sandy Bridge generation, the i5-3230M is most similar to the i7-2620M, one of the fastest dual-core CPUs back in 2011. Needless to say, the power that the Q500A provides will be more than enough for browsing and other home tasks.

System performance is very good for a notebook with a 5400 RPM drive. At over 3000 points in PCMark 7, the Q500A outscores the Acer V3-571G (2516 points), Sony T14 with SSD cache (2817 points), Toshiba C850 (2093 points), and Acer V5-551 (1201 points). ASUS G51J battery Notebooks with dedicated SSDs will of course outclass the Asus in review, but these will cost users at least a few hundred more.

The included 750 GB Travelstar drive does not include any dedicated SSDs for caching, but it should offer more than enough space for most users. According to HD Tune, its average transfer rate of 75.6 MB/s is average for a 5400 RPM drive, though most models will hover closer to 80 MB/s. For example, the 5400 RPM Seagate drives in the Sony T14 and Aspire M3-481 return 77.5 MB/s and 82.2 MB/s in the same benchmark. HP ProBook 6450b battery Faster Travelstar 7200 RPM drives, such as the 750 GB model in the 2012 Envy 15, easily outclass the slow Hitachi in the Q500A.

Fortunately, users can quickly swap out the 9.5 mm drive for a faster model or even an SSD, the latter of which will improve system performance dramatically from the base 5400 RPM drive. The Q500A even offers a SATA III interface for full support for 6 Gb/s drives. For our growing list of HDD and SSD benchmarks, see our table here. IBM FRU 42T4504

System Noise
At almost 35 dB(A) when idle, the fan never stops spinning and will be audible in a quiet environment with almost no ambient noise. Otherwise, a typical office environment will easily drown out the noise and make it essentially inaudible in practice. Heavy CPU or GPU load will increase fan noise by quite a bit, up to almost 40 dB(A), which is definitely noticeable during use. Sony VGP-BPS8A Users who game or have consistently high CPU loads may experience the much louder fan. Thankfully, playback of Youtube videos or other HD content are not enough to induce such high fan speeds.

If under maximum stress, we were able to record fan speeds of over 47 dB(A) – very close to the uncomfortably loud 50 dB(A) range. During normal use, however, we do not expect users to experience such high noise levels.

Toshiba Satellite Pro U300 battery Surface temperatures are on the warm side, even when the system is sitting idle. Interestingly, both the top and bottom sides are quite similar in average temperatures both when idling or under load, possibly due to the very centralized location of the CPU.

Heavy load for an extended period can lead to a very noticeably warm keyboard center – up to 37.8 degrees C in our hour long stress test. This particular spot also happens to be the hottest quadrant on the entire notebook, though the spots nearest the exhaust will be quite warm as well. Dell FRR0G battery It's not uncommon, however, for Ultrabooks to reach even higher surface temperatures north of 40 degrees, such as the X1 Carbon. In practice, we didn't find the warm keyboard center of the Asus to be an issue while typing.

We subject the Q500A to synthetic CPU and GPU loads with monitoring tools (CPU-Z, GPU-Z, HWiNFO) to test for potential throttling issues. Prime95 was used to stress the CPU, but both cores were able to maintain their maximum 3.0 GHz Turbo Boost clock rate without any issues. Similarly, the GPU upheld its 1100 MHz clock without problems with only FurMark active. Acer AS07A31 The CPU settled at around 70 degrees C during the individual tests. Adapter/charger for DELL Vostro V130 Series

Full stress was simulated with both Prime95 and FurMark active simultaneously. Both the CPU and integrated GPU were able to maintain their respective maximum Turbo Boost clock rates even after a full hour of stress. Core temperature will increase to over 80 degrees C according to HWiNFO, but we experienced no stability issues for the duration of the test. Acer BTP-96H1 A 3DMark 11 test immediately following the stress test yielded almost unchanged results, confirming no throttling issues with the Q500A.

System performance is not artificially reduced when running on batteries. A 3DMark 06 test without AC power returned almost the exact same scores compared to the same test with the AC adapter connected. This is compared to the recently reviewed Vaio T14 whose integrated GPU in the ULV Core i3 was severely reduced in power when disconnected from the grid. DELL Vostro V130 battery

Battery Life

All Q500A models ship with a 4700 mAh 50 Wh removable battery; no larger or smaller official options are available. Dell R48V3 Battery The capacity of the Li-ion battery is good for a budget 15.6-inch notebook as a number of other similarly priced notebooks offer smaller modules like the Toshiba C850 (48 Wh) or Acer V5-551 (37 Wh). Some 15.6-inch models can sport denser batteries, though they typically come with higher prices or more power-hungry discrete graphics. Even so, the notebook returned good runtime numbers according to our Battery Eater tests. Dell RU485 Battery

The maximum runtime Reader's Test returned over 8 hours with the screen set to minimum brightness, wireless disabled, and on the Power Saver profile. Minimum runtime on the Classic Test was about 1.5 hours with maximum brightness and wireless enabled on High Performance. Our more realistic WLAN test puts the notebook on Balanced and on 150 cd/m2 screen brightness (setting 6/10) while looping a script to simulate web browsing. Dell T54F3 Battery Under these conditions, the notebook clocked out after a solid 4 hours.

Based on the WLAN results, users can expect 4-5 hours of constant use or even 5-6 hours with low activity or reduced settings. The long minimum runtime should allow users who will mainly use the notebook for word processing or the occasional videos to comfortably work away from a power outlet for a good chunk of the day. Dell T54FJ Battery

The Q500A does nothing spectacular, but performs above average in nearly all major categories. While that may not sound too impressive, the low entry price of just $629 is a very good value considering that there are no significant flaws or major dealbreakers that may make users think twice about the quality or performance of this budget model for the price. Dell UJ499 Battery Users who choose to install an aftermarket SSD will have a notebook that can perform admirably for many years down the line. It's true that color accuracy, outdoor usability, speakers and maybe even its weight could be better, but the fantastic build quality, fast CPU performance, and keyboard backlight are a rare find in this price range and make this Asus a gem against its competitors. Dell X57F1 Battery






charger VAIO VGN-P70H/G

Review Sony Vaio SV-T14124CXS Notebook and battery life

The launch of Windows 8 has started a surge of touchscreen-enabled notebooks and the Sony T14 is no exception. The updated Vaio joins the recently reviewed Sony T15 as both models share the same chassis and physical qualities, so more details and information can be found in our review of the 2013 Vaio T15. VAIO VGN-P23G/W Battery The smaller T14 model, however, has at least an $80 price advantage over its larger brother. As reviewed, the 14-inch Vaio is equipped with an ULV 1.9 GHz Core i3-3227U CPU, 4 GB DDR3 single-channel RAM, 1366 x 768 resolution touchscreen display and integrated HD 4000 graphics for a retail price of $700. The Sony Vaio lineup has always had the looks, but is the performance of the T14 up to par against other recently released budget touchscreen notebooks? Sony VAIO VGN-P25G/N Battery


Though Sony notebooks usually offer a colorful range of options, the default silver/white scheme is perhaps the defining color of the series. The T14 offers a smooth brushed aluminum lid and a more matte plastic base with distinct edges and corners. The relatively flat design can be attributed to the reserved use of curves, yet the notebook avoids the inevitable boxy look by incorporating slanted sides and chrome trimmings where appropriate without looking excessive. Sony VAIO VGN-P29VN/Q Battery The lack of any overly glossy surfaces (aside from the display itself) also helps in keeping surfaces relatively free from visible fingerprints or grease. It's an attractive look that could easily pass as something more expensive.

Quality-wise, the outer lid has average resistance to pressure as a slight depression can be seen when pushed down with a hand. In contrast, the keyboard and palm rests perform much more favorably with less warping from applied pressure or side-to-side twisting. Sony VAIO VGN-P31ZK/Q Battery The exception here is the area around the Enter key, though this is attributed to the hollow space directly underneath for the DVD or Blu-ray drive. The only major complaint is the hinges as they allow too much wobbling of the screen, similar to what we observed with the T15.

The overall weight of 2.00 kg is lighter than the competing Toshiba Satellite P845T (2.16 kg), about the same as the Acer Aspire M5-481PT (2.01 kg), and heavier than the more expensive ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch (1.52 kg). The T14 is also thinner than the Toshiba above, yet thicker than the X1 Carbon, which evidently puts it in the mainstream range with regards to weight and size. Sony VAIO VGN-P31ZK/R Battery In fact, its 22 mm thickness barely passes the Intel Ultrabook specifications, so the T14 is clearly aiming for consumers on a tighter budget than say a Samsung Series 9 Lenovo X1 Carbon.


The T14 offers the same physical connectivity features as its larger 15-inch model, sans one USB port. Thus, only two USB ports are available whereas other 14-inch notebooks like the Satellite P845T or Vaio SV-E14 offer three or four, respectively. Aside from that, no ports are located on the rear or too close up front for easy accessibility. Sony VAIO VGN-P33GK/W Battery A dedicated Memory Stick Pro Duo reader, as is typical of Sony devices, sits alongside the usual SD card reader on the front edge.


The T14 offers the same physical connectivity features as its larger 15-inch model, sans one USB port. Thus, only two USB ports are available whereas other 14-inch notebooks like the Satellite P845T or Vaio SV-E14 offer three or four, respectively. Aside from that, no ports are located on the rear or too close up front for easy accessibility. VAIO VGN-P35GK/N Battery A dedicated Memory Stick Pro Duo reader, as is typical of Sony devices, sits alongside the usual SD card reader on the front edge.

The non-backlit Chiclet keyboard is of ample size (28.25 cm x 10.5 cm) and feels similar to the backlit version as found on the larger Vaio T15. This means that the keys are unfortunately quite soft and shallow with poor overall feedback. In fact, feedback while typing is so low that it can be easy to miss a letter or two at first. Sony VAIO VGN-P35MK/Q Battery Jumping between a desktop keyboard and the T14 is thus quite a shift, though we can appreciate the reduced noise and clatter on the Vaio. For many users, it may take a good amount of time before adapting comfortably to the very short travel.

Aside from the basic keys, Sony provides the usual Assist, Web, and VAIO auxiliary keys. Assist will launch VAIOCare while VAIO provides an easy one-window access to basic system functions including wireless, brightness, and network sharing.Sony VAIO VGN-P39VL/Q Battery Regardless, dedicated volume keys are sorely missing and still require a combination Fn input to control.

The smooth and matte touchpad (10 cm x 5.5 cm) is narrow and is almost as tall as it is wide, which is fitting for a widescreen setup. Even so, it wouldn't have hurt to increase its vertical length for more headroom during navigation. We ran into no accuracy issues with the touchpad as even multi-touch controls worked reliably, though the Zoom function feels clunky with a delayed onscreen response. Sony VAIO VGN-P45GK/N Battery The integrated left and right click keys offer strong feedback and a clear pressure point for easy use despite the short travel. For times when an external mouse is not available, the touchpad will work reliably as intended.

A capacitive touchscreen is slowly becoming the norm with mainstream Windows 8 notebooks, though its usefulness and practicality on a regular notebook is debatable. Nonetheless, the multi-touch touchscreen on the T14 works flawlessly and without input issues and is even great for some simple gaming. Sony VAIO VGN-P45GK/P Battery The lack of a special tablet mode, however, does mean that reaching out to the screen to perform simple touch-based tasks can be tiresome after a while.


The edge-to-edge glossy display is protected by a layer of edge-to-edge glass and is only available with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, a standard amongst budget to mainstream notebooks in this category. Subjectively, texts and images are clean with minimal hints of the screen door effect. VAIO VGN-P45GK/Q Battery

Brightness, unfortunately, is very low. With a recorded average of about 155 cd/m2, we found ourselves settling on the maximum brightness setting even when under typical indoor ambient lighting. Glare from nearby lights or windows can thus be an issue for those who already prefer matte displays over glossy. For comparison, the 15-inch Vaio T15 and 14-inch Satellite P845T offer higher maximum screen brightness. Sony VAIO VGN-P50/G Battery Contrast is also a bit below average on the T14, which is acceptable for office work, but low enough to lose minute details in videos with dark scenes.

Additional display measurements were performed with an X-Rite spectral profiler. The T14 showed both poor grayscale performance and color accuracy in most situations. Red and blue in particular are represented with much poorer precision compared to green, leading to an almost equally inaccurate representation of purple or magenta. Gamma is also on the low side at a recorded 1.64, which can produce images with too much emphasis on white. VGN-P50/R Battery

Note that the results for color saturation below may not be entirely accurate due to an error in a number of the pattern change prompts during testing. However, it does reflect similar findings in that green remains much more accurate in all saturation levels compared to red and blue.

Additional display measurements were performed with an X-Rite spectral profiler. The T14 showed both poor grayscale performance and color accuracy in most situations. Red and blue in particular are represented with much poorer precision compared to green, leading to an almost equally inaccurate representation of purple or magenta. Sony VAIO VGN-P530CH/G Battery Gamma is also on the low side at a recorded 1.64, which can produce images with too much emphasis on white.

Note that the results for color saturation below may not be entirely accurate due to an error in a number of the pattern change prompts during testing. However, it does reflect similar findings in that green remains much more accurate in all saturation levels compared to red and blue. Sony VGN-P530CH/Q charger


The T14 ships with one of three available Intel Core ix Ivy Bridge CPUs: a base entry-level 1.9 GHz Core i3-3227U, mid-range 1.8 GHz Core i5-3337U (+$70), and the upper-class 2.0 GHz Core i7-3537U (+$170). Each core is an ULV CPU rated for a 17 Watt TDP, though the i3 family notably lacks any Turbo Boost functionality. The model in review is equipped with this latter CPU which should be ideal for more casual home users in no need of additional horsepower to run CPU-intensive tasks or programs. Sony VAIO VGN-P530CH/R Battery The CPU will idle at 800 MHz for both cores if on the Power Saver profile or Balanced profile. For more information and benchmarks on the Core i3-3227U CPU, see our dedicated page here.

For RAM, every T14 model comes with 4 GB of fixed single-channel DDR3-1600 MHz onboard memory. One SODIMM slot is available as an expansion, which is easily accessible from underneath. Sony VAIO VGN-P530H/G Battery Other motherboard components, however, require a more extensive teardown of the notebook and are not intended to be tampered with by end-users. The battery module is fortunately user-removable, but it must be unscrewed from the base with a coin or screwdriver as opposed to having a more typical snap-and-lock function.

DPC Latency Checker returns no recurring high latency peaks even with wireless radios active. Its compatibility with Windows 8 is still an issue, and so the results should be taken with a grain of salt. adapter VAIO VGN-P530H/Q Note that CPU-Z (version 1.64.0) incorrectly identifies the CPU as a Core i7-3517U, which is a much more powerful processor than the Core i3 in this review.

CPU-oriented benchmarks place the T14 slightly below the ThinkPad Edge E130 in our database, which also houses the same i3-3227U CPU. For example, CineBench scores from the Lenovo model edges out the Sony T14 in all instances with the largest percent difference in CineBench R11.5 64-Bit (0.79 vs. 0.68 points on the Sony). Sony VAIO VGN-P530H/R Battery Otherwise, the discrepancy in the CPU performances between the two models is essentially negligible as the i3-3227U still provides a comparable level of CPU performance as an AMD A8-4500M or AMD A10-4600M APU. Compared to an Intel CPU, the i3-3227U is most comparable to the ULV Sandy Bridge i5-2467M, though the latter still comes out on top in single-core benchmarks like Super Pi due to its Turbo Boost benefits.

System Performance
Sony VAIO VGN-P588E/Q charger System performance is average or even slightly below for users who are accustomed to lightning SSD speeds. Since the SSD provides little boosting benefits, cold booting is a bit slow (about 13 seconds) and navigation on Windows 8 is far from instantaneous.

We ran four consecutive iterations of PCMark 7 to confirm that the secondary SSD provides minimal boost in performance. Final scores should rise notably after each repetition should a hybrid HDD/SSD drive be present. Sony VAIO VGN-P588E/R Battery The final score peaks at about 2800 points, which is still below some competitors like the Acer M5-481PT (4052 points), but only marginally better than the HDD-only Satellite P845T (2657 points). Subjectively, it is difficult to feel on the T14 the performance gains that the hybrid drive would offer over a dedicated HDD system in everyday tasks.

Storage Devices
The model in review houses a SATA II 500 GB 5400 RPM drive from Seagate paired with a SATA II 24 GB AXM13S2 SSD from ADATA. The secondary SSD is provided for caching purposes, so it contains no drive letter or freely available drive space by default. Sony VAIO VGN-P598E/Q Battery

The Seagate HDD delivers mediocre performance for a 5400 RPM drive. According to HD Tune, the average transfer rate of 77.5 MB/s is faster than the Satellite P845T (69.2 MB/s), but slower than the Acer M5-481PT (88 MB/s), both of which sport 5400 RPM drives. In comparison, 7200 RPM drives like the one in HP Envy 15 can easily reach 90 MB/s or higher. Sony VAIO VGN-P610/Q Battery There are no official configuration options for 7200 RPM drives, though Sony does offer 256 GB or 512 GB SSD options for an additional $170 and $805, respectively. See here for our growing list of HDD/SSD performance benchmarks.

Gaming Performance
The integrated HD 4000 has been extensively tested on Notebookcheck and has proven to be adequate for most of today's games on low resolution settings. However, some of the more recent titles like Tomb Raider are only playable on minimum settings, which will impact much of the gameplay experience. Less demanding games like Starcraft 2, League of Legends or DOTA 2 should play very well on the integrated GPU. Sony VAIO VGN-P610/R Battery

For more information and benchmarks on the Intel HD 4000 GPU, see our review here.

System Noise
With a measured fan noise of almost 35 dB(A) when the system is idling, the T14 is always audible no matter the workload. This is louder than both the Satellite P845T and Acer M5-581PT where the 31 to 32 dB(A) range can be considered nearly silent. Fortunately, typical ambient noises and music playback will be enough to drown out the minimum fan noise of the T14. Sony VAIO VGN-P61S Battery In fact, it will actually take quite a bit of processing load to bump fan speeds considerably higher than its base 35 dB(A), so that may be considered a benefit to having the slightly louder minimum noise level. Playing video, for example, did not result in increased fan noise during our time with the Vaio.

Medium to high loads will correlate to faster RPMs measuring about 40 and 45 dB(A), respectively. The increase in fan noise is expected, but the 40 dB(A) range or greater is quite noisy in most situations and is hard to ignore. Sony VAIO VGN-P688E/G Battery This was experienced during heavy multi-tasking with active videos or gameplay and will almost never be heard during day-to-day browsing use. The low to mid 40 dB(A) range is also typical of ultrathin notebooks like the Samsung Series 9 900X4B or MacBook Air 13, so the fan noise of the T14 is of no surprise in this regard.

The constant fan noise and low-power ULV IVB core may have attributed to the overall low surface temperatures when under load. Idling temperatures stay well under 30 degrees C on average on both the top and bottom sides. A hot spot can still be observed, but it is nowhere near as noticeable as on other ultrathins. charger VAIO VGN-P688E/N

Under maximum load for over an hour, average surface temperatures only rises by a few degrees. The notebook is still warm to the touch, but it is impressive that even the hot spot was only about 5 degrees hotter than its idling state in our measurements. Most Ultrabooks reach a much warmer 40 degrees C or higher, albeit they do come in thinner form factors with faster processors and performance than the system in review.Sony VAIO VGN-P688E/Q Battery Nonetheless, the comparatively low surface temperatures of the T14 are commendable.

We subject the T14 to processing stress with monitoring tools (CPU-Z, GPU-Z, and HWiNFO) active in order to observe any potential throttling issues. With Prime95 active, both CPU cores were able to operate at their maximum 1900 MHz clock rate without any drops or problems. Similarly, the GPU jumped form 350 MHz to a constant 1000 MHz when FurMark was active. Sony VAIO VGN-P688E/R Battery CPU temperature more or less peaked at about 60 degrees C during this period.

When both Prime95 and FurMark were active simultaneously, the GPU was seen fluctuating in the 900 to 1000 MHz range while the CPU remained at 1900 MHz. CPU temperature did rise to over 70 degrees C, though no throttling or stability issues were observed and a post 3DMark 06 run returned no noteworthy reductions in final scores.

adapter VAIO VGN-P698E/Q adapter Running on batteries will reduce GPU performance significantly while CPU performance remains intact. Running 3DMark 06 on batteries, for example, will return a similar CPU score (2377 points), but the overall score decreases from 3602 points on AC power to just 2102 points. According to GPU-Z, GPU clock remains at 350 MHz until the AC adapter is connected.

Sony VAIO VGN-P699E/Q Battery The two small speaker grilles are located directly above the keyboard and are only a few inches apart compared to other notebooks where the speakers are usually much more separated. Sound quality is average as it suffers from the "tinny and hollow" qualities normally associated with tiny speakers. Music is generally more higher-pitched and bass is poorly represented. On the bright side, quality does not degrade on higher volume settings, but external 3.5 mm solutions are definitely recommended for longer sessions. charger VAIO VGN-P70H/G

Battery Life

The T14 uses a lightweight removable Li-Polymer battery rated at 43 Whr and 3760 mAh. The capacity is on the small side compared to other 14-inch notebooks like the Satellite P845T (48 Whr), ThinkPad X1 Carbon (45 Whr), IdeaPad U410 (44 Whr), and even Sony's own Vaio E14 (59 Whr). A few smaller 13.3-inch notebooks, such as the Yoga 13 (54.7 Whr) and Satellite L830 (48 Whr), have larger capacity batteries still. Sony VAIO VGN-P70H/R Battery

Maximum runtime was assessed with Battery Eater, first by using its Reader's Test at minimum screen brightness on the Power Saver profile for maximum battery life. We recorded a runtime of over 7 hours before automatic shutdown. On the other end of the spectrum, minimum battery life was recorded to be about 1.5 hours by using the Battery Eater Classic Test on the High Performance profile at maximum screen brightness. Sony VAIO VGN-P720DN Battery

Our more realistic WLAN test puts the screen at 150 cd/m2 brightness (setting 10/10) while looping our continuous script to simulate typical browsing conditions. Under these settings, the notebook shutdown after about 4 hours.

Users can expect 4 to 5 hours of continuous use from the T14, which is standard amongst many 14-inch notebooks. A few can deliver about 1 to 2 hours of more runtime, such as the X1 Carbon Touch or Acer M5-581PT, but the T14 is thankfully not as short-lived as say the Satellite L830, which averaged just 3 hours in the same WLAN test. If users can accept lower brightness settings, squeezing out an extra hour from the T14 should be within reach. Sony VAIO VGN-P720K/Q Battery

Like its bigger brother the T15, the Vaio T14 leaves a great impression with regards to its chassis and design for the price. Performance is steady when under load and the low surface temperature deserves some praise, especially when compared to other thinner Ultrabooks. The touchscreen, however, continues to feel like an added novelty and should certainly not be a dealmaker in purchasing the T14 as its practicality is hard to warrant on a standard notebook. Sony VAIO VGN-P720K/R Battery Those looking for a true budget tablet/notebook hybrid may want to consider the ThinkPad Twist or IdeaPad Yoga, both of which now start at about the same price as the $700 T14.

In addition, it is becoming much more difficult to justify a Windows 8 machine running on a 5400 RPM HDD, specifically now that SSD prices have been dropping steadily. The benefits from a hybrid HDD/SSD setup are barely tangible during everyday tasks on the T14. Sony VAIO VGN-P788K/G Battery

A few notable hardware faults also hold back the Vaio. The soft keyboard and wobbly hinges may take some time to get used to, and the lack of an easy access to the HDD/SSD may bother some users who may want to upgrade the slow 5400 RPM drive to a full-fledged aftermarket SSD. Screen brightness in particular could have been much higher as we found the maximum to be average for typical indoor use and below average for outdoor use. Sony VAIO VGN-P788K/N Battery

The T14 draws similar conclusions to the Satellite P845T in that users can get a much better experience from a last generation Ultrabook with a dedicated SSD like the Asus Zenbook UX31E or Samsung Series 9 900X3B for the price. As long as buyers are willing to forego the touchscreen capabilities, then a thinner, lighter, and faster Ultrabook alternative will not be out of reach.






Dell V8VNT Battery

Review Toshiba Tecra R950-192 Notebook and battery life

Those who are looking for a high-performance business notebook often turn directly to well-known brands like HP and Lenovo. But there are alternatives: Other manufacturers have interesting professional devices in their portfolio as well.Dell 312-1387 312-1390 Battery

Toshiba for example. Their Tecra series has been established in this segment for years and ranks among the most serious competitors to such prestigious top dogs as the ThinkPad or the ProBook series.

Today we want to have a closer look at the current 15-inch-model Tecra R950. The price starts at 800 Euros (~$1049) and quickly cracks the 1,600 Euros (~$2098) mark, depending on the equipment. Dell 312-1392 Battery Our test device R950-192 (nearly 1,500 Euros/~$1967) relies on a fast Intel Core i7-3540M, eight GB RAM and a 320-GB-HDD (SSD is available for a surcharge). To replace the weak graphics processor, Toshiba has also built in a dedicated Radeon HD 7570M with GDDR5-memory, which drives a matte WXGA++-display with 1600x900 pixels. Several safety features, as the integrated UMTS-module as well as the Professional version of Windows 7 (Windows 8 is enclosed as well) do underline the focus on business clients for this notebook. Dell 312-1433 49VTP adapter

In the following review we will compare the R950 to, among others, the Lenovo ThinkPad T530, the Dell Latitude E6530 and the HP ProBook 6570b. Is our candidate up for the challenge?

Matte surfaces, dark colors: The optics of the Tecra R950 corresponds to the typical subtle standard of a professional notebook. Dell 4DMNG Battery Following the principle of "form follows function", the focus of the design clearly follows the rule of ergonomics and practical use. According to the manufacturer, the case, which is coated with fine grooves and made of high-strength artificial resin, also shines with exceptional durability – a promise, which we surely cannot test in this review.

Dell 4WY7C 68DTP Battery Directly compared to its competitors, the R950 surprises with a relatively slim case. A maximum thickness of 25.4 millimeters (1 inch) and a weight of nearly 2.5 kilograms (~5.5 pounds) let the Tecra appear significantly more delicate than an EliteBook 8570w (35 millimeters, 3.25 kilograms/~1.4 inches, ~7.7 pounds), for example. However, it needs to be mentioned that HP also offers this workstation model with Quad-Core-CPUs and by far stronger graphics cards – but the ProBook 6570b is also noticeably heavier with its 2.8 kilograms (~6.2 pounds). Dell 6HY59 Battery

But what effects does the slim design have on its stability? The base unit turns out to be quite sturdy, though there is still potential for improvement. Under local pressure the chassis slightly gives in above the DVD drive and around the keyboard – this is not the case for some of the competitors. The display, which is held in its place by two tight and extremely precise metal hinges, could have also withstood our deformation tests a little bit better. Dell 6K73M 6KP1N Battery

In terms of workmanship, there is not much to criticize. Nothing rattles or wiggles, all material transitions were well processed and sharp edges rounded thoroughly – however, this should be expected in a notebook for nearly 1,500 Euros (~$1967). Altogether, the Tecra R950 has earned a good but not very good overall grade in this discipline.

Dell 6XH00 Battery For the connection of external devices, the notebook was fitted with four USB-ports, which come with a few special features. Two of those ports already support the fast USB-3.0-standard and another one was combined with an eSATA-interface for the connection of external hard-drives. Via Sleep-and-Charge, USB-devices can also be charged when the notebook is turned off, for example to charge a smartphone overnight. Dell 8RT13 8TT5W adapter

In addition to an analog VGA-output, the R950 comes with a modern DisplayPort, which allows the connection of high-resolution external monitors. On the other hand, the user has to cope without HDMI, or use an adapter or a docking-station, which costs about 200 Euros (~$262). The docking-station is plugged into the bottom of the notebook and provides a big range of various additional interfaces. Dell 9K1VP Battery

On the one hand, the layout chosen by Toshiba is well suited for right- as well as left-handers (USB-ports on both sides of the case); on the other hand, it has some other weaknesses. The distance between the interfaces is slightly too small. Additionally, we would have preferred to have the display-outputs and the LAN port at the back.

Dell DJ9W6 FW1MN Battery The extensive communications equipment of the Tecra R950 leaves nothing to be desired. First off the WLAN-adapter: The Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 supports dual band operation in 2.4- and 5-GHz-networks as well as the common radio standards 802.11a/b/g/n. Two antennas (2x2 Dual-Stream) ensure a steady reception even under difficult conditions and allow gross transmission rates at a maximum of 300 Mbit/s. In our practical test, the radio communication impressed with an outstanding range and high speed – provided the corresponding router also supports MIMO. Dell G019Y Battery In addition to a number of features like Wireless Display, the current Bluetooth version 4.0 is at the user's disposal.

A UMTS/HSPA(+)-module from Ericsson was built-in for mobile internet access. According to Toshiba, the H5321gw allows a download-/upload-rate of up to 7.2/2.0 Mbit/s (according to Ericsson even 21/5.76 Mbit/s) and also masters positioning via GPS-Signal. The brand-new mobile radio technology LTE was not installed.

Dell G35K4 MK1R0 Battery The 1.0-Megapixel-webcam, which is fitted into the display frame, records pictures and videos with a resolution of up to 1280x800 pixels. To achieve really smooth frame rates though, the resolution needs to be changed to 640x480 pixels or less, which is still suitable for communication purposes. Worthy of note is the low picture noise and the excellent speech quality of the integrated microphone. adapter Dell MR90Y

The protection of sensitive corporate data has a top priority for a business notebook. For this reason, Toshiba has equipped the laptop with comprehensive safety features. This includes BIOS with support for Computrace and Intel's anti-theft-technology (data deletion and device tracking after theft), a fingerprint scanner, a SmartCard-reader and a so-called Trusted Platform Module (TPM). For more details about those technologies, we have written a separate extra article for you. Dell N121Y PVJ7J Battery

Besides the notebook with its power adapter and battery, Toshiba encloses some brochures and an installation disk for Windows 8 Pro. However, the preinstalled operating system is Windows 7 Professional – this leaves it up to the user to decide which version he prefers.

The accompanying software package is particularly generous. More than 700 MB of tools, administrative tools and other little helpers can be found on the hard-drive; including a shock sensor utility, a wireless- and GPS-manager and recovery software. adapter Dell T1G4M It remains to be seen if all these applications are really needed. At least annoying adware was left out.

At the bottom of the notebook, the user finds three maintenance covers, which allow the exchange of the most important components. Sadly, all available slots are occupied ex-factory, which only allows an installation of an SSD after the removal of the hard-drive. To clean the fans and the heat sink, the case needs to be taken apart.

The purchase price includes a 2-year manufacturer's warranty including Bring-In-service, which can be extended for a relatively small price. Dell V1YJ7 V8VNT Battery An extension for a total of 3 years costs about 60 Euros (~$79), for 4 years 100 Euros (~$131). Furthermore, Toshiba guarantees the following: In case of defect during the first year, the notebook does not only get repaired, but the customer is reimbursed with the full purchase price ("Toshiba Double guarantee").

The integrated Chiclet-keyboard scores with an additional numeric keypad and is also splash proof; backlight, like some ThinkPads and EliteBooks have, is missing, though. For the layout, the manufacturer was guided by the common standards and placed the 18 x 18 mm (~0.7 x 0.7 inches) letters where the user expects to find them. Dell VR7HM Battery The arrow and function keys are a bit smaller, which is not bothersome in everyday usage.

Despite an overall consistent typing feeling, the keyboard fails to keep up with the best models on the market in our practical test. The keystroke is relatively soft and combined with a short stroke distance– this may be a matter of taste, but a slightly tighter layout would deliver more feedback on each keystroke. adapter Dell W6XNM X29KD On the other hand, we liked the excellent stability and the minimal noise level even when typing quickly.

Touchpad and Trackpoint
The 8.5 x 4.9 cm (~3.4 x 1.9 inches) touchpad has a rubberized surface whose small frictional resistance allows an exact navigation of the cursor. All input commands are processed quickly and can be done via multi-touch-gestures (pinch-to-zoom, scrolling with two fingers) if desired. The mouse buttons were replaced by two shiny metallic buttons whose tight pressure point leaves a very good impression of quality. Dell XCMRD Battery

Alternatively, the user can rely on Trackpoint, also known as Toshiba's "AccuPoint". Precision and responding qualities are excellent. The little joystick turned out a little bit too tiny, though. With a little practice, Trackpoint proves to be a practical extra because the necessary finger movements were kept to a minimum. The associated buttons work as firmly and reliable as the ones of the touchpad. Dell XRDW2 Battery



The 15.6-inch anti-glare display of the Tecra R950 is offered with a resolution of 1366x768 as well as 1600x900 pixels; our test device had the higher resolution WXGA++-version. The user soon appreciates the additional pixels, especially when using Excel charts or multitasking more often. Simultaneously the resulting pixel density of 118 dpi guarantees a still comfortable font size. Dell YGMTN Battery

Toshiba promotes the display as "high-brightness-display", thus promising a strong backlight. Indeed: With its wide control range of 19 to 260 cd/m² (eight stages), the luminance can be perfectly adjusted to various surrounding conditions. Only a few competitors like the Dell Latitude E6530 (up to 278 cd/m²) offer a higher luminance. Nevertheless, there are ultrabooks that reach over 300 cd/m² - such values would have been desirable for the Tecra as well. Dell 0MF69 Battery

The measurement of black value (1.99 cd/m²) and contrast (127:1) was disappointing, though. Dark parts of an image always seem a bit grayish, which causes a colorless and pale image. The reason behind it is, that Toshiba chose to produce their own TN-Panel (TOS5092), which is far behind competing displays as far as quality is concerned (LG-Philips (ProBook 6570b) or AUO (ThinkPad T530)). Dell 24DRM Battery Since the Tecra R950 is surely no multimedia- or gaming-laptop, this flaw can be ignored.

First, we examined the color display in delivery condition and afterwards had a look at the results after calibration. It quickly turns out that this notebook is not meant for professional photographers or graphic designers: Only 51% of the important sRGB color space is covered and the color deviation was relatively strong (Delta E up to 15, 9 when calibrated). Dell 312-1387 Battery The display of grayscales only works slightly better and only comes close to the ideal when previously calibrated (Delta E 12, calibrated 1.4).

The combination of an anti-glare display surface and high maximum brightness – which is held steadily when running on battery power – allows using the R950 outdoors. Annoying reflections are very rare and often so weak that they do not affect the user. The display has only to surrender under direct sunlight – a problem that could only be reduced by an even stronger backlight. Dell 312-1390 Battery

Viewing angles Toshiba Tecra R950-192

Many displays based on TN-technology struggle with picture quality at large image angles. The display of our test object is no exception – on the contrary: Especially vertically, the screen falsifies the image quickly, which causes a constant need for readjustment of the display hinges. In comparison to other TN-panels, the display of the R950 performs below average. adapter Dell 312-1392

Since the presentation of the new Haswell-processors is expected for June, thus ending the Ivy-Bridge-era, Intel has injected new life into its current CPU-platform with a series of so-called "speed-bumps". The Core i7-3540M represents the new top model of the dual-core-class succeeding the i7-3520M processor.

Dell 312-1433 Battery The clock rate of 3.0 GHz and the turbo-settings of 3.5 (2 cores) and 3.7 GHz (one core) do not give reason to expect a big performance leap in comparison to the 100 MHz slower predecessors. Owing to the meanwhile fully developed 22-nanometer assembly, Intel managed to keep the TDP at 35 Watts and was not forced to make substantial changes. Also on board are features like Hyperthreading-technology, for a better multi-threading-performance and a four MB L3-Cache.

Dell 49VTP Battery Like all mobile spin-offs of the Ivy-Bridge-series, the Core i7-3540M has a DirectX-11 capable graphics card, which is not used in the Toshiba Tecra R950-192, though. Instead of the HD Graphics 4000, a dedicated Radeon HD 7570M comes into use for the image calculation and is constantly active during 2D- and 3D-mode. Pity – a flexible graphics switching via AMD's Enduro-technology could have lowered the power consumption during idle and increased the battery run time.

Dell 4DMNG charger Depending on the configuration, the R950 is available with SSDs or HDDs of varying capacity. Our test candidate has a common 320 GB hard-drive, which makes it 200 Euros (~$262) cheaper than its 256 GB flash memory equivalent. Furthermore, eight GB DDR3-RAM were built in, in dual-channel-mode (2x 4 GB DDR-1600).

Owing to the extreme high (turbo) clock speed of up to 3.7 GHz, the i7-3540M shows an excellent single-thread performance. Dell 4WY7C Battery In the respective test of the Cinebench R11.5 (64-bit) the CPU scored 1.52 points, which is equal to the quad-core model i7-3740QM. When all available threads are being used, the 3540M falls about 50% behind at 3.49 points. As expected, we can only detect a marginal performance increase compared to its predecessor Core i7-3520M – not much, but still enough to take the throne as the fastest dual-core processor. Fortunately, the performance is not throttled when running on battery. Dell 68DTP Battery

Toshiba equipped the R950 with a 320 GB hard-drive from its own company. The MK3261GSYG (2.5 inches, 9.5 millimeters height) runs at 7200 rpm and has a 16 MB cache. The result is quite impressive: With its average sequential transfer rate of 93.4 MB/s, the hard-drive belongs to the fastest of the currently available ones. The access time, which profits from the fast speed of rotation, is 16.7 milliseconds, according to HD Tune. Dell 6HY59 Battery

System Performance
According to its good results for the processor and data medium, the Tecra can also score when it comes to system benchmarks of the PCMark-series. With 8,003 points in the PCMark Vantage as well as 2,201 points in the PCMark 7, our candidate is at the same performance level as its similarly equipped competitors like the HP ProBook 6570b or the Lenovo ThinkPad T530. Dell 6K73M Battery The more expensive SSD-alternative should score even higher – those wanting to install a flash memory themselves find the necessary information further up in the section "Maintenance".

In everyday use, the R950 works inconspicuously and efficiently. Simple office software does not present itself as a problem and the laptop has enough power reserves for more demanding software like simulation- or CAD-software (see following chapter). Considering this computational power the user should only rarely long for a faster quad-core processor. Dell 6KP1N Battery

The Radeon HD 7570M is based on one of the older 40 nanometer chips, which has been on the market for over two years and is also used for some of the models of the HD-6000 series. By now, the computation power of the 400 VLIW5-shader units is ranking at the low end but still exceeds the integrated HD Graphics 4000 by a small margin. Dell 6XH00 Battery Another reason for the low performance is that Toshiba clocks the graphics card at 500 MHz for the core and 600 MHz for the one GB GDDR5-memory, which is slightly lower than allowed by AMD. We could only reach a score of 901 points at the performance preset of the 3DMark 11.

As the results of the SPECviewperf-11 benchmarks prove, the HD 7570M is at least conditionally suitable for professional CAD-applications. Those regularly using these kinds of programs should instead choose a FirePro- (AMD) or Quadro-card (Nvidia) with their specially optimized drivers. Dell 8RT13 Battery The GPU can still be used for general computations via OpenCL-interface – a feature that is also available for the slower HD 4000. In conclusion, we would like to point out that the graphics driver does not support a resolution of 1366x768 pixels ex-factory; we explain how to add it manually here.

Although gaming is not one of the main applications of this laptop, we would still like to take a look at the performance for some of the current titles. This confirms what we had mentioned earlier: Even though the Radeon HD 7570M is slightly faster than the HD Graphics 4000 is, it can only reach acceptable frame rates at low settings. Dell 8TT5W Battery Very complex games like Battlefield 3 or Crysis 3 do not even reach the important 30 fps mark at minimal detail settings.

System Noise
Due to the consistently activated fan and the quietly humming hard-drive, the Tecra is never completely silent even during idle. A noise level of 31.8 dB(A) is not annoying but is quite noticeable in quiet surroundings. The similar sister model tested with an SSD-drive and integrated graphics card (R950-191) performs at 29.6 dB(A) and is clearly quieter. Dell 9K1VP Battery

The system noise rises drastically under heavy use. The notebooks run at between 35.9 and 44.2 dB(A) in the 3DMark 06 test and peaks at a noisy 49.3 dB(A) during the stress test. The relatively high-frequency characteristic of the fan noise quickly gnaws on the user's nerves during longer periods of time under full load. This problem is mainly due to its slim design – more massive business competitors like the ThinkPad T530 present themselves a lot better here. Dell DJ9W6 Battery

The heat generation of the device stays low for common use: During idle, we measure an average of 30 °C (86 °F) at the top and bottom. This allows usage on the thighs without restrictions. Under full load, the temperature jumps up to 40 °C (104 °F) around the air outlet while most parts of the case stay at slightly higher values compared to idle.

Toshiba seems to be able to handle the temperature management of the notebook – but does this also apply to the hardware inside? Dell FW1MN Battery After stressing the processor for one hour with Prime95 and FurMark it levels off at an uncritical level of 82 °C (179.6 °F), but only clocks at the base frequency of 3.0 GHz. The theoretically possible Turbo Boost of 3.5 GHz can only do his work for a few minutes at the beginning of the stress test; this behavior cannot be observed with real applications, though. The graphics card heats up to 66 °C (150.8 °F) and constantly keeps its maximum clock rate of 500/600 MHz (core/memory). Dell G019Y Battery

The integrated stereo loudspeakers, situated at the top of the keyboard, were primarily designed for office purposes. The highly treble-prone sound and the limited volume reserves limit the joy of watching a movie or listening to music drastically. In those cases the user should go back to an external sound system (connection possible via DisplayPort or 3.5-millimeter jack). However, the small speakers fulfill the demands for system sounds or VoIP-applications. Dell G35K4 Battery

Energy Consumption
As mentioned before, Toshiba did not implement AMD's Enduro-technology for automatic graphics switching. Thus causing the consumption during idle to be rather high at 12.3 to 17.6 Watts. This results in less battery run time – a problem that is already well known from the HP ProBook 6570b. For comparison: The Tecra R950-191 with an integrated graphics solution is satisfied with 8.2 to 12.6 Watts. Dell MK1R0 Battery

Along with the dedicated graphics card, the high clocking processor is especially responsible for the high power consumption under full load. Since the maximum consumption lies between 41.2 and 75.3 Watts – the latter value is only reached during the unrealistic stress test – the 75-Watt power supply is correctly dimensioned.

Battery Runtime
Dell N121Y Battery Although Toshiba fitted a 66-Wh-battery into the notebook to counteract the big power consumption, the runtime of the laptop is rather short especially under small load. The R950-192 runs only for 5 hours and 25 minutes in the Battery Eater Reader's test (minimal brightness, energy-saving mode, WLAN off) – the more energy-efficient sister model is running 12.5 hours, more than twice as long without the dedicated graphics card. Dell PVJ7J Battery

Our practical WLAN-test (about 150 cd/m² brightness) shows that the user can browse and work for nearly 4 hours before it runs out of battery. Even though this is significantly better than the HP ProBook 6570b with its 2.5 hours, it still is far behind the values of other competitors with graphics switching.

As expected, the Battery Eater Classic test (maximum brightness, high performance, WLAN on), which puts stress on the processor as well as the graphics card, achieves the shortest runtime. Dell T1G4M Battery The notebook needs to be reconnected to the socket after 1 hour and 22 minutes at the latest where the battery is charged within about 3.5 hours.

What is essential for a good business notebook? Features like reliability and quality but also low emission rates are probably top priorities for the buyer. The Toshiba Tecra R950-192 shows promising approaches in those disciplines but lacks when it comes to the final touch. Dell V1YJ7 Battery

This can be observed for the slim and carefully processed case, which cannot keep up with the best laptops of its class in terms of stability, though. The connectivity and input devices of the laptop do also perform well but without being tremendously better in comparison to its competition.

One of the biggest advantages of the R950 is its outstanding application performance, owing to the fast hard-drive and the higher-clocked i7-processor. Dell V8VNT Battery Sadly, the cooling system barely copes with the waste heat of the CPU and GPU causing the background noise to rise strongly, especially under full load. Those able to take a pass on a few percentage points of performance should instead choose a model with i5-core and integrated graphics card. The same advice goes for the battery runtime, which suffers greatly because of the missing graphics switching. Dell VR7HM Battery Thanks to its anti-glare and high-brightness display, its integrated UMTS and low weight the notebook commends itself as a mobile companion for everyday business life.






Acer TravelMate 291XCi Battery

Review Acer Iconia B1-A71 Tablet and battery life
The tablet market is all set to explode if it still hasn't. Hardly a day passes where a new model is not announced. Most of the action in at the low end of the tablet where many manufacturers are trying to make money by selling large quantities of cheap tablets. Acer TravelMate 290 Battery We have had a large number of these cheap tablets hit our office coming at unheard prices of 130 Euros to 150 Euros (~$175 to $200). However, almost none of the devices came from well-known brands. The tablets were from companies like Trekstor, Pearl, Prestigo and cmx. Acer is the first big name that is trying its hand at making an ultra-cheap tablet. The PR coming out of Acer for the tablet mentions it to be light, handy and powerful. Acer TravelMate 290D Battery The biggest feature of the tablet is the excellent price of 120 Euros (~$160) which makes it an extremely attractive product if the other touted features are as good as what Acer makes them out to be. We have not tested a good cheap tablet and we find ourselves to be extremely curious about this offering.

The technical specifications sound promising, at least in the beginning. The 7-inch tablet is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU with Cortex A9 cores from MediaTek, supported by a PowerVR SX531 graphics chip from Imagination. Acer TravelMate 290E Battery Both are certainly not the most powerful components, but they aren't bottom of the barrel either. The working memory is 512 MB and the 8 GB internal memory can be expanded with a microSD card. Google's Nexus 7, which happens to this tablet's main rival, does not provide this option. The Nexus 7 and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 made the 7-inch form factor very popular. But the caveat is the resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels which is pretty low compared to the other (more expensive) tablets. Acer promises 70 degree viewing angle stability from every direction. Acer TravelMate 290ELC Battery To date, Acer's Iconia B1 is available in a Wi-Fi only version. Whether a 3G version will follow is not yet certain.

Acer's Iconia B1 is not one of the smallest 7-inch tablets out there, with dimensions of 197.4 and 128.5 millimeters. It is thicker than most other tablets at 11.3 mm. BUt the tablet is extremely light at only 320 g that makes it very comfortable to hold.

It is very obvious that Acer made several cut-backs in its choice of materials for construction and the build quality to keep the price of the product down. With exception of the screen panel, the entire device is made of cheap plastic which also affects the tablet's stability. Acer TravelMate 290ELCi Battery Light pressure is all that is needed to deform the body of the tablet (with ripples on the screen when the back is pressed in). This is also accompanied by creaking noises that would scare any user. The screen can be pushed in at the edges that creates a gaping space between the panel and the bezel. Acer's Iconia B1 build quality cannot be compared to the build quality of devices like Google's Nexus 7 and the Prestigio MultiPad 7.0. Acer TravelMate 290ELM Battery

Although the manufacturer dubs the color "Midnight Black", the tablet is completely framed by a blue border. The tablet looks like a toy and would most probably be used for the entertainment of kids. The price is low enough to make it an impulse buy for many customers.


7 inches is the magic number for a portable device that can be considered to make a decent tablet. Acer TravelMate 290ELMi Battery The leaders Apple and Google paved the way with their iPad Mini and Nexus 7 tablets for the hype around this device category, which are both genuine premium tablets within different price ranges. Google's Nexus 7 excels with its HD resolution despite the low price. The iPad cannot compete with that and Acer's Iconia B1-A71 remains discreetly in the background with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. This WSVGA resolution leads to a rather unusual aspect ratio of 17:10. Acer TravelMate 290EXC Battery The pixel density is merely 170 ppi. For comparison: The Google Nexus 7 achieves a density of 216 ppi, which is good 27 percent higher. Remarkably, the 162 ppi of Apple's iPad Mini does not come close to the Acer although it is three times as expensive. battery for Acer TravelMate 292ELCi

Not as remarkable, though positive, is the 7-inch screen's brightness. We ascertained a maximum brightness of 200 cd/m² in the center, which is not really a good number for a tablet. However, the uneven illumination of just 68 percent has much more significance. Acer TravelMate 290EXCi Battery The gauge recorded just 135 cd/m² in the upper left corner. This difference is visible with the naked eye. On the other hand, the low black value of 0.27 cd/m² appealed to us and results in a decent contrast of 741:1 despite the low brightness.


The buyer cannot expect a high-performance machine for 120 Euros. However, when drawing parallels to the automotive sector, the buyer must get a sufficiently powerful vehicle that can deal with normal, everyday requirements in all situations even in the entry-level sector. Acer TravelMate 290LC Battery That should not be different for tablets. Our experience however has taught us the opposite many a time.

Acer's Iconia Tab B1 makes a reasonable impression on paper. The system-on-a-chip (SoC) dubbed MediaTek MTK 8317T fuses a dual-core processor with Cortex A9 cores and a single-core GPU from Imagination called the PowerVR SGX531. The processor cores are clocked at 1.2 GHz each and are technically modern. Acer TravelMate 290LCi Battery Although there are stronger Cortex cores, the A9 is still built into high-end tablets. But, the single-core graphics chip is no longer relevant when compared to the latest chips.

With 833 points in the cross-platform benchmark GeekBench 2, the Acer Iconia B1 places itself in the lower section of the tablets tested to date by notebookcheck.com. This is quite decent. It even marginally outperforms the Apple iPad Mini and places itself ahead of other entry-level tablets like the Braun B-Tab 711. AnTuTu v3 confirmed this result in the overall score. Acer TravelMate 290LMi Battery AnTuTu's benchmarks also generally achieved the same results in the CPU, GPU and RAM parts.

An interesting aspect in the performance assessment is also the internal memory's performance. We used AndroBench 3 to test this. The B1 also looked quite impressive here, although we have doubts about the very high sequential read score. In any event, Acer has not made excessive cutbacks in the quality of the internal memory. adapter TravelMate 290XCi

Next we looked at the graphics performance. For this, it had to pass through AnTuTu's 3DRating and GLBenchmark 2.5.1. Regrettably, only the on-screen test worked with the tablet's native resolution in the latter. The off-screen test using the native resolution would be more comparable. The achieved 2.5 fps nevertheless clearly show that the graphics chip is low-end. AnTuTu's test also confirmed this. Acer TravelMate 290Xi Battery

The Acer Iconia B1 can be used for routine tasks like running Paint or Internet browsing rather than a gaming machine. We checked the tablet's performance in this category with browser-based tests. One of the best known benchmarks is Sunspider version 0.9.1 Java-script test. The B1 scored remarkably well here. With just 1395 milliseconds, it even outperforms much stronger devices like the Google Nexus 7. Acer TravelMate 290XMi Battery Other low-budget tablets like the Braun B-Tab 711 are completely beaten. The benchmarks Peacekeeper and Google v8 recorded the same results. Acer's tablet also impresses with above-average performance here and proves that Internet surfing is its purpose. However, it did not score quite as well in Browsermark 2. Nevertheless, its browser performance is generally good. And considering the price, there is absolutely nothing to complain about. Acer TravelMate 290XVi Battery


We already mentioned about the installed graphics solution in the course of this review. Acer's Iconia B1 with the PowerVr SGX531 is certainly not a gaming tablet. Nevertheless, the performance is sufficient for most games. Popular games like Angry Birds and Air Attack HD are no problem for the tablet. adapter Acer TravelMate 291 Even more demanding racing simulations like Raging Thunder 2 and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit ran smoothly for the most part. The third person shooter ShadowGun was also playable. However, we can verify that the GPU is limited in its ability to play more modern titles. We can certainly say that future titles designed for tablets having SOCs based on the 28 nm process would be unplayable. Acer TravelMate 291LCi adapter


Acer's Iconia B1 definitely does not have thermal problems. This would be due to its middling performance components compared to premium tablets. The surface temperatures were always within a tolerable range. Even hour-long loaded runs for the Stability Test did not let the temperatures exceed 38 degrees Celsius. The power supply unit also remained within an acceptable temperature range at a relatively cool 41 degrees Celsius. The temperatures remained even lower in routine use. Acer TravelMate 291LCi-G Battery The device only gets lukewarm at a few measuring points.

Power Consumption

According to Acer, a 2720 mAh lithium ion battery is installed in the tablet. The battery is one of the smaller ones in the 7-inch tablet form-factor. The power consumption in different load scenarios is crucial for the battery life though. A power consumption between 1.2 and 3.1 watts is pretty good for such a device. For comparison, the Apple iPad Mini consumes up to 5.6 watts here. Acer TravelMate 291Lmi Battery However, it also features a much brighter screen. The power consumption climbed up to 6.2 watts during load. This is still reasonable although not very economical in view of the entry-level SoC.

Battery Runtime Adapter/charger for Acer TravelMate 292ELCi

The comparatively low power consumption stirs hope for good battery runtimes despite the small battery. We performed three runtime tests in different load states. Acer TravelMate 291LMi-G Battery The maximum battery runtime is ascertained using server-side scripting, which is automatically opened using minimum brightness and, except for Wi-Fi, all communication modules turned off. Acer's entry-level tablet lasted for a good 12 hours in this scenario and is one of the best for a 7-inch device. Devices like the Apple iPad Mini and the Google Nexus 7, are in a league of their own. Acer TravelMate 291XCi Battery

The minimum battery runtime during full CPU and GPU load was a decent 2:51 hours. Our Wi-Fi surf test, using a brightness of 150 cd/m², is particularly important. Here, a new website is opened every 40 seconds. Acer's Iconia B1 runs for almost five and a half hours and again places itself at the top of the list with this result. However, it is far from reaching the 12 hours achieved by Apple's iPad Mini. Acer TravelMate 291XCiH Battery

Altogether, Acer's B1 scores with good battery runtimes. We have not observed this in many devices in this price range yet. The 10 watt power supply unit needed a bit over two hours to completely recharge the battery.

Kudos to Acer! It was clear right from outset of this review that the Acer Iconia B1 was not fighting for a crown in the tablet market. Nevertheless, we had very high expectations for the first "low-budget" tablet from a brand manufacturer. And Acer did not let us down. Charger Acer TravelMate 292 The B1 is the first tablet at a price of 120 Euros (RRP) that is an attractive buy. However, it was to be expected that the buyer has to make compromises in the hardware to keep the device price down.

A price of 120 Euros is pretty obvious when you look at the workmanship and choice of materials. Acer made cutbacks here, but the price has to match the hardware or Acer would struggle with the overheads. The configuration is above-average for this price range. Acer TravelMate 292ELC Battery A SoC with a dual-core processor based on the Cortex A9 is not a matter of choice, as a look at some other low-budget devices proves. The GPU is not the newest but the choice is good. 8 GB of memory is not generous, but can be inexpensively expanded using an SD card, unlike tablets from Google or Apple. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPU are also available and are the best possible for this price range. However, the GPS sensor disappointed us. Charger Acer TravelMate 292ELCi The battery runtime and user experience were decent. The device does not let its user down here.

Other points of criticism? Sure, there's plenty. The screen is based on the outdated TN technology, is not very bright and the illumination is very uneven. That could have been avoidable. The camera is, with due respect, a joke. Omitting it would have been a better solution.

All said and done, Acer fulfills its promise and provides an affordable tablet for first-time users, or as a second device or a throw-away device for the children. If these requirements fit the needs of the user, then this tablet would be a good buy. Acer TravelMate 292ELM Battery The wish for a stronger device will always be there, but for a first-time user, the device is a great learning tool.






ASUS A75D Battery

Review Fujitsu LifeBook A512 Notebook and battery life

The LifeBook A512 family is a series of affordable office notebooks with 15.6-inch screens. The various models are suitable for both home and business users. Fujitsu has positioned the A512 series in a notebook segment filled with countless devices from a number of manufacturers. ASUS A45VM Battery In this review we'll see if Fujitsu manages to stick out from the crowd.

For comparison we have chosen the following rivals: Dell Vostro 2520 (Intel Core i3-2328M, Intel HD Graphics 3000) and the Acer TravelMate P253-M (Intel Core i3-2328M, Intel HD Graphics 3000).


The case, housing the hardware of the Fujitsu A512, is made of black plastic. The smooth and matte surfaces indicate that this is a work notebook. The black base unit is partially surrounded by a silver-gray plastic frame. Acer and Dell also utilize plastic cases and similar color schemes. ASUS A45VS Battery

The case appears well built and quite stable. It can be twisted slightly only in the area of the touchpad. Overall the base unit has a good rigidity. It can hardly be twisted when the display lid is opened. But the lid itself is another story - it can be easily bent. This leads to slight image alterations. The back of the display is more stable. Pressing it does not change the picture. The hinges hold the screen firmly in position and do not allow one-handed opening. ASUS A55 Battery

Fujitsu has equipped the A512 with an Intel WLAN module (Centrino Wireless-N 2230). It supports the 802.11 b/g/n standards. In addition, it also provides the notebook with Bluetooth 4.0 functionality. The Windows WLAN indicator shows full bars at short distance (3 meters, ~9.84 feet) and at two floors between the router and the notebook (50% transmission power). ASUS A55A Battery

The module also supports Intel's Wireless Display technology. This allows a connection between the notebook and a certified display (a TV for example) over WLAN. Displays that do not have WLAN capability can be made compatible with an adapter. battery for ASUS A75

The LifeBook comes with a good number of accessories. In addition to the usual leaflets, warranty information and the quick-start pamphlet, Fujitsu has also included three Recovery DVDs (Windows 8 Pro 64 bit, Windows 7 Professional 32 and 64 bit) and two DVDs with drivers (Windows 7 and Windows 8). ASUS A55D Battery

Operating System
Our test unit came with a pre-installed Windows 8 Pro (64 Bit). Users who do not want to work with Windows 8 can quickly and easily replace it with Windows 7 via the Recovery DVD. In addition, both systems can easily be installed on a new hard drive. Even Windows XP is still supported and the corresponding drivers can be downloaded from Fujitsu's website. ASUS A55DE Battery

DVD playback
Microsoft has removed the DVD playback software Windows Media Center from Windows 8. This causes no problems, because the manufacturers have equipped their devices with alternative software. But the LifeBook has no such software pre-installed on Windows 8, thus it cannot play DVDs. When we inquired about this, Fujitsu said that every customer should order the corresponding software (for example PowerDVD; about 10 Euros, ~$14) when choosing Windows 8 as the operating system. ASUS A55DR Battery

The LifeBook proved to be very maintenance-friendly. The large cover on the bottom of the notebook allows access to the RAM, WLAN module, fan and BIOS battery. The hard drive is located behind a separate cover. The A512 has two RAM slots. Our test unit had one 4 GB module already installed. The notebook supports up to 16 GB of RAM. The fan is completely accessible and can even be removed in order to be cleaned. ASUS A55N Battery We liked this feature very much. The hard drive can also be easily replaced. Simply remove the frame, secure the new HDD in it and then install it in the notebook.

Fujitsu delivers the A512 with a 12-month Bring-In warranty in some countries. The owners of the P253-M receive more - Acer offers the notebook with a two-year warranty. The warranty period of the Vostro depends on where you buy it from (directly from Dell: one year; other shops: two years). The warranty of the LifeBook and its rivals can be extended. ASUS A55V Battery A three year warranty costs about 25 Euros (~$34) and an on-site warranty for the same period costs about 70 to 80 Euros (~$94 to $108).


The Fujitsu LifeBook A512 series are affordable office notebooks for home and business users. Our test model has enough power to complete all the daily tasks required. Word processing, internet browsing and video playback (including HD content) pose no challenge for the notebook. ASUS A55VD Battery

The various models of the A512 series differ in processor, hard drive size and the operating system. Our model costs 450 to 500 Euros (~$605 to $672). The cheapest version that we could find is equipped with a Pentium B960 and a 500 GB hard drive and comes at a price below 400 Euros (~$538). On average, this model should be about 10% to 20% slower in the various benchmarks. For comparison, we have chosen the similarly equipped notebook Acer Aspire E1-531. ASUS A55VJ Battery

Our test model has a dual-core Intel Core i3-2328M processor, which is of the Sandy Bridge generation. The CPU has a base clock frequency of 2.2 GHz. The Core i3 does not have Turbo Boost. It is practically identical to the Core i3-2330M. The only difference is that the 2328M has Intel's Small Business Advantage Tools. This includes, for example, the option to disable the USB ports. ASUS A55VM Battery

The Cinebench tests showed the same performance on both AC and battery power. The results of the rival notebooks in the CPU and GL benchmarks are all on a fairly even level. That's not surprising, since these notebooks have the same Core i3-2328M processor with the same HD Graphics 3000 GPU.

System Performance
Overall, the LifeBook works smoothly. No delays have been noticed. The PC Mark 7 score confirms this. ASUS A55VS Battery It is not surprising that the results of all three notebooks are again on the same level, as their hardware is identical.

Our notebook comes with a 320 GB Toshiba hard drive that works at 5400 RPM. This hard drive is not among the fastest of its kind. CrystalDiskMark showed a read rate of 84.34 MB/s. HD Tune delivered an average transfer rate of 62.6 MB/s. These are not particularly good scores for a 5400 RPM hard drive. Since the notebook has been designed as an office tool, capacity is not a priority. Compatible ASUS A75 Battery However, speed is far more important and a Solid State Drive would have worked well for the laptop.

Gaming Performance
The LifeBook A512 is definitely not for the demanding gamers. Latest 3D games can be played at most on low resolution and low details. The performance of the HD 3000 suffices only for undemanding games like the FIFA series. Here, stable frame rate was achieved even at the native resolution and medium settings. battery for ASUS A75A

Noise Level Adapter/charger for ASUS A75
In idle state the LifeBook operates silently. We measured a noise level between 30.1 and 33.5 dB. The fan sometimes turns off completely. The Vostro (30.3 to 34.1 dB) shows similar results. The TravelMate (30 to 30.8 dB) is even quieter than the rest. Under medium load (3D Mark 06) the A512 and the TravelMate produced little noise - 33.3 dB. The Vostro on the other hand is significantly louder at 41.3 dB. ASUS A75D Battery Under full load (Prime95 and Furmark simultaneously) the LifeBook and the Vostro emit 45.1 dB and 45.9 dB respectively. The TravelMate is significantly quieter at 37.9 dB.

The temperatures on the body of the A512 are in the green under any load. At no point was the case too hot and thus the notebook can be used on the lap at any time. At idle, we measured temperatures ranging from 25.8 to 32.7 °C. The Vostro and the TravelMate have very similar temperatures. Under full load (Prime95 and Furmark simultaneously) the A512 heats up to about 25 to 35 °C. ASUS A75DE Battery The Vostro and the TravelMate show slightly higher temperatures, but both of them are within the acceptable range.

During the stress test on AC power (Prime 95 and Furmark running for at least an hour) the CPU's frequency remained at maximum for about 5 minutes. Then it was throttled to 2.1 GHz. On battery power, the CPU worked at 2.1 GHz during the whole stress test. The GPU finished said test with its maximum frequency (1100 MHz). The temperature of the CPU remained at 72/73 °C. ASUS A75V Battery

Battery Life

Power Consumption
In idle state the LifeBook draws between 9.4 and 13 W. The TravelMate (7.3 to 10.8 W) is a bit more energy efficient. The Vostro (6.8 to 13.2 W) consumes, depending on the idle usage, slightly less and slightly more than the rivals. Under full load (Prime95 and Furmark), the A512 and the TravelMate are very close with consumptions of 45.6 W and 43.8 W respectively. The Vostro draws significantly more power - 52 W. ASUS A75VD Battery

Battery Life
One battery charge is enough for 6:49 h in idle use. The Vostro 2520 (8:27 h) and the P253-M (7:11 h) last a bit longer. This run time is determined with the help of the Battery Eater Reader's test. The screen brightness is set at minimum, the energy saving profile is on and the wireless modules are turned off. In the full load test the A512 reached a time of 1:18 h and is thus on par with the TravelMate (1:19 h). The Vostro is ahead of the competition, with a run time of 1:33 h. ASUS A75VJ Battery These run times were measured with the Battery Eater Classic test. The screen brightness was set at maximum, high performance profile was chosen and the wireless modules were turned on.

The WLAN test finished after 4:42 h. The TravelMate's score (4:49 h) is on par. The Vostro is again ahead of the rest with a time of 5:24 h. During this test, a script reloads web pages every 40 seconds. The energy saving profile was chosen and the brightness was set at about 150 cd/m². The LifeBook managed 3:21 h in DVD playback. ASUS A75VM Battery The P253-M lasted only 3:00 h. Once again, the Vostro (5:10 h) shows better results. The DVD test was done with energy saving profile on (or a higher one, if the DVD was not played smoothly), full screen brightness and disabled wireless modules.

The run times of the three notebooks are easy to compare, because their batteries have the same capacity - 48 Wh. It is interesting to see how largely identical devices have very different battery runtimes. ASUS A85 Battery

The LifeBook A512 offers a good application performance. It also impresses us with its maintenance capabilities and low heat emission. The keyboard is also good and is suitable for longer typing sessions and don't forget the two operating systems including the Recovery DVDs. Criticism goes to the bright, but very low contrast display.

The Vostro 2520 offers users the longest battery life of the three notebooks. In addition you can also order it without an operating system. ASUS A85A Battery The TravelMate P253-M is recommended to those users who value low operational noise. Overall, all three notebooks do exactly what they were designed to do. Although they are very similarly equipped, each one excels in a different area.






Dell R48V3 Battery

Review Toshiba Portégé R930-13F Subnotebook and battery life

"A showcase of technology for the ultimate in mobility". That is the headline for the Portégé devices on the Toshiba homepage. Slim and lean are the Z-devices, for example the Portégé Z930 Ultrabook (1,300 Euros/~$1759) we reviewed a little while ago. Because business users like ports, standard processors and docking stations, the manufacturer also offers a heavyweight 13.3-inch device. Dell 312-1165 Battery Our R930-13F review unit is by far the cheapest version of the family. For the Core i3-2370M with a 320 GB hard drive and without UMTS/HSDPA the retailer wants almost 800 Euros (~$1082). Not a bad offer since the more expensive version R930-11C starts at 1,000 Euros (~$1353). The most expensive i7/SSD version is 2,150 Euros (~$2909).

If the performance is not the most important thing customers could get a cheap, docking-capable, lightweight 13-inch business device. Can the Portégé R930 actually compete with the noble EliteBooks, the robust Latitudes and the legendary ThinkPads? Find out in our in-depth review. Dell 312-1242 Battery

Plenty of competition can be found reviewing business capable 13 and 14-inch devices. There are many models under 1,000 Euros (~$1353). Higher priced devices are (mostly) not listed due to better clarity (EliteBooks are therefore dropped).


· Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E330 (i3-2370M, 558 Euros/~$755)

· Fujitsu LifeBook S792 (i5/i7, starting at 1,135 Euros/~$1535)

· Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E335 (AMD E2-1800, 459 Euros/~$621)

· DELL Vostro 3360 Battery (i5-3317U, 599 Euros/~$810)


· Acer TravelMate P643-MG (GT 640M, i5-3210M, 899 Euros/~$1216)

· Lenovo ThinkPad T430u (GT 620M, i5-3317U, 950 Euros/~$1285)

·DELL Latitude E6430 Battery (i5-3320M, 797 Euros/~$1078)

· Lenovo ThinkPad L430 (i5-3210M, 659 Euros/~$892)

· Dell Latitude E5430 (i5-3360M, 700 Euros/~$947)

· HP ProBook 6470b (i5-3320M, starting at 800 Euros/~$1082)

· Lenovo ThinkPad Edge S430 (GT 620M, i5-3210M, 739 Euros/~$1000)

·DELL Vostro 3460 Battery (GT 630M, i5-3210M, 558 Euros/~$755) battery for dell PRV1Y

The subnotebook with a weight of 1.4 kilograms (~3.1 pounds) is a bit lighter than the already lightweight 1.47 kilogram (~3.2 pound) predecessor from 2011. The usual weight for 13-inch business devices is between 1.6 and 1.8 kilograms (~3.5 and 4.0 pounds). Surprise: Toshiba still does not put the runtimes at risk and attaches a 6-cell battery (66 Wh). Dell 312-1310 Battery

A crucial factor in the combination of low weight and appropriate stability is the magnesium case. The surfaces are still stabilized with the help of a honeycomb structure (inside). Due to the low thickness of the material, weight can be saved without compromising the stability. That is the theory, in reality most of the surfaces are resistant to pressure (palm rest, bottom area). Dell 312-1311 Battery

Underneath the DVD drive however the surfaces can be noticeably dented. The cover surface is resistant to fingerprints because of the brushed finish. The flexibility of the cover is very high yet design related. The panel was mounted flexibly so no color distortion can be seen if pressure is applied to the cover or if it is bent. All the Satellite and Portégé Z-/R-devices have the lightweight characteristics in common Dell 312-1324 Battery

The stability of the magnesium plastic compound structure is good considering the low weight. Especially the base unit cannot be bent with two hands. The two silver-colored hinge covers are attached pretty wobbly. Underneath is a small yet tight joint that almost completely avoids any display teetering.

The magnesium surface is slightly brushed. The cover and palm rest have the feel of brushed aluminum (high, hard knocking noise). All the surfaces are matte but without much grip. Dell 312-1325 Battery

Only the hard drive and the two RAM slots are accessible with the R930. One RAM slot is empty. The memory controller can handle up to 16 GB.

The optical drive is usually a must in the business sector, only the less expensive 13-inch competitors waive it (TP Edge E335, Vostro 3360). The 14-inch devices except the T430u ultrabook are equipped with it. The DVD drive takes the place of potential ports especially since the back has no ports. Dell 451-11693 Battery The manufacturer is inventive with the location of the card reader above and the ExpressCard54 slot half below the optical drive. That leads to a bulky right side.

On the left side is the rare eSATA port. Before USB 3.0, external hard drives via eSATA were the benchmark when it came to speed. There are still many eSATA hard drives in offices or households that require an adaptor to work with USB 3.0 ports. The business favored DisplayPort is unfortunately not included, only VGA and the consumer oriented HDMI. Dell 451-11694 Battery

The docking port at the bottom creates the atmosphere of a real business machine. The Port Replicator PA3838E-1PRP (market price ~180 Euros/~$244) can be used with the R930 and the predecessor R830 (2011). It offers six additional USB ports (2 x USB 3.0) and a serial port.


Toshiba's 13.3-inch device is equipped with an Intel Core i3-2370M (2 x 2.4 GHz). The dual-core CPU has no Turbo Boost but at least has Hyperthreading. The integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics and the DDR3 memory controller complete the package. Dell 451-11695 BatteryThe Core i3 from the Sandy Bridge generation (2010) is already outdated. The Ivy Bridge processors have replaced this generation mid-2012. The higher-priced R930 are based on Ivy Bridge, in particular the Core i5-3210M or i7-3520M. Now we realize why the price of our review sample is so low (775 Euros/~$1048). This i3 works in devices starting at 500 up to 700 Euros (~$676 up to $947), for example the ThinkPad L430 (version). Dell 451-11696 Battery

As usual it is equipped with 4,096 MB DDR3 memory in one of the two available slots (1 x 4,096 MB module). The hard drive is a 320 GB Toshiba MK3261GSYN running at 7,200 rpm.

The Sandy Bridge i3 processor has a relatively high clock with 2.4 GHz. What is the performance difference to the Core i5 alternative 3210M, often used by the competition? TravelMate P643-MG, ThinkPad L430, ThinkPad Edge S430 and Vostro 3460 are in unison 25% ahead of our R930. Dell 8858X Battery Remarkable: Low-Voltage alternatives like the cheaper Dell Vostro 3360, with an i5-3317U, are on the same level when it comes to multi-core processing.

The difference is higher for the GPU performance, here the old HD 3000 is clearly limiting. The ThinkPad L430 is 45% faster (HD 4000). With dedicated graphics (TravelMate P643-MG, Vostro 3460, ThinkPad T430u) performance advantages of up to 291% are possible. Dell 8P3YX Battery In this case Asus uses an excellent graphics card (GT 640M) for an office device.

The battery use has no impact on the performance; all Cinebench R11.5 results were identical to the plugged-in results. We verified a steady clock of 2.4 GHz during the CPU benchmarks (no turbo with the i3). The HD 3000 seems to be throttled by Toshiba, the clock under load never went beyond 650 MHz. Based on the nomenclature the GPU can reach a clock of up to 1,350 MHz. Dell 911MD Battery

System Performance
The PCMark Vantage benchmark resulted in an overall score of 5,506 points. That is 20 to 45% behind the competition and the notebooks do not even have to be equipped with a fast SSD. If an SSD is in use like with the LifeBook S792 (+183%), then our R930 has absolutely no chance. The PCMark HDD score shows additional performance of up to 36% in particular cases, overall only +4 to +8%. What adds up as a disadvantage for the R930 is the low CPU performance on the one hand and the weak and low clocked HD 3000 on the other hand. Dell DHT0W Battery The PCMark 7 stopped the pass over and over again so we cannot give you any results.

Mass Storage
The 320 GB hard drive from Hitachi works pretty fast, although it is a conventional HDD (7,200 rpm). It reaches 79 MB/sec for sequential reading (HD Tune). The CrystalDiskMark as a second test determines 89 MB/sec (different test routine compared to HD Tune). The HDD score of the PCMark Vantage is 3,859 points (sub-score). Dell HCJWT BatteryThat is far less than SSDs in our review units (14,000 up to 20,000 points, e. g. XMG A501). A 3D sensor prevents any damage during mobile use; it parks the heads (reading/writing) in case of shock.

To determine the gaming capabilities we use the 3DMark06 benchmark. The result is very low with only 2,477 points due to the single-channel memory and the throttled clock of the HD 3000. That is 30% below comparable systems with HD 3000 graphics and a Core i3 (ThinkPad Edge E330, ProBook 4340s). Dell M5Y0X Battery Gaming is not possible at all with the HD 3000. Even less demanding games like FIFA 13 only run smoothly with medium details. If you want an office notebook with gaming power the Acer TravelMate P643-MG (+327%) with a GeForce GT 640M is the best compromise, followed by the Vostro 3460 (+263%) with a GT 630M.

Without high load, for example browsing the web or working with Outlook, the system noise is pretty steady at 33 dB (A). However what we hear and measure is not the fan but the obtrusive humming of the 7200 rpm hard drive. Dell NHXVW Battery A silent SSD would be very convenient for the R930. The fan never turns off completely.

With continuous maximum load for the processor and the integrated HD 3000 the fan eventually gets louder than the HDD. We measure up to 43.6 dB (A), no matter whether it is the mid-level load of 3DMark06 or a stress test with Prime95 (CPU) and FurMark (GPU). Dell P8TC7 Battery

All in all the behavior of the cooling is okay, yet the ambient noise of the fast spinning HDD was distracting after only a short time. Our i3-system gets the rating "Good" from the Cooling-Diagnostics-Tool by Toshiba (tested with 20 minutes of load)

There is not much to criticize in regards to the unit warming-up; the palm rest and keyboard are always in the tolerable range below 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit). Dell P9TJ0 Battery During idle and office-use most of the areas remained lukewarm (about 30 degrees Celsius/86 degrees Fahrenheit). The bottom reaches 36 degrees Celsius (96.8 degrees Fahrenheit) at some spots.

The peak temperatures during the stress test are much higher with 49 degrees Celsius (120.2 degrees Fahrenheit, top/bottom). This is not surprising for a light case. It can heat up (lack of mass) and cool down again very quickly. The palm rest remains lukewarm all the time; here we measure a maximum value of 32 degrees Celsius (89.6 degrees Fahrenheit). Dell PRRRF Battery During several hours of stress test HWinfo determined 81 degrees Celsius (177.8 degrees Fahrenheit) for the processor at the most (steady clock @2.4 GHz).

The stereo speakers are on the left and right side above the keyboard. Their sound is treble-focused, thin and has almost no bass. For music playback we recommend the use of external speakers or headphones. Almost rare are the separate microphone and headphone jacks. Many notebooks use a combined port so existing speaker/microphones have to be used with a y-adaptor. Dell PRV1Y Battery

Energy Management Adapter/charger for dell PRV1Y

Energy Consumption
The energy consumption shows a big difference between idle and high load (CPU+IGP). This is typical for Intel Core processors of the last few years. The Core i3 can be very efficient without Turbo Boost, even if it still belongs to the 32nm generation (2010). The idle consumption of the Portégé is between 6.5 Watts (energy-saving, lowest brightness) and 10.6 Watts (maximum performance, highest brightness).Dell R48V3 Battery 3DMark06 (HD 3000 + CPU) requires 45 Watts. During the stress test both the Core i3 and the graphics are working. In this case we measure 50 Watts. The small 65 Watt power supply unit (337 grams/~0.74 pounds, including cord) is sufficient.

Battery Runtime
The runtime of 7:21 hours compensates for the bad speakers and the noisy hard drive. Noticeable: The 66 Wh battery is no high-capacity power battery. This time is reached in the WLAN test, in which we load web sites via script with reduced brightness. Dell RU485 Battery It also contains video playback. In favor of the R930 we had to adjust the brightness to 117 cd/m² (dim 3 steps). This was closest to our target value of 150 cd/m. 2 steps resulted in 186 cd/m² (center), the disadvantage would have been too big. Disadvantage: The charging time for the battery was very high with 4:30 hours.

Toshiba offers a practical addition to the Portégé Z930 ultrabook with the Portégé R930 series. The target group is likely users who do not like the few ports of ultrabooks in general and the Z930 in particular. Dell T54F3 Battery The decision between the Z- and the R-model is not a matter of price; the bulky R930 is by no means a cheap economy model.

Our review unit is a small rarity and exception with a price of 775 Euros (~$1048). With an Intel Core i3-2370M and without UMTS/HSDPA the Portégé R930-13F (PT330E-038004GR) is rarely found for sale. More common are the Core i5 versions with 3G modem that are at least 1,000 Euros (~$1353) without exception. Dell T54FJ Battery Because input devices, base unit, display and the design remain the same, the question of the inexpensive entry to the high-priced business world came up since the Toshiba Portégé devices are the equivalent to the Dell Latitude and the HP EliteBook devices.

All in all we are disappointed by the handy and lightweight 13.3-inch R930. It shines with the battery runtime (7:21 hours) and the convenient keyboard. But we wonder why the manufacturer still integrates (Z830, Z930, Satellite R830, Tecra R840, Satellite R850) the same touchpad with its greasy buttons with almost no travel at all. Dell UJ499 Battery HP and Dell offer flexible, rubberized buttons with good travel in this price category. Even the less expensive ThinkPad Edge E130/E135 in the student price range (300-400 Euros/~$406-$541) has a mouse replacement with much stronger feedback.

Point two of the criticism is the unstable and cheap finish of the hinges and their covers. The flexible and thin display cover is a design related concession. The base unit is no role model in the matter of stability either, the area around the optical drive can be heavily dented when lifting and handling the device. Dell X57F1 Battery

Point three is the TN-display. Although it is matte and bright, the contrast and viewing angles are very poor. An IPS panel, at least in higher price categories, would be heavily appreciated by every customer.

The strengths of the Portégé R930-13F are the low weight (1.4 kilograms/~3.1 pounds), the good connectivity (ExpressCard54, docking port), the long battery runtime and the good standard performance. DELL 1H52F Battery Customers cannot always find these with the 13-inch alternatives. Especially the weight is much higher with often shorter runtimes. We consider the following 13.3-inch devices as suitable alternatives because of the better input devices and the higher stability in total.

· Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E330 (i3-2370M, 558 Euros/~$755)

· Fujitsu LifeBook S792 (i5/i7, starting at 1,135 Euros/~$1535)

There are some very interesting 14-inch alternatives in terms of price. From 700 to 900 Euros (~$947 to $1218) you will get a Core i5 in any case. The TravelMate P643-MG even has a powerful GT 640M. All these 14-inch devices have a docking port! But all the alternatives (13-/14-inch) have one weakness in common: A display with pale colors and small viewing angles. DELL 1NP0F Battery

· Acer TravelMate P643-MG (GT 640M, i5-3210M, 899 Euros/~$1216)

· Dell Latitude E6430 (i5-3320M, 797 Euros/~$1078)

· Lenovo ThinkPad L430 (i5-3210M, 659 Euros/~$892)

· Dell Latitude E5430 (i5-3360M, 700 Euros~$947)

· HP ProBook 6470b (i5-3320M, starting at 800 Euros/~$1082)






Sony VAIO VGN-P11Z/R Adapter

Review Sony Vaio SV-E14A3M2ES Notebook and battery life

With the E14A3M2ES Sony introduces a 14-inch office notebook. There are no major changes over the previous models of the E14 series. Our test unit is equipped with an Ivy Bridge Core i3 processor and a touchscreen. This package costs between 650 and 750 Euros (~$847 - $977). We have previously reviewed the SV-E14A1M6EW (Core i3-2350M, Radeon HD 7670M), which belongs to the same series. Our review reveals whether the new model is convincing. Sony VAIO VGN-P17H/W Adapter

For comparison, we chose from the competition the MSI CR41-587 (Core i5-3210M, HD Graphics 4000) and the Acer Aspire V5-471G (Core i5-3317U, GeForce GT 620M). Both models do not have a touchscreen. We have chosen these notebooks, because according to us the touchscreen is nothing more than a nice extra. In addition, there are currently no 14-inch notebooks on the market that feature both a touchscreen and a standard CPU and are priced below 800 Euros (~$1043). The available models with touchscreens are either ultrabooks or standard laptops with ULV hardware. Sony VAIO VGN-P27H/G Adapter For example; the Sony Vaio SV-T1312V1ES (750 to 800 Euros; ~$977 to $1043), the HP Envy TouchSmart 4-1102sg (800 to 900 Euros; ~$1043 to $1173) and the Asus Vivobook S400CA (650 to 700 Euros; ~$847 to $913). All three of these feature a Core i5-3317U processor and an HD Graphics 4000 GPU.


The casing of the Vaio is very similar to that of its predecessor. The only differences are the color and the materials. The back of the display lid is made of aluminum. Most of the top side of the base unit is made of silver matte plastic. The rest of the base unit and the thin display frame are made of black glossy plastic. The Aspire and the MSI notebooks are made entirely of plastic.

The base unit leaves a solid impression. The top side barely gives in when pressed and only the left and right sides of the keyboard can be depressed slightly. Unfortunately, the base unit can be twisted too easily when held at the front corners. This is accompanied by a creaking noise. The aluminum display lid is much more stable and can barely be twisted. However, it can be pressed in the center so deeply that image distortions are noticeable. The hinges hold the screen firmly in place, but permit slight teetering. The lid cannot be opened with one hand.

The Intel WLAN module (Centrino Advanced-N 2230) installed in the Vaio supports the 802.11 b/g/n standards. This module also provides the notebook with Bluetooth 4.0 functionality. There is nothing to complain about with the Wi-Fi reception. The Windows wireless indicator shows full bars in the immediate vicinity (about 3 meters, ~9.84 feet) and at two floors below the router. The module also allows the connection of a certified display to the notebook via the wireless network (Intel Wireless Display Technology). The Gigabit Ethernet chip of the Vaio is made by Realtek (RTL8168/8111). The webcam has acceptable image quality and has a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 pixels.

Sony delivers the notebook with a couple of thin booklets (safety guide, warranty information, recovery guide) and a quick start guide.

Operating system and recovery
The Vaio comes with a pre-installed Windows 8 (64-bit). There is no installation DVD in the box. The notebook is equipped with a System Recovery instead. This allows the user to revert the operating system to its factory settings, if Windows 8 cannot load. In order to access the System Recovery menu you need to press the "Assist" button with the notebook turned off. The laptop is then turned on and the System Recovery is started.

The Vaio notebook does not have a lot of maintenance options. There are only two removable panels on the bottom. The hard drive is behind one and the system memory is behind the other. Access to the rest of the components is not possible. The notebook has two RAM slots. In our model, one 4 GB module was installed. The Vaio supports up to 16 GB of RAM in total (according to the manufacturer). Adapter/charger for Sony VAIO VGN-P19WN/Q

Sony delivers the E14A3M2ES with a 24-month warranty. The Aspire and the MSI come with the same warranty period. This period can be extended by one or two years for a surcharge of about 90 Euros (~$117) and 130 Euros (~$170) respectively.


Our test model is a 14-inch office notebook. It offers sufficient performance for daily tasks such as word processing, Internet communications and video playback (including HD videos). The notebook costs between 650 and 750 Euros (~$847 and $977).

Sony offers the E14 series notebooks in various configurations. Different processors, displays, and case colors are available. There are also models with the Radeon HD 7670M GPU. Whoever does not like the pre-configured models can order a personal configuration from Sony's online store. The current cheapest model costs 590 Euros (~$770).

Our test model comes equipped with an Intel Core i3-3120M dual-core processor. The CPU belongs to Intel's Ivy Bridge series. It operates at a base clock frequency of 2.5 GHz. There is no Turbo Boost.

The processor completed the Cinebench tests at full speed. The resulting scores are, as expected, higher than the V5-471G (Core i5-3317U, GeForce GT 620M) and below the MSI (Core i5-3210M, HD Graphics 4000). The Acer notebook has a weaker CPU and the CR41 has a more powerful one. In the GL tests the Vaio performed significantly worse than the CR41, despite the fact that both models have the same GPU. It is worth mentioning that the RAM in the CR41 works in Dual-Channel mode. The Aspire is far ahead of the competition thanks to its powerful GeForce GPU.

System Performance
The powerful processor and fast hard drive make brisk work possible on the Vaio. The PC Mark 7 Benchmark confirms the positive impression. The notebook's results position it right in the middle of its competition. The CR41 (Core i5-3210M, HD Graphics 4000) scores more points thanks to its powerful CPU and the Aspire (Core i5-3317U, GeForce GT 620M) has slightly worse results. The predecessor model cannot keep up, because of its weaker CPU and slower hard drive.

We urge the E14 buyers to install the Windows 8 Updates (several hundred megabytes) upon receiving the notebook. The Vaio runs smoothly only after this has been completed. The notebook sometimes did not respond and some of our benchmarks refused to start when we tested the laptop as it came from the factory.

Graphics Card
The video output is done by Intel's HD Graphics 4000 GPU. It supports DirectX 11 and works with a clock frequency ranging from 350 to 1100 MHz.

The results of the 3D Mark Benchmarks are on the expected level. The Vaio cannot reach the score of the CR41-i587 (Core i5-3210M, HD Graphics 4000), because the MSI has a more powerful CPU and system memory that works in Dual-Channel mode. For testing purposes we installed a second RAM module in the Vaio. This upgrade increased the score in the 3D Mark 11 Benchmark to 651 points. Both notebooks cannot keep up with the Aspire (Core i5-3317U, GeForce GT 620M). The GeForce GPU is far superior to the Intel GPU and delivers 70 to 80% higher scores in the 3D Mark 11.

Gaming Performance
The HD Graphics 4000 GPU can play current 3D games only in lower resolution and lowered quality settings. Some less demanding games can be played in higher resolution and higher quality settings, such as the FIFA series. The frame rate can be increased, depending on the game and quality settings, by adding a second RAM module. The HD 4000 GPU performs better when in cooperation with a system memory that work in Dual-Channel mode. We have tried and tested this.

The average frame rate in F1 2012 at high quality settings (native resolution) increased from 22 to 26 fps. In Anno 2070, at low (resolution: 1024x768 pixels) and medium (native resolution) quality the frame rate increased to 46.9 and 24.8 fps respectively. In Skyrim the frame rate can be raised to 33.1 fps at low quality settings (resolution 1024x768 pixels). If you like the Vaio, but also really want to play some games, you can order it with the Radeon HD 7670M GPU.

In idle state no point on the casing of the Vaio exceeds the 30 oC (86 oF) mark. The MSI CR41 is just as cool. The Aspire warms up slightly more. Even under full load, the Sony is not too warm, with temperatures of 25.4 to 40 oC (77.72 to 104 oF). The notebook can thus be used on the lap in any situation. Both of the rivals show higher temperatures.

The CPU and GPU completed our stress test (Prime 95 and FurMark running simultaneously for an hour) at maximum clock frequency (CPU: 2.5 GHz; GPU: 1100 MHz). The temperature of the CPU remained in the range of 63/64 oC (145.4/147.2 oF).

Energy Management

Power Consumption
In idle state we measured an energy consumption of 9.9 to 11.7 W. These results are higher than expected. The MSI CR41 with its more powerful processor consumes only 7.8 to 10.9 W. The Aspire draws between 7.3 and 11.7 W. Under full load (Prime95 and FurMark) the Vaio (45.4 W) is ahead of both the Aspire (52.1 W) and the CR41 (52.5 W). The high energy consumption of the MSI CR41 is due to the Turbo Boost. battery for Sony VAIO VGN-P19WN/Q

Battery Life
With a single battery charge, the Vaio lasted 9:57 h in idle. The CR41 (8:01 h) and the Aspire (5:36 h) cannot keep up. These run times were measured with the Battery Eater Reader's Test. The screen brightness is set at minimum, the energy-saving profile is active and the wireless modules are turned off. Under full load, the Vaio's battery was empty after 1:42 h. The competitors do not last as long (CR41: 1:15 h; V5-471G: 1:01 h). For this test we used the Battery Eater Classic Test. The screen brightness is set at maximum, the high performance profile is chosen and the wireless modules are active.

The Sony notebook completed the WLAN test in 6:02 h. The Vaio is again ahead of the competition (MSI: 4:10 h, Acer: 2:26 h). During this test, a script opens a different web page every 40 seconds, the energy-saving profile is chosen and the screen brightness is set at 150 cd/m². The Vaio managed 4:48 h of DVD playback. Both the Aspire (2:44 h) and the MSI (3:18 h) cannot reach such run times. The DVD test was completed with the energy-saving profile active (or higher, if the DVD did not play smoothly), screen brightness at maximum and wireless modules turned on.

The battery life of the Vaio is not surprising, because it has the battery with the largest capacity of the three notebooks (Sony: 59 Wh; MSI: 49 Wh; Acer: 37 Wh).

The Vaio SV-E14A3M2ES impresses with its good applications performance and the long battery life. We also liked the low system noise in idle state and low temperatures of the case. In addition, the notebook has a handy keyboard. The touchscreen works perfectly and leaves a good impression, but is nothing more than a fancy gadget. It is available at Sony's online shop at a surcharge of 100 Euros (~$130). Those who can do without it will save money. So, we come to the biggest problem of the notebook: at 650 to 750 Euros (750 Euros in Sony's online store), it is very expensive. There are more powerful laptops, without a touchscreen, that are cheaper. For example, the CR41 is currently priced below 600 Euros (~$780). Sony VAIO VGN-P21Z/W Adapter

The MSI CR41-i587 is ideal for users who want high performance and better equipment for less money. The Aspire V5-471G is ideal for those seeking a lightweight, affordable 14-inch notebook that is also gaming capable. The Aspire is also currently priced under 600 Euros (~$780). Without the GeForce GPU, the price even drops below 500 Euros (~$650).






Acer 60.43T12.031 Charger

Review Acer Aspire V5-571P-6499 Notebook and battery life

There is no doubt that Windows 8 has spurred the development of many new systems designed to take advantage of the new touch-optimized tile interface. While some of the newer releases push the boundaries of the tried-and-true laptop design - take for instance the flip-hinge Dell XPS 12 - Acer decided to incorporate a touchscreen into a traditional clamshell design. Acer AL12B32 Charger The V5 series consists of many different slim budget systems featuring varying display sizes (11.6-, 14.0-, and 15.6-inch) and different hardware configurations. We've already reviewed the Acer Aspire V5-571G - a at least from the design perspective nearly identical notebook - which features the same Intel Core i5-3317U dual-core ULV processor, but includes a dedicated Nvidia GeForce GT 620M graphics card to please the budget-oriented gaming crowd. Our review model Aspire V5-571P-6499 includes the aforementioned processor Intel Core i5-3317U, a 500 GB conventional hard drive, 4 GB of RAM, and a touchscreen - all for a little over $700. Acer AS09B35 Charger

Touchscreen notebooks with large displays are still a pretty rare breed: Sony recently announced the Vaio T15 touchscreen Ultrabook - and earlier this month we took a look at the HP Spectre XT TouchSmart 15-4000eg Ultrabook. Even though our Aspire V5-571P features the same processor as the Spectre XT TouchSmart, it's clearly not in the same league, as the Spectre costs nearly twice as much. Where appropriate, we'll compare our review candidate with the - admittedly smaller - 14-inch Asus VivoBook S400CA-CA006H and 13-inch Sony Vaio SV-T1312V1E instead.


Despite the pleasingly slim design and the ULV processor, the V5-571P-6499 does not quite meet Intel's Ultrabook thickness-standard, which dictates a maximum of 0.83 inches for systems with 14-inch and larger displays. The V5-571P-6499 measures 15 x 10 x 1 inches and weighs in at a reasonable 5.3 pounds (6.0 pounds including the power adapter). While the silver-colored chassis may evoke the look of brushed aluminum at first, there is no mistaking the fact that it's made entirely from plastic - but that's not really surprising given the low price point. The bottom of the base unit as well as the (removable) battery are black plastic. We do appreciate the fact that Acer managed to integrate an optical drive (8X DVD±RW DL) into the quite modern looking and slim design. The battery - a skinny 4 cell model - is not integrated permanently, but snaps in and can be easily replaced by the user.

The build quality is pretty typical for a budget system: while the slim chassis is actually reasonably stiff, it does protest with the occasional creaking sound when twisted. The lid is torsionally not very rigid and susceptible to flexing when pressure is applied. The panel of our review unit seemed a bit warped as well, as the corners of the display didn't lay complete flat against the base unit. The keyboard tray exhibits a pretty noticeable amount of flex all around, especially in the area above the optical drive. The gaps of our review model are generally very even, though. AcerBT.00805.016F Charger

The hinges are quite stiff and hold the display lid fairly secure in any position. We didn't notice excessive bouncing, either - important for a touchscreen device. The display opens up to a maximum angle of 170 degrees, which should suffice for most users, but the touchscreen might be more useful if the display could be tilted back all the way and rest on the surface the laptop is sitting on.

The build quality, feel, and fit and finish are certainly acceptable given the price of the notebook.


Acer LC.BTP00.036 Charger The Aspire V5-571P-6499 incorporates a Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Network Adapter (model AR5BWB222), which supports standards 802.11b/g/n and allows for a theoretical throughput of up to 600 Mbit/s. Our tests of the reception quality revealed no issues. For cable-based connections, Acer includes a Gigabit Ethernet module from Realtek - although the network cable needs to be connected to the proprietary Ethernet/VGA dongle (included). Acer LC.BTP00.037 Charger


Aside from the notebook, the smallish 37 Wh battery, a 65 watt power adapter, and the Ethernet/VGA dongle adapter, Acer includes a few brochures and a warranty pamphlet. Recovery media is not included - a pretty common practice. The user is urged to create their own set of recovery discs. Although Acer offers an additional battery for a reasonable $39 in their Acer Store online, batteries with larger capacity are unfortunately not offered. Acer 3UR18650F-3-QC262 Charger

Acer pre-installs several software titles. We like the Acer Recovery Management, which can be used to restore the factory settings, setup a customized restore, or reinstall drivers and applications. Acer clear.fi Media and clear.fi Photo allow the user to share and playback media over multiple compatible devices. A trial versions of Office 2010 is also included.


The underside of the notebook is home to a small cover (secured with two screws) which allows access to some of the internal components. Unfortunately, only the two memory slots (one free) are accessible - to clean the fan or replace the hard drive, further disassembly of the notebook is required. Acer 3UR18650Y-2-QC261 Charger


The chiclet-style keyboard takes up the entire width of the notebook and features a separate numberpad with slightly narrower keys. The main keys measure 0.59 x 0.59 inches, are completely flat, made from a satiny-looking black plastic, and have ample space between them. While the layout of the keyboard is very functional, key travel is short and the tactile feedback a bit limited partly due to the spongy nature of the keys themselves, but also because of the noticeable flex of the keyboard tray during spirited typing sessions. Acer BATEFL50L6C40 The Enter and Shift keys are large; the arrow keys - which are separated from the main area - are only about one third of the size of the main keys. We do appreciate the backlight (on/off only) - most lower-priced notebooks do not offer one. Overall, the keyboard is pretty comfortable to type on and also very quiet. We would prefer keys with a slight indentation to allow the fingers to find the center more easily and thus improve the typing experience.

hp hstnn-i84c Charger


While the previously reviewed Aspire V5-571G featured a Synaptics touchpad, Acer uses an Elan SmartPad for the 571P. The touchpad is quite large at 4.13 x 3.03 inches and features a matte surface which allows the fingers to glide very easily. The pad doesn't features separate mouse buttons - rather, the entire surface is clickable. Acer BATEFL50L6C48 Charger Like most modern touchpads, multi-touch gestures (like pinch-to-zoom or two-finger scrolling) are supported and generally work well, although we had an issue with gestures not being recognized once or twice. The touchpad is located left of the center because of the full numeric keypad, but is lined up evenly with the G and H keys.


In addition to the touchpad, the user can also operate the V5-571P using the 10-point, 15.6-inch touchscreen. We were pleasantly surprised with the general operation and the sensitivity: finger input is accepted quickly and accurately - the screen was always responsive when we tried the typical gestures like swiping, zooming, or rotating. The jury is still out as far as usefulness of a touchscreen on a regular notebook is concerned: while we got tired of trying to hold up our arm to operate the screen rather quickly, other users might really appreciate this additional method of operating their notebook. Acer BATEFL50L9C72 Battery replacement


The touchscreen Aspire V5-571P is offered in several different configurations. In order to keep both power consumption and heat emission in check, Acer chose to incorporate ULV processors with a TDP (thermal design power) of 17 watts. Our review model features the dual-core 1.7 GHz Core i5-3317U and retails for $729. Other versions come with the lower-end Core i3-3217U or the higher-end Core i7-3537U. Prices range from ~$700 to ~$1000 (the most expensive model not only includes 8GB of RAM and a 1 TB hard drive, but also a dedicated GeForce GT 710M). ACER BT.00603.006

The V5-571P-6499 ships with 4GB of RAM. In many instances, this should be sufficient for normal office or productivity use. Since Acer uses a single PC3-10600 (1333 MHz) DDR module, the memory operates in single-channel mode, so a reduction in memory bandwidth and subsequent performance loss can be expected. Even though Windows 8 is more memory-efficient than previous OS versions, it might be benefitial to add a second module (one slot is open) to have the RAM operate in dual-channel mode. discount Acer BT.00603.010 Charger


The Core i5-3317U is a member of Intel's Ivy League series and a third-generation Core iX processor. This ULV CPU, which is manufactured using the 22nm process, has a nominal frequency of 1.7 GHz but supports Turbo Boost up to 2.4 GHz for both cores or 2.6 GHz for a single core. For detailed information and a comparison to other mobile processors, please take a look at our page here. Acer BT.00604.001 Charger The notebook managed a score of 2.37 points running Cinebench R11.5 Multi - identical or within a few percentage points of the other touchscreen systems mentioned in this review: the Sony T13 SVT1312V1ES also scored 2.37 points, the Asus VivoBook S400CA was a bit faster and ended up with 2.41 points. Generally, the CPU maintains its Turbo Boost speed of 2.4 GHz during the CPU tests - only when the GPU is under heavy load also, performance drops - although throttling never occurs (see the section entitled "Temperature" later in this review). The Core i5-3317U is certainly no powerhouse - but nonetheless very capable of handling everyday computing tasks. Acer BT.00604.004 Charger

The processor executes both the single- and the multi-core Cinebench benchmark tests at the maximum nominal Turbo Boost frequency of 2.4 GHz for both cores; during the single core test, we saw only very infrequent jumps to the single-core maximum of 2.6 GHz.

The results of the CPU and the GL Benchmarks are very comparable to the other contestants - not surprising, since both Ultrabooks use the same CPU/GPU combination. Even the much more expensive HP Spectre XT doesn't offer any performance advantages in this area.

System Performance

The overall system performance is a result of how the individual hardware components (CPU, graphics card, RAM, and hard drive) interact with each other. The hard drive is clearly the main bottleneck here, as the Acer Aspire V5-571P finished the PCMark 7 benchmark test with 2319 points - not a great result when compared to the SSD-equipped Sony Vaio SV-T1312V1E, which scored 4441 points (+ 91 percent). Even the Asus VivoBook S400CA, which features a conventional platter-based hard drive but also a cache SSD, outscored our review system with 2823 points (+ 22 percent). Another potential bottleneck is the RAM configuration: since there is only one module installed - a common practice on lower-end and even some high-end systems - the RAM operates in single channel mode. This easily and comparatively cheaply remedied: we recommend installing a second 4 GB module to make the RAM operate in dual channel mode.

Subjectively, performance is more than adequate for office-type tasks, movies, and web browsing: boot up and shut down happen quickly (20 and 15 seconds, respectively), and application performance is also snappy enough.

Storage Devices
Acer uses a conventional platter-based hard drive from Hitachi. The 500 GB Travelstar Z5K500 (HTS545050A7E380) features a rotational speed of 5400 RPM and 8MB cache. Because of its single platter construction, the 7 millimeter drive features relatively high data density and thus still acceptable transfer rates despite the low rotational speed - although it's certainly no speed demon by any means. According to HD Tune, the drive is capable of an average transfer rate of 92.1 MB/s and a maximum transfer rate of 115.1 MB/s. Hybrid hard drives with their SSD cache tend to have comparable average speeds but much higher maximum transfer rates: the Seagate Momentus Thin ST500LT012 in the Asus VivoBook is capable of 189 MB/s, for example. Pure SSD drives are of course are much faster still. The average access time of the Travelstar Z5K500 is its Achilles heel: we measured a very slow 20.4 ms. 7200 RPM drives definitely have an advantage in this regard.

Even considering the low price point, we would have liked it had Acer at least included a SSD cache drive to speed up the frequently used applications and programs. For a detailed insight into the performance of various hard drives and SSDs, please refer to our HDD/SSD comparison table.

GPU Performance

The Intel HD 4000 integrated into the i5-3210M idles at 350 MHz but can overclock to 1050 MHz via Turbo Boost. During the Cinebench R11.5 GL benchmark, the GPU achieved frequencies between 950 MHz and 1050 MHz; on battery power, we saw more frequent dips down to 850 MHz. The scores are almost identical regardless of the power source, however (11.76 fps and 11.69 fps, respectively).

The integrated graphics card is just good enough for the occasional game - although reduced resolution and low details (deactivated anti-aliasing) are more or less a requirement. The performance of the Intel HD 4000 underlines its status as a GPU for productivity and not gaming machines. As such, games like Fifa 13 work reasonable well, but many modern and more demanding titles are more or less unplayable at higher resolutions.

System Noise

Notebooks with ULV processors have a major advantage since their hardware generates less heat. During idle, the fan is off and the system is barely audible under typical work conditions - we measured an average of 30.6 dB. Under load, the noise level increased to 36.9 dB. While this is still acceptable, the somewhat high-pitched sound of the fan can get annoying during prolonged sessions. During the stress test (Furmark and Prime95 running at the same time), we saw up to 42.2 dB - still in line with many other notebooks and Ultrabooks. The HP Spectre, for example, topped out at a fairly high 44.2 dB. This worst-case scenario is rather unlikely during normal use. The optical drive can get fairly noisy, too - we measured 36.2 dB during DVD playback, which is definitely audible during quiet passages when watching movies.

Despite the rather slim chassis, the Aspire V5-571P remained admirably cool. During idle, we measured temperatures from 22.4 to 32.2 degrees Celsius ( 72.32 to 89.96 degrees Fahrenheit). During the stress test, the system reached temperatures of up to 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit). The hot spot is in this case the bottom front left corner. The temperature of the palm rest is still very well controlled even during maximum performance - we measured 29.4 degrees Celsius (84.92 degrees Fahrenheit) to the left and right of the touchpad.

Of course, the utilization levels achieved during the stress test scenario are not likely to occur during daily use. Even after running the notebook under full load for an extensive period of time, we had no issues when we started working with the system on our lap.

We use Prime95 and FurMark together for at least one hour to check for throttling. While we saw speeds of 2.4 GHz (both cores in use) during CPU-specific tasks (Prime95 only), the inclusion of the GPU caused the processor to drop to its nominal frequency of 1.7 GHz, while the GPU maintained between 800 and 850 MHz. The temperature of the CPU/GPU never topped 69 degrees Celsius (156.2 degrees Fahrenheit) during our test. During all of our tests, throttling was never an issue. When we ran the laptop on battery during the stress test, we saw a slight drop of the GPU frequency to 750 - 800 MHz; the CPU speed remained stable at 1.7 GHz. A subsequent test with 3DMark 06 revealed no performance loss compared to the test run after a cold start.

Overall, Acer did a very good job of controlling both the internal and external temperatures.

The two stereo speakers are located on the underside of the notebook towards the front edge. Although a logo above the keyboard touts "Dolby Advanced Audio | Virtual Surround Sound", we were less than impressed with overall sound quality. The highs are overly present, while base and mids are lacking. The sound is certainly good enough to watch a movie; for music we would definitely recommend external solutions using the 3.5 millimeter combination jack or the HDMI port. Since the speakers are on the bottom, the sound also changes depending on what kind of surface the notebook is sitting on. The maximum volume, on the other hand, is sufficiently loud even for larger rooms.

Battery Life

Acer advertises the V5-571P to have a "5-hour battery". To determine the maximium battery life, we ran the BatteryEater Reader's Test. For this test, the display brightness is turned down all the way, WiFi is disabled, and the Power Saver Profile is in use. Using the these settings, the system shut down after 4 hours and 48 minutes - short of the promised 5 hours.

To establish the minimum battery life, we used the BatteryEater Classic Test at the maximum brightness, with WiFi turned on and the Performance Profile enabled. The notebook turned itself off after only 1 hour and 14 minutes.

To simulate a more likely usage scenario, we use the WLAN test. During this test, a script simulates typical web surfing conditions and visits a new page every 40 seconds until the battery runs out. We normally use the Balanced Profile and turn the screen brightness to about 150 cd/m² - but in the case of this notebook, it required the screen brightness to be set to maximum. The V5 was able to last 2 hours 59 minutes before we had to plug it in again.

Since this notebook features an integrated optical drive, we also tested the runtime while watching a movie: 2 hours 27 minutes should be enough for any normal feature-length film.

There is no question that the Acer Aspire V5-571P could benefit from a larger battery: 37 Wh is woefully inadequate for a notebook this size. Let's compare: the Sony Vaio SV-T1312V1E comes with a 45 Wh battery and lasts 5 hours and 50 minutes during the WLAN test. The 14-inch Asus VivoBook S400CA-CA006H has a 44 Wh battery and lasts for 3 hours and 24 minutes.

At least the battery is replaceable and fairly cheap ($39 according to Acer's website). Of course, most users would prefer to not have to worry about charging an additional battery - especially since it takes about 3 hours for a full charge.

The Acer Aspire V5-571P-6499 is a stylish and slim, yet inexpensive (street price under $700) 15.6-inch touchscreen system which takes full advantage of the Windows 8 touch-optimized interface. The build quality as well as the ergonomics are acceptable for a budget system. We appreciate the fact that Acer manged to squeeze an optical drive into the chassis and have no gripes with the overall performance: the system is powerful enough to handle the daily workload and stays cool doing so. We do have issues with the rather anemic battery life of 3 hours and the very low brightness of the display, which makes working outdoors very hard indeed.

If a touchscreen is a necessity, both the 14-inch Asus VivoBook S400CA-CA006H and the 13-inch Sony Vaio SV-T1312V1E are viable alternatives. Sony now also offers 14- and 15-inch (1920 x 1080 pixels) models in the T-Series. Various versions of the 15.6-inch HP Spectre XT TouchSmart (now with 1.9GHz Intel Core i7-3517U; 1920 x 1080 pixels) start at around $1250.

If it doesn't have to be a touchscreen, Acer's own V5-571-6892 offers a 1.8 GHz i5-3337U processor, a 500 GB hard drive, and 6 GB of RAM - all for about $70 less (street price ~$630).






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Review HP Pavilion g6-2253sg Notebook and battery life
AMD is currently having a tough time in the notebook market. Particularly in terms of CPU performance and power consumption, the Trinity APUs cannot keep up with Intel's Ivy Bridge. Also, limited is the supply of attractive multimedia notebooks with AMD hardware. HP is one of the few OEMs that is making an effort to make AMD a desirable laptop for the consumer.

Since we recently reviewed the Pavilion g6-2200sg with a Pentium processor, we wanted to have a look at the AMD based model. The HP Pavilion g6-2253sg features a quad-core APU, the A10-4600M, which works in a hybrid-crossfire configuration with the Radeon HD 7670M. The 15-inch model also has generous 8 GB of RAM and a 1000 GB hard drive. Surprisingly, the price for the whole package is only 550 Euros (~$715). This means that the g6-2253sg is in direct competition with notebooks like the Fujitsu Lifebook AH532 (i5-3210M, GT 640M LE) and the Acer Aspire V3-551G (A10-4600M, HD 7670M).

Note: Hybrid-crossfire is possible in the laptop as the GPU on the A10-4600M is based on the same process as the HD7670M (40 nm process). The new Kaveri APUs that are expected at the end of the year are expected to have the newer GCN based GPUs that should work in crossfire with the GCN based mobile GPUs (28 nm process). The 7660G in the A10 is unable to work in tandem (hybrid-crossfire mode) with the HD 7730M as it is based on the newer GCN chips.
Glossy surfaces everywhere you look. Although it seems very chic and classy at first glance, this quickly proved to be highly impractical. Even the tiniest speck of dust is magically attracted by the dark lacquer ("sparkling black"), which forces the user to constantly clean the notebook.

Qualitatively, the Pavilion g6 is on the expected level for this price range. The chassis is made completely out of plastic and weighs 2.5 kg. An audible creak accompanies any pressure on the case. Above the DVD drive and the battery, the chassis can even be dented a few millimeters, but it does not exceed any critical proportions. The budget Pavilion also cannot hide the smaller workmanship defects like the slightly protruding case edges.

The display lid is held by two tight hinges, which require two hands to open the notebook. The lid tends to wobble when we open the laptop which is something that is common in laptops in this price range. A typical problem, and one that we have already observed and criticized in the Intel version, is the lack of torsional rigidity.

The Pavilion g6-2253sg does not support Bluetooth or WWAN (UMTS, LTE), leaving WLAN as the only option for wireless connection. The corresponding module is made by Qualcomm (Atheros AR9485/AR5B125) and supports the 802.11b/g/n standards. Unfortunately the user cannot use the 5 GHz bandwidth or multi-stream transmissions. The maximum transfer rate is limited to 150 Mbit/s (1x1). Nonetheless, the wireless module maintained a very stable connection and decent transfer speeds even at longer distances.

The webcam with integrated microphone, which is located above the display, takes photos and videos with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels (0.9 MP). The quality is sufficient for the usual communication tasks. Detail reproduction and noise cancellation are mediocre at best and are far behind those of a modern smartphone.

Manufacturers usually skimp on accessories, especially on entry-level notebooks, and HP does the same with the Pavilion g6. In addition to the battery and the 90 W power supply, the notebook comes with some brochures as the only accessories in the package.

The laptop itself comes with Windows 8 (64 Bit) and various programs and tools pre-installed. Some of them are quite handy (backup software: HP Recovery Manager, webcam application: CyberLink YouCam), while others fall in the category of adware (ebay application).

Thanks to the handy sliding mechanism, the maintenance cover can be opened after removing a single screw. But the user does not have a lot of upgrade options. The only 2.5-inch bay is already occupied by the hard drive and there is no mSATA slot. The WLAN adapter and the RAM modules (2 slots, maximum 2x 8 GB) can also be replaced with different components.

Just as with the Intel version, HP has installed a chiclet keyboard with a separate numpad, which sits slightly lower than the surface level of the base unit. Fortunately, HP has avoided any layout gimmicks and all the buttons are exactly where the user would expect them to be. The only exceptions are: the default setting of the F keys is the special function (can be disabled in BIOS) and the arrow keys are slightly smaller.

Thanks to the generous 15 x 15 mm (0.59 x 0.59 inches) large buttons, desktop users will quickly get accustomed to the Pavilion. The pleasantly crisp, if a little short, stroke provides precise feedback on every key press and allows fast typing with a low error count. The background noise, which turns into audible clatter during quick typing, is bit annoying.

The 4.5 x 9.5 cm (1.77 x 3.74 inches) large Synaptics touchpad is not that big, but has enough room for all the various multi-touch gestures with up to three fingers. HP has opted for a textured surface, which provides good finger gliding and a pleasant feel. The touchpad impressed in the test with its precision and responsiveness.

Contrary to the trend of so-called Clickpads, in the Pavilion g6 we find two dedicated mouse buttons. Both of them have a solid and clear tactile feedback, register a press up to the edge and have a soft clicking sound.

The A10-4600M is currently AMD's flagship model of the Trinity family. The APU was introduced almost a year ago. It is based on the Bulldozer architecture and has two so-called modules. One module houses two integer cores, but only one decoder and one FPU, making the A10-4600M a sort of a "light" quad-core. Depending on the task, the 32 nm processor works at 2.3 to 3.2 GHz and supports modern features such as AVX and AES. AMD has rated the power consumption at 35 W (TDP).

As with all other APUs, the A10-4600M has an integrated graphics unit. The Radeon HD 7660G is used for light 2D or multimedia applications, but can also work in Crossfire tandem with the Radeon HD 7670M. AMD has named this function "Dual Graphics" and promises noticeable performance increase. We will come back to this later in the review.

In view of the low price, our test candidate is equipped with generous amounts of memory. The user has at his disposal 1000 GB of hard drive space and 8 GB of RAM (divided into 2x 4 GB DDR3-1600). Some notebooks that cost twice as much do not offer such features. battery for HP 586006-321

Despite its four cores and relatively high clock frequency, the A10-4600M cannot compete with the processing power of Intel's fastest CPUs. At best, the APU is on the level of the older Core i3-2330M, but is often considerably slower. Interestingly, the Turbo frequency of 3.2 GHz, promised by AMD, is only kept for a split second even in single thread applications such as SuperPi. Most of the time we observed a stable 2.7 GHz, although with all cores under load we registered only the base frequency of 2.3 GHz. Apparently AMD has miscalculated the TDP of the chip - with just Prime95 running without any additional graphics applications, we notice a slight throttling to 2.2 GHz

Quantity instead of quality. HP has not chosen an SSD, but a particularly large 2.5-inch hard drive (9.5 mm height) made by Toshiba. The MQ01ABD100 has two 500 GB platters that rotate at 5400 RPM. In combination with the 8 MB cache, you should not be expecting any record-breaking performance.

Nonetheless, with an average transfer rate of 81.7 MB/s and access time of just 18.1 milliseconds (HD Tune), the hard drive places in the upper third of our HDD ranking list. Of course, the drive loses to an SSD, but keep in mind the price difference.

System Performance
With a solid 2030 points in the system benchmark PCMark 7, the Pavilion g6-2253sg is on par with competitors like the Fujitsu Lifebook AH532 (2165 points). This is worth mentioning, because the A10-4600M is significantly slower than the Core i5-3210M in the Fujitsu notebook in most of the other benchmarks. However, the PCMark series exaggerates the small difference in the hard drive performance and should therefore be taken only as a rough guide.

In standard everyday tasks, users should not be able to notice any difference between the two notebooks. The AMD APU copes with simple multimedia programs as well as more complex applications, although you should not be expecting the same performance as from an expensive Core i7. Anyway, the biggest bottleneck is usually the HDD.

Graphics Card
At this point, we would like to skip the technical details of the Radeon HD 7660G and the additional HD 7670M. All the data, clock frequencies, and features can be found on the linked pages in our GPU database. Rather, we would like to know if AMD has managed to improve the inadequate cooperation of the two graphics cards, which we described in previous reviews.

In the synthetic benchmarks, such as the 3DMark 11, everything looks good. Even the GeForce GT 730M has to fight against the HD 7660G + HD 7670M Crossfire combo and even loses with a score of 2135 to 2171 points respectively. But what about the performance in real games?

Here, the Pavilion encounters the same problems as other Dual Graphics notebooks. First of all, Crossfire does not always scale properly. For example, the modern Crysis 3 does not run much better than with a single 7670M. Smooth frame rate above 30 fps was only achieved at 1024 x 768 pixels and lowest quality settings. Other games, such as Battlefield 3, did show decent performance gain, but this was also accompanied by fluctuating frame rate (micro stuttering). On top of this, the processor limits the graphics cards in some strategy and multiplayer games. Overall, the g6-2253sg offers an adequate performance for its price.

System Noise
In its factory state, the notebook's fan is constantly active even at idle and produces an audible, but not disturbing, noise level of 32.0 to 32.4 dB(A). If you deactivate the "Fan always on" option in the BIOS, the little noise maker occasionally turns off completely.

When playing games, simulated by 3DMark 06, the notebook emits a noise level of 39.2 dB(A). It becomes even louder during our extreme stress test. The measured noise of 48.1 dB(A) is a theoretical maximum, which should not be reached even in the latest games. However, the similarly equipped Acer Aspire V3-551G remains a couple of dB quieter under load.

In comparison to the Intel version, the g6-2253sg shows slightly higher surface temperatures. Under low load, these are on average at 30 to 32 °C. Under full load they are a couple of degrees higher. During prolonged gaming, the left palm rest and the keyboard area can become uncomfortably warm. But some rivals suffer more from high temperatures and even exceed the 45 oC mark at certain points. Those who just browse the web and do office work can safely use the notebook on the lap.

The Pavilion completed our stress test, consisting of Prime95 and FurMark, with acceptable hardware temperatures of about 86 °C (CPU) and 72 °C (GPU). However, our test candidate cheated a little - only the Radeon HD 7670M was used (Crossfire not possible) and the processor throttled down to about 2.1 to 2.2 GHz. In more practical situations, the CPU can hold at least the base clock frequency or even the first Turbo step.

HP has labeled the Pavilion with "Dolby Advanced Audio" and has installed an Altec Lansing sound system. However, you should not be expecting too much out of these grandiose names. The two stereo speakers have a high maximum volume and clear highs, but it lacks bass. Therefore, as per usual, we advise users to connect headphones or external speakers, either via the HDMI (suitable receiver required) or via the audio jack.

Energy Management

Power Consumption
The power consumption of 10.6 to 13 W in idle state is typical for a notebook of this price range. While a few years ago AMD based processors used to be wasteful and inefficient, today the CPU manufacturer has caught up with the market leader Intel in this discipline.

The energy consumption remains moderate even under load. Although a dual-core processor of the Core i5 series including the 28 nm GPU, as in the Acer Aspire V3-571G, offers more performance for the same or lower consumption, the difference is not earth shattering. The 90 W power supply is generously sized, especially in view of the maximum consumption of 66.5 to 70.2 W that we measured.

Battery Life
Before we have a look at the results, we must note something: because of the extremely low display brightness on battery power of just above 100 cd/m², the g6-2253sg is the favored one among its rivals.

With its 47 Wh battery the Pavilion reached a maximum runtime of 7 hours and 12 minutes in the Battery Eater Reader's Test (energy saving profile, minimum brightness, WLAN off). Although this test is highly impractical, it highlights the energy efficiency of the Trinity platform in idle state.

If you browse the internet or watch videos via the WLAN (energy saving profile, maximum brightness), you would need to connect the notebook to the charger after 3 hours and 47 minutes. HP managed to beat the Fujitsu Lifebook AH532 (3h 28min), but is behind the Acer Aspire V3-551G (4h 22min).

Unfortunately, not only the display brightness is limited on battery power, but also the graphics card (3DMark 11: 1300 points). Despite these limitations, in the Battery Eater Classic Test (high performance profile, maximum brightness, WLAN on) the battery was empty after just over an hour. The full charging period of the notebook takes 90 minutes.

What can you expect from a notebook in the 500 to 600 Euros (~$650 to $780) price range? According to HP, a lot! Despite the usual Crossfire problems, the Pavilion g6-2253sg offers, above all, plenty of storage and solid applications and gaming performance for a small price.

Sure, it is obvious that the manufacturer had to make some compromises in the notebook. The glossy plastic case is neither ergonomic, nor is it very stable or of high quality, but it serves its purpose. The keyboard and the touchpad are even better than the standard for this price range and make the Pavilion ideal for office use. On top of that, the notebook proved to be quiet and with long battery life, at least in low load scenarios.

Ultimately, there is only one thing that prevents a purchase recommendation. We anticipated a low-resolution TN panel with bad viewing angles, but we did not expect such low display brightness. Potential buyers need to be aware that the screen is practically designed only for indoor use. This also affects the battery life. Users who can overlook this problem will receive an inexpensive and versatile multimedia notebook in the Pavilion g6. This is also true for the other versions with the Intel processor.






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Review Update Dell Precision M6700 Notebook Nvidia Quadro K5000M and battery life

Dell's Precision M6700 leads our workstation ranking alongside its smaller brother, Dell's Precision M4700. The reason that the 17-inch premium model is only in second place could be that the older test model featured the attractively priced AMD FirePro M6000. HP Pavilion 14t Battery Now we have gotten hold of a test model with the strongest Nvidia Quadro graphics chip, the Quadro K5000M. A more potent Intel Core i7-3940XM CPU is also integrated, which is the current ultimate until the Haswell architecture is released. The working memory has been doubled to 16 GB and features a higher clock. A total of three solid state drives are used as storage devices. This is divided into 256 GB for the operating system and 2x 512 GB for data. We regrettably did not get an IPS screen with RGB LEDs. Instead, the standard Full HD screen is installed again. The test device currently has a gross price of about 7600 Euros (~$9867). HP Pavilion 14z Battery


The casing is identical with that of the previously tested Dell Precision M6700 with AMD's FirePro M6000. The umber-colored metal surface is very rigid and resistant. The display hinge has a firm grip on the screen and the wrist rest only yields slightly over the ExpressCard slot. The casing's stiffness is exemplary. The base is closed with a big cover that is secured with two screws and most important components are found beneath it. HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14 Battery The Precision M6700 cannot be placed stably on a surface when the battery is removed because one of the feet is attached to it. More impressions about the casing can be found in the review of Dell's Precision M6700 and Precision M6600.


Our test model sports the currently strongest mobile CPU, Intel's Core i7-3940XM. Dell combines it with the premium model of Nvidia's professional graphic cards, the Quadro K5000M. A fast 16 GB PC3-14900 working memory from Kingston and three SSDs complete the high-performance workstation. Our test configuration is available for a price starting at around 7600 Euros (~$9867, gross) at Dell. Thus, the price is much higher than that of our first test model (5200 Euros, ~$6752), which featured AMD's FirePro M6000 graphics and Intel's second-fastest Core i7-3920XM. HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14t Battery

Intel's Core i7-3940XM supplies top rates in all test fields. Only desktop CPUs provide even more computing power. Four physical computer cores, Hyper Threading, 8 MB of L3 cache and Turbo Boost (3000 - 3900 MHz) are key configuration features that ensure a particularly high performance. Top scores can be expected in single-thread as well as in multi-thread tasks. For example, 6506 points was achieved in Cinebench R10 64 bit single-core and 25475 points in multi-core. HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14z Battery Converting MP3 files to AAC format via iTunes was performed with x55.9 speed (single-thread), which is, up till now, the best rate of Intel's Core i7-3920XM CPU. The 100 MHz difference in the maximum clock rate apparently does not have an effect here. Converting two movie files via Cyberlink's MediaEspresso media converter was also accomplished in a best time.

We did not ascertain a reduction of the processor clock rate in battery mode. However, the user will have to reckon with clock throttling after approximately 20 minutes of simultaneous CPU and GPU load. More about that under Emissions. HP 3125 Battery

System Performance
Almost everything that is technically possible is exhausted in system performance. Only a swifter SSD-RAID array could provide an even better result. However, the present configuration's results, 20046 points in PCMark Vantage and 6203 points in PCMark 7, are more than satisfactory. The user will not have to worry about performance for the next few years with this laptop. HP 3125m Battery

Storage Devices
The operating system is installed on a 256 GB mSATA SSD. The good results of Samsung's PM830 solid state drive were already compelling in previous tests. In this case, its scores remain behind its potentials in a few subareas. The reason for this is the mSATA SSD connected via SATA II, which is bogged down at about 270 MB/s. This disadvantage primarily affects the maximum sequential read and transfer rates. HP EliteBook Folio 9470 Ultrabook Battery Accessing and processing multiple small files (4K QD32) at the same time is accomplished just about as fast as with a SATA III interface and makes up the largest part of the subjective routine work speed. More information can be found in our extensive HDD benchmark chart.

The user can store files on the enormous capacity of two 512 GB SSDs from ADATA. They are connected via SATA III and can thus provide full speed. This ensures a very fast data transfer rate between the storage devices. Our test system embedded all SSDs as single drives. Implementing various RAID configurations that are either made for performance or redundancy is also possible. HP EliteBook Folio 9470m Ultrabook Battery

Graphics Card
The power of Nvidia's Quadro K5000M (technical specs) is very dependent on optimized Quadro drivers. They ensure an enormous speed boost particularly when compared with similar high-performance consumer-range models. In addition to that, the special drivers also affect the stability and compatibility with many professional applications, which are reflected in a corresponding ISV certification.

HP EliteBook 8770P Battery The results from the SPECViewperf 11 benchmark show that Nvidia's Quadro K5000M delivers top performance across the board. In contrast to AMD's FirePro M6000, it even has the lead in all fields. Depending on the application field, the difference is relatively low and the question whether the surcharge is really worthwhile could arise. This is the case in, for example, Solid Works, Maya and Lightwave. Compared with the Nvidia Quadro K5000M in Schenker's XIRIOS W712, Dell's Precision M6700 is clearly defeated in Maya, TCVIS and Siemens NX. HP ProBook 6360t Mobile Thin Client Battery This is not due to the different driver versions. An update to the newer ForceWare 307.68 did not bring visible performance increases in Dell's Precision M6700. The much better scores are probably due to the XIRIOS W712's better multi-thread performance and twice as big working memory. The performance of the older test devices listed in the comparison graph might have increased with the driver updates in the meantime.

HP SpectreXT TouchSmart Ultrabook Battery The test system can also use Intel's Quick Sync technology for video converting tasks owing to Optimus and the enabled Intel graphics. This is currently the fastest way to convert videos to another format. The user can also benefit from a very low processor capacity. Another possible alternative would be video converting via Nvidia's CUDA engine or processor-only power. However, the tasks need much longer with these technologies. This difference particularly becomes relevant in big projects. A performance comparison is graphically illustrated under Processor. HP Spectre XT TouchSmart 15t Battery

The scores are slightly higher than Nvidia's GeForce GTX 675M in the DirectX 11 benchmarks. In 3DMark 11, 5152 points was achieved and only 2724 points in 3DMark Fire Strike. The score of Schenker's XIRIOS workstation (76 fps) was even surpassed in Cinebench OpenGL Shading with 84 fps.

HP EliteBook Revolve 810 Battery The dedicated graphics card only runs with its default clock of 135 MHz in battery mode. This results in a performance loss of approximately 60%. For example, only just below 27 fps in contrast to 84 fps was achieved in Cinebench R11.5 Open GL Shading. In return, the graphics performance remained consistently stable in AC mode and did not suffer from temperature throttling like the CPU.

Gaming Performance
HP Reveals Pavilion 14 Battery A workstation is not really conceived for gaming. Nevertheless, the high-performance graphic chips are very suitable for this purpose. We did not notice any negative effects due to the special Quadro drivers. Almost all the games we tested could be rendered smoothly in maximum quality settings and Full HD resolution. However, a drawback of Dell's Precision M6700 is that resolutions between 1280x1024 and 1920x1080 pixels are not supported, neither internally nor on an external monitor.

System Noise

HP ENVY Sleekbook 6z Battery Unlike most other manufacturers, Dell has managed to fuse high-performance with very low noise generation in its Precision M6700. The laptop was silent and only its quiet fan noise was occasionally heard in low load. We also observed this when Nvidia's Quadro K5000M was enabled instead of the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000. However, a difference to Dell's Precision M6700 with AMD FirePro M6000 was noticed in medium load. It was considerably more present with 40.5 dB(A) than the latter's 34.6 dB(A). Longer use first got unpleasant during full load where the fan produced 48.9 dB(A) at full speed. Hp 468816-001 Battery However, we liked the fact that the fans slowed down noticeably soon after a load period and the high noise level was really only present during high load.

The temperature development on the casing's surfaces can be called moderate. With a maximum of 45 °C, Dell's Precision M6700 remained far below 50 °C at our usual measuring points even after 2 hours of full load. It got a lot warmer with up to 56 °C at the rear vents and 54.8 °C at the docking port. The docking port apparently absorbs the heat extremely well and conducts it outwards. The wrist rest, working area and keyboard are much cooler with a maximum of 35.3 °C. Hp HSTNN-151C Battery

While the casing's temperatures are overall within limits, it gets quite hot inside. The HWinfo tool recorded a core temperature of 104 °C after approximately 20 minutes of full load (Furmark, Prime95). Temperature throttling sets in at this stage and results in a consistently fluctuating Turbo Boost between 3 GHz and 3.7 GHz. Dell's Ultra Performance energy saving profile (max fan level) did not improve this. We believe that the air intake vents on the bottom are too small and come too close to the surface. That impairs enough cool air from being taken into the casing during full load. Hp HSTNN-CB70 Battery CPU throttling did not occur when the Precision M6700's rear was permanently jacked up by about 4 centimeters. This effect was not observed with Nvidia's Quadro K5000M. Its clock remained stable at 601 MHz and clearly below 80 °C. 3DMark 06 performed directly after this even achieved a slightly better score of 24670 points than in the initial test.

Power Consumption

The power consumption measured at the mains ranged from 13.9 up to 181.6 watts. Because the Intel HD Graphics 4000 is enabled, the AMD FirePro M6000 version can be undercut by about 4.7 watts. Hp HSTNN-CB71 Battery When the dedicated Nvidia Quadro was active instead of the integrated graphics, the idle power consumption was 18.7, 23.7 or 25.8 watts, which is almost identical to the rates of AMD's FirePro. The high power consumption of Nvidia's Quadro K5000M ultimately takes effect and causes a power consumption of 181.6 watts. The 97 Wh battery, which is a good precondition for a practical battery runtime with its lush capacity, faces that.

Our test model's runtime increased enormously due to the usability of Intel's HD Graphics 4000 in contrast to the AMD model without enabled Intel graphics. Compared with AC mode, Dell appears to use other energy saving options in battery mode. Hp HSTNN-OB71 Battery Owing to Nvidia's Optimus, Dell's Precision M6700 lasted for almost 9 hours without the power supply in Battery Eater Reader's test, performed with minimum screen brightness, energy saving profile and disabled wireless modules. The AMD model was already drained after just 5:28 hours in the same test. The more practical Wi-Fi test, i.e. internet browsing with a brightness of approx. 150 cd/m² and energy saving mode on Intel's HD, ran for a good 6 hours. The video test using a DVD, energy saving mode and maximum brightness proved that the user can watch a movie for roughly 5 hours without the PSU. Hp HSTNN-XB70 Battery Battery Eater's Classic test with maximum brightness, all on and high performance, finished much sooner and the battery was drained after 72 minutes. Compared with the maximum mains consumption, this still favorable result is mainly possible to the Nvidia Quadro K5000M GPU's clock reduction to 135 MHz in battery mode.

Dell has created a masterpiece with it latest Precision series. No other contender we reviewed managed to fuse high-end performance with a low operating noise so well. Unfortunately, Dell blunders in stability in the test model, which is so important for workstations. CPU throttling during full load must not be an issue. This also makes buying the premium-range CPU ridiculous because just when it is needed, its potential is not permanently available. Hp HSTNN-XB71 Battery

Other drawbacks, such as the operating noise's increase starting from medium load or reduced graphics power in battery mode, could also be key points for some buyers to opt against Dell's Precision M6700. Here it becomes obvious that the performance limit of Dell's Precision M6700 has been exhausted with this configuration. These restrictions could likely be sidestepped with a somewhat weaker CPU-GPU combination. Hp KG297AA Battery

However, Dell does not make it easy for the potential buyer with the test model either. The pro side is not weaker. The casing's exceedingly high-quality and rigid qualities alongside a fairly light weight are appealing. The very good battery runtimes and the consequently only rarely needed power supply are more features that boost the mobility factor. Hp NBP6A93B1 Battery

The screen is appropriate for the target group, the system performance is enormous and the configuration as well as upgrade options provide a high measure of flexibility.






hp TPN-W109 Battery

Review Acer Aspire One 756-B847X Netbook and battery life

In 2009 and 2010, manufacturers tried to attract buyers with small, cheap, light, and not particularly powerful netbooks. Even then, it was clear that the world of the internet would always become more mobile. Whether it was due to poor performance or because customers just preferred their smartphones, the devices did not prevail in the market. Today ultrabooks and convertibles dominate the market, combining the best of tablets and notebooks. hp 671567-831 Battery

Acer was at the forefront of the netbook trend with its Aspire One series. They brought dozens of different devices to the market. The bright colors of the housing should have attracted trend-oriented customers, who had had enough of the standard gray and black of laptops. While many manufacturers no longer have a netbook platform, with the Aspire One 756-B847X, Acer brings to the market a subnotebook at a netbook price (here we tested the configuration with the Pentium 987). hp H2L56AA Battery

The test netbook is not based on the usual Atom platform from Intel, but an Intel Celeron 847 dual core processor. With 4 GB of memory and a large 320 GB hard drive, the Aspire One 756-B847X should satisfy customers. There is no longer much competition: Lenovo and Asus still have some products to offer, such as the Lenovo IdeaPad S206 or the Asus Eee PC R052C. The Asus X201E is also based on an Intel Celeron processor. Sony still participates with the Sony VAIO SVE-1111M1E/P. The HP Pavilion dm1-4200sg is also a suitable alternative. Except for the offerings from Asus, all competitors' products use AMD processors. hp H2L55AA-ABB Battery

It's necessary for some details of the case to change, otherwise, one feels like they're back in the heyday of netbooks. It was popular to install the battery so that it was not visible and at the top of the case. This is still true for the current Acer Aspire One. However, there's a gap in the case when running the unit without the battery. Otherwise, the Acer Aspire One 756 is very stable, from the keyboard to the palm rest [for any key press]. The screen is sensitive to pressure against the lid and can be seen on the panel. HSTNN-IB3N Battery

You can choose any of the following colors for the cover of an Acer Aspire One 756: blue, black, silver, and red. The lid and keyboard bezel are done in the same color chosen for the case, while the screen mount and underside remain black. Overall, the Acer Aspire One 756 is manufactured well and the choice of different colors makes it possible to customize the netbook as appropriate for office or home use. hp HSTNN-LB3N Battery

The Intel Celeron 847 processor is among the weakest in Intel's portfolio, as is their integrated graphics solution, Intel HD Graphics 2000. Performing complex calculations or playing modern 3D games are thus not possible. However, for web surfing and simple everyday tasks, such as word processing or playing videos, it's sufficient. If you prefer, you can get the Acer Aspire 756 with an AMD processor or a slightly faster Intel Pentium processor.hp HSTNN-LB3P Battery

The processor of the Acer Aspire One is Intel's Celeron 847, which has two cores and a clock speed of 1.1 GHz. Though it is one of Intel's cheapest and slowest processors, it offers a lot more power than the processor in other netbooks: it beats the Intel Atom N2800 in the Asus Eee PC R052C by 35% and has up to 40% more power than AMD solutions. The reason that the Asus X201E with the same processor as our test model can't keep up is that Asus underclocks the processor under load. This is not the case with the Acer Aspire One 756.hp HSTNN-YB3N Battery

For a netbook, this is very important: even in battery mode and power saving mode, the processor runs at 1.1 GHz when necessary. It's no wonder then that Windows 8 can be operated smoothly and that no noticeable delays occur with simple activities.

System Performance
In PCMark 7, the Acer Aspire One 756 pulls clear of its rivals. To a large extent, this is due to the faster processor than the one which is in the Asus Eee PC R052C, but it is also due to more memory. hp HSTNN-YB3P Battery

The Acer Aspire One provides at least 40% more performance than its competitors with Intel Atom CPUs or AMD APUs. This is reflected in smoother operation and faster start times of the operating system and programs. Full HD videos can be played easily and without jerky motion.

Mass Storage
The 320 GB hard drive from Seagate delivers average performance: programs and the operating system start relatively quickly. hp M006 Battery In the synthetic benchmark, an access time of 26.5 ms was measured, even with repeated tests. If you feel the drive operates too slowly, you can fairly easily replace it with a faster model. Although this will accelerate access and start times for programs, it is questionable if such an investment is worth it for a netbook. If you want to have access to the full capacity of the drive you should create recovery media and then delete the recovery partition on the hard drive, which will give you about 40 GB of additional disk space. hp M009 Battery

Graphics Card
Two years ago, Intel released its Intel HD Graphics 2000 integrated graphics solution, which sits together with the processor on a single chip. Although it clearly leaves the GMA 3650 integrated graphics of the Intel Atom processors behind, it can't keep up with the AMD Radeon chips in the Sony VAIO SVE-1111M1E, for example. This Sony achieved twice as many points as the Acer in 3DMark06. As already mentioned, the Acer Aspire One 756 had no problems with Full HD videos on the hard drive or even on YouTube. We have a test 4K video on YouTube in its original resolution, but this exceeds the capabilities of our system. hp TPN-P102 Battery

Gaming Performance
As one would expect, the Acer Aspire One 756 is not suitable for playing current games. Not even less demanding titles like Diablo III can be played smoothly with minimal details. One would have to go back quite a few years to find games that would run on the netbook. The performance is sufficient for browser games like The Settlers Online or casual games like Angry Birds. hp TPN-W106 Battery


asus zenbook ux31a battery

System Noise
The Acer Aspire One 756 contains quite a powerful processor for a cramped netbook case. Does this mean you'll hear loud fan noise? No, Acer has done a good job: the noise level is on par with its competition. Devices powered by AMD APUs, such as the Sony Vaio SVE-1111M1E or the HP Pavilion dm1-4200sg, are even noisier. Our test device never uses the fan in idle mode, when noise is restrained to a maximum of 33.9 dB. Under load, up to 39.7 dB is reached, which is audible, but not annoying. hp TPN-W107 Battery

What about the temperatures? The Acer Aspire One 756 remains relatively cool, as long as it is not overloaded, when the temperature on the bottom of the laptop can rise to 51.3 °C (124 °F). However, in practice this temperature will likely never be reached, as this was during a stress test. hp TPN-W108 Battery

It's fair to say that, among the competitors, only the Asus Eee PC R052C with its low performance Intel Atom APU has no problems with increasing temperatures. Of the AMD-based devices, only Sony makes a good cooling system worth noting; the HP Pavilion dm1-4200sg and the Lenovo IdeaPad S206 both reach temperatures of up to 56.2 °C (133 °F) under load. hp TPN-W109 Battery

The stereo speakers are inconveniently located at the bottom of the case near the front edge, so they can be covered when operating the laptop on your thighs. We liked the punchy maximum volume that can be achieved without distortion. Likewise, it's nice that the speakers focus on the midrange instead of the highs, creating a fuller sound. The speakers are very acceptable for netbook needs, but if you want deep bass or really good sound, you'll need to use headphones or external speakers. HP ENVY x2 Battery

Energy Management

Power Consumption
The strength of the Intel Atom platform has always been its very low power consumption. Here the Intel Celeron 847 in the Acer Aspire One 756 can't keep up: it is about on par with the AMD APUs. The system requires up to 32.1 watts under full load and a minimum of 7.3 watts when it's not. When turned off or in standby mode, the test system can only deliver mediocre results of 0.2 or 0.4 watts respectively. hp 632113-151 Battery

Battery Life
Acer specifies 5 hours as the maximum runtime and we achieve this relatively accurately at low load. We can browse the internet for less than 4 hours on our test device, which is not really good for a netbook. If long battery life is your most important criterion, you need to get the Asus Eee PC R052C, which lasts almost 9 hours on the internet with a single charge. Because of its powerful battery, the HP Pavilion dm1-4200sg also has substantially better runtimes. HP ENVY x2 Battery


If you opt for the Acer Aspire One 756, you get a very powerful device as netbooks go. However, you must accept that this purchase involves a trade-off: an obvious loss of battery life. The Acer Aspire One 756 is solidly built, provides good input devices, is handy, quiet, and can handle its Windows 8 operating system smoothly. There is hardly anything to complain about: under load, the netbook gets warm quickly and the display cover doesn't catch well with outside pressure. In addition, the arrow keys are rather small.HP EliteBook 8770w Battery

If you want to make sure your system handles all of your daily tasks, the Acer Aspire One 756 has greater power reserves than comparable devices that are based on AMD or Intel Atom processors. However, it's questionable if this means that netbooks will experience a resurgence: competition from tablets, convertibles, and smartphones is now quite strong. HP Pavilion dv3510nr Battery






Hp TPN-W106 Battery replacement

Review Acer Iconia W510 Convertible

The advantages of uniting different worlds. This could describe the idea Acer follows with the Iconia W510. The buyer gets a full-blown 10.1 inch tablet alongside a dock that can be inserted in the tablet. This dock encompasses a complete keyboard, additional ports and even a second battery. A model featuring 3G is to also be available next year and be called Acer Iconia W511. HP Envy Spectre XT Ultrabook 13-2000 Battery

Intel's Atom Z2760 CPU sounds like a netbook and Acer's Iconia W510 looks like that in a closed state: slim and light. However, the Iconia can also be used as a tablet or the dock as a stand. Acer offers interesting software goodies that are to facilitate use. We'll take a look at how all this fits together.

The first thing you see when you unpack your new Acer Iconia W510 is a 10.1 inch tablet with a white frame and silver back. Another, deeper look in the box reveals the keyboard dock in which the tablet can be inserted, and which is so important for this concept. The dock's keys and hinge are white, but silver elsewhere. Envy Spectre XT Ultrabook 13t-2000 Battery

The hinge can only be moved vertically, so up and down, and not be turned horizontally like in Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga. In return, the hinge can be folded by more than 180° which turns the dock into a stand for the screen. Acer dubs this presentation mode. The keyboard's surface is on the table in presentation mode. Spacers and the slightly lowered keyboard prevent unintentional inputs. The biggest advantage of this mode is that the screen's touch functions are easier to use because the Iconia cannot topple over like in the so-called productivity mode, i.e. when the keyboard is unfolded. HP B8U92UT/B8U92UT#ABA Spectre XT Pro Ultrabook charger

Acer's Iconia W510 generally makes a good quality impression although the tablet wobbles a bit when inserted in the dock. The screen should not be folded too far back because the base cannot prevent the device from toppling from an angle of approximately 130°. There is not much danger of damage since the screen hovers quite close over the desk in this position. As mentioned, it is generally possible to use the touch function in productivity mode. However, Acer's Iconia W510 is more stable in the presentation mode intended for this. HP Envy SPECTRE XT 13-2000EA Ultrabook Battery

Otherwise, Acer's Iconia W510 hardly exhibits any drawbacks as a tablet or netbook. The hinge is stable and has a firm hold on screen in most positions. The surface features a good grip and is fingerprint resistant. The device has a solid and compact feel and does not yield under pressure. The tablet smoothly slides into the dock and it can be removed just as easily. Acer's Iconia W510 remains agreeably stable on both the touch-sensitive front as well as the back even as a pure tablet. HP Envy SPECTRE XT 13-2000 Ultrabook Battery

battery for hp CC03

In terms of weight, the 117 gram, lightweight power supply unit is noticed favorably and the 580 gram tablet is pleasant to hold without feeling heavy. The device alongside the keyboard dock weighs 1266 grams and is still portable. Nevertheless, it partly weighs more than 11.6 inch convertibles due to the second battery. HP Envy SPECTRE XT 13t-2000 Ultrabook Battery


The objective of Acer's Iconia W510 is sooner to ensure the greatest degree of mobility for a reasonable price than to achieve high performance. In the review of Samsung's ATIV Smart PC we ascertained that the new generation of Atom CPUs is much faster than the previous one, but still very inferior to those in classic laptops. HP Envy SPECTRE XT 13-2000eb Ultrabook Battery

Cinebench proves that even the simplest Intel Pentium processors calculate a lot faster than the Atom CPU in Acer's Iconia W510. Nevertheless, 435 points in Shading is almost 50% more than with former Atom generations.

Acer's Iconia W510 is and remains a tablet and can compete with modern smartphones in the comparison, as Geekbench shows: HP Envy SPECTRE XT 13-2000ed Ultrabook adapter

Samsung's ATIV Smart PC reaped in similar scores owing to almost identical equipment. The latest iPad and iPhone generation provide a considerably higher performance than Acer's Iconia W510 but also cost significantly more. HP Spectre 14-3200ed Ultrabook Battery

System Performance
The system reaped in decent scores in PCMark 7. Unfortunately, PCMark Vantage did not record any results although it started on our system. The achieved PCMark 7 score of 1248 points is on a par with those of Samsung's ATIV XE500 convertibles. Laptops like Asus' K53 (AMD A4-3305M/7670M) or HP's 630 (Intel P6200/GMA HD) are on a comparable level.

The subjective work speed has also improved in comparison with older netbooks. This is likely mostly due to the incorporated flash memory and the faster processor. The integrated graphics solution has not experienced a performance boost compared with earlier Atom generations. Battery for HP Spectre 14-3200ef Ultrabook

Storage Devices
64 GB of storage is quite acceptable for a tablet, especially when it can be expanded via a micro SD card. However, not only the storage capacity counts but also the performance.

Acer installs an eMMC memory in the Iconia W510. It does not have any movable parts and thus has a longer life. It also ensures a higher data rate than conventional hard disks.

However, the eMMC storage device used here cannot be compared with the performance of SSDs that are increasingly being used in larger laptops. The performance is much lower though still faster than that of conventional hard disks. HP Spectre 14-3200eo Ultrabook Battery

This is confirmed in the AS SSD benchmark specially developed for SSDs. Note: Only one of four tests could be performed properly with the non-removable flash memory in Acer's Iconia W510.

Gaming Performance
Those looking for a system that can deal with graphics hits among games are certainly poorly advised with an Atom system. An Intel Core processor alongside a dedicated graphics card would be necessary for this.

HP Spectre 14-3200er Ultrabook Battery However, the configuration will satisfy anyone who is content with browser and social gaming or likes to play an at least 7 year old and not too demanding game, as the scores from the older 3DMark range show. We tested "The Settlers Online" representative of browser games and did not experience any problems.

However some browser games do not detect the integrated flash player in the Internet Explorer app from Windows 8. Then you have to switch to the desktop and start Internet Explorer from there, which works. Hp TPN-P102 Battery

Energy Management

Power Consumption

Adapter/charger for hp CC03

With 8.2 watts in load and 9.7 watts in full load, Acer's Iconia W510 consumes a bit more than other convertibles using Intel's Atom processor that we previously tested. For example, both Samsung's ATIV Smart PC and Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga, powered by Nvidia's Tegra 3, remain below these rates.

Regardless of that, decent runtimes should be possible anyway because the power consumption is only 5 - 10% of a multimedia laptop. Hp TPN-W106 Battery replacement

A minimum power consumption of 1.7 watt is possible when the device is not loaded. The device does not consume any power when it is off, which is surprisingly not a matter of course for other devices. The PSU can supply a maximum of 18 watts and is agreeably very small.

Energy Management

Power Consumption

With 8.2 watts in load and 9.7 watts in full load, Acer's Iconia W510 consumes a bit more than other convertibles using Intel's Atom processor that we previously tested. For example, both Samsung's ATIV Smart PC and Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga, powered by Nvidia's Tegra 3, remain below these rates. Hp TPN-W107 Battery

Regardless of that, decent runtimes should be possible anyway because the power consumption is only 5 - 10% of a multimedia laptop.

A minimum power consumption of 1.7 watt is possible when the device is not loaded. The device does not consume any power when it is off, which is surprisingly not a matter of course for other devices. The PSU can supply a maximum of 18 watts and is agreeably very small. Hp TPN-W108 Battery

Is Acer's Iconia W510 a handy companion? Definitely. But is suitable for everyone? Probably not. If you need a lot of power on the move, you should sooner consider an ultrabook. If you want to connect many devices, you will at least have to buy a USB hub in addition to Acer's Iconia W510.

On the other hand, Acer's Iconia W510 is finally an affordable Windows 8 convertible that could be appealing with a full 32 bit version of the operating system, a great screen, a good quality build for the price range and many useful software offerings from Acer. Hp TPN-W109 Battery

When the tablet is inserted in the dock, you get outstanding battery runtimes, a decent keyboard that can be made to a firm stand.

If you can accept the second-rate touchpad and heat development in load, do not need much power for your work and value the device's flexibility, you will find a solid companion in Acer's Iconia W510.






asus A2508H Battery

Review Toshiba AT300SE-101 Tablet and Samsung Series 4 400B5C-H02DE Notebook battery

The visual difference, as well as the difference in the designation of the two latest Toshiba devices, is just marginal. That raises the question why the AT300SE is 50 Euros (~$65) cheaper compared to the direct predecessor. The basic specifications are almost identical; both devices are equipped with the Nvidia Tegra 3 chip with a clock of 1,300 MHz and 1 GB memory. Our review unit has 16 GB flash storage. Resolution and display size are also identical. Both have a 10.1-inch display with 1280x800 pixels. The devil is apparently in the details. ASUS K93S Battery

The main factor for the purchase decision of such a mobile companion is the everyday performance. To determine the performance of the mid-range model more precisely and classify it we check the device thoroughly and compare it to the latest models with similar hardware.

Despite the total weight of 625 grams the chosen materials are very simple. With a first look at the back you could think it was aluminum. ASUS K93SM Battery This thought quickly disappears after the first contact; it is structured polycarbonate. Because the base cover is made of plastic the AT300SE leaves a very durable impression. This impression is supported over the time of the review; we were not very cautious with the back but could not find a single scratch. A disadvantage of the polycarbonate is the pressure sensitivity. Towards the center of the tablet the plastic can be noticeably pushed in. We observe a similar behavior when we start to twist the device. The case design has cause for criticism at the front. The bezel is flush with the display - less protection for the panel against small scratches. ASUS K93SV Battery

In terms of size we can see a small enlargement compared to the predecessor. With 261 x 180 x 10.5 mm the AT300SE grew in all three dimensions (AT300: 260.6 x 178.9 x 8.95 mm). However, the size difference is hardly noticeable when we put both devices next to each other.

ASUS K95 Battery The main hardware specifications of the AT300SE have not changed compared to the AT300. Both use an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, which was manufactured in a 40 nm process. The 4-plus-1 technology means that an additional fifth companion core is integrated. This energy efficient processor handles less demanding tasks. The memory is a 32-bit single channel 667 MHz DDR3-1333 module with 1,024 MB. Our review unit has an integrated flash storage with a total capacity of 16 GB. After deduction of the system software the user can use 12.78 GB. If this is not sufficient you can extend the storage with micro SD cards of up to 32 GB. ASUS K95V Battery

Because of the similar main hardware components we suspect big similarities in terms of synthetic benchmark results between the reviewed Nvidia Tegra 3 devices. In GLBenchmark 2.5 the results of the two devices and the Xperia Tablet S fluctuate less than 1 fps. Only in the Linpack benchmark the AT300SE can clearly take the lead and beats the competition by up to 67%. The tablet also reaches a good result in Smartbench 2012, with the exception of the Google Nexus 7 no device can keep up with our review unit. ASUS K95VM Battery

With the browser based benchmarks the end results are mixed. In Google V8 Ver.7 the AT300SE can surpass the Surface RT, the Nexus 7 and the Xperia Tablet S. Only the Asus Memo Pad Smart 10 gets a 16% better result. It is the same situation with Sunspider 0.9.1, except for the Surface RT, which gets a better ranking. These kinds of benchmarks always heavily depend on the used browser; in our review we used the standard Android browser, not Google Chrome. ASUS Eee PC 1002 Battery

AndroBench 3 determines the performance of the integrated flash storage. With sequential and random read accesses the AT300SE takes the lead. In this discipline the Google Nexus 7 falls behind by almost 48%. Read accesses to the flash storage are more common in daily tasks; the performance advantage is significant. The situation changes when we have a look at the sequential write accesses, now the AT300SE is up to 72% slower. ASUS Eee PC 1002HA Battery

Due to the performance of the Nvidia Tegra 3 we are pretty certain that the AT300SE can easily handle video trailers for Transformers 3 and Skyfall in Full HD quality (1080p) prior to the actual test. The video material is in a Matroska container with a data rate of up to 6,100 kbit/s. Our assumption can be confirmed, there are no problems with stuttering or other interferences during playback. The bright display, combined with a good black value and high contrast give ambitious viewers a pleasant viewing experience. ASUS Eee PC S101 Battery

When a device can handle HD movie playback, it is very likely that more demanding games are no problem either. With Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and GTA III we played two current 3D games on the tablet. Apparently the CPU load was not very high, we could not even determine a warming up of the device. To be on the safe side we also tried 2D games like Angry Birds or Osmos HD but, as expected, these less demanding titles were no problem. ASUS Eee PC S101H Battery

Energy Management

Power Consumption
In terms of power consumption the AT300SE falls behind the Xperia Tablet S and Memo Pad Smart 10. This can be explained with the significantly higher display brightness. During idle the review unit consumes between 1.6 and 5.4 Watts. The Tablet S is content with 1.3 up to 4.9 Watts. Cross-platform we also have a look at Windows-RT devices. The Surface RT consumes more power with values between 3 and 6.2 Watts. Under load Microsoft's first tablet also needs more power than our review unit – between 7.6 and 10.6 Watts. The AT300SE is more frugal with a power consumption of 7.1 up to 8.7 Watts. During standby we measure 0.2 Watts; we could not determine any consumption when the device was turned off. ASUS Eee PC S101H-BLK042X Battery

Battery Runtime
Due to the moderate power consumption the AT300SE can reach solid results in our runtime tests. We simulate the maximum SoC load with the application "Stability Test". Furthermore all wireless modules are activated and the display is set to maximum brightness. Only after 4 hours and 32 minutes does the tablet have to be plugged in. Xperia Tablet S as well as Asus Memo Pad Smart 10 have to be recharged after 3:12 hours. A complete charge (device is turned on) takes 4 hours and 19 minutes. The other extreme of our runtime tests is the idle simulation. ASUS Eee PC S101H-BRN043X Battery The display brightness is reduced to a minimum and all wireless modules are deactivated. With 15 hours and 18 minutes the device is very enduring, however, the Sony Xperia Tablet S keeps up 11 minutes longer. The result of our more realistic scenario is 9 hours and 20 minutes. In this scenario web pages are opened in a defined rhythm via script - with a brightness of around 150 cd/m². The difference to the Asus Memo Pad Smart 10 is clearly noticeable with 2 hours and 40 minutes. The AT300SE clearly wins this test section. ASUS PC S101H-CHP035X Battery

Samsung Series 4 400B5C-H02DE Notebook

The classic, often bulky business notebook is not extinct yet and still appeals to corporate users. In addition to the usual industry leaders like Lenovo (ThinkPad), HP (Pro-/EliteBook) and Dell (Latitude), Samsung has also established itself in this market segment.

ASUS PC S101H-PIK025X Battery The South Korean manufacturer has positioned the 15.6-inch Series 4 400B5C notebook in the 800 to 1100 Euros (~$1048 to $1442) price range. Our test model is the top of the range one (400B5C-H02DE) and not only has a Core i5-3210M and a 128 GB SSD, but also features mobile internet access via the 3G module. The rest of the specifications include 4 GB of RAM, a matte WXGA display and integrated graphics, which are not exactly the highlights of the notebook and are shared among all the models. To the liking of many companies, Samsung has installed the "old" Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, because Microsoft's newest operating system does not hold a particularly high value in the business sector. ASUS Eee PC S121 Battery

In order to rank the 400B5C among the competition, in the following review we have chosen three alternative notebooks. The test candidate from Samsung must prove its qualities against Lenovo's ThinkPad T530, HP's ProBook 6570b and Dell's Latitude E6530.
One of the important reasons causing the high price of professional business notebooks is the construction of the casing. It should meet specific requirements in terms of stability, quality and ergonomics. In marketing jargon, Samsung has named its case "Duracase Pro", which is standard for every version of the Series 4 laptops. The manufacturer also boasts that the chassis can withstand loads of up to 500 kg and drops from a 76 cm height - a promise that we are not keen on testing in practice. asus A2 Battery

But even during normal everyday use, the case leaves a convincing impression. The matte black plastic is visually appealing and its high-quality feel cannot be compared to the cheap plastic used in affordable consumer notebooks. Equally impressive is the excellent durability - even strong pressure on the usually weak spots, such as above the DVD drive, is met with practically no deformation. All this comes at the expense of mobility - the notebook weighs 2.5 kg and is 3.6 cm thick. asus A2000 Battery

The display is held by two tight metal hinges that work with high precision. There is only minimal teetering and the notebook requires two hands to be opened. A practical rubber strip protects the keyboard from dirt. The display lid is just as stable as the base unit.

In comparison to the predecessor model, the 400B5C has made a significant step forward and can now compete with Lenovo's T530. But first place is still occupied by Dell's Latitude E6530 – even the impeccable workmanship of the Samsung cannot dethrone it. asus A2000D Battery

In terms of processor, the user can choose between Intel's Core i3-3110M and the Core i5-3210M. Our test model is equipped with the slightly faster Core i5 one.

The dual-core CPU is part of the Ivy Bridge generation, which was announced almost a year ago. It is manufactured in the advanced 22 nm technology. Thanks to the Turbo Boost 2.0, the 3210M can increase its base frequency from 2.5 GHz up to 3.1 GHz (2.9 GHz when both cores are under load). The processor also supports Hyper-Threading technology, which allows up 4 threads to be calculated simultaneously. Intel has specified a TDP of 35 W for the whole chip. This value is rarely reached, even under full load. asus A2000G Battery

The 400B5C is offered solely with the integrated HD Graphics 4000, which is extremely efficient, but is only really suitable for undemanding 3D applications. In the case of the Core i5-3210M, the GPU works at 650 up to 1100 MHz (Turbo) and shares the 3 MB of L3 cache with the CPU.

In terms of memory, the notebook is equipped with a 128 GB SSD and 4 GB of RAM, more precisely a single 4 GB DDR3 1600 module. Unfortunately, the system memory works in single-channel mode, which hinders the graphics performance in some situations. However, this has no effect on the performance of the processor. Also, a future upgrade is possible. asus A2000H Battery

In terms of price and performance, the Core i5-3210M is currently in the middle of Intel's product line. In Cinebench R11.5 it achieved a score of 2.88 points. The maximum clock frequency of 2.9 GHz is held constantly under full load, which is the reason for this good result. Even the Lenovo ThinkPad T530, equipped with one of the fastest (and most expensive) dual-core processors - the Core i7-3520M, achieves only a 17% better score, which is barely noticeable in reality. A significantly faster option would be the quad-core i7-3632QM, which offers almost double the performance with 5.8 points, provided that the application can take advantage of the additional threads. asus A2000K Battery

Surprisingly, Samsung had not equipped the 400B5C with one of its own hard drives, but rather uses an mSATA SSD by Lite-On. It carries the name LMT-128M3M and has a gross capacity of 128 GB, of which only about 96 GB remains free after we take into account the recovery partition.

In combination with the Marvell flash controller (88SS9174), the SSD is almost as fast as the Crucial m4 and the Intel SSD 510, both of which are known for reliability and performance. The latter is undeniably proven by our measurements: the AS SSD benchmark confirmed that the LMT-128M3M has sequential transfer rates of almost 500 MB/s when reading and more than 300 MB/s when writing. In combination with the excellent results of the 4K test, the SSD is placed in the upper end of our HDD/SSD rank list. asus A2000L Battery

System Performance
Thanks to the fast SSD and not so slow processor, the 400B5C scored 12777 points in PCMark Vantage and leaves its rivals several thousand points behind. But this comparison is not entirely fair, because the competitors from HP, Dell and Lenovo lack an SSD, which is the component that the PCMark series benefits the most from. Ideally we would have liked to present you the results of the PCMark 7 as well, but unfortunately the benchmark crashed within the first few minutes of running and did not produce any usable score. asus A2000S Battery

In practice, our experience confirms the results of the synthetic benchmarks. Rarely does the user feel the need for more processing power, with the only exceptions being extremely demanding application such as HD video editing and simulation programs. We advise the cost-effective upgrade of a second RAM module, bringing the total to 8 GB.

Graphics Card
The HD Graphics 4000 is primarily designed for multimedia tasks such as decoding and encoding videos. The chip completes them without difficulties, because nearly all the usual codecs are supported. asus A2000T Battery

However, the user should not expect much in terms of 3D performance. Although the HD 4000 supports DirectX 11.0, the chip is usually too slow for such software. The score of 581 points in 3DMark 11 is on the level of old low-end graphics cards like the Radeon HD 6470M.

Of the four games that we tested on the 400B5C, only three were played with smooth frame rates. However, we were limited to 1024x768 pixels and low graphics details, which is acceptable for a business notebook. In Battlefield 3 the absence of visual treats is not helping - at 15 fps the title is unplayable even in the lowest quality settings. asus A2508H Battery

Energy Management

Power Consumption
The energy consumption of 9.4 up to 13.2 W in idle makes the 400B5C quite unremarkable. The notebook is neither the most efficient, nor the most inefficient in the business class. Under high load, the consumption rises to 36.7 up to 44.2 W. Although this seems like a very good result in comparison to rivals such as the ThinkPad T530 (up to 81.9 Watt), we must note the difference in the hardware configurations. The included power supply (60 W) has more than enough power reserves. asus A2514H Battery

Battery Life
The removable 48 Wh battery of the notebook should last up to 6 hours according to Samsung, which is not an unrealistic promise. Under optimal conditions (minimum brightness, deactivated wireless modules, energy saving profile), the Battery Eater Reader's test even produced 6 hours and 35 minutes.

In reality, such runtimes are impossible. With WLAN active and medium brightness (about 150 cd/m², energy saving profile), our test model lasted little over 5 hours. Seen on its own, this is a respectable result. An optional "power battery" with a higher capacity, Lenovo's T530 is available with a 9-cell 94 Wh battery for example, would make the 400B5C even more attractive. asus A2534H Battery

The manufacturer has throttled the processor slightly on battery power (maximum Turbo up to 2.5 GHz), which leads to a 15 to 25% performance drop. However, the battery life benefits greatly under high load. Even in the Battery Eater Classic test (maximum brightness, active wireless modules, high performance profile), the notebook lasted 1 hour and 50 minutes, a significantly better result than most rivals. Samsung promises that even after 1000 cycles the battery will still have 80% of its original capacity, thanks to an intelligent charging management.







Dell Inspiron 17R 5720 Charger

Review Toshiba Satellite L855D-10K Notebook

If you have a look at the Satellite-L855 series on the Toshiba website you could think Toshiba has thought of everything: Brushed aluminum surfaces are resistant against fingerprints and also stay cool, a keyboard with a "perfect pressure point" and a large touchpad should provide convenient handling. In addition, powerful processors and graphics cards - that should be perfect for multimedia purposes. We have a look at the Toshiba Satellite L855D-10K and determine whether these are just marketing slogans from Toshiba or if this notebook series can really convince us. Dell Inspiron 17R(5721) Charger

The "D" behind the model designation indicates AMD based systems, while notebooks without "D" in the designation use Intel processors. In both cases the graphics are provided by AMD. Currently there is just one model with the designation 10K from the AMD based Toshiba Satellite L855D series, which we review. Besides the quad-core processor AMD A8-4500M it also has 8GB memory, a 750 GB hard drive and a Crossfire combination of the two AMD graphics solutions Radeon HD 7640G and 7610M. Dell Inspiron I15N-3910BK Charger


At a first glance the Toshiba Satellite L855D-10K inspires us with its unusual color - Toshiba calls it "Iceblue" - and with the brushed aluminum at the cover. However, with the first contact it becomes evident that the stability is not very convincing: Even under slight pressure the cover is clearly pushed in. If the cover is open it can be easily twisted, which can also be seen in brightness changes of the display. Furthermore, the display frame made of glossy plastic arches forward considerably; the result is a gap between the aluminum and plastic.Dell Vostro 2421 Charger

All in all, the notebook cover leaves the impression of poor build quality, the lower part of the case seems to be more stable. The palm rest can also be pushed in under pressure but not as easily as the display cover. We can also see a noticeable indentation of the keyboard during normal typing.Dell Vostro 2521 Charger

Except for the stability the brushed aluminum convinces with a good look and the cool haptics. The touchpad frame is also a visual highlight. Only the glossy plastic parts around the keyboard and the display are annoying, which cause the notebook to attract fingerprints, contrary to Toshiba's statement. Dell Inspiron 15R 4520 Charger


Toshiba wants 799 Euros (~$1047) for the Satellite L855D, so a certain minimum in terms of ports should be present. In short: The device is within the standard of competitors but you should not expect any highlights. Two USB 3.0 ports are mandatory by now, as well as the HDMI output. The L855 series devices that are equipped with a Blu-ray drive also support 3D output via HDMI port; the notebook could be used as a 3D Blu-ray player for the TV. However, our notebook only has a DVD burner on the left side.Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 Charger

The port layout could also be better: Almost all the ports are at the right front, a place that is usually occupied by a right-hander's mouse and in addition the ports are very close together. This could lead to some conflicts between USB sticks and HDMI cables. Dell Inspiron 15R 5525 Charger

A multimedia notebook like the Toshiba Satellite L855-10K should obviously be able to establish a fast connection to the internet. A network card from Atheros is responsible for that, however, it does not support fast gigabit networks. The card should be able to fully use the latest fiberglass lines for consumers but it is not very future proof. It is a similar situation with the WLAN: Fast 300 Mbit per second is not supported, 54 Mbit per second is the maximum. The reception and transmitting performance of the WLAN module are good, even with a distance of 10 meters to the router Windows still indicated four bars. The latest Bluetooth generation is also supported with version 4.0.Dell Inspiron 15R 7520 Charger

Accessories and Software
Except for a quick start guide there are no additional accessories in the box, also there are no physical recovery DVDs for the operating system. Apart from memory extensions (which can be purchased for less elsewhere) and laptop bags there are no noteworthy accessories on the Toshiba website.Dell Inspiron 15R SE 4520 Charger

Toshiba installs some applications in Windows 8 worth mentioning: Nero 12 also includes video editing software and a video converter besides the known burning software, which could be very useful. The most advertised application is Toshiba Places. Aside from links to the support it almost exclusively contains streaming services for music or videos that create costs or offers from Toshiba. You should have a look at some of the preinstalled applications but you can also safely delete them.Dell Inspiron 15R SE 5520 Charger

After loosening just one screw you have quick access to the memory and the hard drive via the cover at the bottom. Exemplary: Even the battery, which supplies the BIOS with energy when the device is turned off, can be easily replaced; which saves time by not having to deal with tech support. The fan can be seen behind a cover but it cannot be accessed to remove dust.Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520 Charger


The AMD A8-4500M is a popular processor that is used in many notebooks, for example in the Samsung Series 3 355E7C-S05DE, Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E535-NZR5BGE or Toshiba Satellite L875D-10E. The CPU has four cores and a nominal clock of 1.9 GHz. If necessary the clock can be raised up to 2.8 GHz. It is based on the current Trinity-architecture and manufactured in 32 nm, based on our experiences it usually cannot keep up with Intel's current Core-i3 processors. The chip also contains an AMD Radeon 7640G graphics unit. 8 GB memory and a large 750 GB hard drive complete the package.Dell Inspiron 15R TURBO Charger

In general the turbo-feature of the quad-core processor is very turbulent: Even during idle the clock constantly fluctuates between 1.4 GHz and 2.3 GHz, Intel's Turbo-Boost technology is more relaxed in this regard. Performance wise the processor can hardly convince us: Despite its four cores the AMD A8-4500M only reaches values similar to cheap Pentium or Celeron processors in Cinebench. During battery use the processor clock is reduced in every energy profile: 1.9 GHz is possible under load. Also, the processor cores can only execute one task at the same time, Intel Core-i processors can execute two threads simultaneously thanks to Hyperthreading technology.Dell Inspiron 15R(7520) Charger

Similar priced competitors sometimes even have an Intel Core i7 quad-core processor (Acer Aspire V3-571G, Dell Inspiron 15R SE), which is at least twice as fast in the synthetic benchmarks. If you only use less demanding applications like text processing or want to watch movies the AMD processor works just fine. However, the identical base price for considerably lower CPU performance is not justified in our opinion.Dell Inspiron 15R(N5520) Charger

System Performance
We had no problems with the system performance during daily tasks. The already very fast Windows 8 boots quickly and all the preinstalled applications can be executed without a noticeable delay. The system does not have problems with HD videos on YouTube either, only impressive 4K videos with four times the Full HD resolution show the limits of the system.

The similarly priced competitors Dell Inspiron 15R SE and Acer Aspire V3-571G are significantly faster in the synthetic system benchmark PC Mark 7. Dell Inspiron 15R(N7520) Charger

Gaming Performance
We played three games on the notebook, all of them ran smoothly in the native display resolution but FIFA 13 and Diablo III are not very demanding anyway. As mentioned before there were some issues with unpleasant micro stutters.

Mass Effect 3 is a bit more demanding but also ran smoothly even on an external Full HD display - a positive surprise. Our Graphics Overview also shows that more demanding games can quickly bring the notebook to its performance limit: Hitman: Absolution especially suffered from the weak CPU. An extensive games check of the APU can be found in the Toshiba Satellite L875D-10E review. Dell Inspiron 17R 4720 Charger

The Toshiba L855D-10K does a good job in our stress test but confuses most graphics utilities. They just add the values of both graphics cards and indicate values above 100 °C. You don't have to worry though, FurMark Multi-GPU shows the correct values and both graphics cards stay below 60 °C, the CPU is not in the critical area either with 66 °C. The 3DMark 06 score is just slightly reduced after our stress test with 7,423 points; we do not expect significant performance losses during long load periods.Dell Inspiron 17R 5720 Charger

The surface temperatures also get a good rating: A maximum of 40.5 °C at the top can be felt but is not unpleasant. With common tasks the notebook hardly warms up and the power supply unit remains pleasantly cool in all situations

Energy Consumption
The energy consumption shows two pictures: During idle our review unit consumes at least 8.3 Watts - very frugal within the competition. However, the maximum value of 17.1 Watts during idle is however much higher. If both graphics cards are active and we run more demanding applications the notebook consumes up to 73.3 Watts, an average value within the competition. The Acer Aspire V3-571G (Intel Core i5-3210M and GeForce GT 640M) consumes up to 81 Watts and the Dell Inspiron 15R-5521 (Intel Core i5-3317U, AMD Radeon HD 8730M) is more frugal with a maximum of 53.3 Watts. Dell Inspiron 17R 7720 Charger

Battery Runtime
The Satellite L855D-10K is clearly ahead of the higher performing competition: In the more practical WLAN scenario it runs over 4 hours, the Acer Aspire V3-571G and Dell Inspiron 15R SE only manage around 3 hours. All three systems have a 48 Wh battery. Dell Inspiron 17R SE 4720 Charger

The behavior of the Crossfire combination with both graphics cards is very interesting during battery use. Under load the GPU clock is significantly reduced to 380 MHz, independent from the selected energy profile. To save energy the dedicated graphics can also be deactivated; this usually happens during idle or with less demanding tasks.

How can you justify the 799 Euros (~$1047) for the Toshiba Satellite L855D-10K? With the performance? Many competitors offer significantly more performance for a street price of 550 Euros (~$721). With the metal surfaces? Not really, the build quality is not very good. With the screen? Just average. Dell Inspiron 17R SE 5720 Charger

So what remains in favor of the Toshiba in an environment with IPS displays (Acer Aspire V3-571G) and higher performance (Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition)? The battery runtimes, the cool case and the speakers are advantages of the review unit. All in all, we cannot give a recommendation for the Toshiba Satellite L855D-10K for this price, the competition just offers more for the same money.






Lenovo E530 charger

Notebookcheck's Best of December 2012

The reviewers were not inactive around Christmas. We reviewed 31 notebooks and numerous tablets and smartphones, which we elect separately: Best of December 2012 – Smartphones and Tablets. Looking back, which devices did we like most in December? We compare laptops of five categories and elect a winner in each. Dell 1720 charger

Alike in November Windows convertibles are gaining ground. But, only Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga 11 uses Windows RT. This is not surprising as it comes with a Tegra 3 SoC. Samsung's ATIV Smart PC and Acer's W510 are tablets which can turn into a clamshell notebook via Keyboard-Dock. Compaq CQ70 charger

We again had a lot of subnotebooks under review in December. Lenovo's ThinkPad T430u is a special contender, because it comes with a GeForce GT 620M despite a low price (T series). With the Fujitsu Lifebook P702, the old laptop style returns for a moment: conventional input devices, a lot of interfaces, and a matte display. Unfortunately the wobbly case cannot keep up with today's stiff plastics chassis. G6000 charger

As Office notebooks are demanded just before Christmas, we reviewed as much as nine. HP' ProBook 6570b, 6470b, and 4540s show professional ambitions, while the IdeaPad S405 and U510 turn out inferior. Especially the S405 can not meet the needs of its target group.

General-purpose laptops with big diagonals and decent to very good gaming performance have always been popular. We do not talk about gaming notebooks, as the graphics cards are mid-range. In December none of the devices proved to be especially good. Acer, HP, and Samsung achieved a rating of 83 % each. Many of our test samples are about on par, but not all of them, as the beaten devices from Asus and MSI prove. Lenovo R61 charger

Finally, two dissimilar gaming bolides competed, Asus' G75VX and MSI's GX60. Because of the AMD quad core, the most powerful Radeon, the HD 7970M performs vastly inferior. What did the "gaming specialists" think when they chose this configuration?

The only workstation of this month did not have any competitors: The Bullman E-Klasse 4 i7 17FHD (84 %) is a mobile 17-inch CAD workstation equipped with powerful Nvidia Quadro K3000M graphics card and Core i7 3940XM, the fastest mobile processor in Q3 2012. HP dv6 charger


dell vostro 1510 Charger


Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 85%
Samsung ATIV Smart PC XE500T1C 85%
Acer Iconia W510 82%
Lenovo ThinkPad Twist S230u 80%

Dell 1510 charger
After the 13-inch Yoga 13 (November) we reviewed the 11.6-incher. In being equipped with Tegra 3 and a 64 GB SSD it could be a typical tablet, but why does it cost nearly 800 Euro? Because it comes with Windows RT and features a clever folding mechanism. Its hinges allow the display to be turned by 360 degrees and afterwards the keyboard (deactivated in this mode) is the underside. We like its build quality, materials, and runtime. But, the keyboard with poor feedback somewhat dampens our enthusiasm. And the connectivity is minimalistic for a Convertible. On the other side, a tablet with three fully-fledged USB-ports is a nice thing, but, as a tablet, the Yoga 11 is inherently bulkier and heavier then its super-slim Android competition. The later often feature higher resolutions. 1366 x 768 pixel do no longer appear to be opportune for a premium device. But, we cannot complain about colors and brightness. By the way, Lenovo just introduced the Intel model called Yoga 11s at the CES 2013 in Las Vegas. HP 8530w charger

Samsung's ATIV Smart PC XE500T1C combines an Intel Atom Z2760 (designed for tablets) with a fully-fledged Windows 8. Performance freaks won't appreciate this, while standard users will dislike the small 64 GB SSD, because only 32 GB are free on delivery. The keyboard dock does not belong to the best of its kind, but the mouse replacement and the keys are better than the Yoga's. The operating concept is appropriate, but docking and undocking could get annoying after a while. Lenovo R500 charger

Acer's Iconia Tablet W510 uses the same technology as the ATIV Smart PC, but is a little bit smaller (10-inch). HD resolution, IPS panel, Atom processor and 64 GB SSD are in a well built case. Unfortunately, the keyboard (tightly packed layout) and the touchpad (hangs, no multi-touch) perform poorly. The 13:35 h battery life could not be better and the brightness of nearly 300 cd/m² is also available on battery. The price of about 600 Euro is lower than the ATIV Smart PC's, which features a built-in 4G-modem. Notebook 6730b charger

Lenovo's ThinkPad Twist ultrabook is a conventional convertible. Size and weight are typical for a 12.5-inch ultrabook. The Twist does not try to be a light and slim Windows tablet. First of all it is a subnotebook with decent performance with optionally a classic tablet mode. The advantage of the Twist is its decent performance for Windows 8, the many interfaces typical for notebooks and the good keyboard (but, a poor touchpad). It is rather designed for business use, but the short battery life of 3:16 hours (WiFi test) is disappointing. HP 8530p charger

Convertible notebook of December 2012: Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11

While the operating concept of the SmartPC, which achieved the same rating as the Yoga 11, is appropriate, we did not like its weak netbook hardware. If being handy and mobile is a criterion, we would chose Windows RT and the Yoga 11. The folding wonder will find its fans as its possible fields of application in job, study, or private life are enormous. Furthermore, using docking keys is only limited joy (Smart PC, Iconia W510). In our opinion, single unit devices are smarter solutions. IBM G40 charger



Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 85%
Samsung ATIV Smart PC XE500T1C 85%
Acer Iconia W510 82%
Lenovo ThinkPad Twist S230u 80%

Acer 6592G charger
After the 13-inch Yoga 13 (November) we reviewed the 11.6-incher. In being equipped with Tegra 3 and a 64 GB SSD it could be a typical tablet, but why does it cost nearly 800 Euro? Because it comes with Windows RT and features a clever folding mechanism. Its hinges allow the display to be turned by 360 degrees and afterwards the keyboard (deactivated in this mode) is the underside. We like its build quality, materials, and runtime. But, the keyboard with poor feedback somewhat dampens our enthusiasm. And the connectivity is minimalistic for a Convertible. On the other side, a tablet with three fully-fledged USB-ports is a nice thing, but, as a tablet, the Yoga 11 is inherently bulkier and heavier then its super-slim Android competition. The later often feature higher resolutions. 1366 x 768 pixel do no longer appear to be opportune for a premium device. But, we cannot complain about colors and brightness. By the way, Lenovo just introduced the Intel model called Yoga 11s at the CES 2013 in Las Vegas. ASUS G73JH Charger

Samsung's ATIV Smart PC XE500T1C combines an Intel Atom Z2760 (designed for tablets) with a fully-fledged Windows 8. Performance freaks won't appreciate this, while standard users will dislike the small 64 GB SSD, because only 32 GB are free on delivery. The keyboard dock does not belong to the best of its kind, but the mouse replacement and the keys are better than the Yoga's. The operating concept is appropriate, but docking and undocking could get annoying after a while. PA3587U-1BRS charger

Acer's Iconia Tablet W510 uses the same technology as the ATIV Smart PC, but is a little bit smaller (10-inch). HD resolution, IPS panel, Atom processor and 64 GB SSD are in a well built case. Unfortunately, the keyboard (tightly packed layout) and the touchpad (hangs, no multi-touch) perform poorly. The 13:35 h battery life could not be better and the brightness of nearly 300 cd/m² is also available on battery. The price of about 600 Euro is lower than the ATIV Smart PC's, which features a built-in 4G-modem. HP dv6700 charger

Lenovo's ThinkPad Twist ultrabook is a conventional convertible. Size and weight are typical for a 12.5-inch ultrabook. The Twist does not try to be a light and slim Windows tablet. First of all it is a subnotebook with decent performance with optionally a classic tablet mode. The advantage of the Twist is its decent performance for Windows 8, the many interfaces typical for notebooks and the good keyboard (but, a poor touchpad). It is rather designed for business use, but the short battery life of 3:16 hours (WiFi test) is disappointing. G73JH-A1 charger

Convertible notebook of December 2012: Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11

While the operating concept of the SmartPC, which achieved the same rating as the Yoga 11, is appropriate, we did not like its weak netbook hardware. If being handy and mobile is a criterion, we would chose Windows RT and the Yoga 11. The folding wonder will find its fans as its possible fields of application in job, study, or private life are enormous. Furthermore, using docking keys is only limited joy (Smart PC, Iconia W510). In our opinion, single unit devices are smarter solutions. Asus A6T charger



Fujitsu Lifebook S752 85%
HP ProBook 6570b (B6P88EA) 85%
HP ProBook 4540s-C4Z27EA 84%
HP ProBook 6470b (B5W83AW) 84%
Asus P45VJ-VO002X 83%
Acer TravelMate P243-M 81%
Lenovo IdeaPad S405 80%
Lenovo IdeaPad U510 MBM62GE 80%
Maxdata M-Book 4000 U G1 Select 78%

Acer 4733Z charger

dell vostro 1510 battery
The 14-inch Lifebook S752 from Fujitsu looks a little bit bulky. However, neither beauty nor ultimate performance are important in this category. Instead, the Lifebook scores points with excellent ergonomics (waste heat, system noise), decent build quality, long battery life (6:27 Stunden) and a keyboard with strong feedback. Its plastics look and Core i3 are unremarkable. The hard drive is slow and only 2 GB RAM are unbalanced. This is too miserly for 700 Euro. Lenovo Z560 charger

HP's ProBook 6570b achieved the same rating. Input devices and build quality are slightly better, but the matte display is striking in the office category: contrast of 1000:1 and brightness of 271 cd/m². As it is a TN panel the 1600 x 900 pixels screen has narrow viewing angles. The ergonomics is not that perfect as the Lifebook's, but it can score points in connectivity with a docking port and even a rare RS-232 (serial). Its biggest weakness is the short battery life of only 2:23 hours. SAMSUNG RV420 charger

We continue with the ProBook 4540s, which is also a 15.6-incher. The 4xxx models are designed for ProBook novices, which have to live with lower resolution (HD), contrast (370:1) and without docking port. Our test sample with Core i3 and 7200 rpm hard drive costs 525 Euro and delivers a decent office performance. Furthermore, HP did not save in the important aspects, keyboard, touchpad, stability of the case and heat management, which are of best ProBook quality. LENOVO Y580 charger

ProBooks keep coming. Finally, the 14-inch sister model of the 6570b mentioned above faced up to our critical review. The 6470b does not feature a dedicated graphics card and the display only has HD (1366 x 768) resolution. Unfortunately, the user can not appreciate the vibrant colors and the decent brightness of the 6570b. Strange enough: Now the battery life of 4:23 hours is balanced. Important aspects like input devices, build quality, temperature, and connectivity are largely on par with its 15.6 inch sister. HP 576833-001

In regards of display the Asus P45VJ (14-inch) does not perform well (brightness: 196 c/m²). But, it costs significantly less then the 14-inch Probook despite coming with a relatively powerful GeForce GT 635M. High-end business features like docking port, ExpressCard or eSATA/serial are missing. The stable plastics chassis appears rather consumer-oriented. The same is true for the input devices, which do not feature the ProBook's strong feedback. The battery life (4:43 hours) is alright. To summarize, the Asus P45VJ is a compromise for consumers who like to play computer games and are looking for a laptop for work and entertainment. ASUS X71SL charger

If you do not want to spend 800 Euro for a mobile computer, you'll maybe come across Acer's TravelMate P243-M for 550 Euro. The 14-inch laptop features a stable carbon/Mg-AI case, a decent keyboard (touchpad is not that good) and a battery life above four hours. The low brightness of the TFT on battery (130 cd/m²) is disappointing. The TravelMate is only an alternative if interfaces typical for the consumer range (no docking port) are sufficient. Fujitsu FMVNBP199

Lenovo's IdeaPad S405 also wants to be cheap. It features an AMD Radeon HD 7600G and an AMD A-Series A8-4555M for 550 Euro. The performance of the 14-inchers is very low and so is its energy consumption. This could have resulted in excellent battery runtimes, but due to its small 32 Wh battery only just three hours are possible. The plastic chassis twists, the keys spring, and the brightness of the display is low. Not even the price is a buying criterion as comparable and partly better Core i3 alternatives cost the same. Samsung NP-Q45 charger

The IdeaPad U510 from the same manufacturer is a 15.6-incher cheekily categorized as ultrabook. It's up to the user's discretion whether weight (2.2 kg) and height (24 mm with feet) still conform to this claim. In mobility it achieves 5 hours with Core i5 and HD 4000. Because of the relatively dark, reflective display, the U510 is rather an elegant indoor device. The aluminum look reminds on the MacBook Pro series, but the flexibility of the base unit unmasks the imitator. SONY VGP-BPS20/B

The Maxdata M-Book 4000 U G1 Select is a cheap ultrabook. The build quality is not disappointing and the matte, high-quality surfaces hardly show any weaknesses, but do also not achieve a top rank as an alu unibody would. We appreciate the long battery life of above six hours, but the matte, dark HD display cannot be used in the sun. For an interesting price Maxdata incorporates a genuine 128 GB SDD (no hybrid), which is unfortunately very slow. Unfortunately, it can not keep up with high-end devices in ergonomics and display. Under load the M-Book 4000 U gets louder and warmer than other 14-inch ultrabooks. Toshiba PABAS098

Office notebook of December 2012: HP ProBook 6570b

Despite its short battery life we elect the ProBook 6570b and not the Lifebook S752, because we want to honor the decent HD+ panel after countless pale office displays. Too often this important user interface is just an ordinary TFT.



Acer Aspire M5-581TG 83%
HP Envy m6-1101sg 83%
Samsung 700Z5C-S04DE 83%
HP dv7-7202eg 81%
HP Pavilion g6-2200sg 80%
Asus K53TK-SX114V 78%
Asus K75VJ-TY102H 78%
MSI CX61-i530M245 78%

Asus X52J charger
Acer's Aspire TimelineUltra M5-581TG can be described as gaming-capable ultrabook with sufficient display size. The GeForce GT 640M (Kepler, newest chip generation) and Core i5 provide gaming power on-the-go. This is the first ultrabook that achieves a gaming rating of 86 %. It even outperforms the HP Envy m6-1101sg (Radeon HD 7670M) with standard voltage Core i5. Despite a its relatively low price of 800 Euro it achieves a high level in build quality (89 %) and battery life (5 hours WiFi test). Toshiba PA3534U-1BRS

It's much more difficult for the HP Envy m6-1101sg with similar price to attract gamers. The 15-incher comes with HD 7670M and Core i5 3210M does not score that well in keyboard and build quality, but performs better in ergonomics, while the battery runtime is about on par. Both competitors have a reflective TN display with narrow viewing angles. The Envy m6-1101sg somewhat excels with a contrast of 571:1. Toshiba W100 charger

Fast gaming and good looking? That's what Samsung thought when they updated their series 7 (model 700Z5C) with a powerful GeForce GT 640M. Together with a Core i7 it is slightly faster than the Aspire M5-581TG low voltage system. A lot of games can be stored on the 1,000 GB hard drive, but poor contrast (144:1) and narrow viewing angles are outperformed by the HP Envy m6. This is a pity as the matte display feature a comfortable 1,600 x 900 pixel resolution. Customers expect a better color representation for 1,400 Euro. The series 9 models demonstrate how this can be accomplished with a matte IPS panel. ASUS G75V Charger

Do you demand an excellent display? If only the 700Z5C could change displays with the Envy dv7-7202eg. The 17-incher features a matte FullHD display, which is not only bright, but also achieves a contrast of 868:1. The TN panel performs above average in viewing angels and sRGB is nearly covered. In contrast, high system noise and relatively few interfaces devalue the dv7. Gamer will spurn the GeForce GT 630M, which is significantly slower than the 640M. Games do sometimes not even run smoothly in HD resolution. Here the GT 640M would have been much appreciated. LENOVO L08S6D13

If you do not want to spend 1,200 Euro for the Envy dv7, you might be interested in the HP Pavilion g6-2200sg. The 15.6-incher comes with a contrast-rich HD display and a gaming capable AMD Radeon HD 7670M for significantly less than 500 Euro. The good news from our test: Its Pentium processor does hardly limit gaming performance. Most of today's games run smoothly in native resolution. But, users have to live with a complicated GPU switch and a moderate build quality. Dell T1G6P

Same CPU, but less fun due to an AMD processor? This is our verdict on the 460 Euro cheap Asus K53TK. The AMD A-Series A4-3305M slows down the Radeon HD 7670M in games. Games even run faster on HP's Pavilion g6-2200sg with cheap Pentium. The display features decent contrast (595:1) and the battery keeps up with the Pavilion g6-2200s'. HP 6830s charger

The K series from Asus is also available in 17-inch. We reviewed the powerful model with GeForce GT 635M and Intel quad core (nearly 800 Euro). The gaming performance is slower than with GT 640M, but suffices high details in HD resolution. But, the native 1600 x 900 pixels screen is not much fun. Pale colors, low brightness and narrow viewing angles indicate that it is an ordinary display. The second 2.5 inch hard drive slot is a special feature. Lenovo E530 charger

If you want to save money, do it right. The MSI CX61 is available for barely 600 Euro in virtual shops. The 15.6-incher houses a GeForce GT 635M and a Core i5 3210M. Its gaming performance is solid and similar to the Asus K75VJ-TY102H's. Not everyone will like the moderate build quality (input devices too) and the unstable chassis is not well manufactured. In addition, the short battery life, the poor display and the loud system noise under load downgrade the laptop. Asus A42-U46

Multimedia notebook of December 2012: Acer Aspire M5-581TG

One laptop must win. The same rating forces us to balance pros and cons. We elect Acer's Aspire M5-581TG as it combines decent build quality and high performance. Users will gladly live with high waste heat and loud system noise under load as this is the ultrabook currently running games fastest. None of the notebooks with a rating of 83 % features a really decent display. If you appreciate such a thing, consider the HP Envy dv7-7202eg.



Asus G75VX 87%
MSI GX60 81%

ACER V3 charger
The G75VX is the gaming bolide from Asus. The flagship now comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670MX. So, it is based on the newest Nvidia-Kepler architecture. Together with the i7 3630QM the 17.3-incher can run all games without problems - but not all of them in native full HD resolution. Despite lacking Optimus, the battery life of three hours is remarkable. However, the 4.2 kg bolide needs a 74 Wh battery to accomplish this. We still have to criticize the suboptimal interface layout, but we like the high-quality case and the bright matte display with appropriate contrast (454:1). However, we expected an IPS panel for 1,600 Euro. Dell E6500 charger

Rashly, MSI combined the most powerful AMD GPU with the weak AMD A-Series A10-4600M. This is the only way to keep the low price of 1,200 Euro. In terms of performance this mobile quad core is on par with a Core i3. Accordingly, the results of the gaming tests are sober. The A10 often slows down the Radeon HD 7970M that much, that games can only run on mid-range level. That said, the gentle reader can also buy a GT-640M system like the Acer Aspire M5-581TG above with better build quality (incl. input devices), weight on ultrabook level and low brightness for less than 900 Euro. The matte full HD display of the GX60 with good brightness, decent contrast and appropriate viewing angles is useful during games and work. The two mSATA-SSDs in RAID 0 are less impressive than expected. In reading small blocks the Raid-0 configuration performs poorly and worse than Solo SSDs (4K test: 8 MB/s). Fujitsu FPCBP88

Gaming notebook of December 2012: Asus G75VX-T4020H

According to the rating, the decision is easy. The G75VX profits from the MSI's fatal combination of strongest Radeon GPU with AMD quad core. The 17-incher from Asus keept its strength (ergonomics, input devices) and improved performance with the newest Kepler GPU. All things considered, there are no serious points of critique as even the matte FHD display can convince us completely.






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  • Watt-Hours signifies the energy needed to power one watt for one hour. This power tool Battery can power 57.60 watts for one hour. If your cordless drill runs at 20.50 watts, as an example, this power tool Battery could power your cordless drill for 2.8 hours.

BOSCH 2 607 335 446 power tool battery Secure & Guarantee

  • This BOSCH 2 607 335 446 power tool battery you purchased from us is guaranteed!
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  • 4.This BOSCH 2 607 335 446 battery is sell with 30 Days Money Back.

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Sony VGP-BPS21/S Sony VGP-BPS21A/B

Review Sony Vaio VPC-F22S1E/B (FHD) Notebook

Sony's F series is treated as the HD Studio range since the beginning of 2010 (F21) depending on the configuration. Strong CPU, performance, feasible graphics performance and a first-rate screen (display model according to Sony: VAIO Display Premium) are to ensure lively entertainment on the one hand and efficient working on the other. Sony VGP-BPS13AS

The high-end 3D model, Vaio VPC-F21Z1E/BI with a 240 Hz 3D screen and shutter glasses, was the first test device from the 2011 F range. 3D effects and screen quality impressed us, but the case's high-gloss finish quickly covered with fingerprints wasn't appealing. Especially not at today's price of 1700 euros (August 2011) and 1999 euros back then (May 2011). Sony VGP-BPS13B/S

Now the manufacturer remedies this with the F22 because these models not only have (as usual) a matt screen, but also a matt, uncoated case. An important question: Does the lower priced F22 have the same high-end screen? Sony leaves us in the dark since the "VAIO Display Premium" labels both the F22S1E/B (this review) and the F21Z1E/BI (3D device).

The answer for this and other questions can be found in this review. Due to the extreme technical similarities (only screen and looks differ) of both test devices, F21 and F22 (present), we would refer to the review of the F21 in matters of input devices, interfaces, communication and audio. All other topics, such as display, performance and ergonomics, will be described anew.


The F22 shows up as a bulky block of 3.17 kilograms. The looks mimic two overlapping, inward tapered plates. The base unit is as stiff as a board and we can only provoke evident denting beneath the optical drive. In return, we can depress the lid's surface easily. Moreover, the construction clearly distorts when it's picked up at its corners.

The 16.4 incher's rigidity and workmanship is absolutely equal to that of the F21. The lack of paint on the lid and work surface is new. The F21's greasy fingers look is gone and with it the drawbacks such as fingerprints and soon visible scratches. This creates a laptop with looks so sober and resistant that we are confident that it can cope with longer periods of office work.


The Core i7-2630QM with 4x2.0 GHz (Turbo: 2.9 GHz) isn't the only CPU options available for the F22 models, but it is the strongest. The Core i5-2410M (2x2.30 GHz) is the lowest priced option (starts at 865 euros, also FHD). The quad core 2630QM is currently a often used processor in strong multimedia and gaming laptops. Turbo Boost 2.0 adds a plus on performance with the "Dynamic Range @Turbo Frequency Limits". Providing that the cooling is sufficient (temperature limits), the Turbo can go beyond 2.9 GHz.

The graphics chip, HD Graphics 3000, in the processor is disabled (no Nvidia Optimus). The Geforce GT 540M can therefore not be disabled. Our F22 is equipped with an 8192 MB RAM (2x4096 MB PC3-10600) and a 640 GB hard disk from Toshiba (7200 rpm).

FUJITSU LifeBook S751 Battery

The CPU benchmark, WPrime (314s), determined rates clearly below those of the 2010 720QM (483s) and 740QM (427s). The fewer seconds, the better is true for this multi CPU test. Thus, the 2630QM is 25 percent faster than its 740QM predecessor. The 2630QM has never reached such a good WPrime score in newer laptops. But, the Acer Aspire 7750G (318s) and the Dell Inspiron Queen Q15R (321s) follow very close. A "bad" 435s, as in the Samsung RF511-S05DE, are rare.

The Cinebench 11.5 CPU test (multi, 64bit) strikes strongly with 4.92 points. That is considerably more than a 740QM (3.4; MSI GX660R) reached. However, the "identical" i7-2630QM in the Aspire 7750G could score even better with 5.0 points, which could be due to a better utilization of the Dynamic Frequency (Turbo 2.0).

PCMark Vantage records 7488 points (F21: 7312). A remarkable figure that is even on a par with an (older) workstation with i7-820QM (1.7 GHz, 3.0) from 2010 (HP Elitebook 8740w 820QM/FX2800M, 7491 points). 7500 points is a typical rate for this configuration. In comparison, an Aspire 7750G with the same processor manages 7402 points (HP 6850M). Only Packard Bell's EasyNote TS11-HR-158GE and Samsung RF511 lag behind with 6530 points, which is possibly due to a slower rotating HDD and possibly due to a weaker cooling system (lower Turbo 2.0 utilization). The CPU benchmarks are also lower in both notebooks (Cinebench R11.5: 4.7/4.4 instead of 4.92).

The MSI GT780R can achieve 9314 points in PCMark Vantage with a stronger GPU (GTX 560M). Laptops equipped with an SSD, such as the Alienware M17x R3 (GTX 460M, i7-2630QM) or the XMG A701 (identical), reach considerably betters scores (12700 / 14000).

We additionally executed PCMark 7, which finishes with 2211 points. Current Core i5 systems, such as the Toshiba Satellite Pro L770 achieve about 5500, respectively 1850 points, if they don't have an SSD. Previous 2630QM test systems could reach higher PCMark 7 scores only when an SSD and /or stronger GPU were installed. This was, for example, the case in the Alienware M14x (GT 555M, SSD, 3595 points) and in the MSI GT780R (GTX 560M, 5400 rpm HDD, 2516 points).

The GeForce GT 540M's 3D performance (1024 MB DDR3) from Nvidia's midrange didn't improve/deteriorate a bit despite the driver update (F21 in review: ForceWare 266.64 -> F22: 267.80). Why should it? The clock of 672/900 MHz (core/memory) alike the DDR3 video memory hasn't changed, either.

3DMark2006 (1280x1024) finishes with 8263 points (F21:8318). A Radeon HD 6850M (~9700) can even top that with the same memory unit. Just like the current HD 6770M (10786) in the HP Pavilion dv6-6008eg.

The 3DMark Vantage score (P4440, F21: 4589) improves slightly by 150 points. The new 3DMark 11 (P1027, F21: P1033) doesn't make a difference despite the driver update.

Gaming Verdict

A random test with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 confirms the first F21 test device's good, but not overwhelming gaming performance. Smooth game play is possible as long as the gamer doesn't switch to the native 1920x1080 pixels. The GT 540M is too weak for high details beyond WXGA especially with a DDR3 video memory. A better choice for eager gamers would be an HD 6770M (HP Pavilion dv6-6008eg, high: 48 fps) or a GTX 560M (MSI GT780R, high: 68 fps) at the moment.


The temperatures really get down to business during load. This doesn't apply as much to games, but rather more for the stress test (processor and graphics card). We measure 51 degrees Celsius on the bottom in the fan's area. It is 42 degrees on the top in the keyboard's center. The stress test is however not a reference for normal use. If you watch YouTube videos or write emails, you'll only experience lukewarm temperatures of 25 to 30 degrees (see idle: ~25 degrees).

Thermal Throttling?

There was no throttling recorded during the stress test (Prime95+Furmark, see screen) over several hours (clock 4/8x2.2 GHz). The Turbo even remained active at 4/8 cores (Hyper Threading) during full load because it was slightly above the default clock of 2.0 GHz. An indication for a throttling-free laptop was also the constant stress power consumption of 126 watts (Prime95 solo: 103w, Furmark solo: 83w).

Battery Life

Somehow, Sony has managed to make the Vaio F22 a bit more economic despite the almost same hardware. The F22 needs a minimum (idle min-max) 16 to 28 watts (F21: 22 to 35 watts. However, the 16-incher is still above the level of similar sized laptops, such as the Alienware M17X R3 with 17/26 watts or Acer Aspire 7750G with 13/19 watts. Both have the same processor and even a bigger size with 17 inches.

The power consumption increases constantly to 126 watts during maximum load. Now it becomes apparent why the user won't get around the bulky and 660 gram heavy 150 watt power adapter. Only 84 watts are consumed during 3DMark 2006, which also applies to games. The power adapter doesn't get as hot as in the stress test anymore (53 watts).

The battery runtimes are, alike the F21 predecessor, rather tight, but they have increased despite the maintained battery capacity (54 Wh, lithium ion, 5400 mAh). The battery is drained after only 3:15 hours (F21: 2:28) when surfing on the Internet via WLAN. The DVD movie, Lord of the Rings, came to its end after 2:11 hours (F21: 1:58). A very similar runtime is achieved with a BluRay: 1:56 hours. The screen ran with 100 cd/m2 in this test.


Sony doesn't use the greasy finger look, but fortunately maintains a high-end Full HD screen. The Vaio VPC-F22S1E/B is still neither a bargain nor the perfectly equipped Studio laptop at a price of 1400 euros. The connectivity is too Spartan for this notebook category (USB 3.0, but no eSATA, ExpressCard) and the plastic look doesn't support the manufacturer's demanded high price.

In return, the display as well as the system performance is undoubtedly impressive. The premium Full HD screen bids wide (horizontal) viewing angles and contrast rich colors (1007:1) and almost an sRGB color space. The CPU performance isn't in danger of throttling and the 640 GB hard disk is comparatively fast. Newer games aren't the midrange GeForce GT 540M's specialty, though. Games are remote from smooth in Full HD and high details.

The high performance partly takes its toll on the ergonomic figures. The F22 gets very loud during maximum load (fluctuates) and the temperatures selectively come close to 50 degrees.






LENOVO IdeaPad Z480 adapter

Review Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13 (K685) Subnotebook

The ThinkPad Edge series consists of the cheapest ThinkPad models. Our 13.3 inch test model is available for as little as 399 Euros (without an operating system). The hardware may not be high-end but users who are looking for a matt display and first-class input devices will not be disappointed. HP Pavilion dv8000 battery

Last March (2010), we wrote an in-depth review on the first Edge 13. At that time, the test model had a glossy display and lacked an eSata port. Since then, the manufacturer has also replaced the AMD Turion X2 Neo K625 or L625 (1.5/1.6 GHz) CPU with a Neo K685 (1.80 GHz). The hard disk capacity has increased from 320 to 500 GB. In short: the latest Edge 13 comes with a few new features. So what should buyers expect? HP Probook 4730s Battery

The test model we picked was the cheapest available as it did not include an OS. As the input devices and the connectivity of the device have remained more or less the same, with the exception of the eSata interface, we will not discuss them at length in this review. In the following review we will concentrate on the new features the Edge 13 (NUE2UGE) has to offer. Dell Latitude D610 battery

The ThinkPad Edge series consists of the cheapest ThinkPad models. Our 13.3 inch test model is available for as little as 399 Euros (without an operating system). The hardware may not be high-end but users who are looking for a matt display and first-class input devices will not be disappointed.

Last March (2010), we wrote an in-depth review on the first Edge 13. At that time, the test model had a glossy display and lacked an eSata port. Since then, the manufacturer has also replaced the AMD Turion X2 Neo K625 or L625 (1.5/1.6 GHz) CPU with a Neo K685 (1.80 GHz). The hard disk capacity has increased from 320 to 500 GB. In short: the latest Edge 13 comes with a few new features. So what should buyers expect? FUJITSU SIEMENS ESPRIMO Mobile V6535 battery

The test model we picked was the cheapest available as it did not include an OS. As the input devices and the connectivity of the device have remained more or less the same, with the exception of the eSata interface, we will not discuss them at length in this review. In the following review we will concentrate on the new features the Edge 13 (NUE2UGE) has to offer. ASUS X71SL Battery


The new ThinkPad Edge 13 still uses an AMD Turion Neo X2. However, this time, instead of the L625 (1.6 GHz, TDP 18 W), the laptop is equipped with the K685 (1.8 GHz, TDP 15 W). The difference is in the specifications of the processor, as the latest processor is a Turion II, which means that it has a form factor of 45 nm (Geneva) instead of the old 65 nm (Congo). That is the reason why despite the higher clock frequency, the power consumption of the new CPU is lower. HP Pavilion ZT3000 battery

acer um09b73 Charger

The Level 1 cache has doubled (K685: 256 KB), and the Level 2 cache has stayed the same (1024 KB). The Geneva platform supports the faster DDR3 RAM (Congo could only support DDR2) via an integrated controller in the CPU.

The ATI Radeon HD 4225 graphic unit (IGP) is responsible for displaying the graphics on the laptop (Congo platform: HD 3200). The unit runs at a core frequency of 382 MHz, and memory is stored on the main RAM modules (up to 256 MB). The playback and decoding of HD videos is supported by the UVD 2 video decoder. The GPU is DirectX 10.1 ready but is too weak to run latest games. More details on the GPU can be found here. Sony VGP-BPS23/G

Was the upgrade from the AMD Congo platform to the Geneva platform worth it? As the L625 (1.6 GHz) processor from the first Edge 13 is no longer available on the market, we used the K625 (1.5 GHz) and the E-350 (1.6 GHz) for our benchmarks. These AMD CPUs lie in the same price range of 330 to 420 Euros. Another alternative, the L325 (1.5 GHz), has not yet been tested by us. HP Compaq 6710b battery

The CPU Multi-Core test Cinebench R11.5 showed an end score of 1.0 points. The K625 (0.9) and the E-350 (0.6) are beaten by the result. The Intel alternative (i3 380UM - 2.1 GHz) also scores 1.0 (Sony Vaio VPC-YA1V9E/B) or 1.1 points (Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 11 NVY3PPB), but costs 100 Euros more. Other CPU benchmarks such as wPrime 2.0 (small results are better!) and Cinebench R10 Multi 64 Bit confirm the previous result: K625 (1.657/3.327), E-350 (2.200/2.250), 380UM (1.329/4.266). Our K685 reached 1.410/3.839 seconds/points. So among the AMD CPUs, the K685 (our test model) is number one. However, the Intel CPU processes slightly faster. ASUS Eee PC T91 battery

Can the Intel CPU stay on top in other system benchmarks which also include the HDD, RAM, GPU support? PCMark Vantage calculated a score of 3,753 points for our test model. This is the same score as the Edge 11 which has an i3 380UM and Intel HD Graphics (3,623 points). The AMD alternatives: K625 (3,017; Dell Inspiron M301z) and E-350 (2,293; HP Pavilion dm1-3180eg) are left far behind. SAMSUNG N150 Plus battery

The new PCMark 7 provided a result of 1,235 points. The Edge 11 based on the E-350 (APU) manages to score 1,101 points. The reason for the small difference: PCMark 7 gives a higher score for better hardware support, which in this case is due to the HD 6310 (80 pipelines instead of 40, DirectX 11 instead of 10.1). That is why the HD 4225 got a lower score in this benchmark. Unfortunately, we do not have the results for the 380UM. Asus f5rl-ap035c Battery

The fact that an i3 380UM Edge 13 is faster does not surprise us. Buyers would be picking the slowest Edge 13 laptop if they picked the brand-new E-350 APU. The better 3D performance of the HD 6310 in the APU will not be enough for most users who will have to deal with longer waiting times and weaker system performance. We recommend the buyer pick the K685 CPU, even if it costs a few more Euros. Lenovo IdeaPad U260 adapter

In the 3DMark2006 our test model managed to score 1,220 points. The Radeon HD 4225 lies clearly under the HD 6310 (3,588, Acer Aspire 5253) or the GeForce 9400M GeForceBoost (Ion2, 4.075). 3DMark 11 and Unigine Heaven could not be run due to lack of DX 11 support.

Our Edge 13 test model could not even hold its own against HD netbooks. The AMD-based Aspire One 521 (1,046), Asus Eee PC 1015PN (1,155), Asus Eee PC 1015B (C-50, 1,411) and Aspire One 722 (C-50, 1,460) rarely score better than notebooks. LENOVO IdeaPad U300s adapter

The HD 4225 scored a mere 2.1 points in the OpenGL test of the Cinebench R11.5. To date, most E-350 systems tested by us scored much higher: around 7.5 points. So buyers who want to profit from the 80 shaders in the HD 6310 should pick the Edge 13 E325 model.

Gaming with the Radeon HD 4225

The HD 4225 is not meant for gaming. Our test run with Left4Dead confirmed this suspicion. The hunt for zombies is only fun at the lowest resolution of 640x480 pixels (low details). The game is relatively fluid and runs at 34 fps. The native resolution of (1.366x768 pixels) can not even be picked, and for good reason too. The laptop is already at its limits with a resolution of 1.024x768 pixels and high details. The frames break down and this adversely affects the aiming (13 fps). LENOVO IdeaPad U310 adapter

We have not yet tested Left4Dead 2 with the E-350, but according to many accounts in different magazines the game should run well with medium details and a resolution of 1366x768 pixels. The better 3DMark results from this system further support those accounts. Any user who wants to use the Edge 13 for serious gaming, should pick the Fusion E-350 device (Edge E325). That model has enough performance to run older games such as Call of Duty 4 with low details. However, due to the fact that the CPU is weaker, the gaming performance may not always be the best possible. Lenovo u410 adapter

Battery Life

The idle power consumption is higher than that of most Intel Core 13 inch laptops which offer much more performance. First the numbers: in idle mode, the laptop consumes between 13 W (energy saving, low brightness, CPU at 800MHz) and 20 W (maximum performance, highest brightness and CPU at 1800MHz). An Aspire 3750 (i3 2310M, HD 3000) is satisfied with 8 to 11 watts and a Toshiba Portege R830 (identical) requires between 8 to 12 watts. LENOVO IdeaPad Z480AX adapter

In the stress test, the power consumption rises further. The 3DMark2006 required 27 W. With the K685 processor, the laptop consumed 40 W. The compact 65 watt power adapter (237 grams) is well-dimensioned. In comparison to other Intel devices, the test model has relatively high idle power consumption, and very slight difference between idle and load power consumption. Intel devices score with a better performance thanks to the Turbo Boost feature. LENOVO IdeaPad Z380 adapter

The battery life of 5 hours and 30 minutes is good for a subnotebook. In our WLAN test (surfing on the web) the laptop lasted 5 hours and 31 minutes, while in a stress test the battery ran for 2 hours and 15 minutes. In comparison: the Core i3 13.3 inch Aspire 3750 lasted just as long in the WLAN test and its battery capacity is identical to that of our test model (63 Wh, 5800mAh). A Toshiba Portege R830-110 can last up to 6 hours due to its larger battery capacity of 66 Wh (WLAN-Test). In short: the test model can last as long as an Intel Core i3 subnotebook as long as the load remains low (i.e. Office use). The brightness of the TFT was set to 100 cd/m² for the WLAN test. To recharge the battery completely the user will need to wait around 2 hours and 30 minutes. LENOVO IdeaPad Z480 adapter

The battery life of 5 hours and 30 minutes is good for a subnotebook. In our WLAN test (surfing on the web) the laptop lasted 5 hours and 31 minutes, while in a stress test the battery ran for 2 hours and 15 minutes. In comparison: the Core i3 13.3 inch Aspire 3750 lasted just as long in the WLAN test and its battery capacity is identical to that of our test model (63 Wh, 5800mAh). A Toshiba Portege R830-110 can last up to 6 hours due to its larger battery capacity of 66 Wh (WLAN-Test). In short: the test model can last as long as an Intel Core i3 subnotebook as long as the load remains low (i.e. Office use). The brightness of the TFT was set to 100 cd/m² for the WLAN test. To recharge the battery completely the user will need to wait around 2 hours and 30 minutes. LENOVO IdeaPad Z580 adapter






Dell E6430 XFR battery , Dell E6530 battery

Dell Vostro V131 Notebook in Review

As the name suggests, the Vostro V131 is a refresh of the Dell Vostro V130 (reviewed by us), whereby the case has been slightly changed and the inside has been completely renewed. At first glance, the V131 appears to look exactly like its predecessor. At a closer look, you'll find that the connectivity (new: USB 3.0) and the bottom side have been altered. The keyboard lights up in the dark. However, you have to order this option for an extra charge. Dell 3360 battery
The workmanship of the Vostro V131 is still on a par with the high level of its predecessor. In our first review, the only point of critique was the too low tension of the hinges.


The laptop supports up to 8 GB of RAM in two DDR3 1333 MHz modules. The entry-level processor offered is the Intel Celeron 847 ULV CPU with a clock frequency of 1.1 GHz. A significant performance gain is possible by selecting an Intel Core i3 2310M or an i5-2410M processor. Dell 3460 battery

However, not only the choice of the CPU can bring about large performance reserves. Dell now also offers the user to build in fast Solid State Drives (128GB) ex factory. Contrary to conventional 7200 rpm hard drives, which are offered as alternatives, they not only reduce boot and launch times of programs, but also work silently and are shock resistant. Dell 3560 battery

Battery Life

According to Dell, the non-removable battery of the Vostro V130 was an important point of customer complaint. Now, it is a thing of the past and the laptop gets a standard 6-cell battery with a capacity of 65 Wh (in comparison: Vostro V130 - 30 Wh). You will have to take into account that the battery protrudes on the laptop's bottom and affects the notebook's slimmness. It also adds a bit to the total weight (V130: 1.6 kg vs. V131: 1.8 kg). In return, the capacity has been more than doubled. A 4-cell battery should also be offered for the Vostro, but, not in Europe for the time being. We could surf the Internet via WLAN for nearly 8 hours with the 6-cell battery. This would be a multiplication of the V130's results with a 30Wh battery. Further tests will follow.

Contrary to the V130, a maintenance cover that can be easily opened allows access to the RAM modules and the hard drive.

At first glance, the published entry-level prices seem attractive. Starting form 419 euro the Vostro V131 is available with Celeron ULV CPU. The Core i3-2310M model with 4GB RAM, a 320 GB HDD, Bluetooth and Windows 7 Professional costs 539 euro. The same configuration, but with i5-2410M CPU, starts at 639 euro - all prices without VAT.

These were our first results and impressions. An in-depth test of the new Dell Vostro V131 will follow within the next few days. XPS 13 battery

Review Alienware M17x R3 GTX 580M i7-2820QM Notebook
After our comprehensive review of the weaker version of this notebook, the Alienware M17x R3 with GeForce GTX 460M (Optimus) and Core i7-2630QM, we find that the new GeForce GTX 580M and the more powerful i7-2820QM have turned up in the same machine. However, our review model has to do without the fast SSD, to the detriment of the application performance in particular. As the case is identical, we refer you to the Case, Connectivity and Input Devices sections of the existing M17x review for more detailed information. The following review focuses mainly on the differences arising from the more powerful hardware used in this version.


Equipped with a powerful Core i7 quad-core processor and Nvidia's fastest mobile graphics card, the Alienware notebook has the potential to storm to the top of our rankings. The only thing holding it back is the hard drive - for the application performance to really shine, it should have been an SSD.

The Intel Core i7-2820QM is a high-end quad-core processor. As well as its four physical cores it also offers four virtual cores thanks to Hyperthreading technology. The speed varies between 2.3 and 3.4 GHz depending on system load and the computer's status (automatic overclocking using Turbo Boost). In our benchmarks the processor showed the high performance we expected, ranking at the top of the mobile CPUs. Only the Core i7-2920XM Extreme with its higher energy consumption can beat the i7-2820QM.

The Core i7-2620QM in the previously reviewed Alienware M17x lags quite some way behind, by 11% (Cinebench 11.5), 12% (Cinebench 10 Single), 14% (3DMark06 CPU) and 16% (wPrime 2.0). Dell M4600 battery

Compared to other Core i7-2820QM systems, the M17x's performance is about average. Generally, only workstation laptops like the Fujitsu Celsius H710 or Thinkpad W520 are a little faster.

Therefore the CPU should have more than enough power to cope with demanding applications like HD video clips or 3D games. Dell M6600 battery

When it comes to system performance, the Alienware is held back somewhat by the conventional hard drive. For example, it's even defeated by the previous review model with its intrinsically less powerful hardware, because of the lack of SSD. The Celsius H710, which has the same CPU but also has a Toshiba SSD, is out in front by some way, with a 72% lead in the PCMark Vantage test and 24% in the PCMark 7 overall score. Nevertheless, the M17x's fast CPU and GPU do place it in the top tier, and it demonstrated good application performance in all tests.

The highlight in this notebook is quite clearly the high-end DirectX 11 graphics card from Nvidia. This is the fastest notebook graphics card currently available and only to be beaten, if you believe the various rumours flying around, by the AMD Radeon HD 6990M, soon to be released.

The GeForce GTX 580M in the Alienware M17x has a base speed of 620 MHz and offers 2 GB of dedicated GDDR5 graphics memory. You can read in-depth information about the architecture of the GTX 580M on our GeForce GTX 580M graphics card information page.

In our benchmarks, the ranking of the GTX 580M in the Alienware M17x was consistent with our previous results from GTX 580M notebooks. Only a few SLI or Crossfire systems were faster out of all the notebooks we've tested so far, confirming the GTX 580M's status as the fastest single graphics card we have tested to date.

With a maximum transfer rate of 120 MB/s in the HDTune benchmark, the integrated Seagate ST320LT007-9ZV142 scores very highly for a conventional hard drive with magnetic plates. The transfer rates are in the top tier for HDDs, and the access time is mid-ranking.

However, the HDD can clearly not keep pace with the Samsung SSD from the previous M17x R3 review model. In the CrystalDiskMark test, for example, the HDD is trounced by up to 21,000% (Read 4k QD32). In the sequential transfer rates, the advantage falls to 'only' 21% - 149%.

Gaming Performance

In our classic gaming benchmarks, the GTX 580M really shows its strength, and other than Crysis and Metro 33 it could play all games fluidly on their highest settings. Compared with the Schlenker P501 with the same graphics card but a fast SSD, the Alienware is on roughly the same level. Only with Bad Company 2 on maximum details did the GTX 580M remain on the level of a GTX 560M.


Battery life

Thanks to Optimus, the energy consumption during light use is very good for a notebook of this size and in comparison to the weaker model. With heavy use, the energy consumption rises sharply, with the powerful GeForce GTX 580M demanding substantially more energy than the GTX 460 (196 vs. 163 Watts).

When on battery power, the Alienware M17x benefits greatly from the Optimus automatic graphics switching system. 5 hours and 46 minutes in idle is a decent result for a gaming notebook of this calibre.

However, under heavy use the battery life is reduced to the usual hour. Unfortunately you will have to forgo mobile gaming during this hour, as the graphics card only runs at 73.6 MHz, reaching only 3712 points in the 3DMark 06 benchmark (same level as the Intel HD Graphics 3000). So you should do without the GTX 580M when on battery power, as it does not give you any improvement in performance.

In the web surfing test, which is truer to life, the battery lasted exactly three hours on the maximum brightness setting and with about 1.5 hours of YouTube videos for which the GTX 580M was active. So with a lower screen brightness and without the videos, the battery could last for even longer.

It took the battery about 2 hours and 20 minutes to fully recharge.


There is very little wrong with this notebook, as we found before with the weaker model with GTX 460M graphics. The glossy screen, the keyboard ghosting, the GPU throttling on battery power, and the high price tag are its main flaws.

Other than that, the Alienware M17x does everything right. Very good emissions readings, outstanding performance (though an SSD would have made it even better), good input devices, and an attractive gaming design speak very clearly in the notebook's favour. Optimus also does an excellent job in this 17-inch notebook, making a significant contribution to some of the notebook's aforementioned good qualities.

The price for such a well-equipped machine is unfortunately also quite formidable. At some way over 2500 Euros, you will have to dig pretty deep into your pockets. But in return you get the cachet of having what is (for now?) the fastest mobile graphics card around.






LENOVO IdeaPad Y570M adapter , LENOVO ThinkPad X1 adapter ,

Review Lenovo IdeaPad Z585 Notebook

The current Lenovo IdeaPad Z585 carries the model name MAD65GE and stands out among the competition, as already mentioned, with the AMD combination. Equipped with the AMD A10-4600M, a quad-core processor and dual graphics HD 7660G + HD 7670M for games, our test unit is ready for a variety of applications in the multimedia area. Lenovo offers six different devices in this series with various hardware features. All the models come with 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. While the entry-level units come with only a dual-core CPU, 4 GB system memory and 500 GB HDD, the better equipped version have a quad-core processor, more RAM, 1000 GB of storage space and even a Blu-ray drive. All the models feature a 15.6-inch display with 1366x768 resolution and high-gloss surface. Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E120 adapter

At this point we would like to refer to the already reviewed Lenovo IdeaPad Z580, which relies on an Intel processor in combination with an Nvidia graphics card, but is otherwise identical. When it comes to features of the display, the case or input devices, we will talk in broader terms; as for the specific details, please refer to the above linked device. In this review we would like to point out the differences to similarly equipped rivals and will therefore constantly refer to the following models: Acer Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk, Toshiba Satellite L850-153 and Samsung NP355V5C-S05DE. All three have similar GPU or CPU solutions and are in a similar price range.

The current Lenovo IdeaPad Z585 carries the model name MAD65GE and stands out among the competition, as already mentioned, with the AMD combination. Equipped with the AMD A10-4600M, a quad-core processor and dual graphics HD 7660G + HD 7670M for games, our test unit is ready for a variety of applications in the multimedia area. Lenovo offers six different devices in this series with various hardware features. All the models come with 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. While the entry-level units come with only a dual-core CPU, 4 GB system memory and 500 GB HDD, the better equipped version have a quad-core processor, more RAM, 1000 GB of storage space and even a Blu-ray drive. All the models feature a 15.6-inch display with 1366x768 resolution and high-gloss surface.

At this point we would like to refer to the already reviewed Lenovo IdeaPad Z580, which relies on an Intel processor in combination with an Nvidia graphics card, but is otherwise identical. When it comes to features of the display, the case or input devices, we will talk in broader terms; as for the specific details, please refer to the above linked device. In this review we would like to point out the differences to similarly equipped rivals and will therefore constantly refer to the following models: Acer Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk, Toshiba Satellite L850-153 and Samsung NP355V5C-S05DE. All three have similar GPU or CPU solutions and are in a similar price range. LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E430 adapter


Our test unit of Lenovo's IdeaPad Z585 comes with an unusual combination of AMD A10 APU and a dedicated graphics card from the same manufacturer. This hardware should theoretically suffice for everything the multimedia segment requires. The graphics card is used when playing 720p YouTube videos and Blu-rays, thus loading the processor to only 10 to 15% in our test. The graphics team can even tackle modern games, although demanding titles of the latest generation, like Skyrim and Battlefield 3, run smoothly at medium setting at most. LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E430c adapter

The heart of the IdeaPad Z585 is a CPU with the codename Piledriver - an enhanced version of the Bulldozer architecture. The four cores are divided into two modules and run at 1.4 to 2.7 GHz. When only one core is under load, the processor's frequency increases to 3.2 GHz. On battery power, after setting the energy profile to high performance, the CPU should not reach more than 2.3 GHz. The AMD A10-4600M supports the following instructions: SSE (1, 2, 3, 3S, 4.1, 4.2, 4A), x86-64, AES, AVX, FMA.

The CPU benchmarks showed no serious abnormalities. The results, in both single- and multi-core Cinebench tests, were as expected - on par with the list of similar notebooks. In the single-CPU benchmark Cinebench R10 (64-Bit) the notebook reached 2822 points. 8059 points was the result with four cores, which corresponds to the performance of the Intel Core i3-2330M at 2.2 GHz.

System Performance
The performance of a system is always as good as its slowest component. In our test unit we find the latest hardware from AMD allows working smoothly at all times. The only downside is the hard drive. In our test of simultaneous unzipping of files and Cinebench opened, the slowly rotating Seagate Momentus SpinPoint M8 hindered efficient work. Images stored on the desktop could be opened only after the unzipping was done. The use of an SSD could have easily removed the existing bottleneck. In all fairness we have to note that we forced this scenario and similar performance drops were not noticed for the whole duration of our tests. The results of the PCMark Vantage and PCMark 7 confirm this performance. The 1863 points in the PCMark 7 place our IdeaPad in the lower middle half of our Benchmark database. A fast SSD could have almost doubled that score, which comes to show the weakness of the system. In addition, such an upgrade would have surely halved the startup time of 50 seconds. Let's take another look at the similarly equipped Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 with Intel processor and Nvidia graphics card: the Windows Experience Index shows better results in all respects (except for data transfer) for the Intel version with a Core i5-3210M. It is also better than our test unit in the PCMark Vantage (7732 points) and PCMark 7 (2079 points) benchmarks. LENOVO ThinkPad X220T adapter

Graphics Card
The Lenovo IdeaPad Z585 features a dual graphics solution: the AMD Radeon HD 7660G, integrated in the APU, works in combination with the AMD Radeon HD 7670M, a DirectX 11 middle class card with 2 GB of memory. CrossFire, the simultaneous use of both cards, is activated from the start. Alternatively, the HD 7670M can also be deactivated. We place special emphasis on the fact that dual GPU solutions are usually vulnerable to micro stuttering and sometimes unexpectedly low frame rate, due to lack of driver support. Unlike the already reviewed Acer Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk, whose graphics card could not run at its maximum, the Z585 leaves no room for criticism here. The clock frequencies remained at the expected level even under the simultaneous utilization of both CPU and GPU via Prime95 and FurMark. The following values were confirmed by GPU-Z: AMD Radeon HD 7670M – 600 MHz on the GPU, 900 MHz on the graphics chip (on AC), and 400 MHz on the GPU, 400 MHz on the graphics chip (on battery). As you can clearly see, the notebook runs at significantly lower frequencies without AC power, which has a negative impact on the gaming performance.

The synthetic 3D benchmark FurMark showed nothing out of the usual: as expected, notebooks with Intel CPUs and similar graphics cards perform better in the CPU-heavy 3DMark 03 and 05, whereas in 3DMark 11 and Vantage our system's dual GPU takes the lead. When we compare the results to the Intel based IdeaPad Z580, we see the following: in 3DMark 11 the IdeaPad Z585 is almost twice as fast and in 3Dmark Vantage we notice a lead of 2000 points.

Gaming Performance
Thanks to the middle class graphics solution, even current games, such as Battlefield 3 and Anno 2070, are fluently playable at medium settings. Both games run with an average of 30 fps at 1366x768 pixels. Older games, such as Trackmania Nations Forever or Mafia 2, can even be played with higher settings. The Acer Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk reached a similar frame rate, proving that the components in both systems work well together. The online RPG Torchlight 2 and the Toshiba Satellite L850-153 showed us the drawback of the dual GPU configuration. The Toshiba notebook comes with a single HD 7670M and should, theoretically, be slower than our graphics team. But this was not the case: at higher settings, the single graphics card managed 68 fps, while our test unit only reached 47 fps – a good example of the poor driver support.

System Noise
The case fan is definitely audible, but not disturbing. When using two external monitors it is most noticeable. If you disconnect the monitors, it calms down and is only slightly noticed: we measured between 33.1 and 35.7 dB(A). When playing a DVD the noise reaches 35.6 dB(A), but that is hardly disturbing. Only in the case of artificially created full load, which can hardly be reached in everyday use, did we measure an unpleasant maximum of 46.2 dB(A). When gaming, the noise remains at a significantly lower level and escapes our attention in the heat of the battle anyway.

In idle mode, the IdeaPad Z585 remains properly cool, thanks to the constantly running fan. The maximum temperature in the central region of the keyboard was at 33 °C (91.4 °F). We measured 27 °C (80.6 °F) on the palm rest – a really good value, which only increases to 36 °C (96.8 °F) under load. This is very good. The stress test, however, shows the weaknesses: on the left is the only outlet for the hot air. On this spot we measured 51 °C (123.8 °F) - not dangerous, but still very high. If we use the notebook on the lap while browsing the web, the temperatures remain in the green. But as soon as we start a demanding application, the notebook becomes uncomfortably warm.

Even under 100% load on the processor and graphics card via Prime95 and FurMark, we did not observe any throttling - lowering of the frequency of components. The CPU reached a maximum of 90 °C (194 °F) after two hours, running constantly at 2700 MHz.

The sound system, consisting of two speakers with 2 W total power, is the same as the one in the already reviewed Lenovo IdeaPad Z580. It is as it should be for a multimedia notebook, though it has somewhat shallow bass. In contrast, the mids and highs are clear and without distortions. The pre-installed Dolby Home Theater 4 has various sound enhancement options in the equalizer and also allows the creation of six additional sound profiles.

Battery Life

Power Consumption
Lower energy consumption is not insignificant for a mobile device, allowing its prolonged use without AC power. In idle, our test unit consumes between 9.3 and 13.1 W. These values are in the range of similar multimedia notebooks that have the difficult task of balancing high performance with low power consumption. In terms of the maximum consumption, the Z585 comes at the front of the middle class. It uses up to 75 W under full load, which can hardly occur in practice. This is 5 W less than the similarly equipped Acer Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk. In the 3D benchmarks, our test unit consumed 53.4 W - a relatively good value.

Battery Life
We determined the maximum run times with the tool Battery Eater. With minimum brightness, deactivated WLAN and Bluetooth, and energy-saving profile active, we measured the maximum battery life of 5 hours and 46 minutes. Our WLAN test offers more realistic results. With the display brightness set at about 150 cd/m² and activated energy-saving mode, our standard script reloads the web pages every 40 seconds. In this scenario, the battery ran out of steam after 3 hours and 41 minutes. In order to play a DVD without hiccups, we set the energy profile to "Balanced" and turned the wireless modules off. The notebook managed 2 hours and 42 minutes.

The battery performance is on average at the middle of the list - the Intel counterpart, Lenovo's IdeaPad Z580 with Nvidia GeForce GT 630M, has better results. Unfortunately the manufacturer does not offer an upgrade to a larger battery.

With the IdeaPad Z585, Lenovo offers a decent multimedia notebook at about 730 Euros (~$935). It is clear that you should not expect any wonders for this price. The stable plastic case, the features offered, and the accessories are usual for this price range. Lenovo tries to offer more flexibility to their clients with the separate number pad, but unfortunately that goes down the drain. It takes too much space out of the rest of the keyboard, limiting the size and usability of the two Shift buttons. On the other hand, we liked the touchpad with its various settings. The glossy display is convincing for office work, but not for dark movie scenes and outdoor use. The crisp image via both the VGA and HDMI ports impressed us, while the somewhat short battery life is disappointing. As a compensation, the dual graphics solution manages to run modern games at medium settings, while still being cooled efficiently. Those needing less graphics and more CPU power should take a look at the similarly priced Lenovo IdeaPad Z580. In any case, the 15-inch notebook has managed to find its place.






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Review Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Ultrabook
Unveiled at CES 2011 and further demoed at a number of following trade shows since, the IdeaPad Yoga has generated perhaps more attention from the general media than any other Lenovo release this year. Its alluring name and full swing of the touchscreen display have gotten consumers curious about the quality, functionality and usability of the Windows 8-specific hardware. While the notebook/tablet hybrid concept is not new (see Dell XPS 12, Fujitsu Lifebook T901, ThinkPad X220T/X230T and related T models), the swivel-free hinges of the Yoga is a first for a Lenovo convertible. The notebook certainly stands out from the crowd of "typical" Ultrabooks, but is the uniqueness of this hybrid enough to warrant a purchase over its competitors? DELL Vostro 3750 battery Asus P52JC Battery HP Pavilion dv2500 battery

In this review, we take a closer look at the Yoga 13, Lenovo's 13.3-inch convertible equipped with a 1.7 GHz Core i5-3317U CPU, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, 1600x900 resolution IPS display, and integrated HD 4000 graphics. The current configuration is available for $1099 in the U.S. (resellers may have it for $100 less) and can be pre-configured with select Core i7 CPUs and up to twice the SSD storage size as needed. A smaller, ARM-based Yoga 11 running Windows RT is set for launch before the end of this year. We subject the Yoga 13 to our usual measurements and benchmarks below to see if the actual hardware is as impressive as it is eye-catching. Dell Inspiron 1520 battery Acer Aspire 5733Z Battery Toshiba PA3817U-1BRS Asus A42-M70

At its closed position, the Yoga 13 closely resembles the IdeaPad U300s, a 2011 Lenovo Ultrabook that we praised for its design and quality. The matte silver lid and underside sandwiches the inner black case in a similar manner as the U300s. Nonetheless, the Yoga 13 is actually slightly thicker (16.9 mm vs. 14.9 mm) with a hard black base and inner display bezel. The chassis is matte on all areas, but with a distinct glossy display and surrounding edge-to-edge bezel that mimics the face of a typical tablet. Build material is plastic all around, but the manufacturer has avoided the "cheap plastic" feel by giving every surface (sans the display) a soft, faux leather texture that is especially evident on the palm rest areas. This unexpectedly makes the Yoga 13 feel and look more expensive than the U300s even if the core build materials are alike. A trivial disadvantage is that fingerprints build up easily and can be difficult to clean due to the texture. HP Pavilion dv5 battery

What users will notice first-hand is the weight. At about 1.55 kg, the Yoga 13 is one of the heavier 13-inch Ultrabooks. The convertible is around 100 to 200 grams heftier than competitors like the HP Spectre XT 13, Dell XPS 13, and Zenbook UX32A and almost 400 grams more than the super-thin Samsung 900X3B Series 9. In this case, the price of versatility is a slightly thicker, slightly weightier chassis. Asus X72F Battery

The Yoga 13 was built to be adaptable by way of multiple interchangeable forms. Because of this, it is vital that build quality be solid enough to withstand more relentless inputs, twists, and rotations than a regular notebook. Thankfully, the Yoga delivers on these fronts. Applying pressure on any surface results in minimal depression as the chassis is quite dense all around. The center of the keyboard and outer lid are more easily warped with a firm press of a finger, but this is common with most notebooks and other IdeaPads. Resistance to side-to-side twisting of the base is good but not the best as some bending can be observed. The same can be said of the lid, though the amount of twisting is minimal enough for both cases that build quality is not largely affected. Sony VGP-BPS13A/S

The hinges can either make or break the notebook as the Yoga's ability to transform rests on the rigidity and durability of the pivot points. We're relieved to say that the hinges are sufficiently strong to prevent any unintended display movements that would otherwise occur while transporting the notebook with the lid at a wide angle. The amount of force it takes to move the lid is also consistent from degree to degree, so users should not have to worry about the hinges becoming weaker at certain angles than others. Note that the display can still vibrate slightly if working in an unsteady environment, such as a car or bus. Luckily, magnets secure the display in place to prevent any shaking when in tablet mode. Although not the most rigid hinges we've seen, they are firm enough to get the job done and are surprisingly good in spite of their diminutive sizes. HP BJ803AA


The amount of available ports is average for an Ultrabook, meaning users shouldn't expect too much. Since the rear is completely reserved for the hinges and ventilation, all ports are located on the left- and right-hand edges towards the rear to mitigate potentially annoying cables blocking valuable space for left- and right-handed users. The core concept of the Yoga disallows ports on the rear anyway, so side ports are to be expected. HP 493202-001

Sharing space with the ports above are several buttons commonly found on tablets. A volume rocker, screen lock, and even the power and OneKey Recovery buttons are all located around the edges closest to the user. The buttons, though small relative to the size of the hardware, allow for basic functionality when using the Yoga as a tablet. It would have been handy to include a brightness rocker as well for quick manual brightness adjustments. Asus G74 Battery

We are a little disappointed to see some basic ports missing from the Yoga, namely the Ethernet port and Kensington Lock option. VGA-out, which is still offered on a small handful of Ultrabooks in the form of mini-VGA, is also gone, leaving only an HDMI-out. Also of note are the two USB ports, only one of which is 3.0. Suffice to say, physical connectivity options are limited without external hubs and/or adapters. Dell Studio 1747 battery


Our model in review is equipped with the middle-of-the-road third generation 1.7 GHz Core i5-3317U. On Balanced or Energy Saver mode, both cores idle at 800 MHz. Two other ULV Ivy Bridge CPUs are available, the i3-3217U and i7-3517U, with no standard-voltage or Sandy Bridge options in sight. This particular i5 processor is now common amongst Ultrabooks and ultrathins, including the Toshiba Satellite Z930, Samsung Series 9 models, Aspire models and the MacBook Air 11. The 17 W CPU is rated at about half the TDP of its standard-voltage counterparts and should be more than enough for everyday browsing or video playback needs. More information and benchmarks on the i5-3317U can be found on our dedicated CPU section here. Sony VGP-BPS13B/S

asus 70-nlf1b2000z Charger

For RAM, the Yoga 13 under review is equipped with a 4 GB DDR3 PC3-12800 SODIMM module from Micron Technologies. The RAM and SSD are both user-removable, though there is only one slot total for the memory. Exposing the hardware is not as simple as removing a couple of screws underneath as the user must first detach the keyboard and several subsequent screws before any sort of upgrading is possible. A hex wrench (Allen key) is required, further thwarting end-user upgradability. We do, however, appreciate the fact that the modules are removable and not soldered, unlike a number of other Ultrabooks in the market. HP Compaq NX4800 battery

DPC Latency Checker shows no recurring high latency peaks or spikes even with wireless radios active.

The synthetic CPU-oriented benchmarks rank the Yoga about average with other Ultrabooks with the same CPU, if not a little lower. For example, the similarly equipped Spectre XT 13 and Samsung 530U3C Series 5 both score at least 10-20 percent higher than the Lenovo in CineBench 64 Bit CPU tests and the multi-core wPrime tests. This may be due to the poor Turbo Boost stamina of the processor in the Yoga as discussed in the stress test below. Compared to Sandy Bridge processors, the i5-3317U provides tangible benefits over the i3-2310M and is comparable to the common i5-2410M. The latter is noteworthy because the Ivy Bridge i5-3317U achieves a similar level of processing power at half the TDP of the Sandy Bridge i5. HP HSTNN-LB72

System Performance

PCMark 7 was used to assess general system performance. At about 4396 points, the notebook is again bested by the similarly-equipped Spectre XT 13 by about 20 percent and a few hundred points below that of the ThinkPad Carbon X1. The differences may be explained by the SATA II SSD and limited Turbo Boost potential as discussed in the sections below. This is by no means a bad score as it is still significantly greater than notebooks without dedicated SSDs. The Zenbook UX32VD, for example only returned 1934 points in the same benchmark because of its hybrid HDD/SSD setup. Thanks largely to the SSD, day-to-day activities feel instantaneous on the Yoga.

At the time of writing, PCMark Vantage was incompatible with Windows 8. Instead, we provide the Windows 8 Experience Index results below for reference. Note that the new Experience Index is scaled differently than that of Windows 7, so Experience Index numbers between the two operating systems should not be compared directly.

At the bare minimum, the Yoga 13 is equipped with a 128 GB mSATA SSD and is configurable up to 256 GB. Our model houses a removable 128 GB SATA III mSATA SSD from Samsung and is the same model as the one found on the Spectre XT 13. We expect to have very similar benchmark numbers as a result, when in reality the numbers on the Yoga 13 are lower across the board according to CDM, AS SSD, and ATTO. The final numbers are akin to a SATA II drive even though the Samsung SSD itself is SATA III capable, meaning it is entirely possible that the actual interface on the board is only compatible up to SATA II speeds (confirmed by Lenovo here). Though by no means a slouch, it is disheartening to know that users may not be getting the full benefits of a SATA III SSD in the Yoga 13.


Of the 119.12 GB of space available, 20 GB is reserved for system recovery, leaving about 88.8 GB free for Windows 8 and the user. See here for our growing list of benchmarked HDDs and SSDs.

Results from the synthetic GPU-oriented benchmarks appear underwhelming. The integrated HD 4000 GPU is capable of Turbo Boost up to 1050 MHz, but is more than likely to run closer to 500 MHz during 3D gaming sessions. ULV processors like the i5-3317U get the short end of the stick with regards to the integrated graphics core as other standard-voltage Ivy Bridge CPUs have the same HD 4000 GPU capable of higher clock rates up to 650 MHz or 1100 MHz with Turbo Boost.


The slow GPU is evident while running Starcraft 2. The average HD 4000 should run the title at about 110 FPS and 25 FPS on Low and Medium settings, respectively, according to our benchmarks. The Yoga 13 runs the title at half these frame rates and similarly as low on Guild Wars 2. With no dedicated GPU options, 3D gaming is definitely not a strong point with the Yoga 13. More information and benchmarks on the Intel HD 4000 GPU can be found in our dedicated review here.

To test if system performance will remain the same on battery compared to AC adapter power, we ran 3DMark06 on battery power and recorded any potential changes. The final scores showed negligible differences between AC power and battery power.


System Noise

The Yoga 13 produces audible noise from its dual fans even when idle, leading to a notebook that is never completely silent and a little louder than other Ultrabooks. Still, noise level increases only slightly under medium load and never becomes an annoyance. Ambient sounds from the home or office can easily drown out the fan noise, which is only distinctive under quiet circumstances.

At about 38 dB(A), fan noise under load becomes very obvious, but not high-pitched enough to become irritating. This noise level is very close to what other Ultrabooks at maximum load can produce and should not be an issue during regular use. For example, we were only able to reproduce the measured load values with full system stress benchmarks and not during browsing or gaming sessions.



Surface temperatures in the idle state are relatively cool and uniform on both the keyboard side and underside. Of note are the top left corner and the corresponding corner underneath, which are prominently warmer at about 32 degrees C each. When fully stressed, these hotspots became very warm at over 40 degrees C. In comparison, other areas of the notebook increased by only a few degrees, resulting in a modestly warm notebook as most of the produced heat is concentrated quite well towards the rear and corner. Most importantly, the front areas where the palms and lap are more likely to contact stay quite cool regardless of system load.

The load measurements below were reproduced with Prime95 and FurMark running simultaneously for over an hour and are thus not a perfect representation of typical surface temperatures during browsing or word processing. As such, we don't expect users to run into uncomfortable surface temperatures during everyday use with the Yoga 13 based on our maximum temperature readings.


Stress Test
Prime95 and FurMark were utilized to simulate stressed condition first independently and then simultaneously while monitoring CPU/GPU status with various tools.

We stressed the processor with Prime95 and noted any fluctuations in CPU speed. Under the High Performance setting, both cores idled at their advertised 2.4 GHz Turbo Boost speeds according to HWiNFO. This quickly dropped to a more stable 1800-1900 MHz range after initiating the benchmark, suggesting that the processor cannot sustain its Turbo Boost speed for even a considerable duration when under load.

The integrated GPU was then stressed with FurMark and monitored with GPU-Z. Similar to the CPU, the GPU Turbo Boost (1050 MHz) was only in effect for the first several seconds of the test and eventually leveled off at the 400-550 MHz range.

Under full stress from both Prime95 and FurMark, both CPU and GPU speeds were observed to be operating at their respective minimums of 800 MHz and 350 MHz. These speeds are essentially the idling states when in Power Saver mode. We ran 3DMark06 immediately following the stress test, which revealed a lower final score of 3206 points compared to the 4000+ points prior to the stress test. Throttling is thus a possibility under high enough workloads and conditions.


It may be worth noting that core temperature was only about 62 degrees C during maximum stress and that the GPU load was seen fluctuating between 85 and 100 percent during the same test. This suggests that throttling was likely not due to any overheating issues and may be more related to power or current bottlenecks of the hardware itself.

The Yoga 13 includes built-in stereo speakers each operating at 1 W. The location of these speakers are unique in that they emanate from the crevices underneath the Chiclet keys instead of through dedicated speaker grilles as found on most other notebooks. More specifically, the left and right speakers are located beneath the "Caps Lock" and "L" keys, respectively. The positioning is not entirely symmetrical down the center of the notebook, but this fortunately has no negative impact on balance.

Sound quality is good considering the size, but not the best in its class as we found that the similarly-sized Samsung 900X3B can produce comparatively clearer acoustics. Sounds are a bit muffled overall and the forward-facing speakers mean that audio will be emitting towards the opposite direction of the user when in tablet mode. On the bright side, the speakers have evaded the "tinny" quality that plagues most cheap notebooks and tablets and the drawbacks are countered somewhat by the loud volume and subjectively distortion-free bass and treble balance. We found ourselves satisfied at even below 50 percent volume in most cases. Though external speakers are best, the built-in solution should be more than satisfactory for everyday music and video use.


Battery Life

We put the convertible through our usual tests with Battery Eater to record. For the maximum runtime idle test, the notebook was set to its lowest brightness on Energy Saver mode with wireless radios and all timeouts disabled. The battery was able to last for almost 6 hours and 30 minutes under these settings.

Minimum runtime was performed at maximum brightness, wireless radios active and on the Performance profile. With the Battery Eater Classic Test, the notebook was able to last for about 2 hours before automatic shutdown.

The more realistic WLAN test involves subjecting the notebook to our standardized looping script to simulate internet browsing conditions and short Flash videos. With brightness close to 150 cd/m (9/10 setting) and on the Balanced profile, the notebook was able to last for about 4 hours and 30 minutes.


According to Battery Eater, the non-removable lithium-Polymer battery provides 54.7 Wh of power similar to that of the U300s. In fact, total runtimes are fairly comparable between the U300s and Yoga 13. Lenovo again claims up to 8 hours of battery runtime, something that we were unable to reproduce without resorting to turning the display off completely. A more realistic runtime would be 4-5 hours on a full charge, which puts the Yoga 13 in line with most other Ultrabooks and above a few battery underperformers (i.e., ThinkPad X1 Carbon and LifeBook UH572) as well. Still, we feel that battery life can be slightly underwhelming overall as its capacity itself is larger than the more typical 40 to 50 Wh modules on the majority of other Ultrabooks.

The Yoga 13 is both a cautious and valiant effort at introducing a unique, yet ThinkPad X220T-like experience for the first time to IdeaPad users. The patented hinges are more than a novelty and the tablet functionality works wonders after acclimating to the uneven weight distribution. It's not as easy to pick up and play as with a tablet, but the duality and versatility of the Yoga combined with Windows 8 make the convertible leagues beyond what any available dedicated tablet can offer.


On the hardware front, the Yoga has one of the sleekest designs and form factors for an IdeaPad to date. Build quality is better than expected with no overly plastic textures that can normally make an expensive notebook feel cheap. It's clear that some girth and weight have been added in order to incorporate the touchscreen, which may turn off some users who prefer thinner and lighter Ultrabooks. The keyboard could have provided more feedback and travel as well and the small Backspace and Enter keys may take some time to get used to. Luckily, arguably the most important piece of the hardware – the hinges – are far from weak and do a fantastic job at holding the display relatively stable on its multiple modes.

Those who have no interest in the tablet form may want to opt for a lighter, thinner, and more portable Ultrabook for around the same price or even less. For example, similar battery life expectations and likely better system performance can be had with the HP Spectre XT, Samsung Series 9, or Acer Aspire S5. Even so, the Yoga 13 is aggressively priced and is ultimately a fresh, well-designed hybrid that is both fun-to-use and practical all at once.






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Review Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E330 Notebook

When hearing ThinkPad, most people will still think of the robust but somewhat conservative notebooks from the T, W and X Series. The fact that there are also more modern versions has been proven by Lenovo since quite some time with the ThinkPad Edge Series, which is available with display sizes ranging from 11.6- to 15.6-inches. Lenovo 02K6573 charger We have already reviewed the 11.6-inch (Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E130/E135), 14-inch (S430) and 15.6-inch (E530/E535) versions, and have repeatedly determined a good manufacturing quality and long battery runtimes. The last remaining device in the generation is now the E330 with a diagonal display length of 13.3-inches.

It is now just over a year ago since we reviewed the 13.3-inch ThinkPad Edge E320, time which Lenovo has put to use in order to rework the device. Whether the previous weaknesses have been ironed out with the new model, and to what extent the cosmetic changes compare to the predecessor models, will be revealed by our comprehensive review. Lenovo 02K6638 charger Lenovo L11P6R01 charger Lenovo L11S6F01 charger Lenovo L11S6Y01 charger

With just about 1.8 kg the E330 may not belong among the lightweights in the 13-inch segment, but in this case the battery accounts for 18% of the total weight. The display lid surface is covered with a black soft-touch material which is supposed to protect it from getting scratched. For those that find the midnight black to be a bit too much on the conservative side, there are also the colors red (heatwave red) or blue (Arctic blue) available to choose from. Regardless of the color of the display lid, the remainder of the notebook is made of a black plastic material. The surfaces are primarily kept matte, with the only exception being the keyboard, which is glossy - as with the predecessor. Lenovo 0A36285 charger

While the slightly changed design still allows for divided feelings, the manufacturing quality should nevertheless be good enough to convince all the critics. With pressure applied to various areas we weren't able to induce any considerable indentations, and the rigidity of the case also doesn't allow any cause for criticism. Opening the display is only possible with two hands due to the stiff hinges. The silver hinges make a metallic impression, but closer inspection reveals that they are in fact composed of a plastic material. Nevertheless, they hold the display firmly in place and only allow it to teeter to a limited extent. Lenovo 0A36286 charger One negative aspect is the battery, which is not sufficiently well fastened by the battery latch, and therefore wobbles back and forth in its slot a little bit. On top of this the display lid doesn't fit flush with the case everywhere. This was probably not planned this way by Lenovo, since the shape has been adopted from the clamshell design used by the more expensive ThinkPad series which is supposed to prevent the entry of dust and other dirt. Altogether the 13-inch notebook still leaves a very positive and well balanced impression. Lenovo 42T4877 charger


lenovo l08o4co2 battery

Those that could take a liking to the small companion in terms of the case, input devices and the display, will now have to decide how much performance it should provide. Available to choose from are processors from the Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge generations. There is the Intel Pentium B970, the Core i3-2370M (in the reviewed notebook) and the top performance model Intel Core i5-3210M. Alternatively it would also be possible to opt for the ThinkPad Edge E335 sister model, which is equipped with an AMD processor. In cases when the Intel platform is chosen, it is also possible to order the entry level NVIDIA GeForce 610M additionally. Compared to the Intel HD Graphics 4000 in the Core i5-3210M this doesn't provide a significant performance enhancement though. The considerably more potent GeForce GT 630M touted on the Lenovo homepage is unfortunately not available yet. Lenovo 42T4878 charger

For office use, watching HD movies, or surfing the web, the smallest processor variant in the form of the Pentium B970 should be more than enough. For more complex applications, such as CAD or graphics programs, it would be worthwhile upgrading to the i3 or i5.

Our test configuration contains Intel's dual-core Core i3-2370M processor, which is able to simulate a third and fourth core thanks to Hyper-threading, and thus process 4 threads simultaneously. A Turbo Boost on the other hand is only available with i5 and i7 CPUs. Lenovo 0A36279 charger

During the Cinebench benchmark the CPU performance is on the expected level and ties in with similarly good results from other notebooks with the same CPU configuration. Compared to the ThinkPad Edge E320 (with Core i3-2310M) the rendering performance in Cinebench R11.5 64-bit multi-core was improved by 13%. In the OpenGL test the new model is able to further improve this to 17%. In case of deciding for the Ivy Bridge processor i5-3210M, then another performance increase of between 25% and 38% (multi-core and OpenGL tests respectively) can be expected. On the other hand, the Intel Pentium B970 processor would diminish the performance by 23% and 24%. The competitor model HP ProBook 6465b (AMD) is only able to outperform the reviewed device by 37% in the OpenGL test, while it is 13% slower in the multi-core test. Lenovo ASM 42T4936 charger Lenovo ASM 42T4938 charger Lenovo FRU 42T4937 charger Lenovo FRU 42T4939 charger

The result of the Cinebench benchmark was identical with the power connected and when battery powered, thus the maximum performance can also be utilized during mobile use.

System Performance
The PCMark 7 benchmark ascribes a good score of 2079 points, and proves to have a slight advantage compared to its predecessor model (2009 points). Reasons for the good results are the potent CPU and the fast hard drive. This makes itself noticeable in the perceived speed, whereby only short waiting times are apparent when opening Word, a browser, or a video player. Upgrading to an SSD would significantly increase the speed of the system. Lenovo 57Y6625 charger Lenovo 57Y6626 charger Lenovo L10P6F01 charger Lenovo L10S6F01 charger

Storage Solution
When it comes to the hard drive Lenovo has opted for the Seagate Momentus Thin (ST320LT007-9ZV142) with a total capacity of 320 GB for our reviewed device. The net capacity available to users after the first boot lies at 255 GB. Connectivity of the HDD is established via SATA II, although the notebook is also SATA III capable. The adopted hard drive may only have a case height of 7 mm, but hard drives or solid state drives with a height of 9.5 mm would also have enough space to fit according to the official Lenovo E330 specifications page. The manual, however, claims only 7 mm drives are accepted, so larger 9.5 mm drives can be either hit or miss. Despite the high rotational speed of 7200 rpm, the HDD stays quiet consistently and never becomes annoying. On top of this it is also able to make a good impression thanks to high data transfer speeds and short access times. Lenovo L10S6Y02 charger Lenovo 11L6F01 charger Lenovo L11L6R01 charger

Graphics Card
Our reviewed device contains the Intel HD Graphics 3000 integrated into the CPU as a graphics unit. The GPU has a clock speed of 1150 MHz in Turbo Mode, while the standard clock speed was determined to be 650 MHz. The HD 3000 doesn't have its own graphics memory and therefore has to access the system RAM. The GPU, which first appeared in February of 2011, only supports up to DirectX 10.1 API.

In 3DMark Vantage the GPU in the E330 scores 1315 points, and is marginally better than the Radeon HD 6520G (1254 points). The Intel HD Graphics 4000 from the Ivy Bridge processor i5-3210M meanwhile achieves a 78% better score in the same test. The GeForce 610M from Nvidia only manages an additional 19% improved performance.

lenovo l08o4co2 Charger

As with the CPU, the graphics card shows no throttling during battery powered use. Games and the 3DMark benchmark results therefore remain identical. Lenovo L11L6Y01 charger Lenovo L11M6Y01 charger Lenovo L11N6R01 charger Lenovo L11N6Y01 charger

Gaming Performance
The HD Graphics 3000 is doubtlessly overwhelmed by up to date games, which is why they can only be played reasonably well with a low resolution (1024x768) and the lowest detail settings. The only exception to this is the not especially graphically elaborate FIFA 13, which can also be played smoothly with medium details using the native resolution (1366x768). In addition to this, the quality settings for older games from before 2009 can usually be set to higher options without problems. Further information regarding the gaming suitability with this graphics unit can be found in our main article Gaming Performance of contemporary Graphics Cards.


System Noise
In an idle state the E330 remains inconspicuous throughout and the hard drive stays pleasantly quiet. Surfing the internet and using office applications should therefore only rarely activate the cooling fan. In case the cooling system is provoked by maximum utilization of the CPU and GPU components, then the system noise increases to a clearly audible 36 dB(A). However, this will only become annoying after several hours or in very quiet surroundings. During the 3DMark 06 benchmark we measured a quiet 33.5 dB(A). Lenovo L11P6R01 charger Lenovo L11S6F01 charger Lenovo L11S6Y01 charger Lenovo 57Y6601 charger Lenovo L10M4P12 charger


The surface temperatures on the E330 are almost exemplary and are able to make a convincing impression throughout. With a maximum of 32 °C the palm resting area remains pleasantly cool in every one of our test scenarios. Meanwhile, the temperatures on the bottom of the notebook also don't exceed pleasant limits during extreme utilization (100% CPU and GPU load). Use of the notebook on a lap is therefore not limited to any extent.

The notebook also manages to do well during the stress test (Furmark + Prime 95). There was no throttling observed, even after three hours of full utilization of the systems CPU and GPU. The maximum temperature reached was 81 °C (CPU) and 74 °C (GPU). A following 3DMark 06 benchmark also ended with the same result as one performed in a "cold" state. Lenovo 3ICP5/56/120 charger Lenovo L11M3P01 charger Lenovo L11L6F01 charger Lenovo L11L6R01 charger Lenovo L11L6Y01 charger

Battery Life

Power Consumption
The power consumption of the ThinkPad Edge E330 almost reaches Ultrabook levels with a minimum of 6.3 and maximum of 10.1 watts. In this case, Lenovo has once again managed to make an immense improvement compared to the predecessor (8.8 - 13 watts). In 3DMark 06 the power consumption rises to a not quite as astonishing 37.4 watts. The maximum required by the E330 is 49.8 watts with 100% CPU and GPU utilization as well as maximum display brightness. It therefore requires more power throughout when utilized compared to the E320, which also leads to a shorter battery life. Lenovo L11M6Y01 charger Lenovo L11N6R01 charger Lenovo L11N6Y01 charger

The 65 watt AC adapter is sufficiently dimensioned, and even during maximum utilization the battery can still be charged.

Battery Runtime
The manufacturer of the subnotebook promises a battery life of up to eight hours with the 63 Wh battery. We even measured 9 hours and 48 minutes in our unrealistic test (minimal brightness, wireless modules off, Battery Eater Reader's Test), and therefore an hour more than with the ThinkPad Edge E320. When it comes to a more realistic scenario, such as with the brightness set to 150 cd/m² while loading different websites, then the device manages to last for 5 hours and 45 minutes. Not a bad value; even though its predecessor - with similarly potent components - lasted for more than an hour longer. While utilized with the Battery Eater Classic Test we measured a runtime of 1 hour and 53 minutes, also less than with the ThinkPad Edge E320 (2 hours and 17 minutes). Dell Vostro 1520 battery DELL Latitude E5520 battery Dell Inspiron 1370 battery

Compared to its peers the ThinkPad Edge E330 ranks among the upper mid-range. Subnotebooks with better battery runtimes usually only have a processor with a TDP not exceeding 25 watts, and also generally have less processing power. SAMSUNG N150 battery


Third time lucky really does seem to be the case and Lenovo has managed to create a solid package this time around. The manufacturer seems to have listened to its customers and has ironed out the shortcomings from previous models. Among these is the case stability, which is now once again up to the expected ThinkPad standard. Furthermore the display no longer dims when battery powered and also has a higher maximum brightness. In the case of the system noise Lenovo has also introduced some improvements, and the cooling fan now generates a maximum of 36 dB(A) (stress test). The only point of criticism compared to its predecessor is the shorter battery life when utilized. Compared to the competitor models Dell Vostro 3360 and the HP ProBook 6465b, it is nevertheless still able to impress, although these have an advantage when it comes to the manufacturing quality. ASUS U30J battery

Those that spend a great deal of time writing on a notebook should consider the ThinkPad due to its good keyboard. The E330 also has the advantage of being well suited for daily transportation with its compact dimensions, low weight and solid case. It could be ideally suited to students and others who require more processing power than that provided by a netbook. Those that could also come to terms with less performance might possibly find a suitable alternative in the Edge E335 which is 100 Euros (~$128) cheaper.






ASUS Eee PC 1225B battery

Review Asus X301A-RX005V Subnotebook

When hunting for bargain notebooks for beginners, we found the X301A-RX004V by Asus. This 13.3-inch notebook stands out from the crowd with its unusual white and black color scheme. With its price of only 399 Euros (~$516) (Pentium) or 450 Euros (~$582) (Core i3, test device), it is on the same level as Acer's Aspire V5-431 (14-inch), Asus U32U-RX004V (13.3-inch) or Lenovo's IdeaPad S300 (13.3-inch; device available, review will follow shortly). ASUS B23 battery

There are many 13 and 14-inch notebooks, but not many below the 500 Euros (~$647) mark. Will this 13-inch device stand out from the competition?

Optically, the contrast between matte, black plastic materials (chassis, frame) and sleek white surfaces works well. The finish - tiny silver squares that become bigger towards the edges - prevents fingerprints effectively. The frosted touchpad has a pleasant feel as well. ASUS B23E battery

All this, however, cannot take away from a firm but creaking chassis. This creaking noise appears when the notebook is lifted by one hand. The hinges are mounted rather loosely and make the lid wobble. The lid surface gives in slightly given a bit of pressure; the corners flex even without much force.

Due to the lack of maintenance flaps, users have to disassemble the entire device to exchange RAM or HDD. For the benefit of the lender, we avoided that rigmarole. On the other hand, it is surprising that the manufacturer did not create a rock solid chassis, in spite of doing without optical drive and flaps. The flexing of the keyboard is particularly disappointing. ASUS UX31 battery


This 13.3-inch notebook by Asus is equipped with an Intel Core i3-2350M (2 x 2.3 GHz). One version comes with a Pentium B960 (2 x 2.2 GHz), which makes the device 50 Euros (~$65) cheaper. The CPU belongs to the Sandy Bridge processor generation of 2010. Whether this makes it outdated will be evaluated in the chapter about the processor. ASUS ZenBook UX31 battery

Unlike the Core i5 and i7, the i3 does not have turbo boost, but at least it has hyperthreading (two virtual cores). The CPU energy consumption is, according to TDP, 35 Watts, of which the integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 and the DDR3 storage control (integrated 4 GB bar) scrape together 10 Watts. The hard drive is a 500 GB HDD by Hitachi running at 5400 RPM. ASUS ZenBook UX31A battery ASUS ZenBook UX31E battery ASUS UX31 Ultrabook battery ASUS UX31A Ultrabook battery ASUS UX31E Ultrabook battery

Is the Core i3-2350M the final word, or should the buyer save 50 Euros (~$65) and go for the Pentium version? We compared the computing performance in Cinebench R11.5 (Multi CPU). The benchmark calculates 2.17 points. A Pentium B960 makes 1.68 points (-23 %) at best. In battery mode, the performance of the CPU remains identical (R11.5: 2.17 points). Therefore the Pentium cannot be recommended.

The competitors Acer Aspire V5-431 (Celeron, -47 %), Asus U32U-RX004V (AMD E-450, -72 %) and Lenovo IdeaPad S300 (i3-2367M, -38 %) all perform less well. This, however, is important: Even an i5-3317U, used in the significantly more expensive 14-inch IdeaPad S400 (or in many ultrabooks), is only 10 % faster compared to our standard voltage CPU. Will this statement hold true for the overall system performance? ASUS Eee PC 1225 battery

System Performance

The PCMark Vantage calculates a score of 4,906 points, which is clearly above Aspire V5-431 (-26 %), Asus U32U (-67 %) and Lenovo IdeaPad S300 (-16 %). i5-3317U systems with a simple hard drive are only 18 to 20 % faster (IdeaPad S400 or Aspire S3-391). The PCMark 7 gives very similar results. The IdeaPad S300 does not win the comparison in spite of its small dedicated graphics solution. ASUS Eee PC 1225B battery


The X301A remains nice and cool. In idle mode and under sporadic load (office use), the surface and most of the base plate remain lukewarm to warm. No area reaches the 40 degrees Celsius (104 °F) mark.

Under constant load, the temperatures increase point by point to up to 41 degrees (105.8 °F). There is not a trace of overheating. In this scenario (stress test, several hours), the standard clock of 2.3 GHz remains constant. With Solo CPU Stress in Prime95, the clock is around 2.3 GHz as well, but HWinfo says "throttling". As the frequency is in normal clock at all times, there can be no talk of throttling. A 3DMark 06 performed right after the stress test brought identical results. ASUS 1225B battery ASUS Eee PC 1225C battery

Where are the stereo speakers? Hidden away under the wrist rest, they use the table, if existent, as the reflective surface for the sound pressure. That is why the sound turns nasty when the notebook is being carried. A carpet or the like makes it sound as if someone had hidden speakers under a blanket.

The ideal scenario on a table emphasizes mid-range sounds and neglects low sounds. There is no bass at all, and pitches are not presented in a differentiated way. To cut a long story short: This is the typical sound of notebook speakers, but without volume or character. Multimedia books usually come with a subwoofer, but this is not common in this price range. Asus K53JG battery Asus K53JN battery Asus K53JS battery

The volume can be turned on fully, but this does not make anything better, as high pitches come with a rattling noise. The small speakers produce a deafening noise, which is quite unusual for a 13.3-inch notebook. Music lovers should connect a headset or external speakers via the analog audio/microphone combination.

Battery Life

Energy Consumption

Asus K53JT battery The long battery life in idle mode (lowest brightness, energy-saving mode) is surprising at first sight (7 hours 50 minutes). The energy consumption in idle mode seems very low for a 13-inch device with 35 Watts TDP (standard voltage; 7 to 10 Watts). Other ultrabooks with the same form factor have very similar energy consumption though. Zenbook Prime UX31A (4 to 10 Watts) or Acer Aspire S5-391 (4.5 to 6.5) are even more economical. But most 13-inch ultrabooks are similar at 6 to 10 Watts (e. g. Fujitsu LifeBook UH572). The i3-2350M was already economical in the Sony Vaio SV-S1311G4E (6.7 to 11.5 Watts). Asus K53S battery

The stress test (Prime95, FurMark) raises energy consumption to the upper limit of 53 Watts. The small 65 Watts power supply unit is designed for this purpose and even has some capacity left for charging the battery at the same time. Due to the lower performance and the 17 Watts TDP, the competitors Aspire V5-431 (32 Watts), IdeaPad S300 (40 Watts), Asus U32U (33 Watts) or IdeaPad S400 (30 Watts) use less energy under full load. Asus K53S-SX085 battery

Battery Life
It does not depend on a few Watts more or less, the important thing in the end is the battery life, and this is very acceptable for this low cost notebook: the WLAN test (150 cd/m² luminance) ends after 4 hours 41 minutes. Also videos were played in that time. If used economically, the user might even get another hour.

The capacity of the removable battery is not even that great: 47 Watt hours. In the WLAN test, the competitor Aspire V5-431 only runs for three hours, which is due to the low battery capacity of 37 Wh. The Lenovo IdeaPad S400 with its 3 hours 18 minutes is not much better, which again is due to a 32 Wh battery. The HP ProBook 4530s-B0Y11EA with the same hardware (47 Watt hours) keeps going for 4 hours 20 minutes, which shows that Asus makes the most of its battery. Asus K53S-V1G battery

The Asus X301A-RX005V gets noticed - however, not so much because of its positive qualities, but mainly because of its looks in white and black, matte surfaces, pleasant haptics without fingerprints and a cool case. Who needs anything else?

The user! Besides attractive looks, users need mobile qualities fit for working. Battery life with more than four hours (WLAN test) is great, but the reflecting screen with its mediocre brightness is not. OK, let's stay inside then. The noisy keyboard and the loud clicking of the touchpad annoy us as well. It is just not necessary as pressure point and key stroke are pleasant otherwise. The wobbly key depression ruins this impression again though. Asus K53SA battery

Emissions are similar: There is little waste heat, the noise of the fan is within limits, and the cooling system even turns off in idle mode. However, this perfect picture gets destroyed by a noisy rattling hard drive. This makes the notebook impossible to use in libraries.

The Asus X301A-RX005V could have been a good and inexpensive notebook, but the mentioned flaws prevent an unrestricted recommendation to buy. The competition (clearly below 500 Euros/~$647) with Aspire V5-431 (from 399 Euros/~$516), Asus U32U (from 470 Euros/~$608) and IdeaPad S300 (from 450 Euros/~$582) are not the icing on the cake of engineering either, but they have quiet hard drives. Unfortunately, the wobbly keyboard is also a problem of the AMD-based Asus U32U. None of the mentioned models feature a matte screen. Asus K53SC battery Asus K53SD battery Asus K53SE battery Asus K53SJ battery Asus K53SJ-SX216V battery Asus K53SN battery

Sony's Vaio SV-S1311G4E (13.3-inch) comes in smart white, with a higher quality chassis and much better input devices. The hardware is similar to Core i3, but significantly more expensive (850 Euros/~$1100).






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Review DELL Vostro V13 , DELL Vostro V131 and DELL XPS 13 Battery Life

Review DELL Vostro V13 , DELL Vostro V131 and DELL XPS 13 Battery Life

DELL Vostro V13 battery Life

Battery Life

The notebook consumes between 12.6 and 14.6 watts depending on the screen's brightness setting in idle mode, respectively very light load. The rates increased to 46.4 watts, respectively 68.8 watts during load. The adapter only consumes 0.1 watts when turned off and is just as modest 0.6 watts in standby.

Current consumption

Off / Standby 0.1 / 0.6 Watt
Idle 12.6 / 13.3 / 14.6 Watt
Load 46.4 / 68.8 Watt
Key: min: , med: , max: Voltcraft VC 940

The DELL Vostro V13's battery life wasn't convincing. The battery was already drained after a very short time in Classic test and had to be plugged into the outlet after 49 minutes. The battery didn't last for a whole movie either in the DVD playback test. It only lasted for 63 minutes.

The LG laptop had to be reconnected to its power cable after 1 hour and 55 minutes in "surfing via WLAN" at pleasant display brightness. The longest runtime (Reader's Test, WLAN off, lowest brightness) was two hours and 35 minutes.

The drained battery needs almost 2 hours for a 100 percent recharge.

Battery runtime
Idle (without WLAN, min brightness) 2h 35min

Surfing with WLAN 1h 55min

DVD 1h 03min

Load (maximum brightness) 0h 49min

DELL Vostro V131 Battery Life

Battery Life

The viable idle and WLAN runtimes (mix of Internet, video load and idle) let us assume that our A520 only needs little power in these operating modes. Our multimeter confirms this: The lowest power consumption in idle ranges from 17 to 21 watts. We measured the lowest and the highest power requirement in idle for this (without battery charging).

The stress test is the opposite (Prime95, Furmark) and is 84 watts. This power consumption isn't enough for the 45 watt quad CPU, 2820QM, and the GT 540, which we explained in CPU throttling in temperature. The reason is the weak 90 watt power adapter. The Fujitsu NH751, with a smaller quad CPU (2630QM) and a GT 525M graphics, is equipped with a 120 watt power adapter to begin with (no throttling). This would have at least been needed for the LG A520.

Current consumption

Off / Standby 0.4 / 0.7 Watt
Idle 17.1 / 20 / 21.5 Watt

Load 78.3 / 83.7 Watt

Key: min: , med: , max: Voltcraft VC 960

The rather modest runtime, the low TFT brightness and the glare-type screen don't exactly encourage mobile use. The WLAN surfing test comes very close to the real battery life. The battery is drained after three hours. The LED screen ran with 100 cd/m2 during the test. Our BatteryEater's load test can depict if a game of StarCraft 2 is possible. The lights go out after only an hour. A 57 Wh lithium ion battery is responsible for the runtime (5200 mAh). It needs acceptable 2:13 hours to fully recharge.

Battery runtime
Idle (without WLAN, min brightness) 4h 29min

Surfing with WLAN 3h 14min

DVD 3h 17min

Load (maximum brightness) 1h 01min


DELL XPS 13 battery Life

Battery Life

The V900 Optimus' power consumption is within the same range as the competition. While only 0.15 watts are needed in standby mode, the consumption increases to 7 watts during load. In comparison: Motorola's Xoom consumes 6.3 watts in load and Samsung's Galaxy 10.1v needs 8.2 watts in this case.

Current consumption

Off / Standby 0.8 / 0.15 Watt
Idle 2.2 / 5.4 / 5.6 Watt

Load / 7 Watt

Key: min: , med: , max: Voltcraft VC 940

The battery, respectively the battery's runtime, is one of the most important things in a tablet because a tablet on a leash (battery charger) is a "no-go". The LG V900 Optimus was also faced with the key question: How long will my battery last?

The lithium ion battery (6400 mAh) lasted for 12 hours and 21 minutes in the first test scenario, the idle mode, so without WLAN/Bluetooth/GPS and minimum display brightness. We had to touch the screen frequently during this test because the display would have otherwise turned itself off automatically every 30 minutes and thus distort the result.

The battery is drained after 7 hours and 15 minutes of WiFi surfing. It's faster when the tablet is put under load, for example, with an HD game. The battery was drained after not quite 4 hours and 48 minutes and the Optimus pad turned itself off in load. The battery needed almost 3 hours for recharging.

These rates are clearly below that of the 10.1 inch Motorola's Xoom (16 hours and 15 minutes), in comparison. The LG tablet can't reach the battery life of Samsung's Galaxy 10.1v, either (13 hours and 5 minutes).

Battery runtime
Idle (without WLAN, min brightness) 12h 21min

Surfing with WLAN 7h 15min

DVD 5h 12min

Load (maximum brightness) 4h 48min


For more please go to cbattery.net Shop Cheap Laptop Battery & laptop Charger, Replacement Laptop Batteries for Dell, Sony, HP/Compaq, Acer, Lenovo/IBM, Toshiba, Asus, Fujitsu, Apple, Samsung and so on.






Asus A34-M90 battery

Review Sony Vaio VPC-Z21Q9E/B Subnotebook

Many have tried and failed so far, until now: An external graphics solution that is supposed to help mobile notebooks to improve their performance at will. The main problem thus far: A relevant high performance external interface for the exchange of data to and from the notebook was missing, which is able to also serve the integrated display at peak performance. Asus 70-NLF1B2000Y battery This problem has now apparently been solved by Sony thanks to the new Intel Light Peak technology - an external monitor makes a lot more sense. Does that mean everything is perfect? Not quite. More on this in the following review.

When it comes to Sony's top of the range models, these have for the past several years been of the favorite 'small black' variety. This options is of course not completely arbitrary, since this is also supposed to represent the material value of the notebook. The online configuration tool on Sony's website in addition also provides three further designs: Blue, gold, and premium carbon. Asus 70-NLF1B2000Z battery
Carbon is the material used by Sony to achieve the best possible performance to weight ratio. The Japanese manufacturer declares an official thickness of 1.7 centimeters, and a total weight of only 1.2 kilograms, which is below Netbook values, in its documentation. We measured to make sure: 1.15 kilograms, and 17 millimeters not including the two millimeter rubber feet, which is therefore correct.

Asus 70NLF1B2000Y battery Optically the case can definitely make a good impression: Elegant, simple, understatement par excellence would be fitting. When it comes to handling the device it quickly becomes obvious though that we are dealing with a plastic case in the sub 1000 euros class. The satin surfaces are good at concealing finger prints and dust particles, and definitely feel qualitative. Without knowing it would be possible to think of 08/15 plastic, in detail the Vaio Z21 can still sway all doubts though. Paint problems, uneven gaps, or even a wobbly battery? - Our reviewed device didn't show any of these weaknesses. Asus 70NLF1B2000Z battery

Apropos battery: Sony has been known for not always taking the precision of the battery size too seriously in the past. This shortcoming was however obviously avoided intentionally with these high-end models. Compared to its counterparts in the 13 inch segment, such as the MacBook Air or the Samsungs 900X3A, with which the battery can either not be removed or only after taking apart the case (warranty?), Sony has attached the battery to the bottom of the base unit in the front region with the help of 8 (!) screws. Changing this is therefore possible, but only with a lot of effort. Asus 90-NLF1B2000Y battery The remaining components cannot be accessed however, with the exception of taking apart the whole case. What for though, the RAM is soldered in place - which prevents any further future upgrades. And also the Solid State Drive has a special format which prevents an easy exchange. Those that want to take a look at the inside of the Vaio VPC-Z21 anyway can do that by watching this video.

Asus 90-NLF1B2000Z battery Before we continue, just another quick note regarding the case: The attractive optical appearance and high quality feel aren't quite matched by the stability of the case. The base unit can easily be dented somewhat by a little pressure in the area around the palm resting area, as well as the keyboard (wireless switch). This becomes more apparent when it comes to the display. The lid of the only 5 millimeter thin component may not let any pressure through to the sensitive display panel, but it can be warped easily. Merely two fingers are enough to create a lot of bending. Asus 90-NLF1BZ000Y battery

The 'Z' in the product description has been an indication for especially good performance reserves for Sony devices for a long time. In the case of the reviewed Vaio Z21, Sony has opted for the dual-core model CPUs from the Intel Sandy Bridge palette. What is interesting is the fact that - in contrast to the initial expectations for the adoption of ULV processors - the standard 35W TDP processors have been used. Asus 90-NLF1BZ000Z battery Sony is currently listing three different models in the online configuration options: i5-2410M as the entry level model, i5-2524M with an already extended VT-x and VT-d functionality, and finally the i7-2620M CPU; in other words the currently fastest available dual-core processor with a base clock speed of 2.7 GHz and a Turbo bandwidth up to 3.4 GHz, as long as only one core is utilized and adequate cooling is provided. In light of the base unit height of only about 12 millimeters, this could be more complicated than thought though. More on this later.

Asus 90-NVD1B1000Y battery Integrated into the notebook, or more accurately: Directly in the CPU unit, there is also Intel's HD Graphics 3000 graphics solution, which is intended for office use and can therefore perform less demanding tasks with less power consumption. When it comes to particular professional tasks the Intel solution does significantly lag behind compared to other independent graphics solutions though. For this reason Sony has equipped the Power Media Dock with an AMD HD 6650M graphics chip with 1 GB of dedicated DDR3 graphics memory. In order to dock the notebook graphics intensive applications have to be closed, and the picture is interrupted very briefly. Following this, after a few seconds, the system is once again ready for use though. Asus 90NLF1B2000Y battery
The Radeon HD 6650M is a mid-range graphics card from the current AMD 6xxxM family. The chip is DirectX 11 compatible, can decode HD material with its UVD3 decoder, supports the output of 7.1 surround sound via HDMI, and can theoretically drive 5 monitors simultaneously thanks to AMD Eyefinity. Apart from graphics concerns, there are therefore also plenty of reasons that are supposed to make the use of this GPU appealing. Asus 90NLF1B2000Z battery

When it comes to the RAM there is the option of either 4 or 8 GB of memory of the DDR3 1333 MHz variety, which is however soldered onto the motherboard, and can thus not be upgraded. The right choices should also be made when selecting the main storage memory, which is inevitably in the form of a Solid State Drive (SSD) in the case of the Vaio Z21. The options are either flash SSD with a capacity of 128-512 GB, or SSDs in the online configuration of the 'third generation', which should have some additional performance. Or reviewed device contained the standard 128 GB entry level solution. Asus 90NLF1BZ000Y battery

Gaming Performance

With the AMD Radeon HD 6650M there is a mid-range graphics chip in the Power Media Dock, which should definitely be capable of processing current games with appealing graphics details. We tested the performance with the aid of several games. In the process the integrated display is utilized with various resolution and detail levels together with the Power Media Dock. Asus 90NLF1BZ000Z battery

Already the first test with the racing game Dirt 2 reveals some mysteries. With 20.7 fps using high settings (1360x768, 2xAA, high presets) the HD 6650 only provides the performance of a GT 520M. Devices with the same graphics solution manage to achieve 30 fps in this case. We started again without the Dock GPU, in other words using the integrated HD Graphics 3000. Result: FRAPS on average gives 17.1 fps. Hardly an advantage as a result of the external GPU? Asus A32-F52 battery
We carried on testing: With Mafia 2 the next graphics challenge is on the agenda. With 33.9 fps to 16.0 fps using high graphics details (1366x768, 16xAF, high) the HD 6650M clearly has an advantage, and is more or less on the expected performance level. The Packard Bells LS11 with the same graphics for example achieves 34.2 fps.

Asus A32-F82 battery Battlefield Bad Company 2 achieves 26.4 fps using high details (1366x768) on average - which is also too little. The LS11 from Packard Bell achieves 32.7 fps with the 6650M in this case. The same picture emerges using medium details: 33.6 fps vs. 49.4 fps with the LS11. We tested the clock speed and temperature of the CPU and GPU in parallel - nothing stands out
Following this comes CoD Black Ops. With 26.6 fps using high details, the HD 6650 remains behind its capabilities. The same graphics card in the Packard Bell LS11 achieves a proud 46.9 fps. Asus L0690L6 battery

We tested the BFBC2 again, this time however with an external display attached to the Power Dock. With 36.7 fps using medium details, no ground is made up in this case either. The same picture shows itself with Dirt 3. With 22 fps using high details, the Z21 HD 6650M contests with the same performance as the HD Graphics 3000, regardless of whether the internal display or an external display via the Power Dock is used. Asus L0A2016 battery
The Catalyst Control Center provides the options 'allow additional displays' and 'accelerate notebook displays' with regard to the XGP station. Regardless of which option is selected: Our gaming benchmarks just don't want to reach the expected results.

Verdict: The gaming benchmarks partially achieve the expected performance level, but also partially remain significantly below the expected performance level. Whether the internal or an external display is opted for remains irrelevant. Altogether the impression of a not completely matured graphics driver arises, which prevents the utilization of a lot of potential performance. Asus 90-OA001B1000 battery

Battery Life

Without the Power Dock the Sony VPC-Z21 is relatively frugal, at least as long as the required performance stays within limits. With 6.4 W - 10.9 W in an idle state, it belongs among the most modest laptops that we have tested so far, in terms of the power consumption. Under load the notebook draws between 45 W and 56 W from the plug, depending on the task. In the standby mode we measured 0.3 W. Asus A22-700 battery

The picture changes as soon as the Power Media Dock is connected. 19 W - 23 W during use without load, and 57 W - 96 W under load, or more specifically during the stress test, explain the significantly bigger rated AC adapter for the Power Media Dock (120 W).

In light of the measured values regarding the power consumption, first indications for the likely possible battery life start to emerge. In the device itself there is an especially thin, two part Lithium-Polymer battery, with a capacity of 45 Wh. Asus A22-P701 battery Sony also offers an optional additional battery with the slice-principle, more specifically a thin plate, which is attached to the bottom of the notebook. With a capacity of 48 Wh this should be capable of doubling the battery life measured by us. With an additional weight of around 520 grams this also increases the total weight of the laptop by about 50% though. The additional battery (VGP-BPSC27) is available from about 125 Euros from retailers.

Asus A23-P701 battery With the integrated 45 W battery we measured a maximum battery life of 546 minutes which equates to about 9 hours, with the BatteryEater Readers test (minimum display brightness, wireless modules off, power saving profile) as could be expected. Using the Classic test (load, maximum brightness, wireless modules on, maximum performance profile) things already come to an end after 70 minutes though, when the battery is empty.
For practical WLAN surfing (profile balanced, wireless modules on, adjusted brightness: -1) we reached a battery life of about 6 hours while surfing a mixture of websites. The mobile use without a power connection is therefore definitely still comfortably possible, even without the additional battery. Asus P22-900 battery

It all started so well: The technical specifications, as well as the additional features in the press releases, spell out a wishlist for the perfect notebook: Small, light, first class materials, a high quality display, ample performance, small emissions, and battery life that makes it possible to forget that electricity is even necessary for its operation.
The reality is unfortunately, as so often, a little different. The devil is in the detail.

Asus A31-1015 battery The case is impressive with a timeless design and high quality feel. Not to be forgotten is the especially thin build, and a total weight of less than 1200 grams. What the carbon fiber chassis can't do though, is to provide a convincing shape rigidity. The case only comes to terms with pressure and bending to a limited extent.

The provided interfaces are well placed, and considering its build the device is also able to give a satisfying assortment. With the Power Dock solution, which uses Intel's Light Peak technology, the device is extended by a GPU as well as additional interfaces during desktop use. Asus AL31-1015 battery
Integrated UMTS/HSUPA, elaborate, even if expensive accessories, and service upgrades (unfortunately no On-Location service) make the device more enticing.
The keyboard takes some getting used to with regard to the typing feeling, as well as the touchpad, which we couldn't really develop a liking for.

When it comes to the display, Sony does (almost) everything right: Good resolution (1600x900, FHD optional), high brightness (around 300 cd/m²), and sufficient contrast, even let the Sony VPC-Z21 look good during outdoor use. A shame: The meager viewing angle stability along the vertical plane, which is especially detrimental during mobile use. Asus A32-1015 battery

Things get interesting again when it comes to the performance. Thanks to the extremely fast SSD, and the Intel i7 Sandy Bridge CPU, the Z21 catapults itself to the top of the rankings in terms of application performance. The external AMD HD 6650M is able to deliver the expected good performance with some benchmarks, but unfortunately falls behind expectations significantly with some gaming tests. The old OpenGL driver for the HD Graphics 3000 could also pose a drawback in some cases, which can potentially lead to problems with some applications. Asus PL32-1015 battery In fact we generally anticipate a problem with the driver (special AMD drivers required for the XGP station), since these are already antiquated when the notebook is delivered, and there are no updates available at the time of writing this review.

As far as the emission of the notebook are concerned, these are primarily a result of the required performance, either users can be pleased with a silent companion, or have to come to terms with a noticeably loud cooling fan and a hot case. This does stay within limits though, since the notebook quickly becomes inconspicuous again following the elevated performance requirements. Asus 70-OA111B1000 battery
Also when it comes to the battery life, a full days use without a power cable is possible, until the power socket is connected again for about an hour, after which everything is possible again.

The Sony Vaio VPC-Z21 is an altogether attractive subnotebook from the upper range. Combined with the Power Media Dock an extended application may be possible, but there are also certain problems associated with this, which can probably be traced back to the applied drivers.
The project 'subnotebook' can be described as a success, the project 'external graphics solution' still leaves a question mark at present though. Asus 70-OA1G1B1000 battery

HP ProBook 5330m-LJ463UT Laptop Review

The HP ProBook series is a lineup of affordable business notebooks with build quality made to keep up with the constantly moving user. The m series was designed to appeal to a broader range, including the enterprise and consumer markets.

With the ProBook 5330m, HP is introducing Beats Audio and a backlit keyboard to the m series for the first time. The model under review includes an Intel Core i5-2520M, although users can opt for a Core i3-2310M for $100 less at $799 USD. Regardless of choice, the 5330m is a huge upgrade, in terms of specs and built-in security features, over the ProBook 5310m released in 2009. Asus 70-OA1G1B1100 battery

At just under 1-inch thick (0.99 inches to be exact), the 5330m isn't the slimmest notebook around, but it definitely feels solid. The anodized aluminum casing and magnesium alloy chassis both give the notebook a tough and smooth feel. The base can flex slightly, but takes a good amount of torsional force to do so. The lid could have been more firm, unfortunately, as a finger can depress the outside case without much force, especially towards the center. At any rate, the "Durafinish" wear protection coating diffuses reflections quite well and actually makes it somewhat difficult to accumulate fingerprints and scuffs anywhere outside of the screen. Asus AP21-MK90 battery

At 3.99 pounds (1.8kg), the HP notebook feels quite dense and weighs about as much as the 13.3-inch Sony Vaio VC-SB1Z9EB with the same CPU configuration. The hefty base means that the user can open the monitor with only one hand.

In terms of looks, the 5330m roughly resembles the HP 4430s, but with a much more boxy and minimalistic build. Instead of smooth edges and round curves that many other notebooks tend to pursue, the 5330m has a bit of a retro and industrial feel to its construct. Unfortunately, this means that the visual appeal of the notebook will be hit or miss depending on user preferences. Those wishing for a sleek and ultra-modern design will have to look elsewhere. Asus AP21-T91 battery

The hinges are good if working on a stable desk, but are not stiff enough to be used during bumpy train rides or otherwise unsteady surfaces. A maximum angle of about 135 degrees is allowed before the bottom of the lid reaches the rear of the notebook base.

Battery Life

The reviewed model is equipped with a 4-cell Li-Ion polymer battery rated at 14.8V and 41WHr. The battery is located on the bottom of the notebook and is thus flat and thin as opposed to larger batteries that attach to the notebook's backend. Asus AP23-T91 battery

The HP Power Assistant allows direct access to power profiles and wireless connections so users can quickly disable and modify power-draining system settings more easily than with the default Windows Power Manager. It also includes a scheduler for user-defined automatic power profile switching.

According to the BatteryEater Classic Test, the 5330m achieved a minimum battery life of 56 minutes before automatic shutdown at 5%. This was done with full screen brightness, WLAN enabled and under the Windows High Performance power option. Asus 15G10N381200 battery

A maximum battery life of 299 minutes was obtained with the Reader's Test at minimum screen brightness, wireless disabled and the Windows Energy Saver mode. A more reality-oriented test was done at 66% screen brightness while surfing the net with Adobe Flash enabled and the Windows Balanced profile. The notebook reached up to 191 minutes, but this result will be highly variable depending on how many videos and applications the user could be demanding. Asus 15G10N381200CM-2 battery

As such, actual run time is highly tied to the user's needs. The notebook will die rather quickly with heavy applications and too many background activities, but should last noticeably longer if used mostly for word processing, notetaking and presentations. Still, at only around 3 hours with some videos mixed in, we recommend keeping the power adapter nearby.

Asus A34-M90 battery For comparison, the larger 15.6-inch ProBook 6560b with the same CPU was able to last a little over 5 hours when left idle, although it includes a larger 6-cell battery. The similarly equipped 12.5-inch Lenovo ThinkPad X220, 14-inch Toshiba Tecra R840-11E and 13.3-inch Sony Vaio VPC-SB1Z9EB can all last a couple hours longer than the 5330m.

The power consumption at idle at the lowest brightness setting comes in at 14 watts, according to the built-in HP Power Assistant. Under load and maximum brightness, the total power draw hovers around 61 watts. Asus A34-W90 battery

For every feature the HP ProBook 5330m excels at, it misses the mark in an equal number of key areas. For example, the notebook base is built sturdy with its magnesium alloy chassis, but its lid is comparatively more delicate. A standard voltage Core i5 CPU can handle most applications thrown at it, but is tied to a weak battery. The screen is passably bright at its center, but is so unevenly lit that prolonged outdoor use should be avoided. There seems to be an unfortunate opposing corollary for each attribute done adequately well. Asus L0690L6 battery

Additionally, there are no options for a larger battery, so heavy notebook users may need to lug around a second battery in case or downgrade the CPU to a Core i3-2310M. Note that the Core i3 model omits the Intel vPro Technology and software, however. A SIM card slot would have been a great addition as well, especially when the older ProBook 5310m included the option. Asus NBP12A100 battery

All in all, the ProBook 5330m offers a very straightforward and unobtrusive design with extra data protection, additional layers of login credentials, a speedy processor and a more sophisticated power manager. Those interested in the built-in security software features and don't require an all-day battery life can consider this HP notebook.






Dell IM-M150261-FR battery

Review Alienware M18x (GTX 580M SLI, 2920XM) Notebook

The Alienware M18x is one of the largest and most powerful gaming laptops available, and we have already thoroughly tested the model with two AMD Radeon HD 6970M units (CrossFire). Now the alternative version with 2x GeForce GTX 580M in SLI mode has reached us, and looks set to achieve new records in performance with its integrated SSD and Core i7-2920XM CPU. Dell 8P6X6 battery

As the case, screen, and input devices in this model have not changed from the previously reviewed version, we only look at the components which have been altered, with some additional tests and readings.


The M18x offers plenty of choice for connecting external storage media, with USB 3.0 and eSATA ports. We tested both of them using an Intel SSD 510 (ASMedia ASM10510 for USB, SataLink SPIF215A for eSATA) with 250 GB. The eSATA connection was the fastest at an average of 180.8 MB/s. The USB 3.0 connection followed shortly behind at 165 MB/s. As you would expect, the USB 2.0 port came last by some way at 28.1 MB/s. Dell PT6V8 battery

The integrated AR8151 Gigabit LAN port reached 851 MBit/s in our testing (direct connection to a Sandy Bridge desktop with DP55KG mainboard). However, an Intel Sandy Bridge test machine with AR8151 did manage to reach the maximum data transfer rate of 940 MBit/s.

We tested the WLAN Killer Wireless-N1103 card against our older Trendnet TEW-633GR, and managed about 49 MBit from a 3-metre distance. By way of comparison, an Intel 1030 WLAN card only reached 37 MBit. The 2010 MBP13, however, reaches 63 MBit/s which is a little better. Dell 312-0207 battery


An overclocked Intel Core i7-2920XM main processor, two GeForce GTX 580M high-end graphics cards in SLI mode, a Samsung PM810 SSD and 8 GB of DDR3 RAM all promise absolute top performance. It means the M18x currently in front of us is almost the highest configuration possible. Only the second HDD bay remains unused, and 16 GB of RAM would be possible. Dell 312-0210 battery

The Core i7-2920XM was already overclocked in our review model as delivered, and so it reaches up to 4 GHz in Turbo Boost mode. In the Cinebench R11.5 test, only 5% separates it from the desktop Core i7-2600 model. But as there are additional options in BIOS for overclocking, higher speeds are also possible. The M18x fitted with the 6970M CF, for example, was tested at 4.2 GHz and reached exactly the same scores as the Core i7-2600. Dell D951T battery

For simple overclocking, Dell offers three easy-to-adjust overclocking levels in BIOS. These first and foremost change the Turbo Boost multiplier, but also the core voltage in part. This made possible an improvement of up to 12.9% for single-core performance, and up to 17.6% for multi-core performance (Cinebench R11.5). Our review model was delivered and tested in Level 1 (a 7% and 12% performance boost respectively, compared to the not-overclocked processor). Dell F681T battery

The two PCMark benchmarks by Futuremark are supposed to evaluate overall system and application performance. The results speak for themselves, perched at the top of the league along with the older M18x and the Clevo X7200 (for e.g. in the XIRIOS W710). This proves that the M18x is equipped to handle virtually all usage scenarios thanks to its SSD, overclocked high-end CPU and powerful graphics system. Dell HC26Y battery

Only with professional 3D programs are professional graphics cards at a clear advantage because of their optimized drivers. In the SpecViewPerf 11, the M18x at times only performed at the level of a single Quadro FX 880M mid-range graphics card. Professional users might find what they are looking for with the Schenker Xirios (Nvidia Quadro 5010M) for example.

With the Futuremark synthetic graphics benchmarks and the Unigine Heaven, we first would like to record the theoretical performance of the GTX 580M rig. Dell M15X6CPRIBABLK battery

In the Unigine Heaven test, the GTX 580M SLI takes a clear lead of 22% ahead of the 6970M CrossFire in the same machine (with a slightly faster overclocked CPU). The Radeon 6990M in the CrossFire combination also stays 6% behind the Alienware machine despite its more powerful desktop CPU. In comparison, the 580M SLI in the X7200 is able to claim the top spot again by about 12% thanks to its powerful six-core processor (making it the fastest of the mobile graphics cards). Dell M15X9CEXIBATLK battery

In the 3DMark 11 GPU test the SLI graphics system is only 2% faster than the one in the 6970M CF. The 6990M CF is even a clear 13% faster, while the 580M SLI in the Clevo Barebone can add 9% through its desktop processor.

In the 3DMark Vantage GPU test, the 580M SLI has a clear lead over the 6970M CF (17% slower). In the older 3DMark benchmarks (2001-06), however, the Radeon HD 6970M CF won – again thanks to the somewhat faster overclocked CPU. Dell NGPHW battery

For the integrated SSD, Dell still relies on the old Samsung PM810 (PM830 recently introduced). This is part of the older SATA 3 Gbit/s generation and so it can't keep pace with modern top-of-the-range models like the OCZ Vertex 3 or Intel 510. Compared to the latest Intel 320 series (also still SATA 3 Gbit/s), the PM810 solid state drive keeps up well, being only 5% behind. However, the Intel 510 series connected with SATA 6 Gbit/s, the OCZ Agility 3 and the Vertex 3 are substantially ahead with 37%, 58% and 76% leads respectively (average of all results from the HD Tune reading benchmarks, AS SSD and CrystalDiskMark). Dell SQU-722 battery

But compared to traditional hard drives as well as RAID systems made up of HDDs, the PM810 still rates very highly. This can also be felt during everyday use, with thoroughly impressive start-up times and a fast Windows boot-up (30 seconds with a fully installed system with all games and benchmarks).

Gaming Performance

Dell SQU-724 battery An up-to-date driver is essential with SLI and CrossFire systems especially. We did not find the 275 series driver delivered with the laptop to be convincing. Therefore we updated to the latest 280.26 version (modded driver, as the official one from Alienware is not quite out yet and the Verde driver from Nvidia would not allow itself to be installed).

Additionally to the gaming tests listed in our database, we also took a look at the laptop's performance for the following games:

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Dell 453-10184 battery The new demo of this 3D shooter in the Warhammer 40K universe is convincing, with fast third-person action in a familiar setting. The level one 'fight' in the demo ran absolutely smoothly in our test at maximum settings (high) and 1920 x 1080 resolution, with 144 frames a second. So there is room to spare for AA settings. In comparison the integrated HD Graphics 3000 (switchable) was completely out of its depth, with a maximum of 16 fps (overclocked CPU, minimum settings).

Battery Life

DELL 2XRG7 battery The M18x's powerful hardware means that energy consumption is not exactly its forte. Only with no stress and the graphics cards deactivated (restart with processor graphics) could we get it down to a respectable 18W.

Under extreme stress the energy consumption fluctuates between 161 and 305 Watts (depending on whether the 580M graphics cards are running at full or only minimal speed). As the temperature of the cards is still quite low at this stage, this could be happening in order to protect the 330 W mains adaptor.Dell 04YRJH battery During Crysis 2 our instrument showed an average of 210 W in comparison (266 W with Prime95 switched on). So you can see that Furmark produces considerably more stress for the GPUs and therefore could possibly be forcing this protective function (?) to appear.

Like the Radeon model, the 580M SLI version rates highly with a maximum battery life of six hours. This is down to the optional use of the integrated processor graphics following a restart (it is not possible to have Optimus with SLI).

In practice you can expect a little over 3 hours when surfing over WLAN or watching videos. Dell 312-0233 battery

With maximum system load, the 12-cell battery runs out of steam after only an hour. Unfortunately both graphics cards run at a speed of only 50 MHz when the notebook is on battery power, so you also can't enjoy any games during this hour. The performance of the underclocked GeForce graphics cards in this situation is down to the same level as the integrated graphics card; therefore it would be sensible to switch over to the processor graphics.


Dell 312-0234 383CW battery It turns out that the Alienware M18x is also an outstanding gaming notebook when fitted with two GeForce GTX 580M graphics cards in SLI mode. Weighing over 5.5 kg, its portability is severely limited, but at least it can be easily moved from one desk to another.

Its aggressive design helps it distinguish itself from the competition; the black version is a little more restrained than the red one. The use of aluminium and rubberized plastic also gives it a high-end appearance.

The input devices also make a good impression, although it is extremely annoying to find keyboard ghosting on a gaming notebook. Dell 4T7JN battery

But the range of ports gave no cause for complaint. USB 3.0, eSATA, and HDMI are among the highlights.

The performance scores are impressive thanks to the high-end components, and are only narrowly beaten by the Clevo X7200 model fitted with desktop CPUs. The SLI system was able to best the older CrossFire set-up of two 6970Ms with a clear lead of 8%. Compared to the 6990M CF, the advantage should only be slight. And so you can actually only criticise the somewhat outdated Samsung SSD in the M18x. We would currently recommend a manual upgrade (from a cheap HDD) to a more recent SSD of the Intel 510 or OCZ Vertex 3 variety. Dell 9T48V J1KND battery

The cooling system was a little quieter than our 6970M CF review model. On the other hand we did measure slightly higher surface temperatures. This represents a slightly better compromise in our opinion.

The only major drawback is the horrendous price of just over 5000 Euros for this review model. It means the M18x is highly likely to remain a niche product – but an extremely good one.

Review Dell Vostro 1540 Notebook

Dell W7H3N battery Dell expands its own B2B range with the entry level notebook, Vostro 1540, which has a 15.6 inch screen, the common 1366x768 pixels of resolution and a matt surface. In addition to the Vostro 3550 and Vostro 3555 laptop, the Dell Vostro 1540 is the third notebook of this size category and should especially attract price conscious buyers. The starting price is about 369 euros plus value added tax (439 euros including VAT) and thus costs about 20 euros less than the new Vostro 3550. Our test device represents the premium configuration and costs 579 euros w/o VAT, respectively 689 euros including VAT plus shipping. Dell 7012P battery

You get an Intel Core i3-370M dual core processor, a 4 GB DDR3 RAM and memory capacity of 500 GB for your money. Of course, WLAN standard 802.11n and Bluetooth 3.0 +HS are also built in. But you won't find UMTS, USB 3.0 or a docking port. Read in this review, how this basic office notebook fares - or if you should invest a few more euros to get a device with more up-to-date components.


Dell 083KV battery The Vostro 1540 stands out from the other devices with a silver stripe. This laptop is not the right choice for aficionados of designer objects or products. The textured and rubberized display lid adds a small highlight. Overall, the design looks a bit too conservative and dull. But the manufacturer avoids taking a bigger "risk" this way. The plastic case's feel isn't satisfying. The silver edging and display bezel make a cheap impression. In return, the workmanship is solid and doesn't reveal any obvious weaknesses that we would have to mention negatively. Dell 1894W battery

The stability continues the already mediocre image. The wrist rest and keyboard yield visibly and noticeably under slight pressure in the left area. Interestingly, the DVD drive appears to support the case here. On the other hand, strong pressure causes the gap size between the silver stripe and the wrist rest to change. The display lid is also rather instable and can be easily twisted or depressed from the outside. The tightly pulled hinges have to be mentioned favorably as they keep the display in the desired position. Minus points in this aspect remain to be a slight teetering and the fact that the device can only be opened with both hands. Dell 2127U battery

The bottom doesn't have a maintenance cover because the RAM banks and the WLAN module are found directly underneath the keyboard. The hard disk and other components are only accessible after removing a few screws on the bottom and disassembling the wrist rest. Basically, this step is also simple and done within a few minutes.

Battery Life

Dell 4127U battery The older hardware isn't only noticed in performance, because the efficiency of the components has improved significantly with the launch of Intel's Sandy Bridge CPUs. We draw a comparison with the HP ProBook 4530s with an Intel Core i3-2310M including embedded graphics. The Dell Vostro 1540 with an Intel Core i3-370M consumes between 9 and 17.2 watts in idle mode. Thus, the laptop is on about the same level as current multimedia laptops with a significant performance plus. An example from this division would be the Medion Akoya P6631 notebook. The above mentioned comparison configuration consumes a maximum of 12.6 watts in office use, which results in a difference of 26.7 %. Dell 8027U battery

The rates of our test device and the HP notebook are equal during load (51.6 to 51.2 watts). However, we must point out the average is a lot lower in the newer ProBook and that it nevertheless bids a plus of performance. Although the Vostro 1540's hardware was state-of-the-art about a year ago, this power consumption is no longer acceptable and the majority of potential buyers will likely opt for the latest and not inevitably more expensive hardware. Dell BAT-I5000 battery

The battery life, in combination with the included 6 cell battery, suffers under the consumption rates. Overall, it results in a weak range between 4 hours and 40 minutes in idle mode (BatteryEater's Reader's test) and 82 minutes during load and maximum screen brightness (Classic test). The assessment "Surfing via WLAN" represents a realistic average. But the resulting battery life of 3 hours and 27 minutes isn't really satisfying, either. The HP ProBook 4530s, with newer Intel hardware, reaches a battery life of about 8 hours, whereas there are configurations that manage up to 10 hours. Dell BAT30WL battery


The Dell Vostro 1540 is an average office laptop for users without big demands. The case's design is unexciting and the feel isn't high-end. The scope of interfaces, the communication options and the matt 15.6 inch screen are acceptable, but nothing special. The hardware configuration isn't cutting edge with an Intel Core i3-370M, but the processor's performance can keep up with the Intel Core i3-2310M. However, the graphics and multimedia performance comes too short. The biggest drawback is likely the CPU's comparatively poor performance and the short battery life. Dell IM-M150261 battery

In view of this, the usual short warranty period of only 12 months (B2B) and the not directly accessible hard disk are only minor minus points. Overall, it's not a special laptop that is available for starting at 369 euros plus VAT. And this takes us to the next major drawback: The Dell Vostro 3550 with Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs and a more attractive design only costs 20 euros more. The new Vostro 3555 with AMD's Llano APUs even cost 40 euros less with a price starting at 329 euros. Dell IM-M150261-FR battery In view of this fact, we find the Vostro 1540 too expensive. In our opinion, it should sooner be on the price level of HP's 635 for around 299 euros including VAT.







Review Sony Vaio VPC-SE1Z9E/B Notebook

Sony ventured into the business field with the Vaio SB range (13.3 inch) in the spring of 2011 (docking port, 3G, matt TFT, etc.). VGP-BPS9/S The Vaio SB1Z9EB (upgrade: SB2L1E/W) was basically a coherent business bundle, but messed up in the rating with its color and viewing angle weak screen, as well as high system noise during CPU load.

Will things now get better? The 15.5 inch laptop with the same looks and features (docking, etc.) brings a Vaio Plus screen with a Full HD resolution into play. If the system noise is now also all right, the 13.3 inch SB would therewith be straightened. VGP-BPS9/B So much will be revealed: There is an improvement. Find out why it's still not enough for a "Very Good" in the final rating in our comprehensive review of the Vaio VPC-SE1Z9E/B.


Black or silver. Sony sells the low-priced (silver) and the higher priced (black, test device) versions of its Vaio SE model in these colors. The matt surfaces are good to handle, but not too dull. Fingerprints only play a secondary role in the life of this Vaio. VGP-BPS9A/B They are barely visible. The case is made of a combination of plastic (interior, display bezel) and light magnesium (lid, base tray). Thus, the Vaio SE is very light for a 15.5 inch device: 2033 grams. Typical for a 15.6 inch unit would be 2.5 kilograms.

The black plastic insides are fairly slip-proof and bid a lot of room for resting the hands. The wrist rest fits absolutely tight but we can depress the key field with moderate pressure to an extent. The Vaio SE doesn't have a perfectly stiff base unit. The area around the optical drive has a good stability. But we can twist the whole chassis with both hands to a certain degree. VGP-BPS13/Q

This also applies to the lid. Its hinge isn't pulled tight and the lid is kept very unstably in place. The stop at the maximum opening angle is soft (about 140 degrees) and the hinge jerks creakingly at its stop at this moment. The lid's hard magnesium surface prevents stronger yielding, but the diameter of 15.5 inches is too much for it. The teetering lid is the hinge's biggest shortcoming (e.g. bumpy road trips by car). The lid is contrasted with a narrow plastic strip in the front area. It can prevent the unsightly wear of the painted magnesium surface. VGP-BPS13/S

The big maintenance cover on the bottom leads to the hard disk, WLAN module, RAM (1 socket) and battery. The latter can also be removed for permanent desktop use.


sony pcga-bps21/s battery

The Intel Core i7-2640M (2x2.8 GHz) is still scarce on the market. It is the fastest dual core processor from the Sandy Bridge generation and can clock up to 3.5 GHz via Turbo 2.0 (overhead with good cooling). VGP-BPS13A/B

The DDR3 memory controller and an Intel HD Graphics 3000 are embedded in the processor. A dedicated AMD Radeon HD 6630M (1024 MB), which can be disabled via graphics switch (power mode Stamina/Speed) is also installed. Thus, users have the control over the active GPU. This array is supported by six gigabyte of DDR3 RAM. 4096 MB of that is soldered to the mainboard and 1x 2048 MB are inserted. The system can be equipped with a total capacity of 8 GB. VGP-BPS13A/Q

Is the fastest i7 dual core worthwhile or does the less expensive Core i5 model, for less than 1000€, suffice? We first compare the single core computing speeds with Cinebench R10 Single 64 bit. It should be extremely strong due to Turbo 2.0, which can even boost the clock over the wattage of 3.5 GHz for a short period. An adequately dimensioned cooling system is a requirement for this. VGP-BPS13A/S

The i7-2640M (2.8-3.5 GHz) manages 5470 points when calculating on one core. That is only slightly more than the i5-2430M achieves in perfect conditions (4800; Sony Vaio VPC-EH1S1E). The 2620M, the predecessor CPU (2.7 GHz), which is found in many subnotebooks, manages 5479 points at best (good cooling system, e.g. LifeBook S751). The predecessor CPU has the same score? Since the 2640M in the Schenker XMG P701 PRO manages a better 5642 points, both results indicate an inferior cooling system. VGP-BPS26

The result looks different when all cores are processing (closer to reality). The i7 2640 reaps in 3.13 points in Cinebench R11.5 64 bit. That is more than the i5-2540M (also 4 threads) with 2.67 points (Samsung Chronos 700Z5A-S01DE). The suspicion of a poor cooling system isn't confirmed: The Schenker XMG P701 PRO with a 2640M achieves an almost equal 3.17 points. PCGA-BPS22

We could rule out throttling in case of sole CPU load in another test (following three screenshots): The processor stress test, Prime95 (multi core), starts with 3.3 GHz only to stay at a steady 3.1 GHz after about two minutes. Only when graphics load is added at the same time, in this case with Furmark, a throttling to 2.9 GHz to 800 MHz can be provoked every ten seconds. As soon as the graphics load is closed, the clock again rises to a stable 3.1 to 3.3 GHz immediately. PCGA-BPS21A

In short, the difference in processing speed of the i5 and the i7 dual core configuration is measurable, but low. Users who need higher multi core computing power (e.g. video rendering, image processing) should prefer an i7. CPU throttling only is shown in an (unrealistic) scenario with simultaneous GPU stress.

Battery Life

VGP-BPS9A/S The Vaio test device's idle power requirement is between 10.4 watts (energy saving, minimum brightness, wifi off) and 25.2 watts (high performance, maximum brightness, wifi on). Especially the maximum measurement is surprising. Such rates aren't typical even for 45 watt Intel quad core laptops nowadays (e.g. i7-2630QM, Gigabyte P2532N, 12-19 watts). The battery was fully charged.

VGP-BPS9 The Vaio SE1 54 62 consumes up to 87 watts in the stress test (CPU+GPU 100%) when the clock quickly changes due to the temperature (clocks: 800 MHz, 2.9 GHz, 3.1 GHz). Prime95 (CPU load only) needs 74 watts for itself (no throttling). Furmark (GPU load only) treats itself to 61 watts. The Vaio SE1 with a Core i7 thus definitely needs the 90 watt power adapter (323 grams).

VGP-BPS10 The 15.5 inch device with its 49 watt hour lithium polymer battery (4400 mAh) is disappointing in battery life. It's only enough for 2:40 hours when surfing on the Internet (via WLAN). The battery life was measured in Stamina mode (Intel HD 3000) with a brightness of roughly 100 cd/m2. The Vaio SE can last for a lot longer with lowest brightness, wifi modules off and idle. The Reader's Test first finished after 5:35 hours. It is 3:20 hours with a Blu-Ray movie. 2:38 hours pass before the next session can start again (charge time). Due to the low wifi runtime, mobile users, who would otherwise be attracted to the Vaio SE, are forced to purchase the battery slice. See docking station & battery slice Sony Vaio SA and SB for a review of these accessories in the smaller Vaio SB (13.3 inch). VGP-BPS13


All that glitters is not gold. Nevertheless: Hopes of a balanced combination of professional work device and entertainment suitable consumer have basically been met. Sony builds in the contrast and viewing angle strong Full HD screen that many have been waiting for. Adept laptop users know that such a high-end screen isn't a matter of course in a market that bargains for the best price when buying components. VGP-BPS13S

The second core issue is the system noise. It has improved and the user only has to live with a tolerable maximum of 40 dB (A) during normal load. On the other hand, the waste heat has unfortunately climbed and tops the Vaio SB 13.3 inch laptop by almost 10 degrees (bottom up to 56 degrees).

VGP-BPS13AS Where the 13.3 inch notebook of the Vaio SB series still offered four to five hours of battery life, the 15.5 inch Vaio SE blunders: 2:40 hours don't knock anyone's socks off nowadays and aren't enough for this price range. The optional battery slice can lessen this shortcoming, but it costs extra and makes the laptop heavier.

The input devices are upper midrange and can't achieve the perfection of a HP EliteBook or Dell Latitude. Here, the feedback is too weak and there, the touchpad keys have a too short stroke. On the other hand, the layout is very spacious and it has a keyboard light. VGP-BPS13B/S

sony pcga-bps21/s Charger

The new dual Core i7-2640M (2.80 GHz) isn't easily surpassed in performance. Together with the gaming suitable AMD Radeon HD 6630M, users are well equipped for the next few years. There is no explanation why Sony cuts back on RAM and installs an odd number of 4 + 2 GB at a laptop price of over 1500€. Fans of performance and silence will miss an SSD. Even a model for a bit more than 100€ would have increased the system performance greatly and also eliminated the quiet HDD clacking. VGP-BPS13B/Q

All and all, we can ascertain that the weak points in the SB series (TFT, system noise) have been eliminated or, in other words, the SE series hasn't inherited them. In return, the battery life and waste heat have deteriorated. The pros and cons are evened out and the rating "Good" remains unchanged in the end. Although we did it in this case: A comparison between the SB and SE range is only possible to an extent due to the classification of subnotebook, respectively multimedia. VGP-BPS13B/B

Buyers who value a very good Full HD TFT should take a closer look at the Vaio SE series. The entry level model, Vaio VPC-SE1E1E (silver rather than black) with a Core i5 and without 3G/Blu-Ray is available for just under 1000€. The same Full HD screen (VAIO Plus display) is also part of this version.

Review Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 18382DG Tablet/MID

Sony-vgp-bps13S When you think of tablets, you probably first think of the Apple iPad 2, the Motorola Xoom or the Asus Transformer. But from now on, you should remember this name too: the Lenovo ThinkPad tablet (model 18382 DG). Why? It's quite simple: everything those tablets can do, the Lenovo tablet can also do - and more.

The ThinkPad tablet is based on the Nvidia Tegra 2, which works with a speed of 1 GHz and has 1 MB of RAM. In addition the ThinkPad tablet is equipped with wifi, GPS reception and a 3G/ UMTS modem. The hard drive in our model is a generous 64 GB. That should be enough to start with. It makes similar tablets like the Motorola Xoom or the Sony S1, with their base level of onboard memory at 32 and 16 GB respectively, look practically miserly. Sony-vgp-bps2a

The Lenovo tablet's memory can also be expanded using ordinary SD flash memory cards.

For the display, Lenovo has not gone for any old cheap panel, but has chosen an IPS display with a screen diagonal of 10.1 inches. And with the resolution too, Lenovo has not made any compromises; in this device it is 1280 x 800 pixels.

And the Lenovo ThinkPad tablet has still more to offer: for example, a good price. With the specs named above, the tablets costs around 666 Euro at present (high street price including tax, as of 1/10/2011). In the Lenovo web shop the 64 GB model costs 749 Euros including tax. Sony-vgp-bps2b


Visually, the Lenovo ThinkPad tablet is immediately striking. With dimensions of 14 x 58.4 x 181.7 mm it is not one of the slimmest tablets, and so initially it appears rather bulky. You also have to have a good grip on it because of its weight; at 750 g, the ThinkPad is not exactly the lightest tablet around. To compare: the iPad 2 weighs only 613 g, although the Motorola Xoom is similar to the Lenovo at 730 g. Sony-vgp-bps2c

The chassis is black all over, and for the material the manufacturer has opted entirely for plastic. This has the disadvantage that the back of the tablet can easily be pressed inwards. From time to time the two parts of the case shell creak if you press too hard on the tablet. We would have expected a slightly more superior first impression from something with the ThinkPad branding. VGP-BPS8A

Around the 10.1 inch display, Lenovo has left lots of room for holding the tablet. Four relatively large buttons stand out and put one in mind of a harmonium. These are not just touch-sensitive buttons, as with many other tablet models, but real mechanical buttons, almost like those on a keyboard.

Battery life

VGP-BPS8B The Lenovo tablet's energy consumption when recharging is substantially higher than for 7-inch tablets, but with a maximum of 8.7 Watts it is on the same level as the other 10-inch machines. Our readings also showed that the recharging adaptor barely drew any electricity (0.2 Watts) when the tablet was switched off. However, in stand-by mode, the adaptor uses a little more (0.7 Watts).

VGP-BPS8 The Lenovo tablet's battery (2-cell, lithium polymer) has a capacity of 24.1 Wh. Recharging is performed using the charging adaptor (included) with a USB output and the appropriate USB cable. Alternatively the tablet can be charged via an ordinary USB port on your PC or notebook. In the last case, the recharging process will probably take longer.

VGP-BPL8 Even with the charging adaptor which is provided with the tablet (5.35V, 2A), recharging the battery takes patience. A completely empty battery can take up to 24 hours (!) to reach 100% battery capacity again. We tried out all the settings we could find on the tablet, but always with the same result: the recharging process could not be hurried.

But this is intentional. We found the relevant notice in the handbook on page 36. Only once the tablet dock is available (a forthcoming expansion) will a fast recharging method be supported. VGP-BPL9

dell precision m6600 battery

If the battery takes so long to recharge, it should at least last for a long time throughout our battery life test scenarios. Or so you would think.

With heavy use, where stress is put on the Tegra 2 CPU, we observed a battery life of 6 hours and 2 minutes. Once recharged, we started the second test. In this case, for surfing on the net via WLAN, the display was set up so that the screen contents would be easily readable. During the test, different web sites were loaded in turn. The battery held out for 9 hours and 45 minutes in this scenario. VGP-BPS10

In the next test an H.264 video was played continuously at maximum screen brightness. All wireless, GPS and 3G connections were deactivated at this point. In this situation we measured a battery run-time of 7 hours and 3 minutes.

As a final test, the tablet didn't have to do much at all: WLAN/ GPS/ 3G/ Bluetooth were deactivated, and the screen set to minimum brightness. In this mode the battery lasted for more than 14 hours. PCGA-BP7

A maximum 14 hours of battery life, and then 24 hours plugged in to the mains to recharge? It is a mystery to us how Lenovo imagined this would work in practice.


The Lenovo ThinkPad tablet is able to impress us in almost every respect, at least to begin with. It has a first-class, capacitive IPS display, lots of memory as well as wifi and 3G connectivity. Everything you would expect in a mobile device. PCGA-BP71

The ThinkPad tablet represents a successful entry into the tablet world for Lenovo. At times it really makes the competition look old in terms of functionality, connectivity and price. Whereas other tablets only offer 16 or 32 GB SSDs, Lenovo trumps this with 64 GB. Nor has Lenovo cut corners with the 10.1-inch display; the IPS panel used here is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass from impact, scratches and wear and tear, and significantly increases screen readability outdoors at the same time. PCGA-BP71A

Inside the ThinkPad tablet is a 1 GHz Tegra 2 chip made by Nvidia, as in many other similar devices. The tablet's performance is at the level you would expect.

The major negative aspect that emerged from our testing was the battery, not in terms of its stamina - in fact the tablet was convincing once again in this respect - but in terms of the recharging cycle which is most definitely too long. The battery sometimes needed over 24 hours to recharge to 100% capacity, when using the charging adaptor supplied with the tablet. This has a significant negative impact on our rating of the battery. PCGA-BP71AUC

The current high-street price of the 64 GB model with wifi and 3G is 666 Euros. The ThinkPad tablet pen costs about 33 Euros in the Lenovo web shop.






Acer 3ICP5/65/BB

Review Toshiba Satellite Z830-10J Ultrabook

Toshiba starts off into the era of high performance subnotebooks with the Satellite Z830. As an ultrabook, the 13.3 inch device promises a battery runtime of five hours and a system boot in less than seven seconds. ACER TravelMate 8473G battery The device places itself seamlessly in the list of comprehensively reviewed ultrabooks, which are almost all available on the German market.

Our review Acer Aspire S3-951 (13.3 inch)
Our review Asus Zenbook UX31 (13.3 inch)
Our review Asus Zenbook UX21 (11.6 inch)
Our review Lenovo IdeaPad U300s (13.3 inch)

Toshiba sticks to its line and transfers the look & feel (materials) of its Portégé and Satellite R models to the new device category. Although the silver looks and the partly brushed surface (wrist rest, lid) suggest aluminum, the case is made of a light magnesium aluminum alloy with a honeycomb structure (inside). The latter give the perceptibly thin surfaces a good stiffness. ACER TravelMate 8473T battery

The manufacturer's aim is clear: The ultrabook should be as light-weight as possible and as stable as necessary. The attempt is successful because the 1110 gram, 13.3 inch Z830 weighs less than the 11.6 inch Asus Zenbook UX21 (1147 grams). The 13.3 inch Toshiba Z830 even has a longer battery life. In contrast, the other ultrabooks are real heavy-weights: Aspire S3 (1400 grams), Asus Zenbook UX31 (1300 grams), Lenovo IdeaPad U300s (1300 grams). ACER TravelMate 8473TG battery

The wrist rest, single areas on the bottom and the display lid can be dented with little force. This does not diminish the quality because Toshiba ensures a very good torsional stiffness of the base unit due to an inner reinforcement. The case is even supposed to survive a drop test from a height of 76 cm on a steel plate (on its sides). The manufacturer let the Technical Control Board execute this test in addition to a pressure test (100 kg surface), which the Z830 passed. In an analogy to the plastic apron for cars, it can be said: It's probably just the slightly yielding chassis that makes the Z830 resistant. ACER TravelMate TimelineX 8473G battery

The almost wafer-thin lid warps very easily and looks more like a piece of cardboard. The hinges fit tight on the case and let the lid stop softly at about 135 degrees. The hinges could use a bit more traction, though. The lid closes on its own when the device is shaken.

ACER TravelMate TimelineX 8473T battery The lid has a narrow rubber lip at its upper edge that lies on the case when it's closed. The small gap that needs a fingernail to be opened is impractical in hectic situations. The device's bottom is absolutely even and there is no maintenance opening. The RAM (2 GB built-in, 2 GB inserted) can be upgraded. The entire bottom can be removed for this.


acer bt.00307.034 battery

The Intel Core i5 2467M (default: 1.60 GHz, Turbo up to 2.30 GHz) is an energy efficient, ultra low voltage dual core processor from the 2011 Intel Core generation (Sandy Bridge). It is currently the only available CPU alternative for the Z830 in Germany. The identical Portégé Z830 is sold with an i7 2677M or even i3 2367M processor in the USA. The former is installed in the Asus Zenbook UX21E, an 11.6 inch device. ACER TravelMate TimelineX 8473TG battery

The RAM has the usual capacity of 4 GB (DDR3). Two gigabytes are soldered to the mainboard (on board), and two are inserted. The Intel HD Graphics 3000 is integrated on the CPU (shared memory). The Z830's actual acceleration during work is provided by its 128 GB mSATA 300 SSD from Toshiba (Toshiba SG2 Series, 32 nm, THNSNB128GMCJ). The price in (very rare) retail: 260€. The slim case doesn't accommodate a 2.5 or 1.8 inch disk, but a module with a size of 3x6 centimeters instead. Acer Aspire One D250 battery


The (1.6 GHz) Core i5 2467M's TDP is 17 watts (35 and 45 watts are usual for laptops). In contrast to the Intel Core i7 2620M (dual core, 35 watts) frequently used in 13 inch devices lately, the TDP is a lot lower. However, the standard clock is also comparatively low. But just how much slower does the low voltage i5 calculate in comparison to a 2620M, as it's for example built into a Vaio SA2Z9E (13.3 inch)? Acer Aspire One D250-1Bb battery

The processor test, Cinebench R11.5 (64 bit, multi core processing) rewards the Z830 with 1.91 points. This result is duplicated in all repetitions as well as on battery power (3 runs each). The 2620M manages 3.03 points and the i7 2677M, in the UX21E, 2.13 points. Our ultrabook with a Core i5 CPU is thus only a bit below the processing speed of a Core i7 ULV processor. However, it can only just keep up with the Core i3 2330M (2.1 points) among normal laptop processors. Acer Aspire One D250-1Br battery

Turbo 2.0 does its job without complaint. That isn't a matter of course in a slim case. The clock during the Cinebench multi core test was 2.1 GHz. The clock drops to (stable) 2.0 GHz at most when Prime95 simulates high load on all cores. This is within the Turbo range and is well above the standard clock of 1.6 GHz. Short: Turbo 2.0 works perfectly in our CPU benchmarks. Acer Aspire One 10.1 inch battery

System Performance

PCMark Vantage and PCMark 7 both assess the application performance as a whole. The results of the Z830 is 8731, respectively 2951 points. This seems little when compared with the Asus UX21E (11054 and 3612 points) or the Samsung Series 9 900X3A (10833 and 3448 points). Normal i7 dual core notebooks without an SSD only achieve about 2000 points (Vostro 3350). The subjective speed is agreeably fast. Installations are finished in no time and programs are loaded within fractions of a second. Acer Aspire One 8.9 inch battery

Battery Life

Power Consumption

The consumption measurements from the outlet (battery charge: 100%) show a modest ultrabook. We only measured five watts in idle (minimum). The TFT screen can increase this up to 10 watts with maximum brightness, keyboard backlight and operating mode "High Performance" (CPU/GPU-idle). The Z830 fares well here; even the 11.6 inch Asus UX21E has a power consumption of 6.6 to 11.1 watts. Acer Aspire One A110 battery

The power consumption triples in maximum load (36 watts). When the i5 2537M is busy with only the processor stress test, the Z830 consumes 31 watts (stable @ 2.0 GHz). The power consumption increases to 32 watts when the 3D benchmark, Furmark, is added.

Battery Life

Acer Aspire One A150 battery The Z830 can only meet Intel's demand for an ultrabook battery life of at least five, better seven, hours when the user limits his activities to reading or typing with dimmed light. The Z830 achieves a runtime of 4:27 hours in the WLAN test. The brightness was set to 100 cd/m2 for the test.

The Z830 needs three hours to recharge the built-in battery. When power-use can't be avoided, the battery is empty after 120 minutes. A look at the other ultrabooks shows that their battery life isn't much better: A Lenovo U300s manages five hours, an Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook (HDD version, Core i5) only 3:30 hours (both WLAN test) and an Asus UX31 also only manages five hours. Acer Aspire One D150 battery


The Toshiba Satellite Z830 10J changes hands for a grand. The user benefits from the lightest 13.3 inch ultrabook (1110 grams) of all times. Even the MacBook Air 13 is heavier with 1330 grams. The magnesium aluminum lightweight construction is very similar to the Satellite or Portégé R series (see R830). However the weak points, such as the wobbly screen, have been eliminated.

ACER Aspire One P531h-1766 battery Compared to other ultrabooks, the Z830 has many interfaces, and the majority is even handily located at the rear. The backlit keyboard unfortunately doesn't grant a business-style typing comfort due to its short key drop. However, the layout is very good. The battery life of 4:27 hours in practical use (WLAN test) regrettably fails Intel's 6 hour demand. Since 9:30 hours are possible in idle, users very well have optimization options when reading or typing emails. The matt and fairly bright screen displays pallid colors, but we can still recognize the content acceptably (doesn't dim on battery power). ACER Aspire One P531h-1791 battery

We quite liked the performance with Toshiba's 128 GB SSD and Intel's Core i5 2467M (1.6 GHz), especially because the performance is never throttled (thermal throttling) and is even available on battery power (not GPU performance).

acer bt.00307.034 Charger

Unfortunately, the biggest drawback comes from the base plate: The fan permanently rotates audibly even though the measured level of 31.4 dB (A) is low. The buzzing quality will be annoying for the silent-PC fan. Toshiba should make improvements via fan management or constructive modifications. Until then, the fan will remain to be the only real fault of the otherwise overall well-designed Toshiba ultrabook. ACER Aspire One P531h-1Bk battery

Review Toshiba Satellite L750-16W Notebook

Toshiba's Satellite L750 range clearly targets private customers. Toshiba advertises it as a stylish design piece for little money. However, the buyer's wallet shouldn't be too small either. The L750-16W costs €700 and if the Satellite will be seen as a design piece lies in the eye of the beholder.

The specifications give hope for good performance: A new Intel Core i5 and the Nvidia GeForce GT 525M are built in as key components. The Satellite L755 is identical to the Satellite L750 range, but the latter has a superior configuration and also a higher price. ACER Aspire One P531h battery

The Toshiba L750-16W will be available in a gray-black design in stores. The display lid and the wrist rest are made of light gray, glossy plastic. There are different sized, bright dots on it, which merge to a diamond pattern when looking at it from a distance.

The Satellite L750/L755 series is also available in black, white, red and chestnut brown. We have a Satellite L750 in zinc gray in review.

The display lid is made of glossy, black plastic just like the loudspeaker bar, and the gray dots are also found here. The bottom is made of black plastic and has two maintenance covers. ACER Aspire One Pro 531f-2G64Bk battery

All corners and edges of the laptop are rounded. Users who want to maintain the surface shine will have to polish the many glossy surfaces often. Greasy stains and fingerprints also become quickly visible on the plastic.

The Satellite is remarkably rigid. The display lid can be dent clearly, but no color distortions are passed on to the screen. The hinges are strong and have a good grip on the screen. But the base unit has to be held down to open the laptop because it would otherwise lift up along. ACER Aspire One Pro 531h-1G16Bk battery

The area of the optical drive can be dented a bit on the bottom. The rest of the notebook hardly yields. The area between the keyboard and display seem particularly stable. The base unit can't be warped and doesn't emit any creaking noises.


The Toshiba Satellite L750/755 is available in many various configurations. Processor options range from the entry level Intel Core i3 2330M, the midrange processors Core i5 2410M and 2430M, up to the high performance Intel Core i7 2670QM. Intel's integrated HD Graphics 3000 or Nvidia's entry level graphics cards, GeForce GT 520M or the GeForce GT 525M can be selected as the graphics solution. ACER Aspire One Pro 531h-1G25Bk battery

Moreover, Toshiba advertises a Blu-Ray drive on its homepage that isn't available in any model of the range until now.

An Intel Core i5 2430M and an Nvidia GeForce GT 525M is installed in our Satellite L750-16W. Regrettably, Toshiba doesn't implement Nvidia's Optimus Technology, which activates the Intel HD Graphics 3000 integrated in the processor during undemanding graphic tasks and thus saves energy. Therefore, the HD Graphics is permanently disabled while the GeForce GT 525M has to calculate even the most basic tasks and unfortunately increases the power consumption a bit. More about that in Battery Life. ACER Aspire One Pro 531h-2G25Bk battery

The memory solutions are designed generously. The hard disk has an unformatted memory capacity of 750 GB and rotates with a faster 7200 revolutions per minute. The main memory is a fast 8 GB DDR3 RAM which clocks with fast 1333 MHz in Dual Channel Mode.

Power Consumption

acer travelmate 5744g battery

Acer AP12A3i The power consumption isn't the notebook's biggest strength. Since the Optimus Technology hasn't been enabled by the manufacturer, the Nvidia graphics card also works in idle. As a result the idle rate of 12 watts is rather high despite an energy efficient processor. Notebooks with Optimus manage a power consumption of less than 8 watts in idle. The notebook even consumes power like "a big one" during load. The Satellite L750 could be mistaken for a basic gaming notebook in view of 78 watts. This energy hunger is inappropriate in relation to the available performance. Acer 3IDF5/65/BT

Battery Life

A 48 Wh lithium ion battery is used in the Satellite L750. The laptop manages a runtime of good four and a half hours with that. This battery life can only be achieved with disabled network adapters, the lowest screen brightness level and a basic text, such as displaying a text document.

Our WLAN surf test, where we simulate surfing on websites in medium brightness, is a lot more realistic. The notebook lasts for 220 minutes, which should be enough for most users. Acer 3IDF5/67/93

The Satellite only lasts for 127 minutes when playing a DVD in maximum display brightness. This is enough for a 90 minute children's movie, but it gets quite tight when watching a longer movie, such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2, with a runtime of only 125 minutes.

The minimum battery life under load is determined with BatteryEater's Classic test. It loads the CPU and GPU by rendering a moving 3D object. The Satellite only lasts for not quite 80 minutes - an acceptable rate. Acer AP13D6F

The battery needs 137 minutes to recharge.


The Toshiba Satellite L750 can't excel in our test. The design is contemporary and the base unit is stable so that the case is well suited for private customers. The connectivity is up to date, but not outstanding. All state of the art interfaces are available with HDMI and USB 3.0 and users shouldn't be missing any interfaces.

The keyboard is good, but the gaps between the keys could have been a bit wider. The numpad will delight users who have to enter long number columns. On the other hand, the touchpad is a bit imprecise and not palpably separated. Thus, the fingers tend to quickly slide off the touchpad. Acer AP13D7F

The screen is reflective and not very bright. Consequently, it isn't very convincing in bright surroundings. As more often than not, the contrasts and viewing angles are also limited. The processor is strong enough for most applications. Throttling occurs when the processor and graphics card are loaded by demanding games or programs. It lets the processor clock drop to only 800 MHz. Acer 3ICP5/65/BB

The hard disk is very fast and stores enough data. The Satellite is only suitable for games to an extent. For one thing, the performance is slowed down considerably during load peaks. The laptop remains agreeably cool and fairly quiet during routine tasks. In return, the power consumption is quite high for a notebook of this performance category.

Acer 3ICP5/65/88 Overall, the Satellite L750-16W is aimed at users who need a solid notebook, but don't want to squeeze out the last MHz of performance. The processor's performance is easily sufficient for editing pictures or videos.






TOSHIBA Satellite T135 battery

Review Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E130 NZU5FGE Subnotebook

Lenovo launched its ThinkPad Edge series in 2010. The pro sides of a ThinkPad - in particular everyday suitability and very good inputs - were to be made available to everyone for a low price in form of the Edge. TOSHIBA Satellite M327 battery It began with the Edge 13 subnotebook (HD 3200, AMD Turion Neo X2 L625), followed by the 15.6 inch Edge 15 and in late 2010, the Edge 11 was released. Although Lenovo has always reserved a place in its series for AMD's components, the first and today's 11.6 inchers are based on an Intel platform. The Core i3 380UM has now been replaced by the Pentium 977 (Sandy Bridge).

TOSHIBA Satellite M328 battery The AMD alternative E135, in review at the same time, should not be kept secret. A steep price of EUR 700 (RRP) was demanded for the Intel-based Edge from late 2010. Today, Lenovo only demands EUR 375 for the free-DOS version; our Windows system is available for starting at EUR 430 on the virtual shelves.

We wrote it in the first paragraph: The 11.6 incher convinces in many fields. Is it a phenomenal offer for little money? Is the market-share groping manufacturer giving away its devices in order to sell as many as possible? Find out in the review whether there are really no drawbacks.3 TOSHIBA Satellite M332 battery

One thing is certain: The handy chassis does not try to catch attention with daintiness. A weight of 1518 grams is over the average of other 11.6 inch devices. The Aspire V5-171 weighs 1326 grams and Asus' UX21E in an aluminum unibody reaches 1147 grams. Even Wortmann's 14 inch 1450 II ultrabook has a better weight/inch ratio with 1634 grams.

TOSHIBA Satellite L750 battery The weight of the angular casing with rounded corners is noticed accordingly. The Edge E130 nevertheless has a nice feel to it; the non-slip yet sleek surfaces of both the wrist rest and lid are pleasant to use. A red lid is optionally available besides the black one. We would refer to our upcoming review of the E135 sister model (AMD version) for more details. This laptop features exactly the same casing, interfaces and build-quality.

TOSHIBA Satellite M336 battery Like in previous Edge models, the i-dot of both ThinkPad logo's (lid + wrist rest) are illuminated by a small, red LED (permanent when in use / blinks during sleep). The hinges keep the lid connected very securely to the base unit. That is favorable for transportation, but we need both hands for opening the lid anyway. The opening angle has shrunk to approx. 135 degrees due to the lowered hinges (Edge 11= 180 degrees). The hinges are not made of solid metal; they are underneath a silver-colored plastic cover.

TOSHIBA Satellite M338 battery The plastic chassis proves to be very pressure resistant and the screen's stiffness is outstanding for this price range. We can only dent its surface by applying high force. The base unit warps marginally. The user will notice this when the laptop is picked up at a corner (opening). However, it would be bold to expect a highly rigid chassis in this price range. The battery fits tight in the case and leaves a gap above the keyboard when it is removed, for example during permanent AC-mode.


TOSHIBA Satellite M339 battery Two CPU versions of the Edge E130 are available currently: The Pentium 977 (in our test device) represents the entry-level model and starts at EUR 390 as well as the Core i3 2367M as the premium model that starts at EUR 540. The Pentium 977 sports two cores with a clock of 1.4 GHz. The 17 watt CPU from the Sandy Bridge architecture (2010 - 2011) makes an outdated impression because it was replaced by Ivy Bridge in mid 2012. Turbo Boost and Hyper Threading are unknown features for the Pentium as well as for the alternative Core i3 2367M. In the following paragraphs, we will assess whether the i3 performance advantage justifies the high surcharge.

TOSHIBA Satellite M500 battery The integrated graphics is Intel's HD Graphics. 4096 MB of working memory from Hynix are inserted as a single 4GB bar and Seagate's Momentus Thin 320 GB HDD complete the bundle.


Basically, the Edge E130 is a good subnotebook. Thus, interested parties may ask whether the Pentium 977's (1.4 GHz) computing power is sufficient or whether the expensive Core i3 version represents a more solid investment for the future. Furthermore, there is also the APU-based Edge E135 that even only costs EUR 350 without Windows. TOSHIBA Satellite M505 battery We compare the computing performance by using Cinebench R11.5 64 bit single and multi-core test.

The following bar graph shows that AMD's E2-1800 (E135) is 32% faster than the Pentium 977 when calculating graphics only. However, it is hopelessly inferior in pure CPU load. The alternate i3 2367M is a bit better with its superior HD 3000 in the GL test (+18% Toshiba Z830). The advantage of 23% in the multi-test is also within limits.

TOSHIBA Satellite M505D battery In a nutshell: Performance fans will neither be happy with the Pentium nor the Core i3. If ThinkPad advantages are only secondary, it might be worthwhile to take a look at Acer's Aspire V5-171 featuring a Turbo Boost Core i5 and HD 4000. By the way, both CPU and graphics performance are also available on battery power. The tests showed similar results (OpenGL test also).

Gaming Performance

TOSHIBA Satellite M600 battery The gaming performance is accordingly moderate. However, the HD Graphics or Radeon HD 7340 (Edge E135) only differ in detail. The performance impression is very bad across the board. Even Fifa 13, marked in green, occasionally stutters in minimum details and was partly unplayable in medium details. The E135's performance was almost the same in this game.

Battery Life

Power Consumption

TOSHIBA Satellite M640 battery Low power requirement always points to a good runtime, providing the manufacturer did not make cutbacks in battery capacity. This is fortunately not the case in view of 63 watt hours. The power consumption ranges between 7.5 watts in idle mode and 33 watts during high performance (3DMark 2006). A 3DMark 2006 needs 27 watts and is representative for games.

TOSHIBA Satellite M640D battery The E135 APU system is only marginally more efficient: we measured 7.7 to 10 watts in idle (minimum/maximum). However, the load situations make the difference, where the E2-1800 laptop only consumes 24 to 29 watts (3DMark 06/stress test). Consequently, the E135 should provide longer runtimes during heavy use (battery and screen are identical).

The 65 watt PSU is designed very generously for this power consumption. It recharges the battery completely in 2:41 hours even during maximum load.

Battery Runtime

TOSHIBA Satellite M645 battery The battery runtimes even easily satisfy high demands. In cases where the Aspire V5-171 and the Travelmate B113-M exhibit weakness due to their 37 watt hour batteries (three hours), the much cheaper Edge E130 runs for six hours. We are talking about the Wi-Fi test using a brightness of 150 cd/m2 (slightly lowered), energy-saving mode and disabled Bluetooth. A script opens a website, some including video contents, every 40 seconds.

TOSHIBA Satellite P740 battery The E135 APU model runs for exactly the same 368 minutes. APU-based models can run for a longer time, like Samsung's 305U1A proved early this year. The 11.6 incher lasted for 8:27 hours (507 minutes). The battery is first completely drained after 3:15 hours even during constant CPU load induced by BatteryEater Classic test.

However, the fairly high weight of 1.518 kilograms has to be accepted in favor of the good battery life. The too dark screen is unfortunately not as ideal for outdoor use. The battery's charging behavior can be modified via the Energy Manager. If you waive on half an hour of runtime, so only enable a battery charge of 95%, you can increase the battery's service life. TOSHIBA Satellite P745 battery


Complaining on a high level is part of a notebook tester's job. A rating of 86% however defuses any larger points of criticism. The customer gets a solidly built subnotebook for starting at EUR 375. It is neither extremely thin nor extremely lightweight. In return, the input devices are beyond any reproach and the non-slip surfaces are a delight.

TOSHIBA Satellite P745D battery Performance fans will turn their backs on a 5400 rpm hard disk and Pentium processor. Everyone else will be satisfied by the Office performance because it is fused with a runtime of over six hours. The not very bright but matte screen is unfortunately not as suitable for use on the terrace.

The 11.6 inch laptop is always adequately quite in the office. Extensive peripherals can be connected owing to two USB 3.0 ports and HDMI/VGA. A USB 3.0 dock featuring ports for external screens is certainly a tempting idea to prevent a cable mess. In terms of software, the ThinkVantage tools make a clearly arranged and sensible impression.

TOSHIBA Satellite P750 battery If you now believe this device is a personal must-have, you might want to wait a few days for the in-depth review of the look-alike Edge E135. The sister model features AMD's E2-1800 APU (HD 7340) and a swift 7200 rpm HDD.

Review Lenovo B570-M58G4GE Notebook


TOSHIBA Satellite P750D battery The CPU in our test model is the middle-class dual-core Core i3 2330M. Customers should not expect the processor to set any records, as the CPU runs at 2.2 GHz. However, thanks to the "Hyperthreading" feature, the dual-core processor can work on 4 threads simultaneously. The Turbo Boost feature (which can be found in the Core i5 and i7 models) is not available for the Core i3 series.

We compare the results of the Core i3 processor against the Core i5 CPU to see if the i5 is worth an extra 80 Euros. We used the Cinebench 11.5 (Multi CPU) benchmark to record the performance of the three processors. The i3 scored 2.12 points, whereas the i5 2410M can score up to 2.61 and the 2430M can top that score with a maximum of 2.71 points. TOSHIBA Satellite P755 battery

In Cinebench 10 (Single CPU), the performance gap widens further. Core i5 processors profit from their Turbo Boost feature. While the Core i3 of our test model scored 3599 points, the 2410M scored 4670 and the 2430M scored 4809 points. Users interested in more performance, and willing to pay extra for it, should pick the Core i5 processors.

TOSHIBA Satellite P755D battery In comparison to other models with the same processor, the B570 can score quite high in the Cinebench benchmark. Competition, such as the Chiligreen Platin TS, is beaten by the B570 in this benchmark. On the other hand, the Asus Pro P53E beats the B570. Thankfully, the difference in performance is not very great (a few percent).

System Performance

TOSHIBA Satellite P770 battery We used the PCMark benchmark from Futuremark to measure the system performance of our test model against that of the competition. The benchmark simulates processes, such as, picture editing, video acceleration, and surfing on the Internet with multiple tabs open. Finally, a score is calculated and we enter it into our extensive benchmark database.

Our test model scored 4613 points in the PCMark Vantage. A laptop with the Core i5 2430M, such as the Dell Inspiron 14z (N411z), and the same 5400 rpm HDD and HD Graphics 3000 IGP can score 6806 points - almost 50% more. TOSHIBA Satellite P770D battery

The B570 placed at the top of the bottom one-third models in our database. This is a significant achievement for an entry-level office notebook of this price-class.

In PCMark 7, the B570 left the Chiligreen Platin TS (same CPU/GPU and slightly faster HDD) behind in the dust with 1816 and 1583 points respectively. The Dell Inspiron 14z (equipped with the i5 2430M) scored 2271 points here (+25 %).

Battery Life

Power Consumption

TOSHIBA Satellite T110 battery The power consumption of the B570 is in the expected region for a device of this price class. Thanks to the processor's IGP, the laptop has a low idle consumption value of 6.8 W. With full load (CPU and GPU at 100% load) and highest display brightness, the laptop reaches its maximum consumption of 54 watts. The power adapter delivers 65 watts, easily covering this maximum value.

Battery Life

TOSHIBA Satellite T110D battery The run time is usually the deciding factor for laptops of this price segment. We used the Battery Eater tool to measure the run time. In the idle test, the test simulates the reading of a text document. The laptop is set to minimum brightness and wireless modules are switched off for this test. The B570 reaches around 7 hours in this test - a good value.

TOSHIBA Satellite T115 battery WLAN surfing with changing websites (which have Flash content and videos), and brightness set to around 150 cd/m², can drop the run time to 3.5 hours. Reading more text articles instead of watching videos should increase the run time enough to reach 4 hours.

The B570 delivers a decent 205 minutes (3h 25min) for DVD playback. The director's cut of the classic movie, "The Boat", which has a run time of 208 minutes, can not be played entirely. However, films with a standard run time can be played easily till the end. If the notebook is placed under high load, the battery is depleted after 1 hour and 19 minutes. TOSHIBA Satellite T130 battery


The Lenovo B570 is a matter of preference - it may please some users and disappoint others. However, the laptop is cheap - 420 €. For that price, the customer receives an overall sturdy office notebook which is very sturdy.

TOSHIBA Satellite T135 battery This laptop offers enough performance to fulfill its purpose. Swapping out the RAM or HDD for a better module is a simple matter thanks to the easy-to-access flap on the bottom of the notebook. The keyboard is a dream-come-true for users who type a lot. The B570 also has low emissions - it is rare for a notebook to score 94% in the Emissions test in our reviews. Users, who plan on keeping the laptop for home use, will not have a problem with the reflective display. The brightness is sufficient for indoors use.

TOSHIBA Satellite U battery Although the Lenovo B570 is nowhere as good as the ThinkPad series, it does offer good quality for its price class. The laptop is available with a standard one year warranty, which can be extended for a premium.






TOSHIBA Satellite C600 battery

Review HP Pavilion dv7-6c07eg Notebook

The Pavilion dv7 is a 17 inch multimedia notebook from HP which puts most laptops and a few desktop PCs to shame in terms of performance. The laptop houses a fast Core i7-2670QM, Radeon HD 7690M graphics, a Blu-ray optical drive, 8 GB of RAM and a 1 TB hard disk. Fujitsu FPCBP250AP

Even in the past, many of the models from HP's Pavilion series have offered great hardware for a reasonable price. In fact, we just recently tested the dv7-6b02eg and it performed so well in our tests that we had to give it a spot in our Top 10 list of the best DTR (Desktop Replacement) notebooks.

Fujitsu FPCBP281 The dv7-6c07eg will cost between 900 to 950 Euros and is aimed at price-conscious buyers who do not need the anti-glare Full-HD display found in the sister model. We have tested the WXGA++ panel in the past and reached the conclusion that the panel's performance is patchy at best.

We look forward to testing this laptop and comparing it to its competition: the Nvidia GeForce GT555M (in the Asus N75SF and the Dell XPS 17) and the AMD Radeon HD 6850M (found in the Acer Aspire 7750G). Fujitsu FPCBP282

Like its predecessor, the test model before us employs a silver and black color scheme. The brushed aluminium surfaces and smooth shapes of the notebook give it an air of elegance, which is accentuated by the well-placed logos and stylish inscriptions.

Fujitsu S26391-F795-L400 The case is a mix of synthetic material and metal. As in the past, this mixture is very impressive: the base of the laptop is extremely sturdy, and the usual weak spots found in a laptop, such as the area above the optical drive or the region above the keyboard, are impervious to pressure. There are some small flaws in the workmanship: our test model has a visible gap (front left side - next to the card-reader). At this spot, the case is separated from the base of the laptop. In our previous tests, HP models always had good workmanship and so we consider this to be an isolated flaw only found in our test model. Fujitsu S26391-F956-L100

The user should take care not to exert too much force while opening and closing the laptop, so as to protect the average hinges. These two stiff hinges hold up the display but can not stop the screen from shaking when the laptop is moved.

Overall, the Pavilion dv7 has good workmanship (with the exception of the gap). In comparison, the Asus N75SF (which costs around the same) and the Acer Aspire 7750G score lower in this department. However, the high-quality Dell XPS 17 scores higher than our test model and takes the lead. Fujitsu S26391-F956-L200


The Core i7-2670QM in our test model is a quad-core CPU from the latest Sandy Bridge generation. In comparison to its predecessor, the Core i7-2630QM, the 2670QM operates 200 MHz higher: at 2.2 GHz. Turbo Boost 2.0 allows the CPU to overclock up to 3.1 GHz and the SMT technology allows the processor to work on up to 8 threads simultaneously. Fujitsu S26391-F974-L500

The CPU is based on the Sandy Bridge architecture. The Sandy Bridge processors are manufactured in the 32 nm format and are expected to be replaced by the next Intel generation, Ivy Bridge, in a few months. The processor of our test model has a TDP value of 45 watts and is well-suited for a 17 inch DTR notebook.

Fujitsu FPCBP200 The graphics output is provided by a (more or less) new Radeon HD 7690M from AMD. We are familiar with this GPU (HP Envy 17), and most of its specifications have stayed the same as the older Radeon HD 6770M. The GPU has 480 ALUs (96 5D shaders) which run at 725 MHz and 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM (graphic memory) which uses a 128 bit memory interface and runs at 800 MHz.

Fujitsu FPCBP200AP Although the processor supports memory up to DDR3-1333, HP has equipped the Pavilion dv7 with two fast 4 GB DDR3-1600 modules from Samsung. The storage space of 1000 GB is also quite generous. Details about upgrading can be found under maintenance.


Our benchmarks show how powerful the Core i7-2670QM is. The CPU scores 5.23 points in Cinebench R11.5 and trumps even fast desktop CPUs, such as the Core i5-2400. In the single thread test (only one core runs), Turbo Boost and the great per-MHz performance of the architecture help the processor deliver excellent results: 4894 points in the older Cinebench R10 (both benchmarks are 64 bit). Fujitsu FPCBP215AP

In everyday use, the user will rarely ever encounter a program which makes the processor break a sweat. Even demanding programs and tasks such as Photoshop or video encoding are accomplished by the 2670QM without a problem. Typical middle-class processors such as the Core i5-2430M are only half as fast at their peak. The performance gap between the older i7-2630QM and the i7-2670QM is relatively small: 5-10%. Fujitsu S26391-F777-L200

Hard disk

Despite the high hard disk prices, the Pavilion dv7 boasts a 1000 GB hard disk from Toshiba (MK1059GSMP). HP uses up to 25 GB for two recovery and driver partitions, but this barely affects the overall storage space.

The hard disk runs at 5400 rpm and works with a 8 MB cache. Sadly, it can only deliver average performance (as shown by HD Tune). On average, the drive delivers around 70 MB/s, which is an average value for a typical hard drive. The access time of 17.5 milliseconds is relatively good. However, in comparison to modern SSDs: access times of 0.1 milliseconds and read speeds up to 500 MB/s are possible with the latest SATA III interface. Fujitsu S26391-F795-L600

System Performance

Thanks to the powerful hardware, the laptop has great system performance. 8488 points in PCMark Vantage and 2456 points in PCMark 7 - some of the best scores we have seen from a notebook without a SSD. Despite being equipped with equally fast hardware, the Asus N75SF and Acer's Aspire 7750G fall behind slightly in the benchmarks.

Fujitsu S26391-F886-L100 An ExpressCache solution or SSD would make the Pavilion dv7 the ultimate DTR laptop. As long as the user has enough money to buy an SSD, upgrading the laptop by adding a SSD should not be hard. The start time of Windows (40 seconds) or applications, and even installations and other tasks, can be cut down with a modern SSD.

Gaming Performance

Synthetic benchmarks are good for roughly estimating the potential of a hardware component. Game tests are far more practical and give us a realistic idea of how much performance a graphics card can deliver. Fujitsu FMVNBP195

Our first game test was Fifa 12. Even low-end laptops can run this game with high frame rates, and as such, our high-end laptop ran it without a hitch at maximum details, 4x anti-aliasing and Full HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels).

The racing games Dirt 3 and F1 2011 are far more demanding and make the Radeon HD 7690M break a sweat. Deus Ex Human Revolution and Mass Effect 3 are also very demanding games which can only be run fluidly if the user sets the resolution to 1366 x 768 pixels. Fujitsu FPCBP274 However, as long as the resolution is kept low, the user can activate anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering. Lowering the details allows the laptop to run the games at the native resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels.

The most graphically demanding games we ran on the test model were Skyrim, the latest addition to the Elder Scrolls saga, and the strategy game Anno 2070. Although both games were still playable at high settings, we recommend running them at medium settings to get the best gaming experience. A resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels with anti-aliasing allows the games to run at over 40 fps. Fujitsu S26391-F545-B100

The previously-mentioned similarity between the 6770M and the 7690M is reflected by our measurements. The latest drivers usually deliver higher performance but we were not able to see such an increase with the 7690M. To conclude, the Pavilion dv7 performs at the same level as other notebooks with a GeForce GT 555M or a Radeon HD 6850M DDR3, as is confirmed by the results of the previous 3DMark benchmarks. Fujitsu S26391-F545-E100

The surface temperatures of the Pavilion dv7 lie comfortably low. Without load, we measured 25 to 26 degrees Celsius on the surface and the bottom of the notebook. This indicates that the test model is quiet conservative when idle.

The case remains quite cool even when the CPU and GPU are running. Despite, the case temperature rising by 5 degrees Celsius and a few hot spots in the vicinity of the ventilation opening, the notebook can still be used on the lap. Fujitsu S26391-F545-L100

We used the rendering test of GPU-Z to put the Radeon HD 7690M under high load. This test is not intensive enough to represent what might happen in the worst-case scenario. Still, together with Prime95, we simulated a load on the laptop which is not possible, or at least not common, in everyday use: the CPU reached up to 94 degrees Celsius and the GPU reached 79 degrees Celsius. The processor throttled slightly and the clock frequency dropped from 2000 to 2100 MHz. In games and applications, this throttling will not be present, and even in benchmarks right after the stress test, we were not able to detect any drops in performance. Fujitsu FMVNBP197 Still, a more powerful cooling system would be desirable, so as to take into account high surrounding temperatures.

Battery Life

Power consumption

Modern laptops can be quite conservative while idle even if they have a quad-core CPU and a middle-class GPU. This is thanks to the dynamic graphics-switching technology. AMD's Switchable Graphics perform quite well and help the Pavilion dv7 to mantain good values between 11.5 and 18.1 watts. Unlike its predecessor, our test model saves a few more watts. Fujitsu FPCBP276

At 71 W (maximum 85 W) under load, there are barely any changes. This high power consumption is acceptable considering the performance offered by the notebook. The Asus N75SF and the Dell XPS 17 (both use GeForce GT 555M) consume much more and deliver the same performance. Interesting: the Acer Aspire 7750G is slightly more conservative (in 3DMark 06) although it uses the Radeon HD 6850M. Fujitsu S26391-F547-L100

Battery Life

The relatively low power consumption means that the 62 Wh battery has a quite long battery life. The notebook lasted more than 6 hours in the Battery Eater Reader's test (with the brightness at minimum and power-saving options all on).

Surfing via WLAN (150 cd/m², "Power Saver" mode), is possible for a considerable 4 hours and 46 minutes. Long movies are not a problem for this 17 inch laptop.

FUJITSU FMVNE6HM Although the Battery Eater Classic test does not simulate a full load scenario, the run time in this test drops to 77 minutes. Demanding games or applications will need the laptop to be plugged into a power outlet. The 120 W power adapter offers more than enough power and requires a mere two hours to fully recharge the battery.


HP's Pavilion dv7-6c07eg is a very attractive packet. For slightly more than 900 Euros, the user receives a potent 17 inch multimedia laptop which delivers high program and game performance - despite the fact that neither the Core i7-2670QM nor the Radeon HD 7690M are much different from their predecessors.Fujitsu CP335311-01 The pricing is quite fair, considering that the laptop is equipped with a Blu-ray drive and a 1000 GB hard disk.

The sturdy case is also worthy of praise. The laptop shines thanks to the brushed aluminium. Our test model does have a few workmanship flaws, but we believe that this is only a flaw in our test model as our experience with previous models from HP has been good. Still the manufacturer should make efforts to avoid such mistakes.

Fujitsu FPCBP175 The display desperately requires improvement. The screen has a native resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels and works harmoniously with the hardware of the laptop. Sadly, the screen is nowhere near as good as the Full HD panel of the dv7-6b02eg. The manufacturer should also consider improving the relatively loud cooling system. With the exception of the above-mentioned flaws, the laptop has very few weaknesses which could ruin the overall good impression of the Pavilion dv7.

Fujitsu FPCBP198 Nvidia fans will want to take a look at the Asus N75SF or Dell XPS 17, as they offer great displays and impressive sound systems. We recommend the purchase of the HP Pavilion dv7-6c07eg as it offers great performance for a reasonable price.


HP ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT Laptop Review

If the HP ProBook 6465b looks familiar to you, it's certainly understandable. Back in January, we reviewed the HP ProBook 6465b-LY433EA and found it to be a fairly capable — if cost-restrictive — business notebook. This iteration of the ProBook 6465b doesn't vary too drastically, as the notebook features the same plastic and metal exterior, along with identical connectivity options. Fujitsu FPCBP234

In addition, the keyboard deck and chassis are all the same.The big differences come in with the 6465b-LY433EA's internals — it is based upon the AMD A4-3310MX CPU and features an integrated ATI Radeon HD 6480G GPU, among other internal changes. Despite the lack of major updates, though, is the HP ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT worth a purchase? Read on to find out. Fujitsu FPCBP234AP


On paper, the ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT features components in line with most entry-level 13-inch business notebooks. Beyond the previously mentioned 2.1 GHz A4-3310MX and ATI Radeon 6480G GPU, our review unit also came equipped with 4GB of DDR3 1333MHz RAM and a 320 GB 7200 RPM hard disk drive. The ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT internal specifications are also within throwing distance of the ProBook 6465B-LY433EA. Fujitsu CP335319-01

In Cinebench 10 and Cinebench 11.5, the ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT's scores were respectable, but regularly fell behind the scores of its competitors. Interestingly, the ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT's scores were mixed compared to the ProBook 6465B-LY433A — 64-bit scores for the ProBook 6465B-LY433A were 2190 points, 7209 points, 3327 points, 2.01 points, and 13.17 frames per second. This was due, in part, to several differences between each CPU. While the LJ489 relies on a dual-core APU compared to the LY433A's quad-core APU, its higher clock speed results in the higher test-by-test score. Fujitsu FPCBP176

However, the ProBook 6465B-LY433A and ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT both managed to eke higher Cinebench 10 and Cinebench 11.5 OpenGL rendering scores than other similar notebooks. For instance, both ProBook 6465B models scored around 13 frames per second in Cinebench 11.5's OpenGL test — by comparison, the Intel HD Graphics 3000/Core i3-2310M Acer Aspire 3750-2314G50MNkk only scored 8.63 frames per second. Fujitsu FPCBP176AP

System Performance

Against comparable Intel-centric laptops such as the Core i3-2310M/HD Graphics 3000-based HP ProBook 4430s-XU013UT, though, the ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT was blown out by considerable margins in our PCMark Vantage and PCMark 7 benchmarks. In each program, the ProBook 4430s-XU013UT scored 5303 points and 1995 points, respectively. In addition, the Toshiba Portege R830-110 saw a similarly high PCMark Vantage score of 5186 points. Fujitsu FPCBP233

Within wPrime and Super PI, benchmark results were similarly unexceptional. In both benchmarks, the ProBook's scores were nowhere near those for current Core-i3 based notebooks. For instance, in wPrime's 32M test, the ProBook's score of 41.5 seconds was closest to the Core 2 Duo-based HP EliteBook 2530p (41.9 seconds) and the AMD Athlon II-based HP Compaq Presario CQ62-A04sg (40 seconds). Fujitsu FPCBP233AP

Graphics Solution

In 3DMark testing, the ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT was much closer to its immediate competitors, scoring within extremely close margins to other Intel HD Graphics 3000 based notebooks. By comparison, in 3DMark 06 and 3DMark Vantage, the Intel HD Graphics 3000-based ProBook 4430s-XU013UT recorded scores of 3498 and 1504 points, respectively.

Fujitsu FPCBP251 Surprisingly, even the ProBook 6465B-LY433A — despite touting an ostensibly better GPU with the AMD Radeon HD 6520G — featured benchmark scores that were virtually the same as the ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT in 3DMark 06, 3DMark Vantage, and 3DMark 11 (3322 points, 1588 points, and 552 points, respectively). After stress testing the ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT and running 3DMark 06 a second time, we also saw no signs of performance throttling. Both the A4-3310MX and Radeon GPU ran at their advertised speeds. Fujitsu S26391-F518-L200

Gaming Performance

The ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT's ATI Radeon HD 6480G is intended to provide more graphical processing power when compared to other integrated graphics solutions. In practice, though, the picture is somewhat mixed.

While the HD 6480G can provide passable performance in older titles, it is incapable of providing adequate frames per second in more recent titles. For instance, when the ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT was set to low graphics settings in F1 2011, the notebook performed smoothly, though barely past 30 frames per second. Fujitsu-siemens S26391-F405-L810

Once the graphics settings were increased within F1 2011, frame rates quickly nosedived. In newer games such as Alan Wake and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the HD 6480G saw similarly immediate performance struggles. in both titles, the ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT was unable to come anywhere near 30 frames per second at the lowest possible graphics settings. Once graphics settings were increased, both titles quickly became unplayable due to nearly single-digit frame rates. TOSHIBA Portege M916 battery

Battery Life

The ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT's 55Wh battery clocks slightly below batteries from competing laptops such as the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E320 (63Wh) and Dell Inspiron 14z (65Wh). Still, the ProBook's battery managed to remain marginally competitive against similarly built notebooks.

On the inside, the ProBook 6565B-LJ489UT's battery touts specifications that are to expected for an entry-level notebook. The HP CC06XL battery touts a six-cell structure and adds an additional .72 lb (.323 kg) to the ProBook. TOSHIBA Portege T130 battery

During all four tests, battery life was measured with Battery Eater Pro. We placed the laptop in several different usage situations to find how long the battery would last under different but discrete conditions. Under idle usage — where the ProBook was left on at minimum brightness and with WLAN disabled — the laptop lasted for 7 hours and 21 minutes. TOSHIBA Portege T131 battery

This came in slightly above HP's own maximum battery rating of 7 hours and 15 minutes. In other areas, performance left something to be desired. During our WLAN surfing test, which intends to simulate the load that basic web browsing would place on the battery, the ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT's battery lasted for around four hours. Here, though, the battery's limited capacity hit its first noticeable wall. During the WLAN test, the ProBook performed nearly identically to the Lenovo IdeaPad U400-09932DU (4 hours, 11 minutes), which touts both a Core i5-2430M CPU and a 54Wh battery. TOSHIBA Satellite A660 battery

However, it also fell behind the similarly built Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E320. Although the ThinkPad features comparable internal specifications, the larger battery allows for it to garner a considerable lead against the ProBook 6465-LJ489UT — the ThinkPad pulled 6 hours and 58 minutes of battery life during its WLAN test.

TOSHIBA Satellite A660D battery Interestingly, this tendency didn't stay consistent during our load testing. During this test, the ProBook had WLAN enabled and brightness maximized while an OpenGL rendering occurred to find the minimum time that a battery can last when the notebook is placed under load. Despite touting its larger battery, the comparably built Core i5-2430M-based Dell Inspiron 14z lasted nearly exactly as long as the ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT (1 hour, 50 minutes compared to 1 hour, 51 minutes.)


TOSHIBA Satellite A665 battery As their names might suggest, both ProBook 6465Bs share many things in common beyond aesthetics. The build quality remains similarly high on each model, but considering the assorted internal differences, the ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT is more of an expansion than a complete evolution within the ProBook line. And in terms of performance, this ultimately presents a mixed picture.

TOSHIBA Satellite A665D battery Within the ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT, the AMD A4-3310MX CPU provides strictly entry-level performance. Cinebench 11.5 scores notwithstanding, benchmark results were largely near or below those from comparable Intel Core i3-based laptops. In addition, the ProBook's ATI Radeon HD 6480G certainly makes it possible to play games other than Solitare, but the GPU's limited processing power severely limits the notebook's ability to run more recent titles. Against the Intel HD Graphics 3000 GPU, for instance, the advantage in gaming benchmark performance on the ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT was virtually nonexistent. TOSHIBA Satellite C battery

At the same time, though, the ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT's entry-level price tag ($649 USD) combined with respectable battery life and heat dispersion abilities add an important qualifier. Going strictly by performance benchmarks, the ProBook 6465B-LJ489UT doesn't possess an exceptional advantage when placed next to a comparable Intel-based counterpart. But at a relatively competitive price, the notebook offers a compelling alternative for consumers who place cost over performance. TOSHIBA Satellite C600 battery

And, really, that sums up what you'll be getting from the ProBook 6565B-LJ489UT. While the ProBook's AMD A4-3310MX CPU and integrated ATI Radeon HD 6480G GPU might not raise any eyebrows, the notebook's competency virtually everywhere else makes it a consistent — if unimpressive — utility business notebook.








Acer TravelMate TM5742-X742DPF battery

Review Asus G75V Notebook

We take a look at the hottest new gaming laptop, the 17 inch Asus G75V, weeks before the official launch of the highly anticipated Ivy Bridge generation. Our test system is a hand-finished pre-production model and should closely resemble the shipping product. Acer TravelMate 8573G battery Of course, it's always possible that the manufacturer will change a few details before the release (fan control, software, etc) - but that shouldn't have a major impact on our review.

In comparison to the old G74, the new model has seen significant external and internal updates. Let's start with the graphics card: instead of the GeForce GTX 560M, the G75 uses the much faster GeForce GTX 670M. This high-end graphics card does not use Nvidia's new Kepler architecture, but the performance increase is still significant. According to our sources, there will be models with the slower (but Kepler-based) GeForce GTX 660M. Acer TravelMate 8573T battery

The processor has also been upgraded. The G74SX employed a member of the Sandy Bridge family (like the Core i7-2630QM), whereas the G75V uses a new Ivy Bridge CPU. The Ivy-based Core i7-3720QM is one of the fastest mobile processors in the world (2.6 GHz/3.6 GHz max turbo). The installed 16 GB DDR3 RAM (4x4GB) is an indication of the machine's high performance target.

The secret highlight of the G75V is the 3D-ready 120 Hz display (includes Nvidia 3D Vision 2). The notebook lives up to its premium standard and offers a Blu-ray burner and a 256 GB solid-state drive plus 750 GB hard drive. The operating system is Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. Acer TravelMate 8573TG battery

In the coming weeks, the configurations available in Europe (and most importantly Germany) will be announced.


The G75 resembles its predecessor quite a lot on the outside. The dark-grey surfaces of the top of the notebook are made of resistant rubber which can only be dirtied by greasy fingers.

The first significant difference is found on the back of the laptop. The manufacturer has moved the cooling vent (placed near the middle in the G74) outwards once again (see G73). More differences are found on the right and left side of the test model: instead of keeping a dark tone on the entire case, Asus has used a nice silver-grey streak to freshen up the look of the case. Acer TravelMate TM5740 battery

Asus has given the G75 an amazing design which jumps at the eye as soon as the laptop is opened: the sides of the notebook as well as the speakers and the keyboard base are a stylish silver (aluminum). The palm rests, which use slightly rougher rubber than the top of the laptop, are also dark-grey. Acer TravelMate TM5740-X322 battery

Our review sample is a hand-finished pre-production model and as such we can not comment on the workmanship of the final product. Overall, we believe that the buyer can expect quality similar to the G74. We can provide detailed comparisons once we get our hands on the finished product.

Let us take a look at the sturdiness, which was a strong point of the G74 and G73. The top and bottom of the laptop only bend under significant pressure, and the display cover can be pushed inwards modestly. Two hands can bend the display significantly. While we are on the screen: the opening angle of 130° is not very accommodating. Acer TravelMate TM5740-X322D battery

The hinges left us with mixed feelings. On the one hand, the base stays still while the laptop is opened, but, the monitor shakes when the base is moved slightly (this applies to almost every notebook).

The 17" G75 is 52 mm thick and weighs around 4.4 kilograms. It's heavy and large but its measurements are, at least, smaller than those of its predecessor.


We have been waiting a long time for Ivy Bridge. The latest Intel generation is not ground-breaking, but the new CPUs do use a smaller 22 nm manufacturing process and unique 3D transistors. Intel considers the new model to be "Tick+" ("Tock" would be a completely new architecture). Acer TravelMate TM5740-X322DF battery

The die has seen a commensurate shrink from 216 mm² down to 160 - meaning Ivy Bridge is not only faster than Sandy (especially in graphics - see our HD Graphics 4000 benchmark), but smaller as well.

Asus has installed a Core i7-3720QM in our test model - a very powerful quad-core CPU. The processor commands 1.4 billion transistors (Sandy Bridge: maximum 995 million). The clock frequency ranges between 2.6-3.6 GHz under load which places the quad-core processor between the older high-end models: the i7-2920XM (2.5-3.5 GHz) and the i7-2960XM (2.7-3.7 GHz). Acer TravelMate TM5740-X322DHBF battery Great: despite similar performance, the TDP has dropped from 55 W to 45 W. The Core i7-3720QM has a smaller L3 cache in comparison to the Sandy Bridge elite (6 MB vs. 8 MB), but this is not noticeable in the performance benchmarks.

Most features are known from the previous generation. Turbo Boost overclocks the processor automatically and Hyper-Threading allows each core to handle two threads - theoretically doubling the number of available cores. Asus does not offer graphics switching (due to 3D, Optimus is not possible), and this means that the new HD Graphics 4000 remains inactive. Acer TravelMate TM5740-X322DOF battery

System Performance

The system performance lives up to the motto: "No Half-Measures". We have tested faster notebooks, but none have reached more than 20,500 points in PCMark Vantage. Gaming notebooks without a SSD stay under 10,000 points. Worthy of mention: 5,262 points in PCMark 7. The G75 offers great performance - regardless whether it is running demanding 3D programs or everyday applications. Acer TravelMate TM5740-X322DPF battery

Gaming Performance

Users willing to sacrifice Anti-Aliasing or maximum details now and then will be very satisfied with the GeForce GTX 670M. With the exception of some extreme cases, such as Alan Wake or Metro 2033, it performs very well at high settings.

The old G74 reached its limits much faster when running the latest games. Overall, the GTX 670M cruises ahead of the GTX 560M by around 30%. The current elite (Radeon HD 6990M and GeForce GTX 675M - both about 20% faster) beats the GTX 670M easily. Acer TravelMate TM5740-X322F battery

Passionate gamers should pick a faster notebook or wait for the release of the GeForce GTX 680M/Radeon HD 7970M. The AMD model should be an amazing price-to-performance hit (according to our sources). We will stay on alert.

3D Vision 2

Technology and Delivery

One of the most important features of the G75 is the optional 3D display. As mentioned before, the display supports 120 Hz and can use Nvidia's 3D Vision to display 3D content. Nvidia's 3D Vision has been around a while and has matured into its second version. The functionality has not changed from when we tested it, so we will only discuss the basic technology of 3D Vision and the minor changes in 3D Vision 2. Acer TravelMate TM5740-X322HBF battery

3D Vision uses the so-called shutter method. This method requires a sensor (integrated in the display), a suitable monitor (supporting 120 Hz) and shutter glasses. The shutter method combines the two half pictures displayed on the panel so fast that the human eye witnesses a 3D effect. Without the glasses, the user can only see a slightly bloated picture.

In comparison to the first generation, Nvidia 3D Vision 2 offers improved shutter glasses (57 grams). The new glasses are bigger and more comfortable to wear. Although 3D Vision is not optimized for people already wearing glasses, the new shutter glasses do lie more snugly on the nose. Acer TravelMate TM5740-X322OF battery

The integrated battery (which can be charged using a USB cable) provides power to the glasses and can hold a charge for multiple days of 3D use. The 3D Vision box holds a short manual, a small bag and two swappable nose pieces.

Battery Life

The 17-inch G75 lacks switchable graphics (due to incompatibility with 3D Vision) which means that it consumes a lot of power even while idle. The power consumption lies at 30-43 W - slightly above the weaker G74SX (27-37 W). Optimus laptops like the Schenker XMG P702 PRO (14-29 W) or the One M73-2N (10-19 W) smile at these values. 3D applications boost the power consumption and the competition has similar values under load. In 3DMark 06 the laptop required 127 W and in the stress test it consumed a maximum of 170 W. Acer TravelMate TM5740-X322PF battery

It lasted about 2 hours while surfing on the web (medium brightness) and a meager 1.5 hours while playing a movie (maximum brightness). In the Classic Test from Battery Eater, the laptop lasted a mere hour. As the G75 is designed to be a DTR, we believe that the battery life should not affect its use much.

Playing on the G75 while it is running on battery is not recommended as the three games we tested (Modern Warfare 3, F1 2011 & Anno 2070) all had massive frame rate drops.

Verdict Acer TravelMate TM5740-X522 battery

The G75 corrects many of the G74's shortcomings. Asus hasn't fixed everything (like the middling connectivity), but three video interfaces and four USB 3.0 ports compensate somewhat for the lack of eSATA and Firewire.

The modified case seems more compact and the silver keyboard base contrasts nicely with the rubber surfaces of the laptop. The fan is somewhat accessible now but the maintenance possibilities are nowhere near those of Clevo and MSI models. Acer TravelMate TM5740-X522D battery

The G75 has also inherited the strengths of the series. For example, it's relatively quiet. In contrast to many competitors, the G75 does not become too loud or too hot under load. The generous touchpad and lighted keyboard make the laptop even more attractive.

We also get great hardware and great performance: 16 GB DDR3 RAM, a Blu Ray burner, a Solid State Drive, a quad-core Ivy Bridge CPU, and a high-end graphics card - this model is a dream for gamers and entertainment fans.

Acer TravelMate TM5740-X522DF battery Thankfully, Asus has not neglected picture quality. The matte panel supports 120 Hz and outperforms the competition: high brightness, great contrast, and satisfying colors. In addition, thanks to the 120 Hz support and Nvidia's 3D Vision technology, the display provides an intense game experience (Be careful: in 3D mode, frame rates drop by roughly half).

It is a pity that due to the 3D technology, the laptop can not use graphics switching - 1-2 hours of normal use is poor, even for a DTR. At 4.4 kg, the G75 is also on the heavy side.

Overall, we can't complain. Asus has done a fine job and made the G75 a great DTR. Despite a few flaws, the test model walks away with a rating of 88%. Acer TravelMate TM5740-X522DHBF battery



Review Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

Industry giants like Asus and Lenovo have already presented their Ultrabook offerings - now, with some delay, the American computer specialist Dell comes into the fore: the XPS 13 is the Texan business' first Ultrabook to hit the market. Even if analysts currently forecast conflicting sales forecasts for the still young market segment, one thing is clear: the future is in stylish ultra-mobile notebooks.

Acer TravelMate TM5740-X522DOF battery Equipped with high-performance hardware, the XPS should be optimally-equipped. Different configurations are available: the cheapest has a Core i5-2467M and a 128 GB SSD, whilst our top model has a Core i7-2637M and 256 GB of storage space. All variants have the same 13.3-inch display with 1366 x 768 pixels, 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and an irremovable battery that should allow for 9 hours away from a power source.

Acer TravelMate TM5740-X522DPF battery Performance, mobility and quality - this all doesn't come for free. In Dell's US online store the Ultrabook is available between 999 and 1499 US Dollars, yet over here it's priced at 1149 Euro (Core i5, 128 GB), 1299 Euro (Core i5, 256 GB) and 1499 Euro (Core i7, 256 GB) respectively. That's quite the sum of money, yet the competition is priced similarly. In previous reviews, the Asus Zenbook UX31 and the Samsung 900X3A fared particularly well, whilst the ancestor of all Ultrabooks, Apple's MacBook Air, should not be forgotten. Acer TravelMate TM5740-X522F battery


Fashion accessory instead of a simple tool: the design aspect is, for many customers, a particular attraction of an Ultrabook. With selected materials, curved edges and a look as minimalistic as it is elegant, the XPS 13 is blatantly stepping on Apple's feet. On the outside it's in a metallic silver-grey, forming the right contrast to the matt-black base unit. Many a person may call this boring amidst today's popular colour combinations on notebooks, yet the premium overall impression can't be denied. Acer TravelMate TM5740-X522HBF battery

Even if some competitors can undercut the mass of 1.36 kg (the Toshiba Satellite Z830 only weighs 1.11 kg), Dell's Ultrabook is without a doubt a light-footed companion that will barely be a burden to anyone on the go. A thickness of 18 mm with a footprint of 31.6 x 20.5 cm isn't record-breaking in this category but honestly: who will really notice differences at this scale? Current hardware can't get much more mobile in a 13-inch case.

Acer TravelMate TM5740-X522OF battery Aluminium, carbon fibre and Gorilla Glass - Dell has really done it in style when it comes to the choice of materials. Such choices pay off when it comes to stability that convinces with rarely-seen perfection. Regardless of whether you talk about the palm rests, the keyboard or the underside: the XPS 13 resists a high amount of pressure without any sagging or creaking noises. The edge-to-edge display is on a similarly high level, which has excellent torsional strength despite its thinness. Dell has opted for a more rigid type of hinge, which means that even when the Ultrabook is greatly shaken, there is barely any tilting of the display. The fact that the notebook can't be opened with one hand as a result shouldn't be a problem. Acer TravelMate TM5740-X522PF battery

Although we had a pre-production model in our review, the build quality left nothing to be desired. Metal edges in the user's workspace were smoothed by a clean 45-degree chamfer, transitions between materials and clearances are made to the highest precision. Visually as well as haptically, the device leaves behind an excellent impression and additionally exhibits elaborate details, like a slight rubber surface on the base unit. Acer TravelMate TM5742 battery

Thanks to this exemplary introduction, Dell puts other flawless models in the shadows, like the Samsung 900X3A. At best, the MacBook Air or the Asus Zenbook UX21 can keep up with Dell's Ultrabook here.


The Core i7-2637M currently belongs to the fastest ULV processors based on Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture. With a clock speed of 1.7 to 2.8 GHz (Turbo Boost) it lines up between the Core i5-2467M (1.6 to 2.3 GHz) and the Core i7-2677M (1.8 to 2.9 GHz), where all processors have 4 MB of L3 cache in common. Even if a new generation is impending in the next few months in the form of Ivy Bridge, the feature set is up to date with Hyper-Threading as well as the instruction set extensions AES-NI and AVX. The TDP of the 32 nm dual-core CPU is an economical 17 Watt. Acer TravelMate TM5742-X732 battery

Inside this is also the graphics unit, which is called the HD Graphics 3000. Its 12 shader-ALUs, called "execution units" by Intel, have a low clock speed of 350 MHz, yet can be increased when necessary via Turbo Boost up to 1.2 GHz. The current DirectX 11 standard isn't supported by the GPU and also its performance is at best in the realm of low-cost dedicated cards like the Radeon HD 7470M. A special feature is the HD 3000's ability not only to speed up the decoding of (HD-)videos (Quick Sync) but also the encoding of such videos, for which a special hardware unit is integrated. Acer TravelMate TM5742-X732D battery

4 GB of RAM is standard for today's Ultrabooks, and like other manufacturers it comes in the form of unchangeable DDR3-1333 RAM. A particular highlight of the XPS 13 is also the 256 GB SSD, whose excellent performance - so much is already let on at this point - we will to look at closer later on.


Acer TravelMate TM5742-X732DF battery The enormous Turbo Boost of up to 2.8 GHz (2.5 GHz on both cores) provides fascinating CPU performance from the Core i7-2637M. We obtained a score of 2.25 points in Cinebench R11.5, where the processor lines up above the 35-Watt model i3-2350M. In single-thread measurements the results turn out even better, as shown by the older Cinebench R10 with 4471 points (all results are from 64-bit versions). Both the Core i5-2410M and the i7-2630QM offer a very slightly higher performance in this case. Interestingly the XPS 13 also beats the i7-2677M in the Asus UX21 which is faster on paper, which can be justified by the only slightly exhausted Turbo-Boost of the 11-inch Ultrabook. Acer TravelMate TM5742-X732DHBF battery

Mass Storage

Fast SSDs have lots of competitors in this price range, yet Dell's chosen Samsung PM830 beats (almost) all of them. The drive, connected via the compact mSATA interface, doesn't just have ample capacity at 256 GB, but it also has some of the best performance results that we've ever seen in an Ultrabook. Whilst the Sandforce-SSD of the Zenbook UX31 is slightly in the lead with sequential reading in the AS-SSD benchmark with 500 against 471 MB/s, our test candidate wins the writing duel with 154 against 252 MB/s. It's a close race for small 4K data, where at times one leads, only for the other to lead at other times. Acer TravelMate TM5742-X732DOF battery

Which of the two will finally be crowned victorious? A device can barely perform any better in this domain. A boot time of just 15 seconds should speak for itself. Considering the poor upgradeability of the XPS 13, Dell has made the right decision to use such a large and high-performance SSD, which is also considered to be particularly reliable.

System performance Acer TravelMate TM5742-X732DPF battery

A fast processor, an even better SSD - it's no wonder, then, that we can report peak performance in the overall system speed. After a pass of PCMark Vantage we observed an impressive score of 11682 points, whilst the score of 3823 points in PCMark 7 doesn't have to hide, either. Compared to other Ultrabooks, both results are new records that coming devices should nibble at.

Demanding day-to-day tasks like installing large programs or working with considerable amounts of data, the XPS 13 easily copes thanks to its fast flash-memory drive. Only the excessive use of extremely processor-intense tasks, like high-resolution image- or video-editing, could make you want a quad-core processor with more performance reserves. Acer TravelMate TM5742-X732F battery The main focus for this type of customer of a highly-mobile Ultrabook should, however, barely be in this realm of performance.

Graphics solution

The days of Intel's graphics solutions being barely usable for multimedia purposes like playing HD videos are over. The HD Graphics 3000, the fastest level of the integrated graphics unit of Sandy Bridge processors, offers a thoroughly reasonable 3D performance, at least for the ULV category. 1568 points in 3DMark Vantage are comparable to direct competitors, which considering its very similar hardware components is no surprise. A particular highlight is that the full performance of the chip is available even when running on battery power. Acer TravelMate TM5742-X732HBF battery

Gaming Performance

Although the capability of the device to play games isn't the focus of a thin and light notebook, casual games with satisfactory frame rates should be playable. We chose some current games for a short review of its ability to play games.

Acer TravelMate TM5742-X732OF battery The popular football simulator Fifa 12 belongs to the category of game that is playable even on older or weaker computers. As a game that's not particularly graphically elaborate, the XPS 13 even manages high settings, 2x antialiasing and the native display resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels at a just-playable frame rate of 30 fps. As the frame rate of some moves or replays can be lower than this, we would recommend medium settings.

Horsepower junkies can speed around on rally routes or F1 tracks in Dirt 3 and F1 2011 respectively, yet on our test candidate, greatly reduced graphic settings are a must. Low details are necessary in both games, where 800 x 600 to a maximum of 1024 x 768 pixels allow for playable frame rates. Acer TravelMate TM5742-X732PF battery

The strategy genre is represented by Anno 2070, which can only be played smoothly at the lowest presets due to its high bustle-factor and its detailed graphics. A good rate of 30 fps is completely sufficient for games like Anno, yet the HD 3000 graphics chip should flounder on any future more-demanding successor.


Using an economical ULV processor means that the XPS 13 generally keeps a cool head. Without stressing the hardware, the surface temperatures in the middle are around 28 degrees Celsius, which allows for use on the lap, despite some hotspots. Acer TravelMate TM5742-X742 battery

Under load the Ultrabook is, in the truest sense of the word, a hot device. On the underside we recorded a record-breaking 63 degrees Celsius in the rear area, whilst the palm rest areas warmed up barely over 25 degrees Celsius. If you're worried that you'll burn your fingers after a short time, don't worry: if you don't directly touch the air outlet, the device feels surprisingly cool. Here, Dell's carbon fibre pays off. This material doesn't just provide the concrete-like stability of the notebook, it also has a particularly low thermal conductivity - more than 10 times lower than that of aluminium. In return, however, this makes cooling the components difficult and leads to high fan speeds. Acer TravelMate TM5742-X742D battery

The Core i7-2637M reaches just under 90 degrees Celsius when we bring it to its theoretical load limits with Prime95 and FurMark. We didn't see any throttling in our tests, only the Turbo Boost was greatly decreased (around 1.8 GHz CPU; 1.0 GHz GPU).

Battery Life

Energy consumption

Our test device reports no more than 6.5 to 9.7 Watt when idle. Although the Toshiba Satellite Z830 and the HP Folio 13 slightly scratch at the 5-Watt mark, this is a very reasonable result that we expect from such economical components. Acer TravelMate TM5742-X742DF battery

The maximum energy consumption turns out to be just as inconspicuous, which is estimated to just under 33 Watt at full load. Around half of this should be down to the 17-Watt processor, and other main energy consumers are, for example, the display and the mainboard. We are eager to find out whether the coming Ivy Bridge platform can get more improvements despite identical TDP classifications.

Battery Life

Acer TravelMate TM5742-X742DHBF battery Dell promises up to 9 hours with the help of the integrated 47-Wh battery. In the Battery Eater Reader's Test that we carried out without WLAN and with maximum energy-saving settings on, we could slightly exceed the quoted figure and reached a proud 9 hours and 16 minutes.

As barely anyone loads their notebook by reading text documents, our test candidate has to prove itself in a more practical WLAN scenario at a display brightness of around 150 cd/m². At 5 hours and 12 minutes, the XPS 13 reaches the level of competitors, without really being able to set itself apart from the rest. Acer TravelMate TM5742-X742DOF battery

The battery life in the Battery Eater Classic Test was short, where the user has to plug the device in after just 1 hour and 33 minutes. Only after almost 4 hours of charging was the battery full. This is indeed much longer than Lenovo's U300s, yet in return the CPU's full performance is available to the user.


So is the Dell XPS 13 the perfect Ultrabook? Unfortunately not, even if the manufacturer has done a lot right. Once again let's look in detail at what we found in the review.

Acer TravelMate TM5742-X742DPF battery Above all the high-tech case sits on its throne, made of carbon fibre and aluminium, whose stability and build quality are on an exemplary level. Even amidst its high-quality competition, the XPS 13 occupies a top spot. The manufacturer had a knack for choosing hardware that convinces with its great performance and in the case of the SSD even reaches new high scores. Hardcore gamers won't be happy with the lack of a dedicated graphics card, yet the compact newbie's application performance leaves many a larger notebook out in the cold. Only very few rivals measure up to Dell's candidate in traditional Ultrabook disciplines like mobility and design. Acer TravelMate TM5742-X742F battery

Where there's light there's also shadows - a proverb that can almost be taken literally as once again the display is up for criticism. The reflective and low-contrast panel is only suited for use outdoors to a limited extent, especially under powerful sunlight, despite its good brightness of just under 300 cd/m². Further points of criticism are the rather low feedback keyboard as well as the not optimally tuned fan management, even if we hope for improvements in both areas in later devices from the series. We will shortly get such a device and report on the potential differences. Acer TravelMate TM5742-X742HBF battery

The initially very sparsely inhabited Ultrabook segment is now fiercely contested. Alongside Apple's classic MacBook Air 13 we should point out the alternatives in the form of Samsung's 900X3A and Asus' Zenbook UX31. All three models impress with their display, yet they offer different particularities and merits that you can read about in our respective reviews. In the end the purchase decision is partly a question of taste - and you can't really argue about taste.







Acer TravelMate 8573 battery

Review Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581TG Ultrabook

Acer presents one of the first Ultrabooks with both dedicated graphics and an integrated DVD drive in the Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3 - what a mouthful name! However, the 15-inch device can't really be called a subnotebook, but rather a thin-and-light multimedia notebook. Acer TravelMate 6595G battery

Acer offers the M3 in multiple configurations, yet in each case an Intel ULV CPU is present. The Core i3-2367M (1.4 GHz) with a 320 GB HDD, 20 GB SSD cache and integrated graphics make up the entry level configuration for the device. The specs are upgradeable up to a Core i7-2637M, a fast 256 GB SSD and the aforementioned GeForce GT 640M, as in our test device. For this reason, prices can range from a little over 600 Euro to as much as 1200 Euro. Acer TravelMate 6595T battery The Core-i7 version with a 256 GB SSD is available in Germany as the Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581TG-72634G25Mnk.


Our test model is the most powerful configuration available with a Core i7-2637M processor (1.7 - 2.8 GHz), GeForce GT 640M graphics with 1 GB of DDR3 memory and a 256 GB SSD from LiteOn. Of the 4 GB PC3-10600 DDR3 RAM, 2 GB is soldered onto the mainboard and 2 GB is in the memory slot. Thanks to Optimus, the integrated Intel HD 3000 Graphics is utilized when the system is not under heavy load. Acer TravelMate 6595TG battery


The Core i7-2637M in our test device is an ultra-low-voltage CPU with a TDP classification of only 17 Watts. Thanks to the high Turbo Boost 2.0 mode, the processor unit can be clocked from 1.7 GHz up to 2.8 GHz (if loading only one core). Thereby the performance of our test model reaches, on average, the performance of an entry-level Core i3 or i5 CPU with 35 Watt TDP. An average Core i3-2310M is around 10% behind the i7-2637M in all processor tests and the Core i5-2410M is on average 10% ahead. Acer TravelMate 7340 battery Therefore, the i7-2637M in the Aspire M3 could be compared to a slow Core i5-2410M. The overall performance is, however, very dependent on the use of Turbo Boost and hence the thermal conditions and available power. For example, on our first run of the X264 benchmark, the results were up to 9% greater than the i3-2310M in the same test. During games, you should expect the performance of about a Core i3-2350M from the Acer M3.

System Performance

Acer TravelMate 7740 battery Thanks to the fast SSD and the Core i7 ULV processor, the Aspire M3-581TG attains very good results in PCMark 7. The total score of 3500 points is on the level of an Alienware M14x with a GT 555M, quad core Core i7 and Samsung SSD or the 13-inch MacBook Air. The fastest notebook in our test, the Alienware M18x, is only 32% ahead in raw score.

Mass Storage

Acer TravelMate 7740-352G32Mn battery The LiteOn LMT-256M3M mSATA SSD offers excellent performance results. The Marvel 88SS9174 controller on the M3 is also used on the Crucial m4 and ADATA S501 V2, all of which showed high sequential transfer rates. The 4K transfer rates are the weak point of this SSDs at 21.88MB/s and 39.53MB/s read and write, respectively. However, compared to 10.35MB/s and 20.89MB/s of the Samsung SM256C in the MacBook Air 13 they are still quite good. Only high-end SSDs like the Intel SSD 520 can go the extra mile with 39% raw extra performance on average. Acer TravelMate 7740-353G25Mnss battery

Graphics solution

Acer Aspire 4750G Battery

The most notable feature of the Acer Aspire M3 is clearly in its strong dedicated graphics card, the Nvidia GeForce GT 640M. The GPU is based on the new Kepler architecture and is manufactured in the 28 nm process. Information and benchmarks on the GT 640M will be continuously added and updated on the dedicated GeForce GT 640M page.

Acer TravelMate 7740-434G32Mnss battery The theoretical performance of the graphics card was measured with numerous synthetic benchmarks. The GT 640M doesn't disappoint on the more recent benchmarks and clearly stands out against even the GeForce GT 555M and the Radeon HD 6770M. In the 3D Mark 11 GPU test, the GT 555M on all our test devices only reached 61 to 85 % of the performance of the 640M. The 6770M (now renamed to 7690M) is also greatly left behind at 73 to 80 % of the 640M's performance. Even the GeForce GTX 460M can be beaten slightly in 3DMark 11. On average however, the GT 640M lines up just under the GTX 460M. Acer TravelMate 7740G battery

The older and more processor-heavy the tests become, the more the GT 640M declines in performance. In 3DMark05, for example, individual GeForce GT 555M models are faster.

On the other hand, in the more important real-world gaming tests, one often sees great losses due to the relatively weak processor. As a result, we only looked at the highest detail level on games. The GeForce GTX 460M, for example, performs much better on our gaming benchmarks than on the theoretical tests. However, both the GeForce GT 555M and the Radeon 6770M / 7690M remain behind the new Kepler graphics card in gaming, however. Acer TravelMate 7740G-434G50Mnss battery

Gaming Performance

As explained in the above section, the Geforce GT 640M in the Acer Ultrabook shows very strong performance levels. The relatively weak processor, however, greatly curbs the system, particular at low detail levels. The GT 640M is up to the native display resolution of 1366 x 768 and can run many current games with high detail levels. The promised ultra setting on Battlefield 3 in our demanding benchmark sequence can't be played smoothly, however. Instead, it can only manage medium detail settings. Despite this, the GT 640M is on the level of a Radeon HD 7690M in the HP Envy 17. Acer TravelMate 7740Z battery Only on the very demanding The Witcher 2 we had to lower the settings for smoother frame rates. Less demanding games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 are even playable at 1920 x 1080 and maximum settings with the help of a 1080p external monitor.


Without load, surface temperatures remain uncritical at a maximum of 34 °C. In particular, the important palm rests remain pleasantly cool. When under load, the underside especially heats up and somewhat prevents extended use on the lap. The palm rests also remained adequately cool in our extreme load test. Acer TravelMate 7740Z-P604G32Mnss battery

The internal temperatures reached extremely critical values under our load test. The Geforce leveled off at around 93 °C on the Furmark benchmark whilst the processor cores ranged between 90 and 97 °C under concurrent Prime95 load. The considerable oscillation is explained by continual core throttling to 800 MHz. We also observed thermal throttling in HWInfo32 at times. With only Prime95 active, the cores remained at 81 °C since the entire thermal budget could be exploited. Acer TravelMate 7740ZG battery In Battlefield 3, the graphics card leveled out at a moderate temperature of 84 °C while the CPU cores reached 91 °C at 2.1 - 2.2 GHz without throttling. There's not much leeway in terms of thermal budget for both the CPU and GPU, but both processing units handle the available energy budget between them in a safe manner.

Coincidentally, we also reached the limits of the cooling system during out stress test. When simultaneously running Prime95, Furmark and Battlefield 3 over a long period of time, the system crashed completely. Just prior to the crash, we observed more frequent throttling of the CPU. Acer TravelMate 7740ZG-P604G50Mnss battery

Battery Life

Energy Consumption

Thanks to Optimus and the battery-saving ULV CPU, the energy consumption of the 15-inch multimedia notebook when not under load is exemplary. A rate of 7.9 Watts is on the level of netbooks like the MSI Wind U160. Only the similar-sized Sony Vaio VPC-Z21Q9E managed to consume less power in our review.

Acer TravelMate 7750 battery When under load, the power draw of the Aspire M3 moves into the usual realm of multimedia notebooks with dedicated entry-level graphics cards. For example, the Fujitsu Lifebook AH531 with GeForce GT 525M also requires 55 Watt when running 3DMark06. Devices with similarly high-performance hardware (Medion Akoya P6812 with GT 555M and Core i3-2330M) need much more power at around 61 - 81 Watts under load.

Acer TravelMate 7750G battery When in standby or turned off, our ammeter was unable to record any kind of power draw, meaning energy consumption here is under the sensitivity limits of our instruments.

Battery Life

The 54 Wh lithium polymer battery helps the Aspire Ultrabook on its path to a considerably long battery life. Thanks to the ULV CPU and Optimus, up to 11 hours and 39 minutes in the BatteryEater Reader Test was possible when away from a power source. In our WLAN surfing test with brightness at 150 cd/m2, just over 6 hours was possible. Under load, the Acer reaches a very good battery life of 2 hours and 20 minutes, yet something is cheating here: the CPU was throttled to 1.7 GHz and the frame rates in Battlefield 3 sank from 60-70 to 28 fps. Acer TravelMate 7750Z battery Gaming appears to be hindered and not at full potential if running solely from the battery.

Acer Aspire 4750G AC Adapter/Charger


Nvidia wants to put the "Ultra" in Ultrabooks with the GeForce GT 640M - or so the striking PR statement says. Fortunately, The performance fulfills this statement to no end. The graphics performance of the GT 640M is considerable, all the while maintaining energy consumption to reasonable limits. Admittedly, the Acer under review has very little in common with previous Ultrabooks because of its DVD drive and relatively large 15-inch display. Acer TravelMate 8472 battery If considered as a plain multimedia notebook, the Acer M3 does a lot right. The reviewed model has all the right components for both great gaming on the go and remarkable application performance. Thanks to Optimus, the battery performance doesn't have to suffer here and on average allows six hours away from a power socket (two hours if gaming).

Acer TravelMate 8472 HF battery Unfortunately, it's not all sunshine: heavy loads take their toll on the powerful components and, as a result, they will greatly heat up the underside of the notebook. Furthermore, you'll often get worked up about the touchpad due to its lack of dedicated buttons. Our biggest criticism, however, is the cheap display. Such a display may have been acceptable in the entry-level model, but we can't help but feel that the higher-end configurations should have had higher quality panels.


Review Acer TravelMate 5744Z-P624G50Mikk Notebook

Acer TravelMate 8472G battery Acer's TravelMate range stands for Office devices without frills at a low price. In return, the buyer shouldn't really expect any extravagant design experiments or every last bit of performance.

In this review, we take a closer look at the TravelMate 5744Z which is available in various configurations for starting at around EUR 320. While the basic configuration only has a 2 GB RAM besides a Pentium P6200 and a 320 GB hard disk, our test model (5744Z-P624G50Mikk) is equipped with a 4 GB RAM, a 500 GB memory capacity and Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit version for around EUR 400. Acer TravelMate 8472G HF battery

There are a lot of contenders in the 15.6 inch category available at this price. We chose the HP 630 and the Lenovo B570 for comparisons with Acer's candidate. Who offers the best entry level notebook for little money?

"Plain and functional", these words best describe the Travelmate's design. The notebook that looks a bit unwieldy due to its broad bezel is completely made of dark gray plastic. It is slightly textured in some places and Acer fortunately hasn't used any annoying high-gloss surfaces. Acer TravelMate 8472T battery

Although the feel sooner belongs to the category "cheap hard plastic", the case convinces with high stability. Even stronger, selective pressure on typical problem zones, like over the battery or DVD drive, doesn't cause visible deformations. On the other hand, the display doesn't fare as well. It can be twisted obviously despite its thickness and should therefore be opened carefully. The tightly pulled hinges, which make both hands necessary for opening, also contribute to that. However, they regrettably can't prevent the display from teetering. Acer TravelMate 8472T HF battery

Minor flaws in workmanship become evident when looking closer. We found a few sharp edges and irregular gaps particularly on the display bezel, which show room for improvement in manufacturing tolerances. Even if we give the TravelMate credit for its competitive price, the given workmanship isn't a feat compared to the competition from HP and Lenovo.


Acer TravelMate 8472TG battery The Pentium P6200 originates from the over two year old Arrandale architecture, which was replaced by its successor, Sandy Bridge, at the beginning of 2011. Thus, the buyer has to live without the modern AVX instructions. Moreover, the 2.13 GHz dual core processor supports neither Turbo Boost nor Hyper Threading. Intel specifies a TDP of 35 watts, although the real full load consumption will likely be much lower.

Acer TravelMate 8472TG HF battery The DDR3 memory controller and the DirectX 10 capable Intel GMA HD Graphics are implemented on a second chip in the MCM bundle of the P6200. It clocks with 500 MHz (Turbo up to 667 MHz). A record-breaking performance shouldn't be expected here. However, normal Office applications shouldn't cause problems in connection with a 4 GB RAM (one module) and a 500 GB hard disk.


Acer TravelMate 8473 battery The weak benchmark results in Cinebench make it obvious that the Pentium P6200 is located in the entry-level sector. A score of 1.4 points in the latest R11.5 version is in front of the E-450, found in the even cheaper HP Compaq Presario CQ57, by more than 100 percent. On the other hand however, a midrange model like the Core i3-2330M in the Lenovo B570 is over 50 percent faster. This difference is a bit lower in the single thread assessment because the Core i3's Hyper Threading is disabled. Acer TravelMate 8473G battery

Mass Memory

The Hitachi hard disk (HTS547550A9E384) bids a memory capacity of 500 GB at a speed of 5400 rpm and has an 8 MB cache. The drive places itself in the midfield with a typical, average transfer rate of 60.9 MB/s (HDTune). The access speed of 18.9 milliseconds also doesn't stick out in the crowd. The booting process takes accordingly long and consumes approximately 40 seconds. Acer TravelMate 8473T battery

System Performance

The rather moderate score of both processor and hard disk logically also have an impact on the system performance. The TravelMate 5744Z wins the duel with a similarly configured HP 630 (3598 to 4329 points) in PCMark Vantage. However, it loses marginally in the newer PCMark 7 (1131 to 1062 points). The Lenovo B570 shows just how much a faster CPU can speed up this result (4613, respectively 1816). Acer TravelMate 8473TG battery

So not to make the wrong impression: The available performance reserves are easily sufficient for word processing, surfing on the Internet or even editing vacation pictures. However, the buyer should consider that investing a bit more money can result in a big gain of performance and thus also a longer life expectancy of the laptop.

Gaming Performance

Acer TravelMate 8572 battery The notebook is hardly suitable for up to date games because it doesn't have a dedicated graphics card. Therefore, we will only make a side note of this point. Even the technically undemanding soccer simulation, Fifa 12, only runs consistently smoothly with at most 800 x 600 pixels and minimum details. The graphically elaborate building strategy game, Anno 2070, ends up as a slide show even in our lowest pre-settings.

Battery Life

Asus K53SJ-SX216V Battery

Power Consumption

Acer TravelMate 8572G battery Notebooks based on Sandy Bridge, such as the Lenovo B570, excel with a minimum power consumption of frequently only 6 to 7 watts. The Acer model with the older Arrandale platform fails such regions clearly. Idling rates between 10 and 16.5 watts don't sound like much when seen as a whole. That is outdated, however, when compared to other, partly much stronger devices.

Acer TravelMate 8572T battery The consumption increases to an acceptable 30.7 watts during a 3DMark 06 run. We could determine a maximum of up to 48.1 watts, so the compact 65 watt power adapter will be able to cope with that easily.

Battery Runtime

The comparatively high power consumption, particularly during lower load, is reflected in a rather short battery life. Almost 5 hours of runtime (BatteryEater's Reader's test) with maximum energy saving settings shrink to only 2 hours in our practical wifi test (150 cd/m2). That isn't exactly a feat for a notebook with a 48 Wh battery. The TravelMate had to be connected to the outlet again after only 86 minutes during load (BatteryEater's Classic test). Acer TravelMate 8572T HF battery


There's no way around making compromises in a notebook of the EUR 400 price range - but it is important where they are made.

We'd like to begin with the positive qualities of the Acer TravelMate 5744Z: Although the built-in processor is technically on the stand of early 2010, the application performance should be sufficient for a simple Office device. The notebook doesn't have any difficulties with routine tasks, at least as long as 3D performance isn't a requirement. The case stability and the low noise development are also on the pro side. Acer TravelMate 8572TG battery

You will have to live with the label "plastic bombshell" that is common for all entry-level models. Nevertheless, we would expect it to be well-manufactured. The Acer shows a few weaknesses here and presents itself with protruding edges and irregular gaps. That leads to deductions, just like the weak luminosity of the matte screen and short battery runtime. Acer TravelMate 8573 battery

Although the tested configurations of the Lenovo and HP models are now hard to find, various follow-up models could prove to be interesting alternatives. The HP 630 with a Pentium B950 of the Sandy Bridge generation is currently available with 4 GB of RAM, a 500 GB memory capacity and Windows 7 for less than EUR 400 - and could possibly be the better option.






ASUS G73SW-TZ083V Battery

Review Fujitsu Lifebook E781 Notebook

The Lifebook E781 is available in a variety of configurations ranging between 900 to 1400 Euros ($1100 to $1800 USD). The test model on hand for this review retails for 1100 Euros ($1400 USD) and is one of the more popular configuration (E781MPCN2DE) options available for the Lifebook E781. In the following review, we will take a close look at the hardware and construction of the unit. Asus a32-u31

The base configuration of the Lifebook E781 is fitting for a business notebook: anti-glare 15.6 inch display, extensive connectivity, a modular slot and a UMTS module. The laptop uses a dual-core CPU: the 2.4GHz Core i5-2430M commonly found in many other business notebooks. Hyperthreading allows the CPU to work on up to 4 threads simultaneously.

The previously reviewed "sister model" (Fujitsu E751) passed with a great score. Can Fujitsu strike it twice with the E781? Asus a42-u31


The Lifebook E781 has a plain design, which is perfect for its business-oriented target group. The notebook has a good combination of matte black and silver-grey. The matte display cover is made of magnesium and with a high-quality feel. The sturdy hinges work in concert with the display cover to hold the panel securely in place and we are pleased to note that the screen neither wobbles nor does it open and close while being carried. The hinges provide an ideal opening angle of 180 degrees. Asus U41JF-A1 Battery

The workmanship is near perfect, although the loosely seated optical drive can clatter slightly. Fortunately, this minor issue is all but overshadowed by its ability to be swapped in and out. The modular slot gives the user freedom to insert additional modules such as hard disks or a second battery.

The notebook has ports on all sides and only a single interface is covered with a flap. Asus n82j Battery

At 2.5 kg (5.5 pounds), the Lifebook E781 is certainly a mobile business notebook and the power adapter only adds an extra ~300 grams (0.66 pounds) to the total weight. The test model measures 372x245x35 mm - perfectly normal for a 15.6 inch laptop, but it could have been slimmer.


asus f80s battery

Asus U31SD-A1 Battery The Fujitsu Lifebook E781 has extensive connectivity options. In fact, our test model has a few interfaces that have disappeared from the notebook world altogether. Fujitsu has placed the power outlet, a 56k modem interface and two USB 2.0 ports on the back and on the right. The 2 USB ports are placed over one another which may cause some problems: for example, a thick USB stick could block the neighboring USB interface. The left side has another USB 2.0 port and a USB 3.0 port. The combination of the USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces is a welcomed feature. ASUS U36S Battery

External monitors can be connected via the digital or analogue interface of the Fujtsu Lifebook E781. The classic VGA interface is placed further towards the back while the digital port is a DisplayPort interface, which is positioned on the left side. An adapter must be used to connect monitors with a DVI or HDMI interface and must be bought separately.

The obligatory Gigabit LAN interface is placed at the level of the left display hinge on the back of the test model.

The useful SmartCard reader and ExpressCard slot are not a common sight in laptops. Thankfully, the E781 has both. Both ExpressCard 34 and 54 are supported. The slot is ideal for useful modules such as a TV card or for additional ports. ASUS U36SD Battery

The card reader is placed on the front and can read SD/XC cards and MemoryStick/MemoryStick Pro cards. Two 3.5 mm audio jacks (for headphones and microphone, respectively) are also placed on the front. The slider, placed next to the audio jacks, allows the user to easily switch on or off the communication modules.

Asus P52F Battery Last but not least, the docking interface lies on the bottom of the laptop which allows the user to connect a docking station if available. The docking station makes life easier: the notebook can be used as a stationary PC at the office without creating a spaghetti of cables. The appropriate docking station can be found at the Fujitsu store, and we round off this section by noting that the laptop has great connectivity that business users can absolutely appreciate.


Asus F8Sa Battery Fujitsu offers 8 different CPUs for the Lifebook E781 from the Intel Core i series. These processors are all dual-core CPUs. Our test model is in the lower third of the E781 series as it is equipped with a standard Intel Core i5-2430M. The dual-core CPU runs at 2.4 GHz and represents the middle-class of mobile processors from Intel. Turbo Boost allows both cores to speed up to 2.7 GHz and a single core can be overclocked to 3.0 GHz.

ASUS U35JC battery In our test model, we have 4 GB DDR3-1333 RAM and the model supports a maximum 8 GB. The test model has a single 4 GB module installed which makes upgrading easy.

The Intel Core i5-2430M provides no surprises - positive or negative. The performance of the Fujitsu Lifebook E781 is exactly at the level expected and is close to other laptops with similar specifications. The results may not be stunning, but this was clear from the specifications.

Asus U3S Battery The Turbo Boost function works flawlessly and delivers full performance. Even after multiple hours of stress testing, the cores did not throttle down. Another worthy note is that the full performance is possible even while running on battery.

asus f80s Charger

System Performance
The system performance of the Fujitsu Lifebook E781 notebook is average as expected of the middle-class internal hardware. Windows gives the laptop a low performance index of 4.7 points due to the graphics card, but the laptop can still hold its own compared the competition. In fact, it can even compete with laptops with stronger processors as the system performance is not determined by the CPU alone. Asus G70sg Battery

Gaming Performance
We would not describe the Intel HD Graphics HD 3000 as a gaming graphics card - at least not for the latest, demanding 3D games. Still, neither the Lifebook E781 nor the IGP is designed to make gamers happy. The IGP provides sufficient performance for older and less demanding 3D games, but even modern games like Anno 2070 can run fluidly at low settings. Simulation games such as Fifa 2012 can be playable of medium settings. Asus K43SJ Battery

Battery Life

The Lifebook E781 is quite conservative when it comes to power consumption. The 15.6 inch model consumes no more than 15.6 watts at maximum brightness. Overall, the power consumption hovers around 13 watts. At full load, the power consumption can rise up to 68.8 W, but this is only achievable while the battery is charging simultaneously. While the notebook is off, it consumes only 0.2 watts and in Standby mode use up to 0.7 watts. Asus G51V Battery

The moderate power consumption means that the Fujitsu Lifebook E781 has a good battery life, which is especially important for a business notebook. Although the laptop cannot last an entire workday even under ideal conditions, it has a good run time of more than 7 hours. In everyday use, the laptop lasts between 4 to 5 hours. The laptop is great for DVD playback as it can last up to 4 hours while playing a movie at maximum brightness. Even long movies, such as "Dances with the Wolves", will not be a problem on this model. At full load, the laptop goes into Standby mode after one and a half hours. ASUS ZenBook UX31 battery


The Fujitsu Lifebook E781 is a full-blooded business notebook and it has our recommendation. The biggest strength of the well-configured model is the display and its size and resolution are perfect for business users. In addition, the matte display is bright and offers a lovely contrast and great viewing angles. The good keyboard, reliable touchpad and fast mouse buttons all make the laptop very ergonomic. Let us not forget: the multitude of interfaces offered on the model are absolutely necessary for business users. Laptop maintenance is very easy and the modular slot will help users customize their notebook. ASUS UL50VT battery

The Lifebook E781 has great mobility thanks to its low weight, UMTS module, and long battery life.

asus g73j battery

The review model lands at an expected level in terms of performance: all office tasks are accomplished with ease. However, gamers and video editors will find this laptop too slow for their needs as the E781 lacks a discrete graphics card. Of course, not installing a discrete graphics card, drops the price of the laptop considerably and increases the battery life. Asus W3J battery

We have to mention the flaws of the Fujitsu Lifebook E781 as well: the high temperatures on the bottom of the laptop and the audible hard disk noise emissions. The HDD emits an annoying high-frequency buzzing noise at full load and the speakers are poor. ASUS G73SW-TZ083V Battery

Overall, we found the Fujitsu Lifebook E781 notebook to be a satisfying business laptop. The model has weaknesses in areas which, most importantly, do not affect the business use. We believe the laptop offers a good price-to-performance ratio for a price starting at 900 Euros (about $1100 USD). This means that business users can get a reliable work laptop with extensive connectivity options for relatively little money.






Asus A32-1015

Review Asus U44SG Notebook

With the U44SG, Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS offers a slim, lightweight, premium 14 inch laptop that promises high performance and low emissions. The U44SG features a 14 inch display squeezed into a stylish 13.3 inch case. Asus L0790C6 Currently, ASUS offers 4 different versions of the U44SG in Germany, all of which use a large 256 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) for storage. The hardware delivers high performance but comes with a comparably high price as the laptop starts at 1200 Euros ($1500 USD). At press time, our test model featured the highest-end options in nearly every category in the series. For the above 1200 Euros ($1500 USD), the buyer receives an Intel Core i7-2640M CPU, 4 GB of RAM, a 256 GB SSD, the NVIDIA GeForce 610M discrete graphics card, and a matte 14 inch display. Asus C22-UX31 Other configurations of the U44SG have more RAM and/or a weaker CPU.


We have classified the ASUS U44SG as a subnotebook, as we did with the previous generation's U36JC and U36SD, due to its compact 13.3 inch build, low weight, and product orientation. Our test model is nearly identical to its 13 inch predecessors with the main exception being the larger 14 inch screen. In some ways, the ASUS U44SG promises more than it can deliver, as was the case with the U36JC and U36SD. Asus A31-1015 Advertisements claim a weight of 1.5 kg (3.3 pounds) and the claimed measurements which are only possible with a small 4-cell battery that was not available for either the previous U36 models or our U44SG test model. We could not confirm the promised 19 mm (0.75 inches) thickness as this seems only possible when the rubber feet are removed. Otherwise, the laptop measures 24 mm (0.94 inches) thick. With the 8-cell battery, the laptop thickness increases to 30 mm (1.18 inches) in the back. Asus AL31-1015 Despite this, the U44SG remains a slim notebook which can compete with laptops like the 13 inch MacBook Air or the Samsung 900X3A. The laptop has found a nice niche as a 14 inch notebook and undersells many competitors like the ThinkPad T420 or HP Elitebook 8460p and is particularly appealing when considering its weight.

ASUS constructed the case of our test model using a high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy that proved surprisingly strong. There are no flaws in the workmanship and ASUS has done a great job down to the smallest detail. Asus A32-1015 Critical areas such as the wrist-rest region and the region above the battery are sturdy and do not yield to specific pressure. Even the display border, which usually bends easily, remains impervious to typical pressures. The hinges hold the display securely and fit into the overall scheme well.

The display has a restricted opening angle due to the design of the hinges and this may negatively affect users depending on specific use. One obvious example of this drawback revolves around a potential inability to maintain vertical stability of the display when using the notebook on one's lap. Asus PL32-1015 Another drawback related to the display involves the space between the display and the notebook's base unit. The spacing is too large even when the notebook is closed, allowing dust and potentially larger, harmful objects to enter.

Asus K53SV-B1 Battery

The underside of the notebook is clearly partitioned by a large flap and the battery. The battery sits well and can be secured with a separate mechanism. In the event that the battery is removed during stationary use, four rubber feet on the underside secure the notebook and prevent sliding or rocking. We found no flaws in workmanship on the notebook's underside. Asus A32-K53


The test model featured a 2nd generation Sandy Bridge processor paired with the well-known Intel HM65 Express chipset. Intel's Core i7-2640M, the fastest dual-core Sandy Bridge CPU in the mobile market, serves as the processor. The graphics system utilizes NVIDIA Optimus which allows the user to switch between the integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 and the dedicated entry-class NVIDIA GeForce 610M. Asus A42-K54 For storage, the U44 series uses a 256 GB SSD to provide fast seek times, high speeds, and low emissions. The RAM of our test model is a single 4 GB module and can be upgraded to a maximum of 8 GB in two slots.

The Intel Core i7-2640M is a powerful dual-core processor that can simultaneously execute two threads per core thanks to Intel's Hyper-Threading technology, allowing the CPU to handle up to 4 threads simultaneously. The combined Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost technology, Intel's dynamic CPU speed boost that accelerates the processor from 2.8 GHz to a maximum of 3.5 GHz based on CPU load, ensures that the user always receives an optimal level of performance for the task or tasks at hand. Asus a32-u31

As expected, the benchmark results are good. In the Cinebench R10 Single CPU (32-bit) benchmark, the i7-2640M scored 4,443 points, outperforming even some quad-core processors. The Intel Core i7-2760QM is the first quad-core CPU to reach this score and demonstrates the significant role that the i7-2640M's maximum clock speed of 3.5 GHz under Turbo Boost plays in system performance. Asus a42-u31 This is also shown in the benchmark list where the test processor places 7th in the Cinebench R10 32-bit Single CPU benchmark amongst current notebook CPUs. Clearly, these results disprove the commonly held belief that all recent quad-core processors outperform all dual-core processors.

The roles are somewhat reversed in the Cinebench R10 Multiple CPU (32-bit) benchmark where our i7 CPU falls a few ranks with a score of 10,000 points. This places our test model behind the older Core 2 Quad Q9100 which scored slightly over 10,000 points and the Core i7-2720QM which scored 14,000 points. Asus A42-G73 Nonetheless, the i7-2640M still performs respectably and finishes 18th in the above benchmark list amongst current notebook CPUs in the multiple CPU Cinebench R10 test.

In practical single-threaded programs and applications which support dual-core processors, our CPU delivers excellent performance. The relative performance of our i7-2640M only declines significantly in programs which offer support for more than two cores. It should be noted that such programs are still far from the norm. Asus 07G016DH1875 As a result, it should be no surprise that the ASUS U44SG placed ahead of all previously tested mobile processors in the iTunes conversion test, a single-threaded clock-dependent process.

The test methodology used in the video conversion test in CyberLink Media Espresso was changed from that used in the Video Conversion section to allow the use of up to four threads during pure CPU conversion and the subsequent result was quite good. This result is even competitive with the performance of stronger GPU alternatives which usually perform better. Asus 70-NY81B1000Z

Throttling was not found in our test model. The clock speeds in multi-core tests, even with simultaneous load on the NVIDIA GPU, remained constant at 2.8 GHz. The removal of the battery did not have any effect on performance. On battery, we ran Cinebench R10 32-bit and achieved 4,492 points in the Single CPU test, 9,719 points in the Multiple CPU test, and 6,008 points in the OpenGL test, results similar to those obtained while on AC power. Asus 90-NY81B1000Y The system completed the wPrime 1024M test in 494 seconds on AC power and 491 seconds on battery power confirming no significant performance differences on battery power.
System Performance
The ASUS U44SG accomplishes all tasks quickly. The system performance is subjectively very high and should have sufficient power for some degree of future-proofing. An additional RAM module can be added to make the performance even better. Only demanding 3D tasks such as computer-assisted design (CAD) and games will yield entry-level performance (see "Gaming Performance" for more information). ASUS 07G016DH1875 The PC Mark Vantage benchmark shows a very good score of 12,471 points and PC Mark 11 scores 3,419 points.

We checked the latency with DPC Latency Checker to see if problems might arise while using an external device that requires precise synchronization with the notebook for data transfer. Our test model did not perform well in this test. While WiFi was on, we noticed numerous critical values. ASUS 70-NY81B1000Z The performance barely improved after the module was turned off. The source of this latency is indeterminate and users may have to find different drivers to improve performance.

Gaming Performance
The gaming performance of the NVIDIA GPU on a single 4 GB RAM module was much better than that of the Intel HD 3000 IGP. However, this gap in performance would be decreased if a second RAM module were added and the laptop set to dual-channel mode.

StarCraft 2 was tested using both GPU options and there was a significant difference in performance under the current configuration. Intel's IGP delivered 77 fps whereas the NVIDIA GPU managed 132 fps at low settings. At medium settings, the game became unplayable as the Intel HD Graphics 3000 delivered a mere 8 fps and the NVIDIA GPU did little better at 23 fps. In summary, StarCraft 2 is only playable at low settings but could be run with either the Intel HD Graphics 3000 or the NVIDIA GeForce 610M. The NVIDIA GPU is clearly the better choice and one or two settings could be raised at the native resolution of 1366x768.

World of Warcraft was playable at 77 fps at medium settings and even maintained 46 fps when the resolution was raised to 1366x768 pixels using the NVIDIA GeForce 610M. These settings made the game enjoyable and the GPU had enough overhead to increase one or two settings even more.

Asus K53SV-B1 AC Adapter/Charger

Anno 2070 could only be run at low settings. At medium settings, the game stuttered occasionally and playing for a long time would not be fun. Even at low settings, the game slowed down when there were a lot of units on the screen and when the game had been running for some time. Anno 2070 is the limit for the ASUS U44SG.

Deus Ex Human Revolution ran surprisingly well at low settings and looked good. At higher details, small stutters began to appear and the game slowed down. For long periods of playing, we recommend the use of the low settings.
Temperature Emissions
Temperature emissions are one of the few areas that have gotten worse in comparison to the older 13 inch models. Under load, the rear right side and surrounding region maintained temperatures between 44.0 °C and 51.6 °C (111.2 °F to 124.9 °F). That is almost 10 °C (18 °F) more than the ASUS U36JC and 4 °C (7 °F) more than the U36SD. The heat was tangible on the underside and also in the keyboard region due to the materials used. These materials seemed to dissipate heat well and helped with cooling.

We measured 45.1 °C (113.2 °F) in the center of the keyboard. While this temperature is not critical, it was certainly tangible. The cooling vents managed better temperatures between 38.0 °C and 44.0 °C (100.4 °F and 111.2 °F) but as they are directed towards the hand, this could become uncomfortably hot after a while. Thankfully, we were unable to detect any heat or power adapter throttling and the performance stayed constant in all our tests. In normal use without constant strain of the main components, CPU and GPU, the case remained cool at 30.0 °C (86 °F).

Graphics Card

The ASUS U44SG uses both the Intel HD Graphics 3000 integrated in the Core i7 CPU and the dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 610M GPU with 1 GB DDR3 VRAM. This pairing benefits from NVIDIA's Optimus technology which allows the system to deactivate one graphics card in favor of the other depending on the application. Optimus activates the GeForce 610M when 3D performance is required in games and other 3D applications. In virtually all other scenarios, Optimus activates the Intel HD Graphics 3000 Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) to conserve power and extend battery-powered runtimes. The GeForce GPU has a 64-bit memory interface and a 900 MHz memory clock. The GPU has 48 shaders and a variable core clock that peaks at 900 MHz. These specifications confirm that the NVIDIA GeForce 610M is the direct successor to the GeForce GT520 and can be classified as an entry-level GPU.

The benchmark results show what was already expected from the technical specifications of both GPUs. NVIDIA's solution is more power than the Intel IGP but only performs slightly better. NVIDIA's GeForce 610M scores 15.5 points whereas the Intel IGP scores 9.01 points in the Cinebench R11.5 benchmark. In 3D Mark Vantage, the NVIDIA GPU scores 2,428 points and the Intel IGP manages 1,736 points. In the Heaven 2.1 benchmark, we recorded 8.0 frames per second (fps) for the NVIDIA GPU whereas the Intel IGP scores 7.4 fps. This gap in performance can be reduced by adding a second RAM module (up to the maximum system memory of 8 GB) and activating dual-channel mode which will greatly benefit the Intel HD Graphics 3000.

We could not quantify this performance gain as the second RAM slot of our test model had a bent pin. In the test of the Lenovo ThinkPad X220, adding a second RAM module led to a significant increase in performance in graphics-intensive tasks. These results are discussed in depth in the "Performance" section of the Lenovo X220 (IPS) Review.

Video Conversion

We used two different Full HD video files - one WMV and one QuickTime - to test the video conversion capabilities of our test model. The files were converted into an iPhone-compatible 640x320 resolution H.264 format and the results were then compared. We used CyberLink's Media Espresso 6.5 for this test due to its support for all 4 of our test methods - pure CPU conversion, Intel Quick Sync, NVIDIA CUDA, and ATI Stream. NVIDIA Optimus allowed our test model to use three of the four methods with the ATI Stream method being unsupported due to the absence of an AMD GPU. As expected, pure CPU conversion was barely capable of competing with the other methods and took up to three times as long as the other methods. GPU conversions (Quick Sync and CUDA) were performed faster and placed less load on the system. Intel's Quick Sync led to a 28% to 58% CPU load whereas CUDA required 7% to 42% of total processor power. Pure CPU conversion created a CPU load greater than 90%. Quick Sync was the fastest for converting QuickTime movies whereas NVIDIA CUDA was slightly faster for converting WMV video.

Battery Life

Power Consumption
Despite its slim build, the laptop has a removable battery. This is advantageous for the user as this allows one to choose between battery life and mobility by purchasing the corresponding battery. If the battery fails, the user could simply swap it out instead of needing to send it for repair. According to the cover sheet, the ASUS U44SG is available with a 44 Wh 4-cell battery (90-N181B1000Y) which costs 100 Euros ($125 USD) and a 83 Wh 8-cell battery (90-N181B4000Y) which costs 160 Euros ($200 USD). Unfortunately the 4-cell battery, as in the case of the U36, is not currently available here. This restricts possible use scenarios slightly as the user cannot choose between the portability of the 44-Wh battery and the longer runtimes of the 83-Wh battery.

We measured power consumption from the adapter ranging from 8.5 Watts to 71.4 Watts. This demonstrates that ASUS has good control over power consumption despite power hungry components, thanks in part to NVIDIA Optimus. As the Intel HD Graphics 3000 chip takes care of most tasks, the power consumption only rose moderately from 10.8 Watts to 12.1 Watts with adjusted brightness, changed profiles, and wireless modules switched on. When the NVIDIA GPU was set as the standard graphics chip in NVIDIA's control panel, the power consumption rose to 11.5 Watts idle at minimal settings, 14.4 Watts idle at medium settings, and 16.3 Watts idle at maximum settings. With the NVIDIA GPU under medium to full load and the CPU at maximum load, the power consumption jumped to 66.7 Watts. As mentioned before, the laptop can consume a maximum of 71.4 Watts. The power adapter provides sufficient power with its 75 Watt rating.

Battery Life

ASUS B23 Battery
The possible battery runtimes were measured with our standard testing methods and the Power4Gear profile, provided by ASUS in addition to the standard Windows power plans, was also taken into consideration. Compared to the standard profiles, the Power4Gear profile only increased runtime by approximately 10 minutes. The main differences in this profile are reduced Desktop quality, colors optimized for use, and shorter periods before the system went into standby mode. We recommend that the user play around with the settings of the profiles a bit as some profiles had maximum processor performance set as standard. This led to the CPU running at the highest clock speed even while idle and increasing power consumption and noise emission for no real purpose.

In the Battery Eater Readers Test, we obtained an amazingly long run time of 654 minutes (almost 11 hours) using the "Power Saver" mode with Intel HD Graphics 3000 as standard, minimum display brightness, and all wireless radios switched off. This result tops the runtimes of both the ASUS U36JC and the ASUS U36SD. While surfing with WiFi turned on and an adjusted display brightness of around 150 cd/m² (level 7), we recorded a runtime of 512 minutes. Increasing the brightness to maximum reduced the runtime to 447 minutes.

As the ASUS U44SG lacks an integrated optical drive, the DVD test was performed with a video file stored locally on the SSD. With the laptop in "Power Saver" mode, wireless modules off, Intel HD 3000 as the GPU, 4% CPU load, and maximum brightness, we achieved a runtime of 382 minutes. Playback of Full HD material (H.264) consumed a little more power and reduced runtime to 344 minutes.

In the Battery Eater Classic test, we used the "High Performance" power profile with everything turned on, and maximum display brightness. A full load scenario was simulated and this test should reflect a real-world minimum runtime. While less demanding than the combined Prime95/FurMark stress test which consumed 71 Watts, the Battery Eater Classic test consumed approximately 44 Watts and our U44SG lasted 111 minutes.


The ASUS U44SG is a solid, stylish, fast, well-equipped subnotebook. In comparison to its 13 inch brethren, its performance is higher and the laptop has a brighter, larger, matte 14 inch display. The Solid State Drive delivers good size at 256 GB and excellent performance. Despite more powerful hardware, the battery life has improved significantly indicating well-designed energy management. At low loads, noise and temperature emissions are good

When under constant load, however, the fan can become quite loud and heat emissions can rise to fairly high levels. The left touchpad key did not respond well and the second RAM slot could not be used due to a bent pin. These flaws could be considered unique to our test model, but we believe that ASUS still has room for improvement in the display's contrast ratio and viewing angles, the lack of important ports such as 3G, and the seeming unavailability of the 4-cell battery.






Sony VGP-BPL5 battery

Review Sony Vaio SV-Z1311Z9EX Notebook

Our SV-Z1311Z9EX test model comes with a Quad-Core-CPU of the Ivy Bridge generation, 8 GB Ram, and a fast RAID-0 mass storage solution. Sony PCGA-BP2T battery With the respective configuration, the provided Power Media Dock can improve the graphics performance with its AMD Radeon HD 7670M. Can the configuration deliver what it promises?

For the elegant and timeless black casing Sony uses carbon fiber and aluminum. Since the materials are so light, the laptop weighs less than 1.2 kg. Fortunately, the matte surfaces are less sensitive to dust than high-gloss surfaces and feel fantastic. Sony PCGA-BP3T battery Fingerprints are only easily visible on the shiny touchpad buttons, which have a little bit of a sticky haptic.

While there is nothing wrong with the processing, the stability could be better. The casing creaks no matter if it is being held on one corner of the main unit or the screen. The area above the fan unit gives in considerably under pressure and the torsional stiffness of the screen case ought to be better as well. The weight reduction definitely comes at the expense of stability. Sony PCGA-BP2V battery

The hinges at the underside of the main unit do a good job. When opened the display lid pushes itself underneath the main unit and raises it at an opening angle of more than 90 degrees, which slightly tilts the keyboard.


Sony PCGA-BP4V battery In comparison to the predecessor, there have only been slight changes to the interface equipment (Review Sony Vaio VPC Z23N9E-B). Unlike other slim subnotebooks, HDMI and VGA are available on the Notebook and useable without any adapters. The RJ-45-Port (LAN) is located behind a flap on the left side edge. The front edge not only accommodates a SD-card slot but also a Memory Stick PRO-HG compatible slot with Sony´s MagicGate function.

Sony PCGA-BP2R battery Unlike the predecessor, the notebook has two USB-3.0 interfaces now. The rear interface is simultaneously the plug for the provided Power Media Dock. The Media Dock offers a Blu-Ray burner and an AMD Radeon HD 7670M as external video card. Furthermore, the manufacturer expands the interface by two more USB-ports (1x USB-2.0, 1x USB-3.0), RJ-45 (LAN), HDMI and VGA. The VGA-signal is good via the docking station as well as when connected directly.

Sony VPC-W21AVJ Battery

Sony PCGA-BPZ51 battery The array of the interfaces on the notebook works for left- as well as right-handers because Sony has consequently placed its ports towards the rear on both sides.

The communication equipment is excellent. Ethernet-connections can be done via Realtek RTL8168/8111 Gigabit-LAN (10/100/1000MBit) in gigabit speed. Due to Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 (abgn), internet surfing with standard-n via Wi-Fi Hotspot is possible. Sony PCGA-BPZ51A battery A broadband modem, which supports LTE, is also on board. The accompanying SIM-card slot is on the underside. Unlike the predecessor, the laptop has Bluetooth 4.0 + HS now.

The scope of delivery is extensive. Besides necessary accessories such as the power supply unit and the battery, it comes with a few information brochures, a cleaning cloth, and the Power Media dock with tripod and a bigger power supply unit. Sony PCGA-BPZ52 battery Furthermore Sony offers various accessories at extra charge. For example, a docking-station for the independent docking-port at the bottom costs between 400 to 500 Euros. A bigger battery costs 130 Euros.

On the underside, the battery can be changed after unscrewing 8 screws. Maintenance openings are not available.

Sony PCGA-BP51 battery Ex works the warranty contains a 24 months bring-in service. Warranty extensions are possible against a surcharge. For a 3 year standard-warranty you have to shell out 149.90 Euros and for a 4 year full coverage even 349.90 Euros

The SV-Z1311Z9EX is based on the HM77 chipset of the Ivy Bridge platform and was equipped with a Core i7-3612QM four core processor from Intel with 2.1 GHz base clock. Eight Gigabyte main memory is provided for the processor. Sony PCGA-BP51A battery The notebook itself only uses the integrated Graphics 4000 chip for the video display, which causes parts of the memory to be put aside for the graphics memory. To enhance the graphics performance, our test device additionally has Sony's Power Media Dock (PMD) with external AMD Radeon HD 7670M and Blu-Ray drive. For mass storage Sony uses a RAID 0 system with two Samsung MZRPC256HADR-000SO SSDs. Sony PCGA-BP51A/L battery

If the SV-Z is configured freely in Sony's online-shop, an up to date Intel Core i5-3210M two core processor is available, as well. Data is always saved on a SSD. The options range from 128GB, over 256GB, up to 512GB. Concerning the main memory, 4GB or 8GB can be chosen. Finally, the Power Media Dock is also optional for this model. The PMD of our test device would cost over 450 Euros for the freely configured model. Sony PCGA-BP52 battery
Due to hyper threading, which provides one virtual core for every physical one, the Core i7 3612QM can work eight threads simultaneously. The Turbo-Technology allows a maximal overclocking of 2.8 GHz for four cores, 3.0 GHz for two cores, and 3.1 GHz for one core. We refer to our data bank for a more detailed description of the processor. Our benchmark list of mobile processors allows a performance based classification. Sony PCGA-BP52A battery

In the following, we test the performance of the Core i7 3612QM in our Sony test device with a few CPU-oriented benchmarks. In the tests with the Cinebench R10 64-Bit the CPU scores 2843 points in single rendering and 10031 points in multi rendering. In the Cinebench R11 it only reaches 1.87 points. These values are distinctly below average for the Core i7 3612QM CPU. Sony PCGA-BP52A/L battery A glance at the clock rates confirms that the CPU only clocks with a maximum of 1.6 GHz, which is noticeably lower than usual. Concerning the pure CPU performance our test device even falls behind the Z23N9E-B equipped with the Intel Core i7 2640M Sandy-Bridge processor.

Sony VPC-W21AVJ AC Adapter/Charger

If this problem only comes up on our test device or is series specific, cannot be found out with just one test device, though.
System Performance
For evaluating the overall performance and the interaction between all components we will use the usual two PCMark tests. Our test device scores 8545 points in the PC Mark Vantage, while the PC Mark 7 does not complete its run. Sony PCGA-BP52AUC battery With the Power Media Dock plugged in it is the other way around. The PC Vantage crashes and our SV-Z1311Z9EX gets 3161 points in the PCMark 7. In this case the fast mass memory solution comes in handy. Owing to the reduced processor performance due to the low tact rate (see chapter processor), our test device can obviously not use the full potential of its hardware equipment.
Storage Devices
Sony VGP-BPL4 battery Our test sample uses as mass memory a RAID-0 system of two Flash SSDs. This is called "striping", which means acceleration without redundancy by splitting the data on two memories. If one memory crashes, the saved data cannot be reconstructed.

The advantage of this solution is, as proven by the hard drive tools, a performance growth, which goes beyond the level of a single Samsung MZRPC256HADR-000SO. For example, our test sample reaches high 865 MB/s in the sequential reading test from AS SSD. Sony VGP-BPL4A battery The RAID solution gets 20.12 MB/s at reading and 62.94 MB/s at writing in the CrystalDiskMark 4K test. In comparison: the Vertex 4 scores 26.7 and 83 MB/s, the Samsung 830 14.5 and 53.1 MB/s and the Intel 520 29.7 and 91.2 MB. Subjectively, the loading time of programs is short as well. We refer to our HDD-SSD-Comparison for further performance comparisons.

Sony VGP-BPS4 battery In total the gross capacity of the RAID-0-system (and also the individual hard drive) is 256GB. 16.22 GB are reserved for the recovery partition. 213.90 GB are available for the operating system and user data.

The SV-Z1311Z9EX does not have an internal optical drive but the Power Media Dock does. The drive is the Optiarc BD RW BD-5850H SCSI CDROM Device, which can read and write Blu-Rays and DVDs. Sony VGP-BPS4A battery
Video Card
The graphic chip Graphics 4000 is integrated in the 3612QM processor. The chip is responsible for the graphics output when the Power Media Dock (PMD) is not used. When the PMD is connected, the graphics performance can be enhanced through the external AMD Radeon 7670M. You can find out more details about the video card on the respective sites of the Graphics 4000 and the Radeon 7670M. Sony VGP-BPL2A/S battery

Let´s take a look at the graphics performance of the system without PMD first: Due to the reduced CPU clock rates, the graphics performance of the integrated graphics processor comes in below average as well. However, it needs to be mentioned that one test sample is not enough to test if this problem is specific for the test sample or series immanent. Sony VGP-BPL2C/S battery

According to its configuration the graphics performance rises with plugged in PMD. The results of the 3DMark tests with HD 7670M fortunately rank at the expected level in the middle of all tested systems with AMD Radeon HD 7670M video card. The performance also ranges at the middle class level and is comparable to the Geforce GT 630M and GT 550M video cards from Nvidia. Sony VGP-BPS2A/S battery
Gaming Performance
Even though the Graphics 4000 would reach the common level concerning graphics performance, it is way more attractive to play with an independent middle-class video card. We have tested the gaming performance with three games. With plugged in Power Media Dock (PMD) the external AMD Radeon HD 7670M positions itself in comparison to other test samples with the same video card in the lower section on all three games. Sony VGP-BPS2C/S battery

Anno 2070 stays playable with PMD up to medium graphics settings. Comparable samples with the same graphics equipment are between 1% (Dell Vostro 3560, 15.6") and 14% (HP Pavilion g7-2007sg, 17.3") faster.
The integrated video card is able to display the little demanding Fifa 12 on medium settings. Our test sample with PMD still achieves playable 37.7 fps even on maximum settings. Sony VGP-BPS2C/S/E battery Here our test device performs especially badly in comparison to other samples with the same CPU and video card. Dell's 15.6-inch Vostro 3560 is nearly one and a half times faster with the same settings.

Due to the slim design, the surfaces of the SV-Z1311Z9EX get warm very easily even under load. In this scenario the body temperature is partially exceeded as well. Sony VGP-BPS2 battery Under load (stress test) the temperature rises on the underside as well as on the top. At the bottom the temperature even crosses the 50 degree Celsius mark. Fortunately the palm rest and touchpad stay cool.

We observe the core temperature for two hours with the help of the stress test (without PMD). Fortunately the cores only reach a maximum of close above 70 degree Celsius. Sony VGP-BPS2A battery In return the system starts to clock with 1.2 GHz shortly after the beginning of the stress test. The GPU clocks with 650 MHz (core) and 800 MHz (memory) during the stress test. The 3DMark06 run, immediately following the stress test, even delivers a slightly better result than the below-average cold start run with 3482 points.

Sony VGP-BPS13B/Q Battery

Stress test

Sony VGP-BPS2B battery Due to the slim design, the surfaces of the SV-Z1311Z9EX get warm very easily even under load. In this scenario the body temperature is partially exceeded as well. Under load (stress test) the temperature rises on the underside as well as on the top. At the bottom the temperature even crosses the 50 degree Celsius mark. Fortunately the palm rest and touchpad stay cool. Sony VGP-BPS2C battery

We observe the core temperature for two hours with the help of the stress test (without PMD). Fortunately the cores only reach a maximum of close above 70 degree Celsius. In return the system starts to clock with 1.2 GHz shortly after the beginning of the stress test. The GPU clocks with 650 MHz (core) and 800 MHz (memory) during the stress test. The 3DMark06 run, immediately following the stress test, even delivers a slightly better result than the below-average cold start run with 3482 points. Sony VGP-BPL2 battery
Battery Runtime

Our SV-Z1311Z9EX is equipped with a 45Wh lithium-ion battery, which allows up to 7 hours battery runtime according to manufacturer. A bigger battery that can increase the battery runtime up to 14 hours, according to manufacturer, can be purchased in the online-shop. Sony VGP-BPL2C battery

Our ascertained maximum battery run time, tested with the Battery Eater Readers Test with minimum brightness, energy-saving profile and turned off Wi-Fi modules, is nearly 6 hours. This is noticeably underneath the manufacturer's information we read off the configurable model. However, this information could apply for the equipment with Core i5 CPU. Sony VGP-BPS3 battery

The Classic Test of the Battery Eater Tools records a minimum runtime of 2.75 hours with maximum brightness, high-performance profile and turned on Wi-Fi modules. The practical oriented WLAN test with the energy-saving profile and a brightness of 150 cd/m² simulates 3.25 hours of web surfing with our standard script.
Verdict Sony VGP-BPS3A battery

Light, high-quality materials, extensive communication equipment, broad band modem included, Full-HD resolution, and sheer unbelievable specifications: A Quad-Core processor, 8 GB main memory and even two SSDs in the RAID-0 system in a small 13 inch casing sounds quite amazing. Owing to the mass memory solution, the device achieves excellent values in the hard drive tests and good values in usage performance. Sony VGP-BPL5 battery Sadly, we also had to experience that the Quad-Core CPU of the Ivy-Bridge generation in our device stays permanently underclocked even in the high-performance profile.

Another point of criticism is that the screen is less bright than the predecessor's one. Nevertheless, the high-resolution Full-HD display excels with its wide color space and good contrast.

Sony VGP-BPL5A battery The Power Media Dock is also part of the scope of delivery, which not only expands the offer of interfaces and adds a Blu-Ray burner but also improves the graphics performance with the external Radeon HD 7670M. However, the video card cannot fully keep up with other HD 7670M systems.

The overall design of Sony is, despite its weaknesses, quite appealing and should interest business clients, also because of its integrated safety features. Due to its weight and size, it can be transported quite easily and the Power Media Dock is a welcome supplement. Sony VGP-BPS5 battery

However it is uncertain, if the mentioned underclocking of the processor only appears in this test model, is series specific, or even was intended to improve the battery runtime and lower emissions. We will try to get our hands on another test device for control measurements. The evaluation stays reserved until clearance.






Asus X43JX battery

Review Samsung Series 5 550P5C-T02 Notebook

Samsung promises a great multimedia experience by using Intel's newest technologies fused with Nvidia's latest graphics and built-in JBL 2.1 sound system. Our test device makes a case for being a multimedia laptop as well as a decent gaming laptop. LENOVO IdeaPad Y570NT battery Computer games run quite smoothly and satisfactorily - naturally depending on the resolution and the game. Samsung's notebook owes this to the interplay of Intel's Ivy Bridge Core i5-3210M CPU, clocked at 2.5GHz, and Nvidia's mainstream GeForce GT 630M GPU, featuring Optimus technology. It detects whether the dedicated graphics card's performance is required and, when not necessary, switches to the integrated Intel HD 4000 Graphics that has 16 execution units (EUs), which also has a positive effect on the battery runtime. LENOVO IdeaPad Y570P battery Also on board is a matte 15.6-inch screen (39.6cm). More in-depth specifications can be found in the following review. Should you however be interested in the 17-inch form factor, we would recommend the Samsung's Series 5 550P7C-S02 review.


Samsung's Series 5 550P5C's plastic case makes a good impression in terms of looks as well as workmanship. The components exhibit a nice transition without protruding edges or large gaps between the parts. Asus K53SV-SX071V battery We like the wrist rest's lightly roughened surface, which feels good and is easy to clean. Samsung does not use glossy piano lacquer surfaces on the display lid. Instead it relies on a smooth, dotted, charcoal gray surface for a metal-like look. The company logo is present on the lid. This combination bestows Samsung's 550P5C a restrained, but not boring look. Asus K53SV-SX075V battery

We do not have much reason for complaint when it comes to stability or workmanship either. The area around the case's wrist-rest hardly gives in to selective pressure and the plastic does not generate any unpleasant noises either. The built-in chiclet keyboard is also very resistant to flex and does not allow the keyboard to be depressed. The case's only flaw is the display lid that deforms under pressure.Asus K53SV-SX077D battery However, virtually all manufacturers making notebooks of this size and price range have problems here. Therefore, that does not surprise us.

Overall, we can give Samsung's Series 5 550P5C-T02 a thumbs-up since the installed hardware is not only offered in a stable and solid case, but also pleasing to look at.

Battery Life

Power Consumption

Samsung's Series 5 550P5C does quite a good job with power consumption. Asus K53SV-SX079V battery At idle, the power consumed is about 8.3 to 11W. The Acer's Aspire V5-571G featuring an efficient Core i5-3317U ULV processor only showed a slightly lower consumption of about 6.6 - 10.2W in our measurements. Our test device in standby mode manages 0.5W.

However, our test device draws up to 77.4W from the outlet during load. A comparison with Samsung's 17 inch Series 7 700Z3C-S01 (same CPU and GPU), which merely consumes 60.3W, proves that this can be different. Even the graphically superior Dell Vostro 3560 laptop is more energy-efficient and only needs 59.9W during load. Asus K53SV-SX080V battery

Battery Runtime

Being a 15.6 inch multimedia laptop, Samsung's Series 5 550P5C is still small enough to ensure a certain degree of mobility. Our test device is equipped with a 48Wh (4400mAh) battery that comes with a promise of up to 6 hours of runtime.

Asus K53JN Battery

Asus K53SV-SX081 battery Our tests show that 6 hours was not quite achievable. We determined a maximum runtime of 303 minutes (5 hours and 3 minutes) using the BatteryEater test in Reader's mode. Here, wifi and Bluetooth were disabled, the screen's brightness was set to minimum, all external equipment was disconnected and all energy-savings mechanisms were enabled.

Asus K53SV-SX087V battery The battery performance looks better when it comes to playing DVDs where two standard-length movies of 90 minutes could easily be played before the battery ran out. We tested this using "Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers" with a runtime of 2 hours and 55 minutes as well as Fantastic Four 2 with a length of 88 minutes (1 hour 28 minutes). The battery capacity showed up to be 11% after this and, according to the display, would still have lasted for a good twenty more minutes.

The laptop ran for 4 hours and 48 minutes before it had to be plugged in when running on wifi. Asus K53SV-SX121V battery

Fortunately no cutbacks have been made in connectivity. The Samsung's Series 5 550P5C-T02 provides all common ports that are needed for everyday use and does not leave anything to be desired.

The interface distribution shows reason for complaint because they are found mainly towards the front on the sides. Particularly, ports that need a thick unwieldy cable are concentrated on the left. Interfering cables are inevitable. Asus K53SV-SX123V battery

The left harbors the power socket and LAN cable interface, the analog video out, HDMI socket and two USB 3.0 ports. However, as if these are not enough, Samsung's notebook designers also placed the audio jacks here.

The right looks very tidy if not bare. In addition to the Blu-Ray ROM/DVD burner, you will also find two USB 2.0 ports followed by the Kensington lock. Asus K53SV-SX125 battery Although the left could be depopulated a bit by moving equipment such as external USB hard disks, USB flash drives or digicams to the right, they would have to be connected to the slower USB 2.0 ports. The user can only use the ports on the left side if USB 3.0 is to be used.

The 4 in 1 card reader is found on the front (with support for MMC, SDHC, SDXC, SD). There are no interfaces on the device's rear since the installed battery virtually takes up the entire length. Asus K53SV-SX126V battery


Our test device has several options available for communicating with other computers or the Internet. First there is the old-fashioned LAN port (Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller, 10/100/1000 MB/s), via Bluetooth 4.0 or a WLAN network connection (Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235) that supports all common wi-fi standards such as 802.11 a/b/g/n. Asus K53SV-SX131V battery

A 1.3 megapixel web/video camera is installed at the top of the display bezel. The microphone is towards the left of the keyboard. Video conferences via Skype or similar programs are not a problem for Samsung's Series 5 550P5C-T02. A built-in JBL 2.1 sound system is responsible for an above-average sound, but more about that later.


Asus K53SV-SX137V battery Regrettably there are no extra accessories in the box apart from the compulsory power supply. In addition to a few freeware programs, Microsoft's Office Starter and a pre-installed 64bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium is on the hard disk. We also find a trial version of Norton's Internet Security that is especially irritating due to interfering pop-ups and is consequently among the first programs to be deleted.

Input Devices

Asus K53JN AC Adapter/Charger


Asus K53SV-SX144D battery The built-in chiclet-style keyboard does not leave anything to be desired. Like the case, it is locked in tight with very few niggles and fits well with the overall concept. Samsung also sticks to a standard keyboard layout and apart from the top row of keys, does not swap or elongate any keys. This facilitates fast typing and reduces the time need for familiarization with the layout. A full-blown number pad is also great and is not inferior to an external keyboard in anyway. The pressure point is very clear and the key stroke is implemented homogeneously. Asus K53SV-SX146V battery The keyboard's manufacturing as well as its fit in the chassis makes a very good impression as the keyboard is extremely resistant to flex. Even vigorous typing does not generate any noticeable yielding or a clattery noise.


The touchpad and its two mouse keys are slightly recessed in the wrist rest. Dust and dirt soon accumulate particularly at the edges here. We would describe the mouse pad surface as smooth and pleasant to use. Asus K53SV-SX169D battery Its functionality is also satisfactory. The mouse cursor's control is easy and precise and we did not notice any jerks or interruptions. Both mouse keys, which emit a quiet click when triggered, work flawlessly. The touchpad also implements multi-touch gestures such as zoom or scroll just as smoothly.

Samsung installs a matte screen in the Series 5 550P5C-T02 model. It does have a slight advantage over laptops featuring a glare-type screen surface with respect to visibility outdoors. This is the case, even if only to an extent, when the notebook was not exposed to direct sunlight. Asus K53SV-SX174V battery

The AR coated 15.6-inch HD LED TFT screen features a screen size of 39.6cm and a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, which makes our test device HD ready.

The measured brightness levels are quite surprising. We could measure a maximum screen brightness of 290 cd/m2 in the top-center quadrant, which is a very good reading in our opinion. Asus K53SV-SX204V battery But the "darkest" spot of 200 cd/m2 is middling quality at best. Although the measured rates are quite inhomogeneous, it is not noticed in practical use. Unfortunately, the screen's contrast is disappointing. Blacks in dark scenes don't look saturated, especially at maximum brightness. A grayish haze is always visible and mars the installed screen's otherwise good impression.

Asus K53SV-SX223V battery Of course, the viewing angles vary from screen to screen. Our test device's screen reacts quite sensitively to changes to the vertical viewing angle. Color deviations turn up quickly. The horizontal viewing angle stability is quite accommodating to changes. Although image deviations are noticed, they first evolve at a fairly flat viewing angle and are more than acceptable in our opinion.


Asus K53SV-V2G-SX208V battery In addition to the workmanship and connectivity, the installed hardware is quite important. Many users will first give the installed hardware a once-over before looking at the rest. After all, everyone wants to buy as much performance as possible for their money. One thing first: The installed hardware in Samsung's Series 5 550P5C-T02 might not be the strongest in terms of performance, but our test device was not designed for that. But it is state-of-the-art in any case.


Asus K53T battery The dual-core i5-3210M CPU is based on Intel's latest Ivy Bridge architecture. In contrast to the Sandy Bridge architecture, which was built on the 32nm process, the manufacturing is now made using the smaller 22nm process with 3D transistors. Intel classifies it as a 35 watt TDP (thermal design power) CPU. Thanks to Hyper Threading, the two cores can process up to four threads at the same time. The Core i5-3210M CPU is clocked at 2.5GHz, but it can be increased to 2.9GHz or even 3.1GHz when only one core is needed via Turbo Boost. Asus K53TA battery

Graphics Card

The integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics features 16 execution units (EUs) which are responsible for the decent performance of the GPU. Moreover, our test sample can rely on the stronger GeForce GT 630M (core clock: 475MHz, graphics memory: 900MHz, shader: 950MHz) when an application needs higher GPU performance. Nvidia's GeForce GT 630M has dedicated 2048MB GDDR3 video memory and supports DirectX 11, DirectCompute 11, OpenGL and CUDA. Asus K53U battery Optimus technology switches between both graphics solutions automatically. Optimus takes over and enables the GeForce GT 630M without changing the graphics settings or making a system reboot necessary when required.

LENOVO IdeaPad Z580 Battery

In terms of performance, the GeForce GT 630M is on a par with a GeForce GT 540M from the previous generation. This looks different when compared with a GeForce GT 640M because it is about 20% faster than our GeForce GT 630M and the 640M is based on the newer Kepler architecture based on the 28nm process. Nevertheless, it has enough power to render games in reduced resolutions and details smoothly. Asus X43 battery

System Performance

Samsung launches a strong laptop onto the market with its Series 5 550PC5C-T02 due to Intel's Core i5-3210M and Nvidia GeForce GT 630M. The test device is complemented by 8GB of working memory and is well-equipped to handle the multitasking needs of the user. Samsung installs two 4096MB DDR3 memory modules (PC3 - 12800 at 800 MHz) of its own brand into the laptop. Asus X43B battery Routine applications or usage as a multimedia center is hardly a challenge for the 550P5C-T02. The only weak point that could be a bottleneck is the installed hard disk. The user gets Seagate's Momentus Spinpoint M8 ST1000LM024 with 8MB cache. It is a 1TB disk that spins at 5400rpm and is connected via SATA-300. Scores of 2791 points in PCMark 7 and 9691 points in PCMark Vantage cannot be compared with notebooks featuring an SSD. However, they do not give reason for concern since the rates are quite acceptable for a laptop with this equipment. Asus X43BY battery

Storage Devices

With an access time of 21.0 ms, the Seagate Momentus Spinpoint M8 ST1000LM024 is not the fastest of its kind, but it offers enough storage so that an external hard disk is unnecessary. Upgrading to an SSD would be an option and would also increase the system's subjective performance enormously. This can be seen well in our review of Samsung's 830 Series 128 GB SSD or Asus' Zenbook Prime UX31A Ultrabook under "Storage Devices". Asus X43E battery However, if you need a lot of memory for little money, you will likely be satisfied with Seagate's Momentus Spinpoint M8 ST1000LM024 performance.
Gaming Performance

Having done the 3DMark or PCMark benchmarks, we also wanted to know how suitable Samsung's Series 5 550P5C-T02 is for gaming. We ventured into the world of Diablo 3 with the Core i5-3210M CPU, GeForce GT 630M and 8GB of DDR3 RAM. The monster hunt was quite smooth with a constant frame rate of over the critical 30fps in high details and a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. However, our GeForce GT 630M finds its limits at ultra-settings. Asus X43J battery

We then entered the world of Skyrim, where the in-game graphics are a bit more sophisticated. The frame-rate recorded by Fraps turned out accordingly and clearly dropped below 30fps at high details. We achieved an average of 31fps at medium details, which are just sufficient for smooth game play. Asus X43JE battery

The same is seen in Anno 2070. The installed hardware does not allow more than a medium detail level in this game either. If you want to play with more details and a higher resolution, you should think about a notebook made for gaming like Samsung's Series 7 700G7C gamer. That review should be available very soon on Notebookcheck.

It looks much better with older games like World of Warcraft, which run smoothly even at ultra-settings. Asus X43JF battery

LENOVO IdeaPad Z580 AC Adapter/Charger


This laptop with middling price and hardware is up-to-date when it comes to hardware at least. The combination of Intel's Core i5-3210M CPU with a default clock of 2.5GHz and Nvidia's GeForce GT 630M (core clock: 475MHz, graphics memory: 900MHz, shaders: 950MHz) provides performance that is absolutely sufficient for routine use. 8GB of working memory, Bluetooth 4.0, 2 x USB 3.0 ports, HDMI and a 1TB hard disk from Seagate are also on board. Asus X43JR battery Office applications, Internet surfing, writing emails and even playing various computer games, with certain restrictions, are possible. Gamers looking for more oomph will however be disappointed by the mainstream GeForce GT 630M graphics card.

The strengths are revealed in multimedia applications. If the laptop is playing a piece of music or even rendering a movie from a DVD or Blu-Ray disc, the built-in 2.1 sound system from JBL will not let the user down. Although we would still recommend the stereo system at home for stationary use, the installed speakers featuring an integrated subwoofer on the bottom are absolutely sufficient for a user on the go and are quite convincing. Asus X43JX battery We also find the matte, bright screen agreeable. One flaw of the installed screen is its poor contrast.

Another point of complaint is the cooling system because Samsung's Series 5 550P5C-T02 is a hot device in the truest sense of the word.

Nevertheless, Samsung's Series 5 550P5C-T02 can be recommended as a multimedia notebook in this price range despite the listed shortcomings. However, if you want a bit more power in a 17-inch case, Samsung's Series 5 550P7C-S02 might also be an interesting alternative.






Dell 4T7JN

Review Apple MacBook Pro 13 2.5 GHz Mid 2012 Notebook
If you asked any die-hard Apple user a few years back about the "ideal" MacBook Pro, he or she would have insisted on a 17-inch display, non-glare of course. Dell 312-1163 Today, the 15-inch MacBooks are commonly accepted, and the Retina model is a worthy successor to the now discontinued 17-inch version. But fans don't quite agree on the entry-level notebook into the realm of Apple Pro notebooks. When the "Unibody" MacBook was absorbed into the MacBook Pro line and debuted as MacBook Pro 13, it became the new entry-level "Pro" model. Dell 312-1242 Not everybody was happy: screen too small, display glossy, and not even a matte option? Fast forward a few years: the little MacBook Pro is now well-established and was refreshed recently, when Apple updated the current portfolio. Ivy Bridge says hello.

The outside of the new MacBook Pro entry-level notebook looks almost identical to the predecessor (we are talking about the version "Early 2011", since we had no chance to test the "Late 2011"-model). Dell 86HGX HCJWT The chassis is still a slim unibody structure made from solid aluminum. And why fix something that's not broken - the customers obviously appreciated the design. So what did change? The most noticeable difference is the Ivy Bridge dual-core CPU Intel Core i5-3210M. This mobile CPU featured a 2.5 GHz core frequency and can overclock to a maximum of 3.1 GHz using Intel Turbo Boost. Dell KJ321 Courtesy of the new processor generation is the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000. Additionally, the USB ports have been updated to USB 3.0. Other changes we will discuss more thoroughly in the respective sections. One thing up front: the somewhat low display resolution regrettably hasn't changed.

Dell M5Y0X NHXVW "Beyond reproach". This was our verdict about the chassis of the Apple MacBook Pro 13 Early 2011. We are happy to report that we don't need to revise this statement for 2012. The aluminum unibody chassis offers superb build quality, high torsional rigidity, and doesn't "give" when pressure is applied. The compact dimensions, especially the low thickness of under 2.5 centimeter (under 1 inch), are not matched by that many competitors. The weight of about 2 kilogram (4.4 pounds), however, is nothing special in this class. Dell PRRRF

We would prefer a larger maximum display angle, since it's restricted to about 45 degrees. The lid also swings back and forth a bit if it's released abruptly during the adjustment process. The black bezel around the display could be a little less prominent. Dell T54F3
Battery Life
Since we determine battery life using the tool Battery Eater Pro, we conducted all tests under Windows. To determine if Apple's OS X has the better energy management, we ran our WLAN test (which simulates a real-life scenario) on both platforms. Dell T54FJ

To find out the maximum battery life, we deactivate wireless, turn the display to its lowest brightness, and use the "Power saver" profile. The Apple MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2012 ran almost for eleven hours. For the other extreme, the Battery Eater Classis test, we use maximum display brightness, enable WLAN and Bluetooth, and subject the notebook to a very heavy load. The MacBook shut down after 99 minutes, which is still a very good result. Dell 312-1163 The WLAN-Surftest uses a display brightness of 150 cd/m2 and the Power saver profile. Webpages containing text and multimedia content (to accurately reflect a frequent use-scenario) are visited automatically. Running under Windows, the MacBook lasted for more than six hours, a respectable result. Under Mac OS, however, the notebook lasted an outstanding (almost) eight hours. Equally impressive is the DVD run time of 4:14 hours. This should be sufficient for even the longest movies. Dell 312-1242

Power Consumption
Once Apple decides on a certain technology or design, they usually stick with it for quite some time. Case in point is the lithium polymer battery used in the smallest MacBook Pro - the capacity of which has been 63.5 Wh for quite a few years now. Dell HCJWT Unfortunately, the battery is still not user-replaceable. Compared to current Ultrabooks, like the Sony Vaio SVT1311M1ES, the capacity is actually quite large. Apple states that the battery should last at least 1000 recharge cycles.

Dell KJ321 We measured the power consumption for the notebook under both operating systems. Under Windows and during idle, the notebook consumed between 10 - 16 watts, under Mac OS between 7.2 - 10.7 watts. This is a pretty significant difference and favors the Mac OS. The picture doesn't change much under load: at around 50 % load, the MacBook Pro consumes about 45.3 watts under Windows, while the consumption under Mac OS levels out at 37.4 watts. Dell M5Y0X Under maximum load, there is no significant difference between Windows and Mac OS. The consumption during standby and off-mode are also identical and very low.

All things considered, the MacBook Pro is pretty energy efficient. The Mac OS leaves a much better impression here.
Dell NHXVW PRRRF The Apple MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2012 stays cool even during the summer and periods of increased temperatures. During idle, the aluminum unibody chassis stays cool to the touch. We didn't measure above 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) in most spots. Only the underside in the left upper corner got a bit warmer at 32 degrees Celsius (89.6 degrees Fahrenheit). Dell T54F3 To use the notebook on the lap is possible for hours on end without any ill effects (even on bare skin, as it might happen during the summer season). There is no significant difference in this regard between Mac OS and Windows, even though that is not true for the noise level.

HP ProBook 4340s Battery

Under maximum load during our stress test - which is not a scenario normally encountered - the notebook heats up as expected. Dell T54FJ Since the temperatures remain under 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) at all times, we have no reason to complain here. The power adapter also stays cool with a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) under load.

Dell X57F1 To check if the CPU throttles (runs at a frequency lower than the nominal frequency) when subjected to continuous load, we ran Furmark and Prime95 for several hours. After a few minutes, the CPU briefly lowered the clock speed down to a low of 1.2 GHz. The reason for this behavior is the high CPU core temperature of 104 degrees Celsius (219.2 degrees Fahrenheit). Dell Y9N00 As soon as the CPU cools off, the frequency increases again - up to the Turbo Boost maximum of 2.9 GHz. When we ran a 3DMark06 directly after the stress test, the results (compared to when the notebook was still cool) were no different. The intermittent throttling therefore has no real impact on CPU performance itself. This is also true for Mac OS X. When we ran the Cinebench R11.5 Multi-CPU test in an endless loop (using a script), we ended up with the same exact results, even two hours later. Dell 0TN1K5

The term "gentle evolution" hits the nail on the head. At first glance, nothing seems new as far as the port selection of the Apple MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2012 is concerned. Only an examination of the spec sheet reveals that the two USB 2.0 ports have been replaced with USB 3.0. The DVD-RW optical drive is now sourced from Hitachi-LG. Everything is virtually unchanged, including the location of the ports. Dell FV993 For details, please check our test of the MacBook Pro 13 Early 2011. We find it interesting that Apple did not eliminate the FireWire 800 interface. This means that the user has three ways of connecting high-speed peripherals: FireWire 800, Thunderbolt, and USB 3.0. That is second to none.
Dell PG6RC Not much has changed from the predecessor. The LAN controller (Broadcom) supports Gigabit Ethernet, the WLAN controller (also from Broadcom) supports 802.11a/b/g/n (both 2.4 and 5 GHz). With Bluetooth 4.0, Apple incorporates the latest standard of the short-range wireless technology. The main advantage of the already three-year old technology is the decreased power consumption, which leads to better battery life. Dell R7PND

Apple usually ships their notebooks with only the most basic accessories, so it wasn't a big surprise that the box only included the power adapter and a few user manuals. Apple stores usually have a huge selection of accessories, both from the manufacturer itself as well as other vendors. Dell 268X5

"Unibody" usually means difficult maintenance. The MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2012 is quite user friendly in that aspect: after removal of ten small Phillips screws, a part of the bottom plate comes off and allows access to the internal components. Dell 312-1257 Hard disk drive and RAM are easily accessible and a breeze to change. The fan unit can be cleaned should it become necessary. Only the battery is not user replaceable. The notebook has to be sent in or needs to be taken to an authorized reseller in that case.

HP ProBook 4340s AC Adapter/Charger

Dell 312-1258 At the core of the re-design of the MacBook Pro 13 2012 is the CPU based on Intel's Ivy Bridge architecture. The Intel Core i5-3210M is one of the fastest dual-core CPUs and features clock speeds from 2.5 to 3.1 GHz. The processor, which has three MB of level 3 cache and a TDP of 35 watts, is usually installed in 14-inch and larger notebooks. Since Apple designed the Pro series for more demanding tasks than what the typical Ultrabook would encounter, this choice makes sense. Dell H2XW1 Those looking for an Ultrabook-like device in Apple's portfolio should consider the MacBook Air.

In order to determine the performance and especially to check if the processor is capable of its full potential, we use the CPU benchmark tests Cinebench R10 and R11.5. In both tests, the Intel Core i5-3210M in the Apple MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2012 achieved exactly the performance we expected (based on previous measurements). Dell H7XW1 We recorded 8936 points in the Cinebench R10 Multi-CPU-Rendering 32-bit test (64 bit: 10658 points). Utilizing only one core, the results are 4109 and 5298 points, respectively. Interesting is the pronounced scaling under 32-bit: using both cores, the result is roughly 2.2 times higher. The newer Cinebench R11.5 64-bit test confirms the results of the Cinebench R10. We measured 1.22 points in Single-Core-Mode and 2.87 points in Multi-Core-Mode. The results are identical whether the laptop is plugged in or running on battery power. Dell JD41Y
System Performance
While CPU performance is determined by just a few factors - for example the thermal design of the notebook - overall system performance is a result of the interaction of all components: CPU, RAM, hard disk drive, bus systems, OS, and driver choices. To evaluate the overall performance, we use the PCMark 7 and PCMark Vantage benchmark tests. Dell N2DN5

We'll just sum it up here: the performance of the Apple MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2012 didn't disappoint. Quite on the contrary: the little Pro can keep up with notebooks equipped with more powerful processors. Overall the Pro performs as expected. The system scored 6621 points in the PCMark Vantage test. Dell 04YRJH This result has the MacBook Pro 13 slightly ahead of the Acer TravelMate P643-MG-53214G75Mikk (which features the same CPU) and only slightly behind the Fujitsu Lifebook E782, equipped with the most powerful Core i5 processor Intel Core i5-3360M.

Dell 312-0233 Working with the Apple MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2012 is both speedy and smooth. The only time we had to wait a bit was when editing high-resolution photographs. This is more due to the lack of RAM than lack of computing power.
Our test system shipped with Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4, the then-current operating system from Apple. We doubt that that the transition to Mountain Lion will have any real impact on the results. Dell 312-0234 383CW To determine CPU performance under Mac OS X, we also the 64-bit version of Cinebench R11.5. Performance is very similar to what we saw under Windows. The minimal differences are probably due to measurement tolerance more so then actual differences between the operating systems. We recorded 1.21 points for rendering with one core, 2.89 points for two cores, and 16.66 during the shading test. Dell 4T7JN

Two of the preferred benchmark tools for Mac OS are Geekbench and Xbench. Since the latter test usually shows significant variations from one run to the next, we take the average of eight runs. Overall, the performance of the MacBook Pro is right were the technical specs indicate it should be. We did not discover any significant bottle necks limiting performance. Dell 9T48V J1KND

Gaming Performance
We ran a few tests with current games to see how the Apple MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2012 would perform. As expected, we were able to play many of the titles (two examples are F1 2011 and Anno 2070) fluently, as long as we set the details to low. More demanding games like Risen 2 are not much fun even at the lowest settings. Dell W7H3N The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim manages to run without major lag. Using the native resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and high details proves too much for pretty much all current games.

LENOVO ThinkPad X1 Battery

Under Mac OS X, we played or Diablo III benchmark sequence. HP 2000-363NR battery After game start, we teleport the character to the market square of New Tristram. From there on, we let him run along the street towards the upper right, have him turn around at the bushes, and run back the same way. At the lowest settings, anti-aliasing off, and resolution set to 1024 x 768 pixels, we were able to play the game without an significant lag, which means that even the harder levels that follow should be enjoyable. HP 2000-365DX battery Medium details and a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels still worked OK for New Tristram, but we expect the game to stutter at the higher levels.

To find out which games work well with a particular graphics card, please check here.

Since Apple does not offer a dedicated graphics card for the smallest MacBook Pro, the notebook is not particularly well-suited to play games. The Intel HD Graphics 4000 can handle older games, but newer ones are not a lot of fun. HP 2000-369NR battery

The Apple MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2012 is, just like its predecessor, a powerful notebook with great battery life and outstanding build quality. But is has competition from two sides: the modern Ultrabooks on one, and Apple's own MacBook Air 13 Mid 2012 on the other. As the smallest member of the Pro-series, this notebook is supposed to deliver the correct balance between performance, mobility, and last but not least, price. HP 2000-369WM battery

We think that Apple doesn't quite hit the mark here. The MacBook Pro does feature a pretty powerful processor and can back up its performance claims with benchmark results. HP 2000-370CA battery On the other hand, the included RAM is not really sufficient, considering this is a Pro model. At least for Mac OS, an increase in RAM should be considered. The same is true for the (fairly sedate) hard drive that Apple uses. A SSD would be a much better fit here and increase overall performance significantly.

HP 2000-373CA battery We find absolutely no issues with the workmanship. The build quality is just superb and very few competitors have notebooks that come close in that regard (and none have surpassed the MacBooks as far as build quality is concerned - at least not in our book). The keyboard is well suited for fast typing, even in the dark, since it features a backlight. The touchpad simply has no equal. HP 2000-375CA battery

The display is also hit and miss. The TN panel is very bright, has a low black point, offers great contrast, and adequate viewing angles. But unfortunately, the resolution of 1280 x 800 is a downright antiquated. We would like to see a higher resolution here. In addition, the panel does suffer from reflections (since it's a glare-type). There are rumors talking about a 13-inch Retina model, however. HP 000-379WM battery

As far as mobility is concerned, the MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2012 is top-notch. The weight of two kilogram (4.4 pounds) is OK, considering the rather compact dimensions and the fact that an optical drive is included. The outstanding battery life allows the user to venture far away from any outlets. HP 2000Z-400CA battery

Those wanting to play games should not mistake the meaning of the word "Pro" in the name. Due to the integrated (processor) graphics, the notebook is not really well-suited for newer games. A dedicated graphics card is not an option, even for a surcharge. Speaking of surcharge - RAM and SSD options seem way overpriced. At least both components are upgradable by the user. HP 2000-410US battery

So what is the final verdict? The MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2012 is a solid and compact workhorse, featuring impeccable build quality and great battery life. But due to the missing dedicated graphics card and the comparatively low display resolution, it's not quite up to par any longer. HP 2000-412NR battery The base price of 1249 Euro seems a bit high. We can only recommend it to users who need a small notebook with an integrated optical drive and good performance. In a use-case like that, the notebook offers a very good compromise. Back to the question we asked in the beginning: stepchild yes, unloved, no.






Sony PCGA-BP2V battery

The facts about laptop batteries
A laptop battery is what makes your laptop running. Without it, you can not use your laptop unless it is plugged directly into a wall outlet. Samsung AA-PL2VC6W-E battery Think of the ACER Aspire 1410 battery as gasoline powers your car.
Contrary to the essence, the Apple ibook g4 battery in your computer laptop would fall over time. Why? There are two facts that affect this one is that the batteries of computerlaptops today s last an average of 300 refills, and the second of these batteries have a shelf life of 3 years. If you exceed this limit, your Toshiba PA3356U-1BRS battery may be at its peak performance. It is time then to get a replacement battery. Samsung AA-PB5NC6B battery
To get the most out of your Dell inspiron 1750 battery ofcomputer laptop, here are some tips on how to prolong its life.

What I did to extend the battery life of my Dell D620 and my thinkpad x60 battery used on my two computers phones, is that I made sure to use them effectively. First, since we are limited to an average of 300 charges when you make a charge sure to do when your battery is almost empty so as to make a full charge.Samsung AA-PB9NC6B battery If you charge your inspiron 9100 battery if it is still half full then you lose the extra power in it, while cutting back on his life. The same would go if you have a latitude d620 battery, Inspiron 6000 battery, Dell Latitude D530 battery, or kd476.
Then, try to minimize the use of your hardware. Examples not to turn your LCD monitor at its maximum brightness and executes only programs important when calculating the Compaq presario cq50 battery. Samsung AA-PB9NC6W battery
Most programs you open most of your CPU power would be drawn from the Dell inspiron 1521 battery. Also, try to reduce the use of certain materials unimportant. If you do use your WiFi try to extinguish it. If you want to listen to music from a disc, then create a backup of the record and store on your hard drive. So next time you play your music, it will be directly from the hard drive and not from a CD ROM or DVR which shortens Battery life very quickly. Samsung AA-PB9NC6W-E battery
Even after trying to squeeze extra life on your notebook battery, there will come a time when you really have to replace it. If the original PA3465U-1BRS battery isn't available anymore, so a replacement battery is a good option. These batteries are easy to find, just search the Internet for an online store that supplies the aspire One battery replacement. Samsung AA-PB9NS6B battery

Monitoring your Laptop Battery from the Command Line
While most window managers have a meter that shows you how much battery life your laptop has, there are some that don't. And many aren't completely accurate. If you drop to the command line though, you can use a pair of utilities that will check the life of your battery, and more. Samsung SSB-X15LS3 battery

Laptop users learn something very quickly: always keep an eye on how much charge your LENOVO ThinkPad X61
battery has. If you don't, you just might run out of juice in the middle of work.
Most window managers -- like KDE, GNOME, and Xfce -- come with good battery monitors. Samsung SSB-X15LS6 battery They will also manage screen brightness in most cases. Alost all of the previously mentioned window managers use PowerDevil to do so. But if you use a window manager that doesn't, or if you want a little more accuracy, you can turn to the command line to help.
Using acpi
Just about every Linux distribution supports ACPI (the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface). Samsung SSB-X15LS6S battery It's a fancy name for the way in which a computer manages and configures devices and its power supply. Of course, Linux includes a command line utility for using ACPI called ... well, acpi.
Open a terminal and run the command acpi. Note if you are running this command on Ubuntu or its derivatives, then you will have to install acpi. sudo apt-get install acpi will do the trick. Samsung SSB-X10LS3 battery This command returns how many minutes of power the battery has left, as well as the percentage of power it has -- for example, 9%. Useful, but what if you want more information?
If that's the case, then run the command acpi -V. This command displays the same information as the one above, but with a few extras like whether the AC adapter is plugged in and the temperature at which your laptop is running. Samsung SSB-Q20LS battery If you're plugged in, running acpi -V also displays how many minutes are left until the battery is at 100% power.
Looking at IBAM

Dell MT3HJ Battery
IBAM is billed as "the Intelligent Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery Monitor". To run it, open a terminal and type the command ibam. If ibam isn't installed run sudo apt-get install ibam to install it. You'll see the number of hours and/or minutes of battery life you have left, and if you're charging the battery, how much longer it will be before the battery is fully charged.
IBAM also has a number of nifty features. Samsung SSB-Q20LS2 battery One of those features is to generate a graph of battery life and charge time. To do that, you need gnuplot (a tool for graphing all sorts of information) installed on your laptop. From there, type ibam --plot and a color-coded graph appears in a new window.
There's a lot more under the hood. To see all that IBAM can do, type the command ibam --help. Note: in some cases running ibam will return "No apm data available.". In this case you are running a kernel that is to new for ibam. Samsung SSB-P30LS battery
Drawbacks to this approach
If you're not comfortable working at the command line, then you probably won't like either of these solutions. On top of that, they don't dynamically update. You have to keep running acpi or IBAM to get the latest information about your battery.
If you want to put the output from acpi or IBAM on your desktop, then check out Conky. Samsung AA-PB5NC6W battery It's a monitor that displays system information on your desktop, either as text or in a set of graphs and charts. Conky can be a challenge to set up, but does its job without a lot of overhead.
Still, both acpi and IBAM give you a little more flexibility when monitoring your battery for Dell Inspiron 1545 . Often, the information that these utilities return is more accurate than most desktop battery monitors. They're worth a look for that reason alone. Samsung SSB-Q30LS3 battery
the first use of laptop battery noted
With lower prices and configure improve, a lot of friends have been acquired for their own Toshiba laptop. Bought a Toshiba laptop, I do not know the first use of what it should be noted. Samsung AA-PB0NC4G battery
First of all, I want to say that everyone at the impression that all Toshiba laptop battery has a service life of all, Toshiba notebook battery life, however in accordance with the number of charge-discharge calculation. But on this issue a lot of people do not understand very clearly, together with the general Toshiba notebook battery charge and discharge is also the number of at least about 500 times that a lot of friends think Toshiba notebook battery life is about two years. Samsung AA-PL0NC8G battery
Toshiba notebook battery, even if unused, will self-discharge phenomenon has happened, once the place for too long, Toshiba notebook will appear the case of excessive discharge. Once at this level, a lot of Toshiba laptop battery even electricity are not rechargeable, and Toshiba notebook batteries, several have come to an end the useless. Samsung AA-PB0NC6B battery
In other words, even if your Toshiba notebook battery for toshiba m200 time do not use, nor capable placed, preferably for a time on a charge and discharge in order to maintain Toshiba notebook battery "state." But because of Toshiba notebook lithium electricity itself has a certain memory effect (generally that no memory effect Lithium electricity is wrong, lithium electricity actually have memory effect, but only a very small), preferably within the first Toshiba notebook battery power depletion, and then charge, such an effect would be better.Samsung AA-PB1NC6B battery Of course, the best control of the charging time at 12 hours, otherwise, would also lead to excessive charging Toshiba laptop battery life decrease.
Equally unsurprising is how effective these cameras are --- provided they are protected from the elements --- at shooting digital video footage in cold and damp inhospitable winter weather outdoors. So long as you protect the camera from rain and snowflakes and shield their sensitive omnidirectional microphones from the distorting effects of heavy wind. Samsung AA-PB2NC3B battery

an extra hour of laptop battery life can be gained
A new notebook battery comes discharged and should be fully charged before use. A sony vgp-bps9 battery should be charged and discharged three to four times before it can be conditioned to reach the maximum battery life capacity. Every two to three weeks fully discharge and then fully charge the laptop battery for TOSHIBA PA3285U-1BAS to maintain the laptop battery's lifespan. Samsung AA-PB2NC6B battery This is to prevent the 'memory effect' and is seen in older laptops that use rechargeable NiCad laptop batteries. Newer laptop Li-Ion batteries and NiMH batteries don't need this type of conditioning and don't experience the 'memory effect'. A charged laptop battery will eventually lose its charge while being stored and it will be necessary to recharge the laptop battery after a long storage period. If you constantly leave your notebook plugged into AC power, it is advisable to unplug the charger and run the battery down until it's almost out of reserve power. Samsung AA-PB4NC6B battery This will ensure a healthy laptop battery that is capable of 300-500+ discharge/charge cycles.

OEM Laptop Batteries VS Aftermarket:
OEM laptop batteries can cost significantly more than an aftermarket laptop battery. Aftermarket sony vgp-bps8 battery can also have a higher power capacity compared to OEM laptop batteries and last longer because of improved circuitry and internal design.Samsung AA-PB6NC6B battery All of our replacement laptop batteries meet or exceed OEM manufacturer specifications. We also offer a full 1 year warranty that comes with all of our notebook batteries and are 100% compatible with each associated laptop. Many of our batteries will also meet or carry various UL, FCC, RoHS and CE certification standards to ensure proper laptop battery safety and quality. Samsung AA-PBONC4B battery

Laptop Battery Recycling:
Don't throw away your old laptop battery in the trash can, recycle it! Used laptop batteries can be recycled at any battery or electronics store. Federal law requires, used Ni-Cd batteries for Dell Vostro 1310 to be managed as Universal Waste (40 CFR Part 273). Sony VGP-BPS23/B battery The Universal Waste Rule prohibits handlers from disposing of waste Ni-Cd batteries and must be sent for recycling.
We know you've got questions, and if you're brave enough to ask the world for answers, here's the outlet to do so. This week's Ask Engadget question is coming to us from Anthony, who is looking for an external battery pack to keep his laptop humming through those 21-hour T / TH marathon days. If you're looking to send in an inquiry of your own, drop us a line at ask [at] engadget [dawt] com. Sony VGPBPS23/B battery

"I'm going off to college soon. I have a new HP TM2. Obviously the 9 hour battery life isn't realistic, and I would like the fabled "full day computing" experience. I do have a second battery, but it's awkward to charge both batteries, the shape doesn't fit into my bag well, and I have to hibernate to switch (which introduces some wonkiness to some programs). Sony VGP-BPL23 battery I'm looking into external batteries which provide power to the DC input of my laptop (18.5V, but 19V will work too). It would preferably be approximately 9- to 13-inches diagonally to fit into my bookbag and / or laptop bag, and not ridiculously thick. USB charging would be a definite plus too, but not required."

For Mac owners asking a similar question, we can personally attest to the greatness of the HyperMac, but we'll be looking to the collective brain of our dear readers to help on Anthony. Sony VGPBPL23 battery Go on and toss your suggestion down in comments -- you wouldn't want poor Anthony running out of juice during his first Biology lab, now would you?
There are several ways of extending your sony vgp-bpl9 battery life when you're not plugged in. Make sure your laptop battery is fully charged before use. Turn down your laptop LCD screen brightness. Sony VGP-BPS23 battery Set screen saver to 2-3 minutes. Activate 'Power Saver' under Control Panel > Power Options. Close unnecessary applications and minimize background processes. Turn off wireless hardware, PC Cards and USB devices when they are not in use. Avoid running the CD/DVD player continuously. Add more memory so less read/write data is done on the hard drive. By following a few of these tips, an extra hour of laptop battery life can be gained when you don't have any power sources to plug into. Sony VGPBPS23 battery

Dell MT3HJ AC Adapter/Charger

Battery Conditioning And Laptop Recycling Laptop Batteries
New laptop battery tips: This document explains how we recommend you should fully condition your new laptop battery, using a simple battery charge. This will ensure a long battery life and greater durability. It is very common for customers to believe that there is a failure of the battery when in reality they have a battery in perfect condition, which simply requires proper conditioning. Sony VGP-BPS23/W battery
When you receive your battery new laptop, it will be fully paid and unconditional. Please do not turn on your computer when the laptop battery does not work right away. Your Apple macbook pro 17 inch battery will normally 8 to 10 cells and releases from reaching its full Sony VGPBPS23/W battery
However, your battery will not reach their full potential until it has been conditioned for at least fifty times. Until then, you may experience lower performance.
Another common situation you may encounter is the LED indicator on your computer laptop does not give specific information that the Dell Inspiron 1545 Battery is fully air conditioned - it is very common for consumers to believe that their battery is defective. Please do not blame the battery! Just follow the instructions below cycle. Sony VGP-BPS23/P battery
During the first charge, your computer may indicate that the mobile charge is complete after a short period (about 15 minutes). It must be expected and considered normal if this happens, remove the battery from your computer laptop and repeat the charging procedure. You must use your computer laptop as usual (without AC adapter plugged in), until the Dell Vostro 1500 battery is completely down. Sony VGPBPS23/P battery
Repeat the above procedure for a minimum of eight times in the coming days. Always make sure you allow time for your battery is sufficient to obtain a full charge overnight.
What do these terms mean ?
Cycle - One full load during the night and a full discharge and without the adapter plugged in.
Charge - Night of charge with an AC adapter plugged into the mains. Sony VGP-BPS23/G battery
Discharge - have exhausted the power of your Dell latitude d830 battery (operating thecomputer with your battery is fully charged in thecomputer laptop and AC adapter unplugged).
Condition - This is the process of charge / discharge you must complete. This will increase both the performance and life of your battery.
Duration - The time the Dell GK479 battery will last. Sony VGPBPS23/G battery
About 577 million household primary batteries (non rechargeable) batteries have been sold in the United Kingdom in 1998. They are used in a wide range of everyday devices like flashlights, radios and electric toys. Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries are also common in households, in equipment such as power tools, camcorders, computers phones and mobile phones (there is a separate fact sheet on mobile phones). A dry battery requires fifty times more energy than it overlooks. Sony VGP-BPS23/D battery

There have always been difficulties with recycling technology for general (non-rechargeable), as efficient separation and collection of many different types of batteries is difficult. The area of Compaq presario cq50 battery UK has now eliminated mercury from their own products, although a small number of batteries containing mercury are still imported from abroad. Check with the battery manufacturer to see if they are operating a system of recycling or recovery. Sony VGPBPS23/D battery This is particularly needed for battery NiCd s because they are the most dangerous type of TOSHIBA PA3534U-1BRS battery in the house.

Kinds Of Wholesale Laptop Batteries
There're 2 main types of wholesale laptop batteris which have been typically available for those leading types of notebook computers. The 2 predominant choices are.
Nickel Metal Hydride - Nickel Metal Hydride electric batteries can still be found everywhere we look -- particularly for slightly older model notebooks. Sony VGP-BPL18 battery The rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride notebook electric Dell CF623 Laptop Battery would have been a huge step-up for laptop technology largely simply because they had been a lot more dependable as opposed to Nickel Cadium electric batteries, and they acquired a straight higher end result. The Nickel Metal Hydride electric battery have also been more affordable to create, and safer to work with. Sony VGP-BPS18 battery
LiON - LiON batteries are nowadays the most famous with notebooks. Lithium Ion laptop computer batteries have zero memory impact. Lithium Ion batteries will also be more compact than each NiCd and also Nickel Metal Hydride notebook electric batteries. Payday cash advantages equal to the Lithium Ion battery becoming the most used and most expensive among the numerous notebook power sources. Sony VGP-BPL26 battery
Please remember a few of the earliest pens Laptop computer models utilize Nickel Cadium electric batteries, but these are not in reality accessible to acquire any longer because of the relatively hefty fat and awful performance. If someone else offers these It's always best to ignore them and not to acquire these products, particularly when they are used
You are probably questioning which kind of IBM ThinkPad X60 battery power to acquire. Sony VGP-BPS26 battery Getting a Lithium Ion battery would be the best solution, and also if you possess the cash that is things i suggest. If you fail to afford a Lithium Ion battery or your laptop is just not compatible with one, then getting a NiMH battery is the next best thing.
Seeking wholesale laptop batteries is straightforward for many who search around for just a little plus know precisely what you are interested in are guaranteed to discover a discount. Examine those laptop computer battery getting hints initially. Sony VGP-BPS26A battery
The 1st step to locating cheap wholesale laptop batteries will be to are aware of the precise brand name of your respective laptop computer Computer, because you will want this information to make certain you buy the proper mannequin. There might be an array of different types of HP COMPAQ Business Notebook nx8420 battery to your Computer with every one supplying various amounts of battery, when i explain beneath. Sony VGP-BPL19 battery

Save Your Laptop Battery
After years of development, laptop has become more prevailing. But the price of the laptop has not been reduced to an acceptable level. Therefore, laptop users should take care of the laptop. But how can a laptop properly maintained? Here we are going to have this battery for instance. Sony VGP-BPS19 battery

Sony VGP-BPS13S Battery

Without this battery, my laptop is useless. So I have really cautious about my laptop battery. On the online store, the replacement is at a very high price. When I got the Dell Latitude D600 battery, I have it under the instruction hoping it will serve me longer.
For the laptop battery such as IBM 02K7016 battery, IBM ThinkPad R60 Battery and IBM ThinkPad T60 Battery, it will generally charge about 50% of pre-charge
Sony VGP-BPS19/S battery
Because of the natural discharge, the battery differs from other. Like this IBM battery, it has been calibrated by the manufactures in the factory. That is why it has charged when I bought it. Don't be suspicious about it.
Under normal circumstances, the user will not use the battery every time after re-charge theToshiba PA3535U-1BRS battery exhausted, then there is always part of the lithium ion may not be used. Sony VGP-BPL19A/B battery There is a certain inertia of lithium-ion effect, if time does not use will lose its activity, which requires re-activation (you can refresh the battery to solve), other lithium-ion batteries learning effect also occurs (internal IC register values errors or error), which also need to refresh the batteries, so if you find time do not use batteries or the battery charge and discharge time shorter, please refresh the battery, it is recommended to conduct a three-month average battery refresh, but on the Asus notebooks words, the battery can use preset refresh action in the battery in the BIOS update process, the refresh process takes time depending on battery capacity vary.Sony VGP-BPS19B/B battery

How Long Will My Replacement Laptop Battery Last?
I'm often asked is how lengthy having a replacement laptop batterylast. This is really a very good question, which has a lot of elements that will alter the outcomes. All rechargeable batteries ultimately wear out with time and usage. Sony VGP-BPX19 battery The far more time a battery is employed, the lower the performance it is possible to anticipate from it. Noticeable slowdowns in run time could be expected right after two years of use. If the ACER Aspire 4220 battery is continuously employed, a slow down in run time could be seen in 18 months. It really is advisable to buy a replacement battery when the run time doesn't meet your expectations. It isn't uncommon for batteries working at top performance to total 1000 charge-discharge cycles just before becoming unusable. Sony VGP-BPS20 battery Following the suggestions below will need to assist you to to maximize the lifespan of your replacement laptop battery.
The run time of a typical laptop battery is determined by the demands created by the laptop laptop or computer. If the laptop or computer is continually utilised or the battery just isn't correctly cooled off it's going to substantially shorten the batteries life span. SONY VGP-BPS20/S battery Employing the monitor at high levels of brightness for excessive periods of time will drain the battery. Lowering the brightness will enhance the batteries life span. Also lowering the screen resolution and color depth will enhance the battery life. Changing these settings on your laptop is pretty quick and can save you considerable battery life. SONY VGP-BPS20/B battery Accessing the challenging drive and use of other peripherals will also drain your laptop battery. Turning off unused devices on your laptop or computer will enhance the batteries life. Disabling startup items can support lessen use of virtual memory, ultimately growing the replacement laptop batteries life. The quantity of TOSHIBA PA3356U-1BAS battery life drained might be distinctive for every single end-user, as each and every individual has distinct settings and external variables that may have an effect on the laptops battery life. It truly is suggested to make use of the laptop as necessary and not to over use it. Sony VGP-BPL20 battery

superb determinant of batter life could be accomplished searching at milliamp-hours. Each battery has two ratings, volts and milliamp-hours. Milliamp-hours are commonly expressed by mAh, a description of the expected power capacity of the battery. Sony VGP-BPS22 battery The greater the mAh ranking, the longer the laptop battery will last. Keep away from low mAh's as they are going to be brief lived. Greater mAh rating is indicative of a longer run-time (greater capacity), and won't trigger any incompatibilities. When buying a replacement laptop battery, the voltage of the original battery must match that of the replacement battery. SONY VGP-BPL22 battery The only exception to this is if the batteries consist of unique chemistries. Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries have unique voltage ratings, even if they are for the same exact laptop. Be careful not to confuse yourself with the different chemistries.
All batteries will eventually become obsolete after an extended period of use and abuse. Therefore it is a good idea to have a spare battery incase your TOSHIBA PA3534U 1BAS battery suddenly dies out or loses its charging strength. SONY VGP-BPS22A battery Laptop users may chose to use their battery until it completely dies, but it is a better idea to have a replacement laptop battery ready to use when your original battery only runs at 30% of its original runtime when first purchased.

Optimising Laptop Battery Life
Have you noticed that your Laptops' battery is losing more and more juice each month? Of course it is, it most probably has a Lithium Ion HP compaq c700 battery, which are known to slowly lose their capacity over time. SONY VGP-BPS22/A battery But wait, there are some easy steps you can take to minimise this loss in battery capacity, and if you stick to them, you probably won't have to replace your battery for another few years. Basic tips. Avoid placing your laptop in hot places, especially in areas that are exposed to full sun.

Battery capacity is diminished greatly when exposed to temperatures over 23 degrees centigrade. Sony PCGA-BP2T battery Whenever you are going to store your laptop for prolonged periods of time, don't charge the battery to 100%. It has been proven that a 40% charge is the optimum amount when storing your laptop. You should charge your laptop to 100%, and then fully discharge the battery every month so that the "Fuel Gauge" of your laptop displays the correct amount of charge. Sony PCGA-BP3T battery Avoid buying a spare battery when you don't need one. Storing a spare apple battery a1175 for prolonged times will reduce its capacity, as they don't have a long shelf life. Check for software updates on your laptop regularly. As software gets more established and tested, programmers optimise their code so that the software runs better, saving your laptop from performing unnecessary tasks. Unplug unused external devices, such as flash drives, cameras, or external hard disks. Sony PCGA-BP2V battery They use battery power even when you are not using them. Apple Mac tips. Use the energy saving setting in System Preferences > Energy Saver to lower the time it takes before your laptop goes to sleep. Tick the option that states 'Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible' to reduce unnecessary overworking. Windows tips. Under the Power Options in the Control Panel, you can find an energy saving preset that will turn your screen and hard disks off after a short period of time. Please visit our website to see more tips on how to save energy and money.






DELL Alienware M18x battery

Review Fujitsu LifeBook UH572 Ultrabook

Fujitsu's door to the world of Ultrabooks is cheap

In our case, it glitters in pretty metallic red

Magnesium fuses approx. 1.6 kg of lightweight with a build height of 18 mm and good stability

Most of our attentive readers likely know which specifications a modern ultrabook has to fulfill. LENOVO G570 Battery Such a device has to particularly feature a light, slim, appealingly designed case that is rigid so that it can be used as a robust traveling companion. Moreover, it should sport a good battery life and a bright screen. Fujitsu does not have to redefine this category or customer wishes - long have a few manufacturers gathered experience in the field of ultrabooks. Thus unsurprisingly, Fujitsu does not tread new paths with the UH 572's chassis. Nevertheless, Fujitsu's interpretation impresses right away. Lenovo ThinkPad T420 Battery

Our version features a nicely shimmering metallic red magnesium case - however you can naturally choose a less striking silver color. The lid's surface is processed and painted so meticulously that it looks like colored aluminum under light. In addition to the slim, almost fragile appearing build (18 mm height - closed), the used material allows an impressive case stability at a weight of merely 1.57 kilograms. Lenovo ThinkPad T410s battery Even greater effort does not really warp or dent the base or even the lid, which is very rigid considering its thin build. Of course, the manufacturer has designed everything according to this slim size and light weight - but not without advantages and disadvantages that will still be seen.

asus l062066 battery

The case is very well-manufactured and feels agreeably soft. The edges and corners are ergonomically flattened in important places. Lenovo Thinkpad T420S Battery Opening the device also proves to be very easy even with one hand. The lid can be opened to an angle of 145° and is held firmly by the two small hinges without rocking noticeably. The ruby-colored lid and base alternates with matte black on the input field. Their surface does not looked as rubberized as known from various ThinkPads, but is sooner smooth. The designers considered usability here: The interfaces on the sides are marked on the top's right and left edge so that they are easily found. LENOVO ThinkPad X220 battery


In addition to WLAN via Intel's Centrino Wireless-N 2230 (b/g/n), cabled network connections are also possible via a USB-to-LAN connector. However, a highlight of the low-priced UH572 is definitely the option of surfing on the Internet via HSUPA using mobile broadband. In addition to Bluetooth 4.0, Intel's WLAN module offers other technologies such as Wireless Display. Thus, wireless transmission of screen content to a compatible monitor or TV is possible. Lenovo ThinkPad W520 Battery


Apart from the slot for notebook locks, we unfortunately did not find any relevant security features on the UH572. Thus, the device can only be protected against theft at work. Fujitsu adds more such features in its U772 business ultrabook.

Scope of Delivery

Apart from the notebook, LAN connector and various instructions, we also find two recovery DVDs in the box. LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E420s Battery They enable resetting the ultrabook to state of delivery - providing that an external DVD drive is available because ultrabooks lack this equipment. Unlike the bigger U772 model, the UH572 does not feature a docking port. Thus, Fujitsu's accessories only range from notebook cases over external hard disks up to external input devices. Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 battery


We were very pleased about the huge maintenance cover on the bottom of the ruby-red magnesium ultrabook. Merely 6 Torx screws separate the experienced user from replacing or expanding a few components. They are Western Digital's 500GB, 2.5" hard disk, the RAM (only one of two banks occupied with a 4GB, 1600 MHz DDR3 module), the wifi card and Sierra's UMTS module (both connected via mini PCIe) in the U572. Lenovo ThinkPad L420 Battery


Fujitsu standardly delivers the Lifebook with a 12 month collect & return service. We did not find any extension options on the manufacturer's homepage. Too bad, since a few competitors offer warranty extensions.

Input Devices

As seen in our recent review of the U772, it is not exactly the input devices that cover Fujitsu's new ultrabook with glory. Will this be different in the UH572?


Compared with the U772's keyboard unit, it is fairly good but far from being a paragon. LENOVO IdeaPad Z370 battery

Typing is comparatively easy on this model. The key drop is short, but much better than in the significantly more expensive U772. The subjective typing feel conveys accuracy but the keyboard makes an extremely low-end impression. The entire chiclet keyboard unit seems to fit somewhat loose in the base. Thus, the construction clatters and "clicks" with every key stroke, no matter how gently pressed, and it also yields evidently. This reminds us of first generation netbook keyboards. Lenovo ThinkPad X120e battery

But not everything is bad about this keyboard. The pressure point is relatively crisp. Considering the price or the U772's unusual keyboard, the unit installed here is satisfactory. Typos are hardly an issue and the ergonomics are acceptable. Nevertheless it is disappointing when compared with input devices of recent contenders. We can recommend both the backlit keyboard of HP's Folio 13 as well as the "conventional" yet excellent keyboard in the IdeaPad U310. Acer Aspire 1830T TimelineX battery Unfortunately, the Aspire S3 offers a keyboard similar to the one installed here.


dell pt434 battery

The Lifebook's mouse replacement is very similar to the one in the U772. Ergo it adopts all traits and problems but additionally exhibits a similar, quiet clattery noise as perceived from the keyboard.

The inherited traits include the touchpad's rather smooth surface where you occasionally snag and the fairly unreliable keys' functionality. As it so often seen in Ultrabooks, the pad's touch-sensitive surface extends over the area of the left and right key. TOSHIBA Satellite L755 battery They are no longer dedicated and the entire touchpad can be pressed to perform clicks. However, our model exhibits a slightly unusual behavior here. The U572 pad's outermost right and left corners, where we normally press to click, respond just as little as those in the U772. We had to press the buttons' center area hard to trigger the clicks. However, they were sometimes assigned to the wrong key - more often than not did a context menu pop up after an intended left click.Samsung R540 battery Multi-touch gestures, such as the popular two-finger scrolling, work well. However, they have to be enabled via the driver menu instead of in the lower right task bar as would be usual.


Fujitsu basically offers its Lifebook U572 in two configurations. We are testing the fairly low-priced EUR 799 alternative that features Intel's Core i5 3317U (2x 1.7 GHz - 2.6 GHz) and a 500GB Western Digital hard disk which is fired up by a 32GB SSD cache. Dell 312-7414 If you invest EUR 150 more, you get a very fast, pure-bred 128 GB SSD and a faster Core i7 3667U CPU (2x 2 GHz - 3.2GHz). Both versions include the same graphics solution in form of Intel's HD Graphics 4000.

The price-performance ratio is first-rate in both versions. However we would sooner take the cheaper UH572 alternative because there are ultrabooks with much better screens and input devices for just under EUR 1000. Dell Alienware M11x R3 battery

When we take a look at the contenders in this comparison, we notice that the IdeaPad U310 also complies with Intel's minimum specifications regarding storage devices, so a similar array of 500GB HDD and 32 GB SSD cache. Acer's S3 also uses a 320GB HDD + 20GB SSD. Merely the Folio 13 sports a swift 128GB SSD from Samsung and thus will likely be a tough opponent particularly in terms of system performance. DELL Alienware M18x battery

Battery Life

Power Consumption

The idle power consumption of our Fujitsu device is within the average of all tested ultrabooks (5.9 - 8.9 watts). This is unsurprising since they all feature similar hardware.

The consumption increases up to 40 watts during load, which is a much worse rate than for example the 33.3 watts measured in the Aspire S3 or the 35.8 watts of the Folio 13. Dell P721C However, this result is likely due to the new graphics unit that has to work harder than the old IGP in the latter two devices.

Battery Runtime

The Lifebook is as economic as its contenders in low load, but how is this translated in battery runtime? Can it benefit from the energy efficiency?

Not really, unfortunately. Dell Inspiron 1200 battery The built-in 42 Wh battery's capacity is somewhat lower than that of the competition. Thus it is unsurprising that the UH752 only lasts for a maximum of 5h and 55 min in our low load test via the BatteryEater's Reader's benchmark in minimum brightness and with disabled wifi. HP's Folio 13 relies on a big 59 Wh battery despite a similar case size and price, which can last for 9 h and 49 min remote from the mains. Dell Vostro 1500 battery

A similar picture is seen in our standardized wifi surfing test, where several online media, including YouTube videos, are visited via a script. Of course, wifi is enabled and the backlight is set to roughly 150 cd/m2 (here the max setting of 2). dell p769k battery The Lifebook only survives for 3 h and 17 min, which is not really a bad time. Nevertheless, it is a bit embarrassing for an ultrabook, considering that just these devices are normally to stand out by surviving a long Internet session on battery power (HP Folio 13: 5h 5 min). For example, really convincing but also more expensive devices like the MacBook Air 13 last for over 6 h in this test. The average battery life of the compared, low-end contenders is a bit over 4 hours. Dell Inspiron 1750 battery

The device manages a full-load runtime of 1 h 41 min, which is acceptable considering the battery capacity. (The leader here is again HP's Folio 13 with 2 h 50 min). A somewhat bigger battery would not have hurt the UH572 when compared with the contenders.






Lenovo ThinkPad W520 Battery

Some Tips For Extending The Life Of Lithium-Based Batteries
Lithium batteries are advancing rapidly,and they provide longer use times than nickel and lead based batteries. Dell Inspiron 15R battery Their use has been adopted as the standard for most of the spy cameras,and other electronics on the market today.Here are six tips to extend the life of your lithium-ion based electronic device.However,the technology is not mature,and every few months new advances increase the battery life,resulting in longer recording times. DELL XPS 15 battery On average,you can charge a lithium-ion battery 300 to 500 times before it won't take any more charges.

The typical lithium-ion battery lasts 2-3 years. DELL Alienware M14x battery Eventually oxidation lowers internal resistance,causing it to not be able to deliver the stored energy, even though the battery is charge.Lower current draw applications will add to the life vs.high draw devices with cobalt based Li batteries,like laptops,cameras,and cell phones. Dell XPS 15z battery The bottom line,be gentle to your lithium-ion batteries.If you excessively charge the battery,with high voltages,and heavy load conditions,it will shorten your battery's life.It's best to charge at a slower rate.Following the tips above will give you several years of use from your lithium-ion powered electrical device.

Here are some things you can do to increase the life of your lithium-based battery: DELL Alienware M17x R3 battery

Laptop computer uses:If you keep the battery in your laptop for everyday use,and power it from the wall socket,unplug the power every few days and let it run off the battery,as a battery at 40% capacity lasts longer than one at 100% capacity.if you don't travel with it,you should remove the laptop computer battery when on fixed power.Store laptop batteries correctly:You can remove the battery from your laptop if you are running it on electricity. DELL Latitude E6420 battery In order to maximize the life,store it at 40% capacity in low temperatures.Storing a battery in hot conditions at 100% capacity can shorten the life by 1/2.Keeping it at full capacity,like plugging in your laptop all the time,will give a life of 12-16 months.Ideally,keep the charge level at 40% for stored batteries yields the longest life. DELL Latitude E6320 battery

Avoid constant full discharges:Li batteries prefer a partial discharge,over a full discharge.You should not frequently fully discharge the batteries,rather charge the battery more often,if possible,daily to insure a long life. DELL Latitude E5520 battery Recalibrate:We suggest a full discharge every 30 charges for batteries with fuel gauges,like laptops and mobile phones to recalibrate the battery.Just let it run until it stops,then recharge.

ibm thinkpad t40 series battery

Keep it cool:The life of the battery depends on the temperature and the state of charge.High temperatures and high charge levels will lead to a short life.At 25C,you have 96% capacity at 40% charge,and 80% at 100% charge.The warmer it gets,and the higher the user charge level,the quicker it will die. DELL Latitude E6520 battery Try to keep the temperature down and the ideal storage place is inside the refrigerator at 40% capacity.Avoid buying spares:Unlike wine and cheese,Li 18650 battery do not improve with age.Avoid the temptation to buy spares,unless you use them frequently.Check the manufacture date,and never buy an old battery,even if on sale.

How Much Do You Know About Laptop Battery Packs? Dell Inspiron 17R battery

Did you recently notice poor performance of your notebook Li-ion battery?Don't be taken aback, this is happening even to the best battery!Now days lithium batteries are widely used in portable devices due to there excellent energy to weight ratio and for the reason they are not suffering from "memory effect".These two reasons make them the best choice on portable devices,but not suffering from "memory effect" doesn't mean it will last for ever! HP Pavilion g6 Battery Chemical conversions inside the battery make it to produce electric energy but these chemical reactions aim to attenuate as time and charge cycles pass over.


Batteries are made up of one or more,fuel cells.Modern batteries were invented by the Italian physicist,Alessandro Volta.By definition,a "battery pack" or a battery is a device used to store chemical energy. HP Pavilion g7 Battery The stored chemical energy is converted into electrical energy and is available in the form of Direct Current (D.C.) output.Laptop computers are small mobile personal computers which issentially runs on batteries,on account of the need to be portable,the weight of modern laptops currently available in the market range from 2 to 7 lb.Laptop manufacturers are developing models of lesser weight by using lightweight materials. HP Pavilion dv6 battery

Even though laptops usually run on batteries when near a suitable power source isn't available,they can also be run using adapters,which simultaniously charge the battery using power from a 110 Volts A.C. outlet.Over the last decade,as technology improved,the usefulness and popularity of laptops has steadly increased,even as the prices keep coming down.Hp Pavilion dv7 battery Highly efficient power-saving processors have been developed specifically for mobile applications.Moreover,lightweight powerful laptop batteries have been developed with the advances in battery technology.The heavy car batteries that were being used initially have been replaced with lighter and more efficient battery types such as Nickel Metal Hydride (nimh batteries),Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer. HP Pavilion dm4 battery

Li-Ion batteries are leading edge battery technology and consists ideal selection in use on portable computers and cellular phones due to their high energy density and high voltage.Laptop computers were some of the first products to take advantage of the technology,with standard and prepaid cell phone manufacturers quickly jumping on board shortly after seeing the benefits to Li-Ion's long lasting battery life. HP EliteBook 8560p Li-Ion is also equipped with a variety of safety measures and protective electronics and/or fuses to prevent reverse polarity,over voltage and over heating and also have a pressure release valve and a safety vent to prevent battery from burst.

Laptops in the early 90s used the same Central Processing Units (CPUs) as used in decktop computers.They also had to use slower processors because the faster processors required more energy.HP EliteBook 8460p With the introduction of processors specifically designed for laptops,the total power requirements of the laptop were reduced drastically.The latest laptop models use usually use lithium-ion battery,which have replaced the older NiMH batteries.The battery life of laptops with light-duty use is usually between two to five hours.However,if a laptop is used continuously,the battery life may drop to around one hour.The chemicals inside the batteries gradually degenerate over time and eventually, the batteries have to be replaced. HP Envy 17 battery Depending on the charging and discharging pattern,Lithium ion batteries can last from one to five years.

Get The Most Information About Your Laptop Lithium Battery
I get a lot of questions about laptop batteries around the first of the new year.One of the biggest reasons is that many people get a laptop for a gift (or give themselves the laptop).I do computer repair and deal with laptops issues often. LENOVO G570 Battery Having been a laptop owner myself for more years than I care to remember,I also face the laptop battery problems any user might.Laptop batteries have come a long way since the first ones in the 90s.The latest type,lithium batteries,are a huge improvement in both power and endurance.

ibm thinkpad t40 series Charger

But any laptop battery is subject to two very basic factors in determining the life cycle.The number of "charge cycles" (how many times the battery can be charged to 100% and depleted) and exposure to heat. Lenovo ThinkPad T420 Battery The cycles eat into the ability of the battery to hold a charge and the heat causes the chemicals to lose their ability to recharge.The shelf life of any laptop battery is limited too.So if you are shopping for a replacement battery always check the date of manufacturer.If older than two years I would pass.Batteries do deteriorate over time just setting on the shelf regardless of use.It's a chemical thing and the ability to hold a full charge. Lenovo ThinkPad T410s battery

There is also a lot of misinformation about laptop lithium battery in general based on the older models and technology.You do not need to totally drain the new lithium models.Its fine to use it until you get a warning of low power but don't purposely try to push it to empty since there is no reason to do so now. Lenovo Thinkpad T420S Battery And if you do push it to absolute no power you might also experience some lose of data,a very good reason not to go that route.Another common question is do I take out my battery while running on DC power?The answer is yes,this is due to the heat problem mentioned above. ACER Aspire 5745P Battery

The amount of heat and duration can impact your battery's life so it's a good idea to remove it when plugged in to help limit the amount of heat exposed to when possible.A majority of laptop users only use their laptops away from power in frequently so this could really be a big factor in making your battery last a long time. LENOVO ThinkPad X220 battery So what is a normal life expectancy of the newer batteries?You should check your manufacturer's specifications but the average is 300-500 cycles.So that number can mean different time periods for different users since it's very dependent of how often you use just battery power for operation.

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Do You Know Apple Gets In On The Battery Recall Fun? Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 battery
Flaming laptops are no fun,especially when the fires are started by faulty batteries.In the wake of last week's recall of 4 million Dell laptop batteries,Apple is recalling batteries used in the 12-inch iBook G4,12-inch PowerBook G4,and 15-inch PowerBook G4.The US Consumer Product Safety has a list of the affected serial numbers. Lenovo ThinkPad L420 Battery The voluntary recall was announced by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission,with Apple's cooperation,and covers 1.1 million batteries sold in the US as well as 700,000 batteries sold outside the US.

Like the batteries in the Dell laptops,those used by Apple were manufactured by Sony.In a statement today,Sony said that it does not anticipate any further recalls.The consumer electronics giant blames "microscopic metal particles" in the battery cells which,when they come into contact with other parts of the battery,can lead to a short circuit. Acer Aspire 1830T TimelineX battery In the majority of cases,this results in the battery powering down,but in rare (and highly publicized) instances,it can result in notebook flambe.

So far,only PowerBooks and iBooks are covered by the recall.MacBooks and MacBook Pros are not,although the latter model has been faced with battery problems of its own.Late last month,Apple began a voluntary 15-inch MacBook Pro Battery Exchange Program,which allowed many owners of the Intel-based notebooks to trade their batteries in for a free replacement. Battery for DELL Inspiron 300m That program was occasioned by reports of random shutdowns and expanding batteries.In light of the second major battery recall in less than two weeks,the news that Dell,HP,Apple,Lenovo,and others are working towards an industry standard for?lithium battery is especially welcome.Part of the standard will include safety specifications that should make battery-caused laptop fires nothing but a bad memory.






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See About Dell Alienware M15X Laptop Battery

Stay unplugged longer with the new Dell Alienware M15X 7800mAh 5200mAh Li-ion dell Inspiron Battery. Battery HP Pavilion dv3500 This 10.8V Rechargeable Li-ion battery can replace the original system battery or be used as a spare. Dell computer batteries life (and recharge times) will vary based on many factors including screen brightness, applications, features, power management, battery conditioning and other customer preferences. Battery Toshiba Qosmio X770-ST4N04

Alienware announced a compact high performance notebook a long time ago. But although it was already available in the USA for quite a while, it is just now finally coming to Europe. The Area-51 m15x notebook makes Alienware the first producer that offers a 15? gaming notebook with a 8800 GTX graphics card and Intel Core 2 extreme processor. This is also the current maximum of what's possible in the compact multimedia class. Battery Dell Inspiron N3010R Compared with other Alienware models we tested so far, the Area-51 m15x looks very simple and discreet (fujitsu battery), at least as long as the various LED lights aren't activated. The display lid and the base unit are kept in a silver-grey plastic frame. We especially liked the seamless workmanship of this part, which creates a compact impression of the notebook. Battery Dell Inspiron 14R

The geometrical and simple shape perfectly fits the colour scheme. The most outstanding details are firstly the two openings on the left and right of the keyboard, which contain the loud speakers, and secondly the central display hinge. Battery Dell Inspiron N4010 But the Area-51 m15x becomes the center of attention only after turning on the LED illumination. The LEDs are very effective due to the unobtrusive case design, (Cheap FPCBP216 10.8V,3 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for FUJITSU FPCBP216) especially if other light sources are dimmed.

One can tweak the illumination of the Area-51 m15x with the Alien FX Lightning software in the command center. Battery Dell Inspiron N4010D Various different colours or separate areas can be chosen for the light effects. The laptop distinguishes different areas of illumination, like the light pipe around the display in the shape of a small gap that emits light, the illumination of the hot keys, as well as the touch pad and keyboard. Our test sample had a keyboard without illumination however. Battery Dell Inspiron N4010D-148

Another interesting gadget to personalise the m15x is the aluminum plate on the bottom of the notebook, on which up to 23 characters chosen by the soon to be owner (FUJITSU LifeBook M2010 laptop batteries), are engraved by laser. Battery Dell Inspiron N4010D-158 The text is translated into alien characters and also added to a foil which is put on the touch pad.

Ah yes, don't forget the well known alien face on the display lid, which is illuminated as well. It starts to pulsate if the notebook is put into standby mode, which is also called "breathing" by Apple. The Alienware m15x unfortunately fails to do this smoothly, so that it looks more like it is clearing it's throat. Battery Dell Inspiron N4010R

We also had to clear our throat on closer inspection of the case, which makes a compact and robust impression at first due to the design, but clearly disappoints in the actual test (Cheap F310J 11.1V,9 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for DELL F310J). Battery Dell Inspiron 15R Holding the notebook, lifting it, or applying a bit of pressure, always results in creaky noises, which seem to be the norm with the m15x. Especially bad in this regard are the display and display hinges.

Although the display is with 12 millimeter not exactly slim, it seems to be very susceptible to any kind of pressure or twisting.Battery Dell Inspiron N5010 Just opening and closing the display is apparently already too much for the notebook and results in loud creaking and squeaking. Furthermore, deformations and even colour changes on the display are noticeable. (Cheap a32-f82 11.1V,11.25V,6 cell Laptop Batteries, battery for ASUS a32-f82 ,brand new, 1 year warranty! Ship to most countries) Battery Dell Inspiron N5010D

The hinge itself failed to make a good impression as well. Even though the resistance while adjusting the display is acceptable, the noise it creates and the wobbling of the display after it is put into the desired position is clearly not. Considering it is a compact notebook, which can be carried around, those problems are rather serious. Battery Dell Inspiron N5010D-148

Especially the creaking noises while working with the notebook overshadow the impression of the m15x. The only average haptics of the plastic parts also fail to change this fact. Battery Dell Inspiron N5010D-168 The low quality is particularly hard to understand if one considers the current price of the Alienware Area-51m15x in our configuration of 2.799.- Euro. ( Replacement battery for ASUS A32-U6, 11.1 voltage, 4400 mAh, 6 cells, Li-ion Laptop Batteries)

The front and the back side of the notebook stay clear of connections. On the front right side of the notebook is a card reader ( 7in1 ) followed by an ExpressCard slot (54mm). Both slots are closed by well shaped flaps. Battery Dell Inspiron N5010R Rubberplugs or plastic dummies are thus unnecessary.

Further back is a HDMI port, which allows a full digital transfer of image and video data. After that comes an USB 2.0 port and a Firewire 1394b (9-Pin) interface, which is a bit unusual for notebooks. Completely at the back is a Kensington lock. Battery Dell Inspiron M501

The left side of the m15x is occupied by the power supply, LAN port, two USB 2.0 ports and audio connections (microphone, earphones). All those ports were located at the back half of the left side, which concentrates various cables and prevents annoying cable tangle. The Area-51 m15x has thus not only an extensive enough interface equipment, but also very good alignment of the available ports. Battery Dell Inspiron M501R

The DVD multi drive is located on the left side on the front. The SmartBay slot could also be equipped with another optical drive, like for example a Blu-Ray drive . Another possibility would be to put an additional hard disk or SQU-724 battery into the SmartBay slot of the m15x. Battery Dell Inspiron M5010

As opposed to other drives, the Optiarc AD-5540AD doesen't have a reject button on the drive itself. Instead, it can be opened with the key combination FN+F8.

The m15x has also various integrated communication modules. The gaming notebook offers a Gigabit Ethernet module made by Broadcom for fast transfers over local networks, as well as a wireless LAN card by Intel, standard4965AGN. Battery Dell Inspiron M5010R A Bluetooth 2.0 module provides wireless communication with various extra devices.

Alienware offers only a Kensington lock regarding security, but at least this allows to fix the notebook to a table or other heavy items on LAN parties, to prevent thieves from stealing the notebook. Battery Dell Inspiron M5030

Included in the shipment of our Alienware m15x test sample was a small leathercase containing the rather short user manual, a thin protection cover, recovery and driver CD ( Cheap UM09A75 11.1V,6 cell 9 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for ACER UM09A75 ), as well as Nero 7 Essentials. Battery Dell Inspiron M5030R Further included was a mouse pad in Alienware design made by Func, which turned out to be very suitable for gaming in our tests ( in combination with a Logitech MX510 mouse ).

The Alienware Area-51 m15x offers a standard keyboard without additional number pad, which is not surprising for a 15.4 inch notebook. Battery Dell Inspiron 17R The lack of layout experiments, 18×18mm standard keys and the generous enter and space keys, make typing intuitive and adjustments unnecessary.

Typing on the keyboard, which offered a soft stroke and good resistance, was very pleasant as a result. Battery Dell Inspiron N7010 Another positive feature is the quiet typing. The keyboard was also robust, even punctual pressure didn't cause much deformation of the keyboard unit, which is especially handy when playing fast games that often lead to strong pressure on single keys in the heat of the moment. ( Replacement battery for ACER UM09A31, 11.10 voltage, 7200 mAh, 9 cells, Li-ion Laptop Batteries ) Battery Dell Inspiron N7010D

The individual keys seem a bit overloaded, because of the coloured border every key has, which emit light on models with integrated keyboard illumination (38.- Euro extra).

The touch pad is optically very well integrated into the look of the Alienware m15x. Battery Dell Inspiron N7010R It is evenly built into the surrounding case and offers a single continuous touch pad button. The main weakness of the pad is the smooth surface. Alienware included two stickers with rough surface with the notebook that can be put on the touch pad, in order to improve handling. Most users will probably prefer the rough surface, which leads to the question why the pad wasn't equipped with that surface from the beginning. Battery DELL XPS 14 Compared with the original surface, handling was clearly better after putting the sticker on the touch pad.

The single touch pad key was apparently also produced to please the eye, and not to be user friendly. The continuous button has a very large dead area in the middle (about a third of the total width!), and can only be pressed properly on the left and right edges (Cheap AL31-1005 10.8V,11.25V,6 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for ASUS AL31-1005). Battery DELL XPS 15 We thus highly recommend to use an external mouse, which should be the not a question for a real gamer anyway.

A touch sensitive panel above the keyboard of the m15x provides additional control of the notebook. The term "touch sensitive" is in our opinion not very accurate however, because the symbols require the finger to rest on them for a rather long time to actually react.Battery DELL XPS 17
Especially annoying in this regard is the adjustment of the volume. A lot of patience is required to get the desired volume.

Alienware currently offers two different displays for the 15.4 inch models. They differ in supported resolution and type of display surface. The choice is between a 1440×900 pixel WXGA+ display with ClearView technology (glossy surface) and a 1920×1200 pixel WUXGA display with matte surface and HD compatible resolution. (ASUS Eee PC 1101HA laptop batteries) Battery DELL XPS L401x

Our test sample was equipped with the high resolution WUXGA display (LPL1801) and was instantly loved because of it's non reflecting surface. This is unfortunately rare, since multimedia notebooks hardly ever offer matte surfaces. Battery DELL XPS L501x It is thus impressive that Alienware went against the common trend, and offers their high end display with an eye friendly surface.

Fears that the matte display might not be able to compete with glossy displays regarding brightness, colours or contrast, quickly disappeared after a couple of tests. The WUXGA display achieved a very good maximum brightness of 191.3cd/m2 in the central display area. Battery DELL XPS L701x The illumination of the panel is with 87.6% significantly above average.

The measured minimum brightness (black value) of the display was 0.37cd/m2. This, together with the maximum brightness of 191.3cd/m2, resulted in a maximum possible contrast of good 517:1 . Subjectively, the display is always sharp and with good contrast. (Cheap A32-F80 11.1V,6 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for ASUS A32-F80 ,brand new, 1 year warranty! Ship to most countries) Battery Dell XPS 15z

Rather untypical for a gaming notebook, but possible nonetheless, is the outdoor use of the Alienware Area-51 m15x . The dim display surface and the high brightness of the display allow outdoor usage with proper image quality.

The dim WUXGA display offers enough viewing angle stability in vertical and horizontal direction for a sufficiently large working area. Battery Lenovo ThinkPad E40 The image does hardly change even if the horizontal viewing angle is very flat. Deviations from the optimal viewing angle in vertical direction have a bigger effect however, and overshadowing of the display happens quickly if the viewing angle gets flatter. Battery Lenovo ThinkPad E50 But this shouldn't be much of a problem in stationary use. (Cheap AS09C71 11.1V,6 cell Laptop Batteries,battery for GATEWAY AS09C71

Alienware praises the Area-51 m15x to be the first 15? notebook with Geforce 8800M GTX graphics. This is correct, but it is very likely that other producers will follow soon. Battery Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 0578-47B Clevo for example, exhibited a 15.4? model at the last Cebit, which is planned to be equipped with a Geforce 8800 graphics card. We look forward to a direct competitor to the m15x, but it will play in a separate class until then.

The hardware of the Area-51 m15x reads like the wish list of a gamer to Santa Claus: nVIDIA Geforce 8800M GTX with 512MB GDDR3 video memory and Intel Core 2 Extreme processor with 2.8GHz and 6MB L2-cache are the fastest possible configuration of the m15x. Battery Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14 inch This not only marks the top components of the m15x series, it is also the maximum possible performance of 15.4? notebooks. No series notebook is currently available that matches the performance of the Area-51 m15x.

A first glimpse at the impressive performance gives the 3D Mark benchmark tests. 15805 points in 3D Mark 05 and 9217 points in 3D Mark 06, catapult the Alienware notebook to the top. Battery Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13inch Even the former top dog in the ranking, the Dell XPS M1530, has to content itself with the second place far behind the m15x.

This result is not very surprising, and a comparison with various all-round multimedia notebooks seems almost pointless . The Alienware Area-51 m15x is a high performance machine, which would sacrifice everything in favor of performance. This idea was also applied when choosing the hard disk : A Hitachi ( HTS722020K9A300 ) with a speed of 7200r/min and a capacity of 200GB. Battery Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 15inch The most outstanding feature is of course it's performance. In the HDTune test it achieved excellent transfer rates of up to 70.5MB/sec and an exceptionally low access time of only 15.2ms. This result makes the hard disk one of the best of it's class.

The m15x uses both available memory slots for RAM, which can hold up to 4096MB and supports dual-channel mode. Our test sample contained two 1024MB DDR2 PC5300 memory modules. Additionally, a Intel Turbo Cache module is available. Battery Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14inch 05787UJ

Apart from all the pushing to achieve maximum performance, the m15x also has a very interesting feature: The user can switch between the Geforce 8800M GTX and an integrated Intel graphics chip (BinaryGFX), by simply pressing the key combination FN+F7 [lenovo laptop battery]. Battery Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14inch 05787VJ Even though this makes a system restart necessary, it gives all the benefits of an integrated graphics card, like significantly lower temperatures, and thus quieter fans, as well as much lower energy consumption

The performance of the test sample convinces in the PCMark 2005 benchmark test as well. The m15x moves with 7669 points ahead to the top of the multimedia class once more. Battery Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14inch 05787WJ But that is not all. Even performance giants like for example the Dell XPS M1730 (still with Merom processor) are beaten by the m15x in this test. The main reason is the powerful Core 2 Extreme processor, which is fully utilised in this test.

Battery Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14inch 05787XJ This result is supported by the Cinebench R10 benchmark test. The Alienware Area-51 m15x manages top results in rendering and shading again. Actually, the Alienware m15x could also be used professionally for graphics and calculation intensive applications, but it's main strength will always be games.

Probably the most important advantage of the Alienware m15x is the performance when running current games – at least this is what Alienware says. Battery Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14inch 05787YJ We obviously take this announcement as an invitation to immediately test Crysis performance on the Alienware m15x.

The Area-51 m15x provided a good impression of it's performance. With a resolution of 1024×768 pixel and medium details, it achieves about 45 frames per second (fps) in the benchmark. Increasing the resolution to high details lets the result drop to below 30 fps. Battery Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 15inch When playing the first single player level with 1024×768 and high details, it ran with 20 – 40 frames per second . The game was playable, but had frequent frame drops.

The m15x also achieved good results in the performance test of the real time strategy game World in Conflict with medium details (DirectX9). It managed an average of smooth 47 fps even on the maximum resolution of 1920×1200 pixels. Dell Latitude E4310 battery
Changing to DirectX10 on the other hand, puts even the well equipped Alienware m15x under pressure. While it manages acceptable 31 frames per second with a 1024×768 resolution, it drops to 19 fps in native resolution (1920×1200).
This result changed in the practical test of a multiplayer game (2 vs. 2, map Seaside), which was sufficiently playable with 20-40 fps, despite DirectX10 and native resolution. Dell Latitude 2110 battery But for LAN battles with more opponents it would be a good idea to reduce the resolution or detail level.

A mandatory test candidate is of course also the currently very popular multiplayer first person shooter Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare . The practical test of the first single player mission with a resolution of 1024×768, anti-aliasing deactivated, other settings on default, resulted in frame rates between 50 and 90 fps. Dell Latitude 2120 battery
An increase of the resolution to 1920×1200 pixel reduced the frame rates slightly to 40-90 fps. But even with those settings the game was smoothly playable and looked excellent.

The Alienware Area-51 also successfully passed the Unreal Tournament 3 practical test. The observed frame rate (map Heat-Ray, details standard – level3) with a resolution of 1024×768 and native resolution of 1920×1200, stayed between 60-65 fps. Dell Vostro 1200 battery Only an increase of the details to level 6 (world and textures), slowed the frame rate a bit down to 40-60 fps. But the game is still smoothly playable with those frame rates.

Our last test sample was Supreme Commander – Forged Alliance. In the practical test of the real time strategy game we played a four player multiplayer game with a resolution of 1024×768 and medium details, and observed a frame rate of 25-30 fps. Dell Inspiron 1320 battery The game was even with the maximum resolution of 1920×1200 pixel with 20-25 fps playable.

Note: Various forums discuss currently about a Bios update of the m15x, because the first m15x notebooks that appeared in the USA had apparently problems with heat sensors, which caused performance drops.
Our test sample already had the Bios version vX30P3, which should fix the issues and we also didn't notice anything during the game tests. Dell Inspiron 1320n battery Just in case some users still have problems, Alienware offers another Bios update to version X32RC1. For more info and download, go here.

Dell Inspiron 11z battery Depending on how the Area-51 m15x is run, it has two completely different noise levels. In office mode with little load it is possible to run it virtually silent. Two options make this possible: Either the stealth mode, which lowers performance of the m15x and can be activated by pressing a hot key above the keyboard, or by switching from powerful Geforce graphics card to the slow integrated Intel graphics chip. Dell Inspiron Mini 10 battery These options significantly reduce the noise level during undemanding tasks like internet surfing or typing, to quiet 32.8dB(A), which is an excellent result.

This quietness quickly changes to loud fan noise under load without any attempt to reduce performance and activated 8800M GTX graphics. Dell Inspiron Mini 1011 battery The noise level of the m15x ranges, depending on game or application, from 43.3 dB(A) up to a maximum of 50.6 dB(A) if both cores and graphics card work at the limit. The fan noise can be described as unpleasant loud at this point. Dell Inspiron Mini 10v battery But gamers will probably be able to ignore the fan screaming, considering the performance the notebook offers.

The surface temperature also reflects the performance of the Area-51 m15x. Although the upper side of the base stays with 43.4°C at reasonable levels, the situation looks different on the bottom side around the central area, which heats up to a very hot maximum of 51.4 °C. Dell Inspiron 1470 battery It is thus important to always put the notebook on a flat and solid surface to guarantee proper airflow, especially if the notebook is often under load.

The m15x offers two speakers, located on the left and right above the keyboard, which produce clear sound. Although we wished for a bit more sonority and more bass for music replay, the sound quality is sufficient. Dell Inspiron 1470n battery

Although mobility isn't so important for a gaming notebook like the Alienware m15x, it is actually capable of mobile use away from the power plug as long as only undemanding applications are used.

Important in this regard, apart from acceptable case size and weight, is the Dell Inspiron 14z battery laptop battery life. The m15x has an ace up it's sleeve that helps a lot – the option to switch to integrated graphics. The test of the maximum possible battery life (BatteryEater readers test) shows the difference: While the notebook runs for only 138 minutes with activated Geforce 8800M GTX graphics, despite having all energy savings activated (energy saving profile, stealth mode activated, minimum display brightness, WLAN and Bluetooth deactivated), it manages 223 minutes with the same settings after switching to integrated graphics. Dell Inspiron 1570 battery

Battery lifetime under load with dedicated graphics card (BatteryEater classic test) is only 77 minutes.
Acceptable is the laptop battery life when watching DVD's. The m15x runs for 124 minutes with integrated graphics card, and is thus able to show a complete movie with average length.
Even better is the result in the practical WLAN test (integrated graphics,energy saving mode, brightness level 6 out of 7), with a battery life of 170 minutes. Dell Inspiron 1570n battery

Alienware makes with the Area-51 m15x a big step forward in the compact gaming segment. Somebody who is looking for high performance among 15.4? multimedia notebooks will quickly notice a distinct lack of competition for the m15x .

The biggest weakness of the Area-51 m15x is the case of the notebook. The plastic parts don't convey high quality, neither regarding feel of the surface nor stability , not to mention the constant creaking noises when handling the notebook. Dell Inspiron 15z battery
Although the m15x only offers a small amount of ports, everything a gamer needs is available. Especially the alignment of ports impressed during the test. So did the excellent keyboard, which is ready for a successful gaming career.

A strength of the Alienware Area-51 m15x is certainly the display, which offers a high resolution, good brightness and illumination, as well as excellent contrast and a matte surface, which prevents annoying reflections. DELL XPS 14 battery

There is not much more to say about the performance. An increase in the 15.4? class would currently only be possible, if a producer managed to put two Geforce 8800M GTX graphics cards in one 15.4 inch notebook, which seems highly unlikely for several reasons (hp mini series laptop battery). The m15x offers thus awesome gaming performance, although a reduction of the detail levels in DirectX10 games might be necessary, if one wants to play at native resolution. DELL XPS 15 battery

Another important point that speaks for the m15x is the low noise level in office and internet mode, because the notebook offers the possibility to switch between dedicated and integrated graphics , which significantly reduces the noise. This obviously doesen't help in high performance mode, which results in a very loud notebook when using demanding programs. DELL XPS 17 battery

The integrated graphics chip also helps to extend the battery life of the Area-51 m15x to acceptable levels, which makes mobile usage possible.

Laptop Battery Care Tips

The latest desktop computers are powerful enough for home users to conduct a variety of operations all at the same time without causing any noticeable slowdowns. DELL XPS L401x battery But when it comes to portability, you can leave it to the laptops as laptops have drastically improved throughout the years to be just as powerful as their desktop counterparts. Miniaturization technologies allow powerful components to be downsized while retaining the power that continues to make them reliable for different tasks. DELL XPS L501x battery However, they require more care as abuse can cause damage to the battery rending the laptop powerless.

What are laptop batteries

Laptop batteries are the laptop's main power source as soon as they are unplugged. Each battery has a specific voltage where higher volts mean longer battery life. These batteries may also be charged so they can be used next time traveling is needed. Apple 13 inch MacBook Air battery The average length of the battery is around 2-3 hour and can be even more depending on the hardware specifications and operating system running.

Why you should care for your laptop battery

Apple Macbook Air 13 inch battery Laptop batteries should be treated with care the same way other rechargeable batteries are treated as their overall lifespan decreases after every full charge cycle. Even if you don't plan to travel often with your laptop, you should still take care of the battery as the adapter provides power to the battery and any damage to that battery can lead to other problems with nearby laptop components. Apple MacBook Air 13.3-inch battery Buying a spare battery can be quite expensive and might take long to get because most likely you'll order to get one as most batteries cannot be found in stores.

Tips on caring for laptop battery

Calibration is key to caring for your laptop battery. Apple MacBook Pro 17inch battery If you are fond of traveling with your laptop and frequently using it on battery, be sure to use it while plugged in whenever you can as well. Then every week or month, drain the battery by any means and then charge it for a few hours so it is full again. Some laptops may have special calibration tools that may make the process easier so check the instruction manual and make use of those. Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch battery

Try not to charge the battery while it isn't fully drained either. Although it won't affect the battery very much, getting used to the habit may lead to you replacing your battery even sooner.

Where to buy a replacement or get one repaired Apple MacBook 13 inch battery

In most cases, batteries cannot be repaired leaving you with the sole choice to find a replacement by visiting the website of your laptop manufacturer. Search for the model of your laptop rather than figuring out your battery as getting the wrong one can lead to unpredictable results. Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch battery You might be able to find some batteries from other online areas, but getting from the original manufacturer is the safest choice.

Every laptop battery deserves care no matter what brand your laptop is. Each manufacturer should have a guide or a few tools that you can resort to.






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Full Solution laptop battery

Battery interface:
The battery contacts with the host site for 6-8 months common metal interface, on top should be marked, for example – TTI I + +, which are above current transmission interface, as well as power control line interface. SONY VAIO VPCEE20 battery
Enclosure to maintain the shape and the internal components and notebook battery can be closely integrated, the interface is responsible for connecting the battery and the host, the general engineering plastics, is usually carried out using ultrasonic welding. SONY VAIO VPCEF20 battery
Laptop battery type and direction of development
With notebook computers and handheld electronics, the rapid development of technology and market, the majority of users "more stable", "use longer," "smaller" or even "number of charge cycles more" and so presented a higher requirements, and the battery technology to market demand, has made a lot of improvement and development accordingly.SONY VAIO VPCEB11FM battery Now the notebook computer batteries are designed to move the direction of Smart Battery, which is within the Uniwill 258-4s4400-s1p1 battery energy management circuit that can monitor the battery energy management circuit usage and to communicate with the host, allowing the performance of the battery into full play so as to enhance battery life. Sony VAIO PCG-TR battery Lithium-ion batteries because of its more than ordinary Ni-Cd / Ni-MH battery has a small size (relative), light weight, low self-discharge rate, no memory effect of the benefits of, and thus have a number of laptop manufacturers like, now commonly used in laptop battery battery. Sony VAIO PCG-V505 battery Although the appearance of laptop battery is now vastly different, each brand, and even a different type of batteries can not be universal, but the internal structure of the battery are the same.
Nickel-cadmium batteries (Ni-Cd): It is used in laptop batteries in the veteran, but because it has a serious memory effect as well as the anode material used in nickel (Ni) on the environment will be toxic and cause pollution, so it is quickly was despise laptop, and replaced by a more superior nickel-metal hydride batteries. Sony VAIO PCG-R505 battery
Nickel-metal hydride batteries (Ni-MH): nickel-cadmium batteries with the same structural principle, but will be replaced by the cathode performance better, more environmentally friendly non-toxic nickel – metal hydride materials. Although only a small change, but it has brought a dramatic increase in performance. Sony VAIO PCG-Z505 battery It also has an unmatched to make the advantages of nickel-cadmium battery is memory effect was not obvious, so that so that we no longer have the memory effect for that nasty trouble and become more user-friendly. Sony VAIO PCG-N505 battery Although the performance of nickel-metal hydride batteries are very good, but with technological advances, it is lighter in weight and a higher energy density lithium batteries replaced, become the laptop battery in the history of deadwood.
Li-ion battery: Many people think that said lithium battery means that we are now commonly used in lithium-polymer battery, in fact, lithium batteries, including lithium metal-ion battery (Li-MO2) and lithium-polymer battery (Li-ion) are two. Sony VAIO VGN-BX battery Because Li-MO2 cells to enter the market in 1989, caught fire when the explosion occurred while the die, so it will soon disappear from people's sight, replaced by a safer lithium-polymer battery. It is light weight, in the same capacity under its nickel-metal hydride battery weighs only about 1 / 2, so it is fast becoming the new darling of mobile portable devices have been used in most notebook computers, is now the backbone of notebook batteries. Sony VAIO VGN-AR battery
Fuel Cell (Fuel Cell): Fuel cells are the future of laptop batteries star, it has many types, including proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEM), alkaline fuel cell (AFC) and solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and many other However, due to the fuel cell start-up time and operating temperature and other reasons in fact suitable for notebook computer use only the fuel cell proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEM). Sony VAIO VGN-FE battery PEM fuel cells using methanol fuel, from the positive and negative electrodes composed of the principle of its power generation is the result of the methanol, after re-enter the negative hydrogen and oxygen enter the cathode, through the catalyst, hydrogen atoms into protons and electrons, by different paths into the cathode, e-cycle to produce electricity through an internal, proton through the electrolyte to achieve positive, combined with oxygen to produce water and electrical and heat. Sony VAIO VGN-FJ battery The experts agreed that restricting the commercial application of fuel cells, the biggest factor is the fuel cell to use the metal platinum (Pt) or platinum as catalyst to make the cost of production has been high, the current production cost of the fuel cell 500 ~ 1000 USD / kW. Research shows that only when the fuel cell production costs fell to 50 U.S. dollars / kilowatt level can be truly accepted by consumers. Sony VAIO VGN-FS battery The high cost of fuel cells is mainly due to mass production has not been formed, once entered mass production stage, the price of fuel cells will certainly be greatly reduced. October 2003 NEC launched its latest notebook with the development of fuel cells, allegedly, when the concentration of fuel use 10% of the 300 cubic centimeters of methanol, the laptop computer can use 5 hours. NEC proposed in 2005, will launch a notebook computer allows continuous use 40 hours of fuel cell products. Sony VAIO VGN-N battery For now, the fuel cell size, performance and cost is not much advantage, but the fuel cell as a back-up power supply or a laptop a good choice. Think about when the notebook can be used continuously 40 hours, it is a kind of what it feels like. Little pollution, and fuel cells can be used repeatedly.

Plug inserted in the above conduct charge do not have any significance. Sony VAIO VGN-T battery We can see on the status of the battery if the Uniwill un255 battery is charging, there is a simple way to determine whether the battery state of charge, the battery charging time will be distributed at a certain degree of heat, when the battery is full after one hour (battery charger Power plug temporarily pull down), you go touch the battery, this time you will find that the battery is at room temperature, this is no longer at this time because the battery charge state, and of course, there will be no heat generated. Sony VAIO VGN-TX battery
How to correctly charge
Deliberately do not require the use of the process of charge to 100%, or used completely without electricity and a way of protecting this automatic shutdown, the correct way is to use about 20% began to charge, charge about 98% can stop charging. Sony VAIO PCG battery If the machine has the power calibration procedure, then you can feel significantly reduced power consumption when the correction cycle, so that protection circuit to fully play a role. For early notebook batteries (Ni-MH Ni-MH or Ni-Cd Ni-Cd), really need to fully charge and discharge in order to maintain good battery capacity, but for the lithium battery is not necessary but may damage the battery. Sony VAIO PCG-CS battery Said that lithium batteries no memory effect, in fact not entirely correct. Is only a very small memory effect of lithium ion only. Materials for lithium battery temperature, the use of frequency is very sensitive to the conditions and so on. When the battery will be some period of time of aging, the performance of the most intuitive to use less time. Sony VAIO PCG-FW battery The natural wear and tear is an important reason, and inadequate maintenance is another important reason. A well-designed lithium batteries have a very good protection circuit to prevent excessive charge and discharge. Because of over-charging and discharging of the battery will be the rapid reduction activity. Sony VAIO VGN-TT battery Because of the role of the protection circuit, the user repeated several times to fully charge and discharge, in fact, impossible to achieve had "full" level. Does not make sense to do so. Sometimes WINDOWS next show there is 20% of battery capacity, you can use 30 minutes, but was not long before, suddenly the machine automatically shut down, this is because the battery has been aging, the battery protection circuit monitors the battery can no longer be a good real capacity. Sony VAIO VGN-Z battery Because in the normal battery depletion, the protection circuit the original parameters have been unable to properly reflect the actual situation of the battery, so in front of said power calibration procedure is to correct the benchmark protection circuit parameters to accurately reflect the actual capacity of the battery . Sony VAIO VGN-FZ battery However, this correction process will often take two or three complete charge and discharge, and as previously mentioned, will reduce the battery fully charge and discharge activity, it is not frequently used.
Using an external power supply when you need to unplug the battery
Sony VAIO VGN-CR battery In fact, this depends on when you are using an external power supply is not need to charge the battery, and battery charging frequency is directly related to life, under normal circumstances the number of Li-ion battery charging and discharging are fixed number of charge cycles generally only about 500 ~ ~ 700 times . Each of us to the battery to recharge a battery, the corresponding, thus reducing a number of charge cycles. Sony VAIO VGN-NR battery But now many notebook manufacturers have taken into account the vulnerability of the battery in order to increase the protection of the battery technology, does not meet certain conditions will not be charging. Even so, when you use computers a long time, when using an external power supply is recommended that you unplug the battery because the battery temperature is also a killer, one laptop computer use would produce a certain temperature, which is very harmful to the battery. Sony VAIO VGN-SZ battery Of course, if you are not sure of their own batteries, then I suggest you pull your battery down and then use an external power supply, because not all batteries have a protection circuit. Reminded: the protection circuit is also able to monitor the battery self-discharge, long-term without the battery should be charging to a certain degree of power on a regular basis to prevent self-discharge of batteries in storage in the discharge of excessive lead to excessive damage, recommend charging to about 50% of the electricity, This is why users often say the Uniwill un258 battery was not taken down on the results put out of order. Sony VAIO VGN-P battery
Temperature of the notebook battery
Batteries are generally sensitive to temperature, the overheated environment of self-passivation reaction to speed up the internal battery, while the cooling of the environment may damage the internal structure of the battery. Therefore, attention to the use of laptop environment. Sony VAIO VGN-TT battery

Tips on Laptop Battery Care

laptop battery care tips

You have been holding on to the same laptop computer for more than a year now, and in fact, is very about the performance it gives you. Then one day, you found out that your laptop computer batteries were unable to retain power from the charger. Sony VAIO VGN-P battery You begin to wonder how this is so , because you only bought the computer right off the shelf just over a year ago. Well, maybe it is time for you to know some laptop battery conservation tips so that this situation will never happen to you again.

SONY VAIO VGN-AW11M/H battery One of the cardinal mistakes that most laptop computer owners make is leaving a powered charger connected to your laptop while the computer is turned off. As you know, chargers have a habit of continuously putting power into the batteries to be retained by them even though the battery is already fully charged. SONY VAIO VGN-AW11S/B battery What happens then is that your laptop computer batteries will be overcharged and this can be a cause for it to wear down rapidly until it will no longer have the capacity to retain power that is given to it by the charger.

SONY VAIO VGN-AW11XU/Q battery Unless you are charging spent batteries, you must make sure to unplug your laptop computer charger from your wall socket, or from any electrical outlet it is connected to when you turn off your laptop. This is to avoid the batteries on your laptop computer from getting overcharged. You must also remember to use the power on the battery to the fullest. SONY VAIO VGN-AW11Z/B battery This means that you have to make sure that the battery is fully spent before you even begin charging it again. If your laptop computer battery is half full and you charge it again at that point, you may be exposing it to the danger of becoming overcharged.

Try not to expose your laptop to extreme conditions like a being in a really chilly room one moment and a warm area immediately after. This causes moisture to form on your batteries which could be lethal and can trigger a short on the batteries, causing its chemicals to leak out. Dell Studio 1749 battery Once this happens, not only would your notebook battery become busted, you would also be exposing your computer to the greater danger of toxic chemicals leaking on its motherboard.

Caring for your laptop would also include looking after its vital components like its batteries, for instance. Dell Studio 1535 battery With proper use and care, your laptop computer batteries are sure to last for a long time.

?The Do's and Don'ts of Battery Use
Battery Do's:

Fully charge/discharge battery up to 4 cycles before achieving full capacity of a new battery

Fully discharge and then fully charge the battery every two to three weeks for battery conditions. Dell Studio 1536 battery

Run the device under the battery's power until it shuts down or until you get a low battery warning. Then recharge the battery as instructed in the user's manual.

Remove from the device and stored in a cool, dry, clean place if the battery will not be in use for a month or longer,

Recharge the battery after a storage period

Dell Studio 1537 battery Ensure maximum performance of the battery by optimizing the device's power management features. Refer to the manual for further instructions.

Battery Don'ts:

Do not short-circuit. A short-circuit may cause severe damage to the battery.

Do not drop, hit or otherwise abuse the battery as this may result in the exposure of the cell contents, which are corrosive.

Do not expose the battery to moisture or rain. Dell Studio 1555 battery

Keep you laptop battery away from fire or other sources of extreme heat. Do not incinerate. Exposure of battery to extreme heat may result in an explosion.

How to Get a Proper Toshiba Laptop Battery Replacement

It is dangerous for users that when an important work is running, the laptop suddenly comes to be shut down or restart automatically. Dell Studio 1557 battery At worst, the important data may be lost and never to get back. To get a proper Toshiba laptop battery replacement, the condition as above must be avoided. Then what should be done to ensure that it will never happen once again? To learn more about batteries is the first step. Dell Studio 15 battery


Toshiba laptop battery history

Shortly, the technology of laptop batteries has passed by a long way. Experienced by the age of Ni-cd and Ni-MH, the batteries today come to be lighter and far more powerful than several years before. Dell Inspiron 1210 battery However, the battery technology is still limited. Even if a rechargeable laptop battery, it won't finally get rid of failure. That is, with the continuously developed technology, the battery still cannot get the point of an unlimited lifespan.


What will the battery life lead to? Dell Inspiron Mini 12 battery

At the end of the usage life, the battery power cannot be offered as much as before.

Every time of use, it will be shorted by the quality and capacity until absolutely dead. Normally, a new Toshiba laptop battery will last for nearly 2 years or more. Dell Inspiron 910 battery If it is not enough for you, a 3 year warranty can be available with an extra expense.


What should be done to Toshiba laptop battery?

It is usually strange for most users to get a replacement battery for the laptop. Dell Inspiron Mini 9 battery Although so easy it is, where and how to get a proper one seems to be tough. If you have learned a little knowledge of the parameters, quality and compatibility, it is absolutely easy to get a best battery with a low price.


A reliable manufacturer or retailer of Toshiba laptop battery

Dell Inspiron Mini 9n battery Compared with shopping mall retailers, it seems to be a more efficient way to get a replacement laptop battery. Not only the price can by compared in several websites, but the further information about compatible laptop models, battery care and output voltage and current of the battery are provided. Dell Vostro A90 battery

Besides, a reliable manufacturer or retailer usually will offer you a warranty of 1 full year. The accident damage cannot be avoided by chance for most manufacturers. Certainly, the refurbished battery can also be excluded.


A proper compatible Toshiba laptop battery Dell Vostro A90n battery

Laptop battery is a device of highly specialized technology. Even if a Toshiba laptop battery, it cannot match all the Toshiba laptops well. Each model has its own nominal voltage and current. It is best to choose by the specification to get a compatible battery for your laptop. Dell Vostro 1710 battery Normally, the seller provides you a compatible laptop model list, which will get you the answer. Besides, just search for the parts number is a good choice.


For someone who is often on business trip, it is significant to buy new Toshiba laptop battery instead of a refurbished one as a replacement. Dell Vostro 1720 battery Any time to experience the condition of automatic shutdown or restart will drive you mad. A battery with enough capacity and stable performance can relax you from recharging frequently.

How to Get a Proper Toshiba Laptop Battery Replacement Dell Vostro 1310 battery

It is dangerous for users that when an important work is running, the laptop suddenly comes to be shut down or restart automatically. At worst, the important data may be lost and never to get back. To get a proper Toshiba laptop battery replacement, the condition as above must be avoided. Dell Vostro 1320 battery Then what should be done to ensure that it will never happen once again? To learn more about batteries is the first step.


Toshiba laptop battery history

Dell Vostro 1510 battery Shortly, the technology of laptop batteries has passed by a long way. Experienced by the age of Ni-cd and Ni-MH, the batteries today come to be lighter and far more powerful than several years before. However, the battery technology is still limited. Even if a rechargeable laptop battery, it won't finally get rid of failure. That is, with the continuously developed technology, the battery still cannot get the point of an unlimited lifespan. Dell Vostro 1520 battery


What will the battery life lead to?

At the end of the usage life, the battery power cannot be offered as much as before.

Every time of use, it will be shorted by the quality and capacity until absolutely dead. Dell Vostro 2510 battery Normally, a new Toshiba laptop battery will last for nearly 2 years or more. If it is not enough for you, a 3 year warranty can be available with an extra expense.


What should be done to Toshiba laptop battery? Dell Studio 1435 battery

It is usually strange for most users to get a replacement battery for the laptop. Although so easy it is, where and how to get a proper one seems to be tough. If you have learned a little knowledge of the parameters, quality and compatibility, it is absolutely easy to get a best battery with a low price. Dell Studio 1436 battery


A reliable manufacturer or retailer of Toshiba laptop battery

Compared with shopping mall retailers, it seems to be a more efficient way to get a replacement laptop battery. Not only the price can by compared in several websites, but the further information about compatible laptop models, battery care and output voltage and current of the battery are provided. Dell Inspiron 1410 battery

Besides, a reliable manufacturer or retailer usually will offer you a warranty of 1 full year. The accident damage cannot be avoided by chance for most manufacturers. Certainly, the refurbished battery can also be excluded.


A proper compatible Toshiba laptop battery Asus G51JX-SX314V battery

Laptop battery is a device of highly specialized technology. Even if a Toshiba laptop battery, it cannot match all the Toshiba laptops well. Each model has its own nominal voltage and current. It is best to choose by the specification to get a compatible battery for your laptop. Asus G51JX-SZ041V battery Normally, the seller provides you a compatible laptop model list, which will get you the answer. Besides, just search for the parts number is a good choice.


For someone who is often on business trip, it is significant to buy new Toshiba laptop battery instead of a refurbished one as a replacement. ASUS G51JX-SZ050V battery Any time to experience the condition of automatic shutdown or restart will drive you mad. A battery with enough capacity and stable performance can relax you from recharging frequently.

The Best Laptop Batteries for Your laptops

With the advancement in technology, there are many things that have now come over as great things. Asus G51JX-SZ152X battery With the passage of time, there have been much technological advancement that are infused in notebooks as well as in the laptop batteries that are no different.

When it comes to list down three distinct notebook battery types to know difference, so as to decide exactly what one should buy, all the respective kinds have their own set of strengths and drawbacks. Asus G51JX-SZ216V battery There are three types of laptop battery and advantages that each of these latest laptop batteries is got listed under:

First laptop battery type is the Nickel Cadmium. NiCd batteries are actually the first and foremost rechargeable laptop batteries. Manufactures love them so as their cost is set relatively low but they have high output. ASUS G51JX-X1 battery These kinds of laptop batteries are heavier but are not efficient as newer laptop batteries.

Next are the Nickel Metal Hydride batteries that are found from all over the place. These are particular older model laptops and are rechargeable NiMH laptop batteries that were a big step up made for notebook technology that mostly in part. Asus G51JX-X2 battery These are reliable than NiCd batteries. This laptop battery has a higher output. The NiMH battery are cheaper to produce, and are even quite safer.

NiMH batteries though are efficient is that they have a perfect memory effect. Basically, if this kind of battery is discharged, it remembers and leaves with less than apt battery output. Asus G51JX-X3 battery

Lithium Ion – LiON batteries are used in new laptops. NiMH battery, LiON latest laptop batteries do not memory effect and are also lighter than NiCd and NiMH notebook batteries. Lithium Ion laptop batteries have now become popular as well as most expensive among various notebook power sources. ASUS G51JX-X4 battery

One should probably be most selective in choosing a battery type that fits the most. There is a need to have Lithium Ion battery that works as the best solution. If you have money make sure that invest the money in best of purchase. First, you should aim at buying a LiON battery but if the battery type is an expensive one, make sure that your notebook is a compatible with it before getting ahead to buy a NiMH battery. Asus G51JX-X5 etc battery

Buy laptop batteries so as to make the best of selection for your notebook. These laptop batteries play a vital role to ensure that the laptop performance goes on for continuous hours.

Buying Guide for Cheap Sony Laptop Battery

ASUS G51V battery Generally speaking, a Sony laptop battery can be used for a couple of years before it completely goes dead. Then you will probably think about buying another original one from Sony distributor at a very high price. Now I would like to suggest that buying a cheap replacement battery is also a wise choice. Many people may have many questions, how do you know what to buy, from who to buy, what you even should be looking for when buying a laptop battery? Asus G51VX battery I have classified several categories a person needs to be informed about when going out to make a purchase for a new battery.


Laptop model and original battery code (part number)


The original battery code (part number) is quite essential to the purchase of your new laptop battery. Asus G51X battery It is a unique identifier that is assigned to a part to simplify referencing and to unambiguously define a part within a single manufacturer. The part number above all is what needs to be known before going to buy your battery. Secondly the make and model are next most important part identifiers you must know. The make is the manufacturer (e.g. Sony, HP, and Dell). The model is a multi-component word that includes the line and actually model number. SAMSUNG P428 battery For example, the Sony VGN-FZ50B battery is an example of a Sony made laptop that is part of the VGN series and which has model number VGN-FZ50B. In other words, the information of model and part number can determine the battery compatibility.


Capacity, Chemistry and Voltage


There are series of questions about capacity you need to know before purchase: how much you want to spend, how often and how long you use your laptop on battery power, and what applications you may be running off the battery's power. SAMSUNG NP-P428 battery The higher the capacity the more money you will spend, so if you need the longer runtime or you use applications that require more battery power, then buy the higher capacity battery. A milliAmp hour (mAh) is the most commonly used notation system for consumer electronic batteries. For example, 4400mah, 6600mah, 8800mah. SAMSUNG NT-P428 battery


Most laptops now require a lithium based battery chemistry, as it has no memory effect. You cannot choose your chemistry type for most batteries. It is still good however to know which chemistry type your battery requires. SAMSUNG P480 battery


For laptop batteries, the most common voltage measurements are: 7.2V, 9.6V, 10.8V, 11.1V, and 14.4V. Since you cannot choose the voltage measurement for your laptop, then go with whatever measurement is closest to your original battery. Remember nominal voltage allows for slight deviation from the original but you cannot use a 7.2V battery if it requires 14.4V. SAMSUNG NP-P480 battery The best example would be a 10.8V battery could be used with an 11.1V battery.


Number of Cells


The number of cells is important since the more cells contained in the battery the higher the capacity will be. To determine the number of cells in your laptop battery you need to have some general idea of what cells are being used in your battery. SAMSUNG NT-P480 battery The most common battery cell is the 18650 and is manufactured by LG, Sony, Sanyo, Samsung, Panasonic and many others. The 18650 is a 3.6V cylindrical Li-Ion cell. 18650 has no memory effect (distinguish between digital memory effect) and longer storage life than NiMH battery cells. 18650 is light weight and have a high energy density. SAMSUNG NC110 battery It is in effect perfect for building batteries for laptop and other portable power devices.


Specifically the 18650 battery cell has a nominal voltage average of 3.7 V. It has a nominal capacity of 2200 mAh. It has a maximum charge current of 2.4 Ah and a max discharging current of 4.6 Ah. Its dimensions (DxH) are 18.3 mm (Max 18.4) x 64.9 mm (Max 65.1). SAMSUNG NP-NC110 battery It weighs 46.5 g (1.64 oz). It has cell cycle performance of 80% of initial capacity at 300 cycles. All in all the 18650 is a very good battery cell.


Using this common laptop battery cell as our base you can determine the number of cells in your laptop battery by doing the following. Divide the battery's stated voltage by the 18650′s nominal voltage to get the number of cells in series and divide the battery's stated capacity by the 18650′s nominal capacity to get the number of cells in parallel. SAMSUNG N145 battery Then multiply the results of the series and the parallel to get the total number of cells in the battery.


Price, Warranty and Seller


When choosing a seller to buy Sony laptop batteries, please first search the seller's reputation and then carefully check the price, the warranty and the return policy. It is recommended to contact the seller if you have any questions. SAMSUNG NP-N145 battery






Dell Inspiron 8600 battery

Follow 6 tips To taking care of your Laptop Battery

Laptops are common now, most people have to take the laptop to school or when travel. HP 434045-661 Some times we may lose the important files or the slide show you have created (but carelessly forgot to save) may disappear if the laptop's battery does not recharge. So it is necessary to take good care of out laptop battery to avoid it stopped working suddenly.

Follow these simple instructions to get free computer problems.

1. Do not discharge the Dell laptop battery by playing a DVD movie or anything else that need Lot of power. HP 438134-001 Even your laptop battery has a protection circuit to stop the battery drain to a critical level. Not worry about all this happens in the background. When fully discharged reconnect to the network for a full charge.

2.Never try to charge the Dell vostro 1500 battery while the download is only half this Battery will not charge properly.

3. If the laptop is connected to AC power, the Dell inspiron 1501 battery must be removed from the laptop. HP 438518-001 This is because heat damage li-ion, if your laptop puts out a lot of heat near the batteries (and smarter designed laptops do not) must remove it when not in use.

4. Never Never use a Dell vostro 1310 battery charger of a different composition of the laptop. different brands and models have the voltage settings and connection ports, so the most likely cause further damage to the battery. If the value your laptop / notebook only use the factory supplied charger. HP HSTNN-FB39

5. If your laptop comes with software provided to monitor your battery consumer, make sure you are familiar with it, and you can save a lot of recharge cycles the Dell inspiron 6400 battery if it is configured correctly. HP HSTNN-IB39

6. Always try to keep your laptop on a flat surface, if you have the laptop on her lap most of the Dell vostro 1510 battery time without realizing it can stop the flow of air through the computer, which can raise the temperature of the battery and damage it.

Things You Should Know About Cheap Laptop Batteries

Laptop has become very important in our lives, so that the power source also very important for efficiency and survival of our laptops. HP 587706-751 If the laptop cannot be used for more than two hours the user will get stuck with a device created for speed and mobility but shut down very quickly because the electricity supply is inefficient.

There are many types of batteries such as nickel hydride, lithium ion batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries. Batteries price depends on the materials used to manufacture them. Among these three batteries, nickel cadmium batteries are the cheapest. The price of nickel cadmium batteries can range from $ 50 to $ 100. HP 587706-761

Nickel hydride battery is a little expensive compared to the cadmium batteries. The price of nickel hydride batteries can range from $ 80 to $ 150. A lithium polymer battery is more expensive than the two types of batteries mentioned above.

Lenovo IdeaPad S12 battery Another discovery is revolutionizing the laptop battery is a new external battery that offers run-time of about seven hours in about half the price, but also depends on the programs used on a laptop. Many vendors on the internet offer cheap laptop batteries when purchased in large quantities.

Some companies offer a discount on the battery if the same company that produces laptops. Lenovo IdeaPad S12 20021 battery Alkaline batteries are the cheapest among batteries, but bear the highest cost per cycle. Other cheap laptop batteries include lithium ion batteries and lithium ion polymer batteries. Cheap laptop batteries are also available in the Chinese market and can be sent to the United States with reservations over the Internet.

Life of a battery can be increased about fifty percent, so lowering the same price. Lenovo IdeaPad S12 2959 battery Many preventive measures can be taken in order to increase the battery life like – fully discharging and charging the battery at least once a month back, the battery remains cold and dry, and make sure that the battery is not overcharged.

How to make your laptop battery lasts longer

With the latest portable PCs, working on the move has never been easier, but laptops are still slaves to the National Grid. Lenovo IdeaPad S9 battery

You can do practically anything on a modern laptop, but their advanced features drain battery life to the extent that you can only get a couple of hours out of your laptop before it turns up its toes.

While battery life is a chief cause of mobile moans, it's possible to get significant improvements by simple good practice and a few software tweaks. To help you get the most from your laptop battery, here are seven easy ways to make it last longer. Lenovo IdeaPad S9e battery

1. Dim your screen

The screen is one of the most power-hungry parts of the laptop. It takes serious amounts of battery power to keep your display looking clear and bright. Saving this power is simply a question of turning the brightness down. Lenovo IdeaPad S9e 4187 battery The screen brightness button is usually located as a second function of one of the F keys, and is represented by a little sun symbol with up and down icons. To use it, just hold down the correct function key and then choose up or down.

2. Change power settings

Windows Vista comes with some great power features, which enable you to eke out the best performance when you're plugged into the mains, and optimise battery life when on the move. LENOVO ThinkPad X220 battery Type power options into the Start Search box and choose Power saver from the list. The Windows Mobility Center has more methods for saving battery life. These include settings for powering off the monitor and kicking into sleep mode more quickly.

3. Switch off Wi-Fi

One of the biggest battery sappers is the wireless networking capabilities built into most laptops. Lenovo ThinkPad X200t battery Wi-Fi drains the battery by constantly drawing power from the battery and, when not connected, looking for networks. When you're using your laptop away from the grid, the likelihood is you're away from wireless networks, so you can turn this device off. Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet battery Many laptops have a function button that enables you to turn off the wireless adaptor manually to save yourself the unnecessary waste, but older laptops often don't have this. If this is the case, just go to the Control Panel, access the Network Connections menu and disable your wireless connection manually.

4. Turn off peripherals Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet 2263 battery

Using USB peripherals can put a big drain on your system, because your motherboard has to power them, so unplugging everything saves juice. USB sticks, mice and webcams are common offenders, so copy all your information across and eject your devices as soon as possible, and put up with laptop track pads over your USB mouse. Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet 2266 battery Many laptops have function buttons to turn off the built-in webcam, which drains the battery if given the chance.

5. Eject your disc drives

Having a disc spinning in the drive is a huge drain on resources, and many programs constantly do this. Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet 4184 battery Simply eject your discs before you switch to battery power to gain vital extra minutes from your working day.

6. Invest in some hardware

Good practice can go some way to extending your battery life, but if you need to use your laptop throughout your working day, you're going to need some help. Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet 7448 battery Most laptops come with a six-cell battery, but many manufacturers offer eight- or even 12-cell optional upgrades, which can double your power. The alternative to expensive laptop batteries are products such as the Philips Portable Power Pack, which gives you valuable extra hours for all your devices. Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet 7449 battery The Philips is a compact battery unit that has adaptors for most laptops and mobile phones, which is portable enough to be placed in a bag and has enough capacity to double the length of your charge.

7. Disable features

Windows Vista has some handy built-in features, but many put demands on your system that are unnecessary when working on the move. Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet 7450 battery Take the simple measure of turning off Windows Aero and the Windows Sidebar when you're on the move to make your laptop more efficient.

Tips for a Longer Laptop Battery Life

Just as the fuel is the driving force behind automobiles, so is the battery for laptop. Money is not the only prerequisite to owning a laptop. Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet 7453 battery It is extremely important to know the basic steps required to prolong your laptop battery life. Today, mobile computing has become an integral part of our day to day life. Although, there are other external factors responsible for life-span of your battery such as the cell components of your battery, its make and model and genuineness of the product. Lenovo ThinkPad X201t battery Purchasing cheap laptop battery can put you in a difficult situation given the fact that most of these cheap laptop batteries available in the market are either Chinese made, refurbished or used batteries and/or made of unknown dangerous chemical compounds. Since laptop users are at a higher risk of procuring sub-standard products therefore one must be well versed with the properties and technicality of laptop batteries. Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet battery

Listed below are few tips on how to prolong your laptop battery life through correct usage:

A. Put screen in dim mode

Keeping your laptop screen bright can drain away the battery energy. So, the ideal measure to make a difference to your battery life is to reduce the bright of the screen to dim mode. B. External input device Lenovo IdeaPad U350 battery

After the use of USB and other external peripherals, the user is recommended properly shut the device before removing from the laptop.

C. Extra RAM

The system uses the virtual memory which in turn uses the hard disk when the RAM memory runs out. Lenovo IdeaPad U350W battery And, this is relatively a less efficient option in terms of power consumption. Although, it is also true that additional RAM means more consumption of energy, this measure is best suited to those users who are often in the need of extensive virtual memory.

D. Reduce background application LENOVO ThinkPad W700 battery

CPU or the Central Processing Unit is the backbone of the laptop. By avoiding unnecessary load on the CPU, one can drastically reduce battery energy drain. Therefore, it is a good practice to shut down background applications when not in use, such as desktop search applications. LENOVO ThinkPad W700ds battery

E. Battery cycle

In contrast to the common belief that batteries last longer if plugged or remain charged (when in use) all the time, it can prove harmful lithium based laptop batteries. Electrons in the battery should be allowed free movement occasionally in order to enhance the battery-life. So, the least one can do is discharge your battery once in a month. Lenovo 3000 G230 battery

F. Hibernate

Hibernating is a best option over standby mode. It allows the user to retain and resume from where one left without burdening the laptop battery energy. So, this mode is more energy efficient than shutting down your computer and booting all over.

The life of a laptop battery depends largely on the usage of the equipment. In short, mishandling of your laptop will simply break your laptop battery. Lenovo 3000 G230G battery

Laptop battery software Introduction

In add-on to laptop computer configuration, there can not be ignored is a battery. Notebook computer originally as easy to carry, the Battery for users is very important, if the laptop battery power, what is the meaning of convenience?! Therefore, when choosing books. Lenovo 3000 G430 battery

Assign the Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 battery is one of the items will be measured!

However, how the battery test it? Test battery many software, such as Battery Mark, Battery Eater, MobileMark2002 so. General

Use more battery test software Battery Mark, following a brief introduction on Battery Mark's use and it should be noted

First, look at Battery Mark works correctly. Barrage fire cross off actually use the built-in Graphics engine, Lenovo 3000 G430A battery

Processor engine, Disk engine, Think engine, 4 engines will simulate the actual operation to consume battery power. Through the 4

One engine to run a continuous loop between the simulated user environment, to a comprehensive test battery of specific circumstances. Software every 2 to 3 minutes on

Test data will be automatically saved to the specified directory. When the Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 battery runs out completely to automatically shut down the last save before the end

The end result will be as the test results. Lenovo 3000 G430L battery

Let us look at how to operate the set.

Must be before the test laptop battery fully charged, and should the system shut down a number of related management systems.

First turn off the screen saver

Then click on the bottom right corner, "Power" button to enter the Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 battery power management, the power to use the program in accordance with the image shown to change

Switch to the "warning" page will be "insufficient battery alarm" and "a serious shortage of battery alarm" two check mark are removed. Lenovo 3000 G430M battery

Switch to the "sleep" page, see "start sleep" before it is checked (most laptops now are able to activate the system off

Sleep function), if any, would remove the hook. Then click "OK", this power management is turned off.

As the Battery Mark's Graphics engine in need of some full-screen graphics, and some sub-standard resolution screen resolution

1024X768 before you will be forced to adjust to 1024X768, 1024X768 and above if you do not have a resolution. ASUS N53JF-SZ251V battery In addition, as

Battery Mark show in the middle between full screen and the constant switching will have adverse effects on the taskbar, the taskbar is best overall in the most

Remove the previous option.

ASUS N53JF-SZ268V battery All those affairs are windowpanes power management program that comes with the settings, for some larger companies will have their own dedicated

Power management procedures, real basic, like, just follow the principles above set on it. (Of course, the above settings only

For the media for the evaluation, as individuals in the test, could use the company itself with a dedicated management procedures.

Have the battery time should be slightly longer) ASUS N53JF-XE1 battery

After a series of set top after a run Battery Mark

(Start ? Programs ? Ziff Davis Media BenchMarks ? Ziff Davis Media Battery Mark 4.0.1

First of all we see is the License screen. At this point the page "Proceed" to not click on the gray, we only need to right

Rolled at the bottom of the scroll bar, "Proceed" button will automatically become available. ASUS N53JF-XR1 battery

Then the software will be prompted to fill in the name with the organization, where we can easily fill in, do not care.

After the confirmation page, click "OK" on it.

After "hardships", the last to see the "true colors." Had just spent a long time ago, are still only a small

Only the beginning. Here are a few options:

1.Run (Start test)

2.Save results (save the test results)

3.Compare results (results of comparison)

4.Help (Help)

Dell Precision M4300 battery Click Run, software, hardware platform will be tested to see if it meets the requirements; if you do not comply will not be able to continue running

Battery Mark. (Black check mark indicates that the machine meets the test of minimum requirements; yellow X said that although the machine did not meet the minimum

Requirements, but also can finish the entire test; the red X is the machine can not finish the entire test. ) Dell Latitude C400 battery

Click "Next" will show Battery Mark the so-called minimum configuration requirements.

Click "Next" again there is a whole page in English, where, Battery Mark will once again stressed that the restructuring resolution

And the task bar hidden problems. The bottom is a test also need to install any font requirements, generally No missing fonts Dell Latitude X1 battery

Another interface, at the top indicates we do not care. In order to avoid the impact of the testing process by other programs, Battery Mark will automatically

Probe is running, tied up, if the yellow X, will not impact.

Then this page has suggested that if the software running on Windows Me system, the first will be ME "System Restore" turned off,

Otherwise affect the test. Dell XPS M1730 battery

This time Zhongyu Ao explored, and feel than the march was also difficult at this time point "complete" can then be tested (if appeared in front of the red

Of X, then the Finish button will be gray. ).

Fainted, but also feelings of deception by the software. This page is a test laptop battery Mark and machines are compatible with power management procedures,

Continue starting point detection. (Due to old models of power management compatibility, Battery Mark on the specific power management procedures and

Capacitive little worse) Dell XPS M1530 battery

If the point of no big change, there Retry after 60 seconds with the Cancel option, then we should be bold by

Cancel, otherwise fall into the cycle of death.

A warning will pop up to remind laptop battery Mark will be the case without power management operation, according to F3 to continue, press Esc exit.

Press F3 to enter test selection window, where we can choose Conditioning Run and Life Test of two test modes. Dell Latitude D410 battery

Conditioning Run full load mode, it calls the three engines: Graphics engine, Processor engine, Disk engine,

Simulation of a large workload in the state of laptop time. Compared with Conditioning Run mode, Life Test of a Multi-Mode

Think engine engine, mainly in the practical application of simulation among the laptop case. Under normal circumstances, Life Test mode than

ConditioningRun model a long time 30% to 40%. Dell Inspiron 700m battery

Choose to conduct the test program, press F3, a warning will appear (if there is no power management in the case of testing). At this point the

Disconnect the power Dell xps m1730 battery adapter, and then press F3 to officially begun.

Dell Inspiron 710m battery Accidentally choose the wrong test items, need to quit, then press F3, then press F3 again to confirm exit. Re-select the correct test items to test

As for testing time, depending on the specific model may be. Measured before, as the author of Sony TX, C mode, running a total of more than 4 hours,

The running time of L mode, sleep a night; wake up the next morning, no finish, a full 7 hours. Dell Latitude D800 battery However, under normal circumstances, even if the power

Consumption and then a large (or small laptop battery capacity), have a general to an hour, so we can go to a cup of coffee, look set drinking and card series,

Read again, it is estimated almost nine.


1. In Life Test test, usually adjust the screen brightness to half (some models use the Dell xps m1730 battery when the screen brightness

Dell Inspiron 8500 battery Automatically reduced, this need not go to their adjustment), if the notebook comes with special software that can be transferred to the best battery performance mode. The Conditioning Run mode, then the best screen brightness set to maximum, special software is set to best performance mode.

1.Battery Mark has certain requirements on memory, if the relatively low memory crash situation may occur, the system built at least 64MB flash in98

Memory above, Win2k system more than 128MB, WinXP 256MB or more, to avoid crash to happen. Dell Inspiron 8600 battery

2. Note that the settings should be modified, such as the power scheme, warning, status bar, screen saver, sleep, have to double check, if

If omitted, would affect the accuracy of test results.

3. Sometimes occur when running on laptop battery Mark error, the user need not worry as long as the re-start just once, you can then pre-

Interrupt the test area to continue. Dell Precision M60 battery

Four. Because the number of Li-ion laptop battery charging and discharging is limited, occasionally running it will not have much impact on Dell xps m1730 battery life, but if too frequent






Asus M9F battery

Laptop Batteries Tips and Advice

Everyone remembers when desktop pcs primary grew to become a home item and nearly everybody was astonished in the totally different issues which they could do ideal from home. Acer Aspire 4736Z battery This was all so exhilarating. Then Toshiba gave us the laptop computer which was the subsequent evolution in computing. This meant that businessmen and women, students, teachers, vacationers as nicely as other casual travelers could consider their function with them without necessarily becoming limited.

Laptops revolutionized the way in which people work. ASUS U50A battery Millions have flocked to electronics shops equally offline and on-line to purchase a personal laptop computer owing for the ease of workflow and e the convenience that it offers. There are handful of elements to look for when selecting a laptop computer because there are now various brands. the extremely best manufacturers are usually Dells, Toshibas, HP, Acer and Sony. ASUS U50 battery There are away training course others including Lenovo which are coming up fast. one other point may be the storage capacity. this can be crucial for those who are a single to carry out various chores for the laptop. Another awesome element to look at may be the laptop battery. allow us examine a few of factors to complete with laptop computer batteries. Fujitsu FPCBP234 battery

When selecting a laptop computer battery, the extremely best method to know which can be the extremely best is merely to verify the energy capacity and how prolonged the energy lasts right after it has bee completely charged. ASUS Eee PC T91 battery This guarantees that you just may have highest unlimited capacity to function with at least interruptions. Most fine batteries will provide you with in between 2-4 several hours of continuous energy though all this is dependent for the specific chores becoming performed. The far more the chores the far more the energy requirements is going to be and hence the much less the battery time. selecting by manufacturer can also be important. HP 576833-001 battery It is usually suggested that you just go using the same organization that produced your laptop computer to stay obvious of compatibility problems.

It is extremely simple to recharge a laptop computer battery. when the energy gets drained, you can merely re-plug the laptop computer to some wall electric outlet making use of the laptop computer ac adapter cord that arrived using the laptop computer and also the electric latest quickly starts to recharge the battery. HP COMPAQ Notebook 6720t battery It could possibly consider as prolonged since it took for that battery to turn out to be drained for it to turn out to be completely charged. It is suggested nevertheless that for those who are traveling to some spot that could possibly not have electric outlets, you could require to purchase an additional battery just for safety.

Fujitsu FPCBP48 CP052605-01 battery So where can a single purchase a laptop computer battery(such as hp dv6000 battery)? many people merely go back again to where they purchased their laptop. normally these digital shops do not store the batteries and will refer you back again for the specific laptop computer manufacturer which indicates you could possibly require to dispatch the old a single back again after which wait around for them to dispatch the brand new a single based on regardless of whether you possess the guarantee nonetheless in effect. SAMSUNG N150 Plus battery

The most beneficial spot to purchase a laptop computer battery hassle-free is online. this can be both from EBay or from third celebration battery websites. There are exceptional web-sites around which market laptop computer components at very affordable prices plus they will also dispatch the battery straight for your address. Lenovo IdeaPad G560G battery

How to Buy a Dell Laptop Battery

Finding a Dell inspiron 1520 laptop battery may seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you have an older laptop model. You can easily find the Dell laptop battery you need, and get indispensable safety information as well.

Search the Dell website. Fill out the search box on the website.Lenovo IdeaPad G560L battery If you know the battery name and type that you need, enter that information in the search box. Navigate the search results and add your selection to the shopping cart. If you do not know the exact battery you need for your laptop model, then locate your laptop on the website and add this to your shopping cart, even though you do not want to buy the entire laptop. LENOVO G570 battery This will start the customized building of your laptop system, so you can navigate the battery options available for your model. Decide which battery you want to buy. Perform another search in the search box for the battery you want. Select this item from the results page and add this to your shopping cart. Proceed to checkout.

Check with third party sellers before purchasing your battery. LENOVO G570A battery Computer stores sell various new and refurbished computer parts at deep discounts. Check online and retail stores that sell Dell products. Do not buy a Dell laptop compatible battery. Although battery manufacturers may suggest the laptop battery is Dell compatible, it may harm your laptop. Be sure that the third party seller offers only Dell laptop batteries. LENOVO G570E battery

Confirm the appropriate battery you need with a Dell customer service representative. Many third party sellers offer Dell laptop compatible batteries, but the sellers may unknowingly sell recalled laptop batteries. A recent recall on a Dell laptop battery was necessary when several laptops burst into flames. If you buy through a third party, confirm with Dell GB761 battery has not been issued a recall. LENOVO G570AH battery

Longer Dell Laptop Battery Life

When you purchase a new laptop, it comes with a battery for you. These have varying life spans, but most hover around the same amount of available power. You have the option of buying a separate battery if you want to have more laptop battery life, or you can do a few things to conserve what you have. LENOVO G570G battery Running out of battery life is a problem when you are on the road and have important things to do, so make sure you are familiar with your laptop, how it charges the battery, and what you can do to make the most of the battery life with which you have to work.

Many laptop batteries have about two hours of useful Dell laptop battery life in them. LENOVO IdeaPad G570 battery They are getting better, so you may get more time out of yours if you have a new one, or if you have gotten your computer or new battery in the last few months. Two hours is not a lot, but it is enough to get some things done when you can not find any power source to plug into. Thus, it could possibly be thought-about to be in the Realtor Toronto finest interest to advise his shopper to buy the property at the next price. LENOVO IdeaPad G570A battery One of the first things you can do to prolong your laptop battery life is to turn down the brightness on your monitor. This is something you can usually find under power settings on your computer. There may be different settings for when using a battery, so go there and see what you can change.

Another thing you can do to prolong your Dell laptop battery life is to be careful with the programs you use when you are using your battery power. LENOVO IdeaPad G570E battery Different applications and programs on your computer are going to use various amounts of power. You may want to shut off some things that run in the background to save power, and you may want to avoid viewing pictures and video, as they can use up a lot of memory and a lot of power all at the same time. Your word processor may be an essential, but it may suck up power. Keep this in mind as you may have less time to type than you thought. LENOVO IdeaPad G570AH battery

If you have some time, use your Dell laptop battery power while you are at home to see how long you can use certain applications. If you love to listen to music while you work, see if there is a difference when playing or not playing it while working on something else. LENOVO IdeaPad G570G battery You may save a few minutes by turning it off, but that is not much of a difference. On some programs, it may suck up more power than you thought. This is something that is good to know when away, so you can turn off the music when you must get every minute out of your laptop battery life that you can.

Lastly, know that use over time can diminish your Dell laptop battery life. The respective Toronto realtor might include their brokerages on the contract as the brokers for every principal. LENOVO B470 battery When you drain and refill any battery time and time again, you eventually lose some of that battery. One that once lasted two and a half hours may be down to just one and a half hours after time has gone by. Also make sure your battery is fully charged before you leave. At times, you may be unplugged without realizing it, and then when you go out, you only have half of a battery left. If that happens, it won't matter how new or good your battery is, you won't have a lot with which to work. LENOVO B470A battery

How to Charge a Laptop Battery Outside the Computer

HP Laptop battery have become smaller and more powerful, but they still don't supply enough power for long projects–particularly if you are doing processor-intensive work. LENOVO B470G battery Whether you are traveling on a long plane trip or are just paranoid about power outages, it is always good to know you will be able to finish what you are working on. Charging an extra laptop battery to take with you ahead of time will let you work twice as long without a power supply.

Consider buying an external laptop battery and charger. LENOVO IdeaPad B470 battery External laptop batteries can be plugged directly into the power supply, which means you don't have to open up the laptop and remove the old battery to use them.

Get an external battery charger designed for your particular laptop model; you can order one from a website like the one in Resources. Different batteries have different voltage and amperage requirements, and some require pulse chargers or other methods. LENOVO IdeaPad B470A battery If you can't find a charger designed for your laptop, you can use one with the same voltage and output as your battery.

Remove the laptop battery if you are planning to externally charge the battery inside your computer. Usually, you will have to pull open a latch or two on the bottom of your laptop. In rare cases, you may have to undo a few screws. LENOVO IdeaPad B470G battery

Plug in the battery for the specified period. Most laptop batteries require about 2 hours to charge completely, but the time can vary somewhat between battery models.

Keep an eye on the battery the first time you use it. If it becomes extremely hot, unplug the charger. LENOVO IdeaPad Z370 battery Do not leave the battery plugged in for longer than it takes to charge, unless the instructions that come with the battery charger specify that this is OK to do. Many laptop battery chargers have intelligent circuitry that senses when the charge is complete, but not all do. If your charger does not, overcharging can cause the battery to overheat.

Battery conditioning and laptop recycling laptop batteries LENOVO IdeaPad Z370A battery

New laptop battery tips: This document explains how we recommend you should fully condition your new laptop battery, using a simple battery charge. This will ensure a long battery life and greater durability. It is very common for customers to believe that there is a failure of the battery when in reality they have a battery in perfect condition, which simply requires proper conditioning. LENOVO IdeaPad Z370G battery

When you receive your battery new laptop, it will be fully paid and unconditional. Please do not turn on your computer when the laptop battery does not work right away. Your Apple macbook pro 17 inch battery will normally 8 to 10 cells and releases from reaching its full capacity. However, your battery will not reach their full potential until it has been conditioned for at least fifty times. Until then, you may experience lower performance. ASUS W90V battery

Another common situation you may encounter is the LED indicator on your computer laptop does not give specific information that the Dell Inspiron 1501 Battery is fully air conditioned – it is very common for consumers to believe that their battery is defective. Please do not blame the battery! Just follow the instructions below cycle. ASUS W90VN battery

During the first charge, your computer may indicate that the mobile charge is complete after a short period (about 15 minutes). It must be expected and considered normal if this happens, remove the battery from your computer laptop and repeat the charging procedure. ASUS W90VP battery You must use your computer laptop as usual (without AC adapter plugged in), until the Dell Vostro 1500 battery is completely down.

Repeat the above procedure for a minimum of eight times in the coming days. Always make sure you allow time for your battery is sufficient to obtain a full charge overnight.

What do these terms mean ?

Cycle – One full load during the night and a full discharge and without the adapter plugged in. ASUS W90vp-a1 battery

Charge – Night of charge with an AC adapter plugged into the mains.

Discharge – have exhausted the power of your Dell latitude d830 battery (operating thecomputer with your battery is fully charged in thecomputer laptop and AC adapter unplugged).

Condition – This is the process of charge / discharge you must complete. This will increase both the performance and life of your battery. ASUS W90vp-a2 battery

Duration – The time the ThinkPad t61 battery will last.

About 577 million household primary batteries (non rechargeable) batteries have been sold in the United Kingdom in 1998. They are used in a wide range of everyday devices like flashlights, radios and electric toys. Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries are also common in households, in equipment such as power tools, camcorders, computers phones and mobile phones (there is a separate fact sheet on mobile phones). ASUS W90vp-x1 battery A dry battery requires fifty times more energy than it overlooks.

There have always been difficulties with recycling technology for general (non-rechargeable), as efficient separation and collection of many different types of batteries is difficult. The area of Compaq presario cq50 battery UK has now eliminated mercury from their own products, although a small number of batteries containing mercury are still imported from abroad.ASUS W90vp-x2 battery Check with the battery manufacturer to see if they are operating a system of recycling or recovery. This is particularly needed for battery NiCd s because they are the most dangerous type of battery in the house.

Why laptop battery can not charge and out of work

Generally, we said our laptop battery dead means that : the battery out of charge or discharge. ASUS SW7 battery The laptop battery can not work after used for some months most caused by the problem. Also sometimes the battery suddenly can not be recognized by laptop. This is the adapter or mohterboard problem (espacially in dell laptop battery).

To second problem we only can change the adapter or motherboard.


Why Laptop battery can not discharge
(1.)The laptop battery after the storage using and the life decay;

(2.) Lacking charge or not be charged; ASUS W7F battery

(3.) Ambient temperature is too low;

(4.) Discharge efficient less, such as the large current discharge cause voltage sharp drop to 0, then electricity can not be released

(5.) The laptop battery has been in over-discharge protection.

The Solution for Laptop battery can not dischage ASUS W7J battery

(1.) The Apple A1185 Battery during storage should take a monthly charge and discharge;

(2.)Charging the battery at 10% state;

(3.)Using in a normal environment;

(4.)Using proper adapter of the machine.

(5.)To place it in icebox for about 10 hours and cool place 2-4 days to unlock the protection


Why laptop battery out of charge

(1.)The battery in zero voltage; ASUS W7S battery

(2.)Charging failure, no output current;

(3.)External factors have led to the charging efficiency is too low

(such as low or high temperature).

The solution for laptop battery can not charge

(1.)Check your charger output voltage and current;

(2.)Check the laptop battery charger output connection is good or not ASUS W7SG battery

(3.)Charge the battery with 1.5 times the maximum voltage of the battery, 1.5C high current charging, active the battery . (Only when the battery can not charge, use this method).

10 Tips To Preserve Your Laptop Battery

One of the biggest issues with laptop computers is ibm thinkpad R51 battery life. Asus M9 battery Ever have your laptop go dead, at the worst possible moment? You are not alone. This is a common occurrence with laptop batteries, and of course, they fail us at the worst times. Also, there is the cost of battery replacement, which can run high. But, all hope is not lost and there are some concrete steps that will prolong the life of laptop batteries and make sure that it's ready to go when you need. Asus M9A battery

Use the A/C adapter via wall plug whenever possible. This many seem very obvious, however many times laptop users become so used to mobile computing, that even when at home they do not take advantage of a close by plug.
Battery Charging: It is better to charge your sony vgp-bps9a/s battery 100% and then use up all that juice and recharge it again.
Program Overload: Run only the programs you are using at the time of use. Programs that run in the background use more system resources and drain laptop battery life. Asus M9F battery
Laptop Temperature: Make sure to read your laptops temperature ranges and not let it go beyond what is recommended. When your laptop is hot then turn it off and let it cool down. You can also use cooling devices, like laptop cooling trays and pads that will make sure your laptop is cool and not sucking extra battery juice. Asus M9J battery
Disable unnecessary programs from start up: Many programs that we do not even use, start automatically on computer boot, such as Microsoft Office Suites. Even anti virus can be disabled if you are not logging onto the Internet during that work session and do not have an open Internet connection.
Plan ahead: If you are going to be mobile and need to use your laptop for email checking, word processing and other work tasks then make sure you have a full battery and do not drain it by hanging out online, or watching a DVD. Those activities will deplete your battery and leave you stranded when you really need your laptop. Asus M9V battery
Work with peripherals when you can use a wall plug: Tasks such as uploading music to iPods or any devices that require the use of a USB for example that use a lot of power. So it is best to perform these tasks, when you can draw power from the AC adapter instead of using laptop battery juice.
Adjust screen brightness: Adjust the screen brightness as low as your eyes can take and you will see a big improvement in toshiba pa3356u-1bas battery life.
De-fragment your hard disk: Your laptop will use less resources when pulling up files and therefore use less power. Asus W7 battery
Power Saving Features: Stand by mode uses power. If your laptop has the hibernate feature, then use it. If not, turn it off whenever possible or feasible. Taking steps such as those above will secure more battery life and a better mobile computing experience.






HP Compaq Business Notebook nc6400 battery

Acer Notebook Battery

The number of laptop computers that are being sold all over the world in increasing rapidly because of the great advantages that they offer. HP COMPAQ Notebook 8710p battery With the help of these small computers, people can do to their work even when they are traveling. They are small, lightweight and powerful so it is the perfect companion for numerous people. When buying such a device, we must know the things we will do with it. Knowing its purpose is a must in order to buy the device that is perfect for you. HP COMPAQ Notebook 6720t battery In stores, buyers have the possibility to choose one of the many laptop computers. There we can find a large number of devices that have different characteristics and that are made by numerous manufacturers. Acer is a laptop computer manufacturer that is extremely popular because of its high quality products. Acer manages to satisfy the needs of numerous people with its devices and that's why, their laptops are one of the most bought in the world. HP COMPAQ Notebook 7400 battery

Their devices can be purchased from many stores that can be found in every city and they can also be purchased from the Internet too.

The Internet is the best place where people can find all the things that they want and it is also a place where people can buy different products like mobile phones and laptop computers. HP COMPAQ Notebook 8200 battery Nowadays, laptops are becoming more and more popular among many people and the number of the devices that are being bought every day is increasing. When buying such a device, people pay attention at many important things like built quality, specifications and battery such as Acer Aspire 1680 Battery, Acer Aspire 2200 battery and Acer BATBL50L6 battery. The battery is very important because many laptops have different types of batteries and buying one that has a low battery life isn't recommended. HP COMPAQ Notebook 8400 battery

The Acer notebook battery is a good quality and long lasting one. Most of the batteries from Acer notebooks are 6-cell ones. Having a 6-cell battery means that the battery life is high. Most of Acer notebooks have a life battery of 3 or 4 hours but we can find some that can even last 5 hours without recharging depending on the device. HP COMPAQ Notebook 8500 battery As I said above, the Acer notebook battery is a good and reliable one that many people choose because of its high life time.

Besides the battery, when buying a laptop computer, people pay attention at its specifications and features. The specifications are very important because it must be powerful in order to work in different applications that demand a high memory. HP COMPAQ Notebook 8510w Mobile Workstation battery Having a fast and long lasting laptop computer is a must for many people throw out the world because only with its help you are able to do your work in a fast and efficient way.

All in all, besides the Acer notebook battery, people look at the laptops specifications, features and built quality because these are extremely important for them and buying the device that is has the desired characteristics is a must in order to do your work fast and efficient not mattering where you are. HP COMPAQ Notebook 8700 battery

How to store and maintain Laptop Battery

Nowadays, more and more people use the laptop, and how to store and maintain the Laptop Battery is concemed by most laptop users, today we will talk about the ways that store and maintain .

1. You need not use up the power before charge the it. Now, all the laptop batteries are all lithium, to lithium batteries, use up the power before charge is useless, or even harm. Because lithium batteries have no the so called "memory effect", only the early Nickel has. HP COMPAQ NoteBook 8710w battery In generally speaking, laptop battery's life is effected by the human damage and its nature life, its life is stationary, 300 – 600 charge and discharge times, can use about two years.

2. When plug in the external power, you can remove or do not remove the batteryRemove the battery or not depends on the actual usage, when plug in the external power, you do not remove the battery has no harm to it, HP COMPAQ Notebook 8710w Mobile Workstation battery Because the battery will not accept any power when is is fully charged, power will be directly turned to the notebook's power supply system, but when the laptop is high-speed operation, the internal overheating, it is best to remove the battery, otherwise it is harmful.

3. How to properly charge the laptop batteryYou should be avoid using up the power before charging it, because this will give the battery a lot of pressure and resulting in damage. A more feasible approach is to charge it when the battery remain about 20-30% of power. HP COMPAQ Notebook 9400 battery In fact, the notebook lithium battery in the number of "use up / charge" times is limited, all used up and then charge will greatly shorten the battery life. At the same time, the battery should be charged in a dry place, and you should also pay attention to the heart problem.

4. How to store your long time no use laptop batteryUse up the battery power or full charged the battery ? Store the battery with full discharged will make the batteries lose activity, even lead to the control circuit protection self-locking and no longer available. HP COMPAQ Notebook nc8200 battery Store it with full charged will bring the safety risks, the best preservation method is store it in a cool and dry place with about 40% power, about 20 temperature is the best store temperature, of course you had better use the battery once a month, this can guarantee the battery a good state of preservation, and will not let the power completely loss and damage to the battery. HP COMPAQ Notebook nc8230 battery

Achieve Maximum Laptop Battery Performance on the Road
Achieve Maximum Laptop Battery Performance on the RoadLaptop Chargers are crucial when working on the road. To get maximum performance from your laptop battery, fully optimize the laptop's power management features prior to use. However, there is a trade off when setting your laptop power management. You will achieve better power conservation in exchange for lesser computing performance. HP COMPAQ Notebook nc8430 battery v The power management system conserves the laptop battery power by setting the processor to run at a slower speed,Toshiba Satellite 2100 Battery dimming the laptop screen, slowing down the hard drive when it's not in use and causing the machine to go into sleep or suspend mode when it is inactive. Your laptop user's guide will provide information relating to specific power management features. HP COMPAQ Notebook nw8200 battery

Increase your Laptop Battery LifeDid you know that detaching your main laptop battery from your laptop would increase your laptop's battery life up to 75%? Our experience and testing have shown that even when you are plugged in with your laptop ac adapter and your battery is fully charged, the laptop will still use the laptop battery resources in small increments. This will put unnecessary charge cycles to your battery. HP COMPAQ Notebook nw8240 battery Since typical li-ion laptop Chargers have 375 charge cycles, having a fully charged battery inserted will put unnecessary charge cycles. The downside to Toshiba Satellite A65 Series Battery removing your laptop battery maybe a loss of power when the ac adapter is accidentally unplugged or when there is a power outage.

Laptop Chargers: OEM vs. 3rd PartyThird party laptop Chargers supplied by AtBatt.com are usually lower in price and usually exceed the specifications of OEM Laptop Chargers. Many of AtBatt's laptop Chargers use the exact same battery cells as OEM Chargers.HP COMPAQ Notebook nw8240 Mobile Workstation battery In addition, AtBatt offers a superior warranty over OEM manufacturer's warranty. Finally, we make warranty replacement on our 3rd party laptop battery easier by dealing with you, the consumer, directly."

Are there restrictions when taking lithium-ion batteries on planes?Effective January 1, 2008, the Department of Transportation (DOT) will no longer allow loose lithium batteries in checked baggage. These batteries may continue to be packed in carry-on baggage. HP COMPAQ Notebook nw8440 battery

Universal Notebook Battery

Universal Notebook Battery is available in two models: the 65Wh ($ 149.99 direct), which supplies up to 6 hours of power, and the 80Wh ($ 199.99 direct), which maxes out at eight. A bit safer than their Lithium-ion ancestors, these Lithium-polymer batteries weigh in at two pounds and feature extras like multiple output voltages and LEDs that show you how much juice you've got left. HP COMPAQ Notebook nw8440 Mobile Workstation battery Like Battery-Biz, APC also offers its own online tool to help users determine which battery pack will meet their needs.
battery company Director of its consumer network division, Ron Catanzaro, couldn't guarantee that its battery packs wouldn't contain Sony cells. But so-called "Japanese" cells (made by Japanese companies like Sanyo, Sony, and others) have typically been considered the most reliable, which is why companies like Dell and APC do their shopping there.
battery company also sells nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries such as HP COMPAQ Notebook nw9440 battery , dell Inspiron 8500 battery, dell 8N544 battery, dell Inspiron 8600 battery, Dell Precision M60 battery, dell Inspiron 6400 battery, dell Inspiron E1505 battery and dell Inspiron 1501 battery, which are typically designed for older laptops, and not the Dell models that were affected.
Valence Technology N-Charge Power System I
This universal, portable power source ($ 199 or $ 299 direct) is compatible with just about any laptop on the marketincluding almost all of the Dell models affected by the recalland offers up to 10 hours of plug-free power. HP COMPAQ Notebook nw9440 Mobile Workstation battery And unlike Lithium-ion-based power sources, the N-Charge isn't pyrotechnic prone, thanks to Valence's Saphion technology, which relies on a stable, phosphate-based cathode material that won't burn.
M-Fuel's Notebook Power Bank
M-Fuel's claim to fame is a tiny chip the company designed that resides within its lithium-ion cellspurchased from Panasonic, not Sony. The chip identifies the power being drawn by the device being chargedwhether it be a cellular phone, PDA, or laptopand controls the voltage and other charging parameters accordingly. HP COMPAQ Notebook nx7300 battery
M-Fuel's site includes a direct link to online retailer BuyShipDirect, where customers can buy the Notebook Power Bank for $ 299.99 direct. The external battery pack provides up to ten additional hours of additional battery life. Not only does the battery pack include a set of universal plug connectors for charging the unit, but the box includes a set of power "tips", providing the right connection for your laptop. HP COMPAQ Notebook nx7400 battery
One question that occurred to us was whether these external batteries would be confiscated in the constantly evolving world of terrorism and anti-terrorist measures. The good news is that, to date, company executives report that they haven't had any problems. The bad news is that there's no guarantee that that will remain the case. As of press time, laptops and portable electronic devices are allowed by both the American and British transportation departments, and we assume that means laptop batteries are as well. HP COMPAQ Notebook nx8200 battery
"I've been flying around the country, domestically and even internationally, with a suitcase full of these things," said Sasha Barausky, a product manager with M-Fuel. "Some are sales samples, some are for retailers, some are out of the package, in the packageI've never ever been stopped. There's been no issue with planes."

Hp Compaq Nc6400 Notebook Battery Pack Maintenance Techniques To Laptop Clients HP COMPAQ Notebook nx8220 battery

If buyers are purchasing Li-ion rechargeable battery the sellers will say to them how many hours that Notebook Battery pack may end, there are more causes that are promote to the damage of the Li-ion rechargeable battery. Most notebook users don't have thought of the technical stuff merged on obtaining utmost life out of their {a target="_new" rel="nofollow" . Like all other Notebook Battery packs; you need to provide great care when those are not use. HP COMPAQ Notebook nx8420 battery Don't store yours Notebook power pack near chemicals or in the blunt area that will shorten your Notebook battery ability.

One more simple technique to increasing the Li-ion notebook battery lifespan by defragmenting disc and take out surplus files. By using this simple process will enable yours notebook to Boot up more faster, this will consumes lower power. HP COMPAQ Notebook nx9420 battery Modify your notebook power settings with that it use the least quantity of power necessary to get your laptop functioning. Too much brighter display consume more battery. change brightness when ever running the laptop on the battery.

Shut total needless programs when yours laptop based over HP Compaq NC6400 Li-ion rechargeable battery as primary power resource. HP Compaq Business Notebook 6510b battery Don't allow virus scan when your notebook relaying on Li-ion rechargeable battery, since the scan especially enhance processor & hard disk utilization while it is working on Notebook power pack. Try to keep away from connect by the internet unless it is really needed, if we are depending on yours HP Compaq NC6400 Notebook power pack as the main power resource. Run virus scan if you are connected to main power resource. HP Compaq Business Notebook 6515b battery Do not perform antivirus scan when you are working on Li-ion battery. It will reserve power.

When ever it's feasible try to lessen the usage of usb devices such as optical DVD/CD drivers or players, lead to consume the extra energy to control. Detach these devices and USB tools have the highest Priority to drain the battery power. HP Compaq Business Notebook 6710b battery Detach entire extra devices suchlike an external mouse, Fire wire, PC Cards, Wi-Fi box, Outer speakers, pen drives bluetooth and even the attached iPod.

Hibernate & Standby techniques are used in favor of saving the power of the notebook Battery although, commonly notebooks takes a lot of Battery Power when in STAND BY method. We don't know the reasons but "instant-on" obtain around 60 second's extra time to go off of Hibernation method. HP Compaq Business Notebook 6710s battery This least amount of time represents a considerable impact on the complete laptop battery lifetime. In the hibernate method sign in & sign out are really convenient & efficacious than a usual start & shutdown activity. While in hibernate mode the system shutdown operation provides a possibility to hold current process right away with the power-off and when in start up operation this will continue with in a few seconds absolutely, HP Compaq Business Notebook 6715b battery Thus hibernate mode saves power. But suspend method diminish the power use of yours computer through cutting the power to hardware components those we are not utilizing. Hence by applying Hibernate mode we can preserve the TOSHIBA Satellite A200 Series Battery pack power. You may create a shortcut icon for hibernate in its place of the lengthy activity (for first time carrying out this work in control panel afterward use the created shortcut icon by Press "Win button" pursue by U pursue by H).HP Compaq Business Notebook 6715s battery If we have some particular urgent work at outer for long time, in that state use the hibernate method as an alternative to suspend form.

Any Laptop customer desire to make a HP Compaq NC6400 Li-ion rechargeable battery ending as long as possible. Nevertheless any Li-ion notebook battery has the Specific life time. Thus in case you can go through the above listed beneficent notebook battery tips that may work to increase the Li-ion rechargeable battery existence. HP Compaq Business Notebook 6910p battery

Laptop Battery Troubleshooting

FAQ 1: Without the external power, Install the battery for many times, but fail to turn on the laptop.

Possible Reasons:
1. Incorrect battery installation
2. The battery is not used for a long time.
3. Deep discharge protection
4. other reasons

1. Check out carefully whether the interface connection between the laptop and battery is correct.

2. Put on the battery and charge it using the AC Adapter for a moment to active the battery. HP Compaq Business Notebook nc6100 battery In the status of off, turn on the laptop again without connecting the AC Adapter.
3. Get a laptop battery replacement.

4. Contact the after-sale service or local dealers.

FAQ 2: The laptop battery is not used for a period of time, it leaves less or even no electric quantity when to use it again.

Possible Reasons:

Leave the battery with little power less than 50% at the previous time to use it.
2. Natural loss caused by the battery quality or storage environment HP Compaq Business Notebook nc6105 battery
3. Natural damping caused by long time idle or lack of regular charge-discharge

1. Just charge the battery to 100% and then the battery runs normally.
2. It is a normal phenomenon, and the battery can be normally used after charging.
3. Get a laptop battery replacement.

FAQ 3: The laptop shows that the battery has been charged completely (100%). But after switching off the AC power, the battery can not work and the system is freeze.

Possible Reasons:
1. The excess temperature in the operation environment results in the over-temperature protection in the laptop battery.

2. The battery has some problems in charging, which leads to false electric quantity status showed. HP Compaq Business Notebook nc6110 battery

1. It'll be all right just to turn off the laptop and remove the battery to cool it down, and then use the battery in normal indoor environment, because the battery over-temperature protection can get recovery automatically.

2. In the same conditions, using the original battery to check whether this issue still exists. If there is no problem with the original battery, contact the after-sale service or local dealers to handle it.

FAQ 4: With the battery, the laptop runs well and the battery can charge as well as discharge, but there are only a part of the battery information on the laptop instead of full details. HP Compaq Business Notebook nc6115 battery

Possible Reasons:
1. Bad contact in the interface between laptop and battery, or the swap data interface can not work.

Solution: Change to the original battery. If the same problem occurs, maybe some contacts in the interface is broken which need to repair. If not, the output interface is damaged. Please contact the after-sale service or local dealers to change the battery.

FAQ 5: The battery indicator light keep on blinking and the laptop prompts that the battery is not compatible. HP Compaq Business Notebook nc6120 battery

Possible Reasons: 1.This is the compatible issue between the laptop and battery.

Solution: Please contact the after-sale service and local dealers.

FAQ 6: With the AC Adapter connects to the external power, the laptop turns off once the battery is put on.

Possible Reasons: 1.The battery is at fault, maybe it is caused by the short circuit in the battery interface part.

Solution: Remove the battery at once, and never try to put on the battery again. Contact the local dealers to change the battery.

Without the external power, Install the battery for many times, but fail to turn on the laptop; HP Compaq Business Notebook nc6140 battery The laptop battery is not used for a period of time, it leaves less or even no electric quantity when to use it again; The laptop shows that the battery has been charged completely (100%). But after switching off the AC power, the battery can not work and the system is freeze; With the battery, the laptop runs well and the battery can charge as well as discharge, but there are only a part of the battery information on the laptop instead of full details; HP Compaq Business Notebook nc6200 battery The battery indicator light keep on blinking and the laptop prompts that the battery is not compatible; With the AC Adapter connects to the external power, the laptop turns off once the battery is put on.


Universal Notebook Battery

Universal Notebook Battery is available in two models: the 65Wh ($ 149.99 direct), which supplies up to 6 hours of power, and the 80Wh ($ 199.99 direct), which maxes out at eight. A bit safer than their Lithium-ion ancestors, these Lithium-polymer batteries weigh in at two pounds and feature extras like multiple output voltages and LEDs that show you how much juice you've got left. Like Battery-Biz, APC also offers its own online tool to help users determine which battery pack will meet their needs. HP Compaq Business Notebook nc6220 battery

battery company Director of its consumer network division, Ron Catanzaro, couldn't guarantee that its battery packs wouldn't contain Sony cells. But so-called "Japanese" cells (made by Japanese companies like Sanyo, Sony, and others) have typically been considered the most reliable, which is why companies like Dell and APC do their shopping there.

battery company also sells nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries such as dell Latitude D800 battery, dell 8N544 battery and dell Inspiron E1505 battery , which are typically designed for older laptops, and not the Dell models that were affected. HP Compaq Business Notebook nc6230 battery

Valence Technology N-Charge Power System I

This universal, portable power source ($ 199 or $ 299 direct) is compatible with just about any laptop on the market—including almost all of the Dell models affected by the recall—and offers up to 10 hours of plug-free power.

And unlike Lithium-ion-based power sources, the N-Charge isn't pyrotechnic prone, thanks to Valence's Saphion technology, which relies on a stable, phosphate-based cathode material that won't burn. HP Compaq Business Notebook nc6300 battery

M-Fuel's Notebook Power Bank

M-Fuel's claim to fame is a tiny chip the company designed that resides within its lithium-ion cells—purchased from Panasonic, not Sony. The chip identifies the power being drawn by the device being charged—whether it be a cellular phone, PDA, or laptop—and controls the voltage and other charging parameters accordingly. HP Compaq Business Notebook nc6320 battery

M-Fuel's site includes a direct link to online retailer BuyShipDirect, where customers can buy the Notebook Power Bank for $ 299.99 direct. The external battery pack provides up to ten additional hours of additional battery life. Not only does the battery pack include a set of universal plug connectors for charging the unit, but the box includes a set of power "tips", providing the right connection for your laptop. HP Compaq Business Notebook nc6400 battery

One question that occurred to us was whether these external batteries would be confiscated in the constantly evolving world of terrorism and anti-terrorist measures. The good news is that, to date, company executives report that they haven't had any problems. The bad news is that there's no guarantee that that will remain the case. HP Compaq Business Notebook nx5100 battery As of press time, laptops and portable electronic devices are allowed by both the American and British transportation departments, and we assume that means laptop batteries are as well.






HP 538693-271 battery

Laptop Battery Proper Make Use Of As Well As Maintenance
The battery is a single of a cover attention of usual regard to a keywords by everybody, we've listened battery explosion, laptop, dungeon phone battery blast etc, I hold you have headlines for dell batteries laptop battery had listened of a series of glow as well as blast thing, so to deliver a laptop batteries make use of ability is really important. Compaq 375974-001 battery SONY battery gave a opinion for a year, scarcely half a enlarge for those who have an blast or not blast cover batteries all onto us. Though people for laptop battery or combined a brand brand new understanding: "dangerous". Compaq APBT01A battery As well as in a golden pig usually starting soon, ThinkPad as well as sanyo batteries corner removed action, let laptop batteries in a spotlight again appear, turn a pass media as well as consumer focus, some-more let all make use of sanyo batteries battery laptop users, in to brand brand new be scared among. Compaq APBT01B battery So, because cover batteries will be an explosion, how you should scold make use of of laptop batteries, how to equivocate a blast accidents? You will demeanour initial laptop battery is stoical by what.

The inner combination laptop batteries A laptop batteries by carry out circuit is put a couple of lithium-ion batteries. Compaq APBT01C battery These lithium battery demeanour really similar to you customarily make use of AA battery, of course, they have been essentially not, inside of a containing alkali components as well as volume have been not a same, genius is a opening exists orders of magnitude.

Although a coming in a normal AA battery has a vast gap, though in a essence, is still a lithium ion (Li – IO battery, you initial see lithium ion (Li – IO, as well as make use of a characteristics of battery to notices. Compaq HSTNN-A10C battery A lithium ion battery (Li – IO tall section of physical phenomenon as well as a lighter weight, whilst a mental recall outcome is additionally distant prior to a than NiMH (NiMH) fashion, so a battery with low moment, a can contend is comprehensive mainstream.

Six degrees centigrade below, lithium ion (Li – IO) battery will own liberate each month, a many preferred 5%, is recorded in 40% charging ways, can save recorded chill 10 years. Compaq M62044L battery A lithium ion battery (Li – IO for feverishness additionally have been really sensitive, in a tall feverishness circumstance, it will be significantly condensed hold up spans, there competence even be a explosion; As well as for 0 degrees or a following low temperature, a again really might strike, even finish finish their life. Compaq W62144L battery To illustrate for lithium ion (Li – IO) battery, tall as well as low feverishness can move a lot of problems, light, complicated will change a battery hold up is expected to explode, approach hazard user's hold up safety. So, how to say laptop batteries as well as use?

1. Equivocate regulating cover battery underneath tall feverishness conditions As pronounced above, a tall feverishness commercial operation laptop battery hold up will exceedingly digest as well as even blast danger, so you should try to equivocate laptop batteries used in tall temperature, try to urge a thermal sourroundings cover computer, not usually can lengthen a hold up of laptop for laptop batteries, not a small help, Compaq hstnn-cb25 battery

2. Try not to make use of quick charging In fact, right away has a quick charging technology, have been general giant. This a single directed during a bieing born of commercial operation affairs personage, a outcome is viewable technology, try to save a commercial operation affairs somebody of changed time. Compaq 407672-001 battery Though in fact, this is a elemental element of increasing record of voltage as well as stream charging, will move some-more feverishness as well as to illustrate quick revoke battery life, as well as will almost enlarge battery explosion. Compaq 405231-001 battery Nonetheless a general companies have been written countless insurance technology, though from a series of cover for final year, it is easy to see these battery blast insurance technologies as well as is not everything. There's mastercard, quick charging can still equivocate is free!

3. Try to revoke battery assign as well as liberate Constant charging as well as discharging operations, will accelerate dungeon damage, though will a battery dismantling a off-site way, a writer does not advocate, after all, than a cost of cover mechanism batteries is utterly slim. HSTNN-DB36 battery

4.Never in slightly soppy or soppy conditions of make use of batteries In slightly soppy or soppy environment, easily, this short-circuited batteries repairs is really large, light is repairs to a battery as well as notebook, complicated is without delay occur extemporaneous blast as well as explosion.HSTNN-DB35 battery

5. If found a laptop batteries overheating or enlargement degeneration, now neglect Actually, nonetheless during benefaction already there were mixed laptop battery explosion, though with laptop battery millions of annual shipments speaking, a luck is not improved than in blast upon a travel in by, or was it a meteor strike a lottery in how most bigger millions of, so everyone additionally it is not required for a battery blast have as well most fear. RB775AA battery

Lenovo Notebook Battery Knowledge

The composition of laptop battery

Laptop battery is from batteries cells, control circuits, such as charging and discharging circuit components, while the quality of batteries for notebook battery the overall effect is the greatest. HP 595669-721 battery

At present the majority of notebook computer batteries are based on industry-standard batteries, generally divided into two kinds of cylindrical and square. Cylindrical-shaped batteries batteries bigger than 5 size, while the square of the size of the batteries is roughly equivalent to the size of a Zippo lighter. HP 595669-741 battery

How to determine the number of battery cells?

The current capacity of the mainstream of batteries: cylindrical for the 3.6 ~ 3.7V/2000 ~ 2200mAh, square for the 3.6 ~ 3.7V/1800 ~ 2000mAh, so the battery in the end use of the number of batteries, can be inferred according to the above figures, such as the IBM battery ThinkPad T60 battery and thinkpad T61 battery 10.8V/4400mAh, then it is the number of batteries 6, using a three-string, and two ways, namely: the three energy-saving core series to be 3 X 3.6V = 10.8V, the two sets of series after the batteries in parallel and then get 2 x 2200mAh = 4400mAh. HP BQ349AA battery

The IBM battery ThinkPad T40 battery and thinkpad T42 battery to increase battery 10.8/6600mAh, then the number 9 on batteries, using a three-string, and three ways, namely: the three energy-saving core series to be 3 X 3.6V = 10.8V, the two groups after the batteries in series and then parallel to be 3 x 2200mAh = 6600mAh.

Generally speaking, the greater expansion of the difference between battery and standard battery is that an increase of the number of batteries connected in parallel to increase capacity. HP BQ351AA battery

Overall, the laptop battery theory should be used in digital cameras and rechargeable batteries(thinkpad t60 battery,thinkpad t61 battery) almost. The number of batteries in a single volume the greater the more its long battery life.

Laptop battery Certification: HP FE04 battery

1, CCC Certification: CCC certification, which means "China Compulsory Certification", the English name "China Compulsory Certification", abbreviated as CCC. CCC certification mark of "CCC", the National Certification and Accreditation Administration Committee in accordance with "Administrative Regulations for Compulsory Product Certification" (The People's Republic of China State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Order No. 5) developed. HP BQ902AA battery

2, CE certification. "CE" mark is a safety certification mark is regarded as the manufacturer to open and entered the European market passport. CE on behalf of European unification (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE). Any affixed with "CE" mark of the product can be sold in the EU member countries, not required to meet the requirements of each member, thus achieving the commodity in the EU member states within the scope of free circulation. HP FE06 battery

In the EU market, "CE" mark is a compulsory certification mark, whether within the EU production of products, or products of other countries, in order to free circulation in the EU market, must be affixed on the "CE" mark to indicate product in line with the EU "technical coordination and standardization of the new approach" directive basic requirements. HP HSTNN-CB1P battery This is a product made by EU law a mandatory requirement. EU member states must be based certification bodies can issue certificates.

3, other (environmental class certification) Summary: In the notebook authentication options above, if the words behind the CE certification preferred option may, after all, Europe's stringent testing of electronic products in China stronger than some (personal view), of course, and if not, CCC certification is required. HP HSTNN-CB1Q battery

Essential Tech – How to Choose an External Notebook Battery

This is the era of the road warrior, and the ever trustworthy side-kick he must have – the external notebook battery. If you're one of the millions who do their work on the go, logging the miles on the road or in the air with your notebook, cell phone and various other electronic gadgets, a source of extra power that travels along with you is absolutely essential. HP HSTNN-Q85C battery This article lays out the facts you should have in mind when you go shopping for this crucial piece of technology.

Increasingly, the four walls of the traditional office are giving way for the mobile kind, and professionals are doing a large percentage of their business while on the road. Even cubicle-dwellers often have to move out for meetings, conferences and client calls while still bringing essentially the entire office with them. HP WM06 battery The average acer laptop battery life of today's notebooks range anywhere from less than an hour to around three hours in real-world use, and even the newer models that boast battery times of up to nine hours or more between charges are probably not going to last anywhere near that long in actual office use that usually includes accessing the internet, heavy multimedia and graphics programs and the like. HP 626869-851 battery

A good external notebook battery will add that critical extra power, and some models will even connect to your phone, portable printer, digital camera, and other devices, making an all-in-one power source.

When shopping for your very own external battery, consider the following specifications:

Adjustable output voltage – while the primary voltage should match your notebook requirement, an easily settable adjustable voltage will make the unit easier to use for your phone and any other battery powered device. HP 628419-001 battery

These "universal" external batteries usually come with an assortment of connectors to plug into different devices. Check that connectors are included or available for your devices.

International wall-plugs – For international travel, make sure that your unit has an input voltage that matches the grid voltage (110 or 220v/AC) and socket arrangement of the country you are visiting. HP GB06 battery Many units either have an automatic or manually switchable input voltage and several adaptors that will fit any wall socket standard throughout the world. Note however that the more "universal" a battery is, the harder to manage it will probably be because of all the different adaptor and connector pieces it comes with.

Exact voltage measurement – Do check that the notebook battery">fujitsu notebook battery you are getting has an output voltage and amperage that matches your notebook's requirements, assuming that your notebook is the primary device you will use the battery for. HP HSTNN-YB2D battery Modern notebooks usually have a small margin for error as to the electricity it receives from the power source and can be damaged if your battery supplies a vastly different voltage and amperage than what is needed.

Finally, a piece of tech as essential as an external notebook battery should be picked with care. HP 582215-241 battery Narrow down your choices and read the industry reviews and user experiences that are easily found on the internet and in the trade magazines. This should not be an impulse buy, and with care in your selection, your unit should serve you well for many years to come.

Find the facts, read the reviews, know everything there is to know about choosing your external laptop battery! HP HSTNN-DB0Q battery

Lithium-Ion Chemistry could possibly be the energy at the rear of Today's laptop computer Batteries

If you non-public a laptop computer computer, probabilities are extremely very good that it is possibly powered with a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. This battery type has found ask for within of a broad wide variety of customer electronics, which include PDAs and cellular phones. They have gained widespread acceptance as a final result of financial and specialized reasons, especially their significant demand to pounds ratio. HP WD547AA battery

Lithium-ion batteries have transformed the nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries that experienced been very first employed to energy laptop computer personal computers furthermore to the nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries that superseded the NiCd laptop computer battery technology. HP HSTNN-XB0Q battery They have dominated today's rechargeable battery present market for laptop computer personal computers as a final result of the reality they are very much lighter compared to other types of laptop computer batteries, they retain their demand lengthier compared to other modern advances and as a final result of the reality they do not endure away from your storage effect phenomenon. HP HSTNN-LB2R battery A standard lithium-ion battery has two occasions the vitality density of the traditional nickel cadmium battery. Additionally, lithium-ion batteries possess just one cellular voltage of 3.6 volts as in comparison to 1.2 volts every cellular of nickel-cadmium batteries.

However, the drawbacks associated to lithium-ion batteries include: the chance that the failed battery pack can ignite below adverse conditions, they really are a complete great offer more delicate to significant temperatures environments compared to other battery modern advances within their ability to retain their charge, they may possibly fail if they are completely discharged, furthermore to the inherit chemistry belonging toward battery prospects to degradation with age as opposed toward more powerful correlation in between battery failures and charge/discharge cycles belonging toward more mature battery chemistries. HP PR06 battery Lithium-ion non-public computer batteries also need that safety circuitry be incorporated in to the battery pack to keep track of the battery demand and also to provide safe and appear voltage and present levels, furthermore to ensuring how the temperatures belonging toward battery persists to be within of a safe and appear working range.

HP 633734-151 battery Cylindrical lithium-ion battery tissue are usually tubular in shape, very much such as the issue of traditional alkaline batteries. several tissue are enclosed within of a plastic material real estate furthermore to the man or females tissue are attached within of a method to provide the exact output voltage and also to maximize safe-keeping ability (rated in milliamp-hours). HP QK646AA battery Prismatic shaped lithium-ion tissue are also available, but they are very much more compact and so are generally employed in products just like cellular mobile phones in which pounds and space is acknowledged like a prime consideration.

There are several components that effect the existence of the lithium-ion laptop computer battery. Battery degradation is hastened by heat, so storing the battery within of a awesome atmosphere will prolong its life. producers generally suggest a safe-keeping temperatures of around 60F for that long-term safe-keeping of lithium-ion batteries. HP 633807-001 battery These batteries, as stated previously, do not retain a storage from partial discharge cycles, so complete discharge cycles are not required. In fact, partial cycling belonging toward battery will help extend its life. Lithium-ion batteries do possess a limited lifetime such as the more mature battery technologies, but that is pretty impartial of the charging cycles and is also chiefly associated to their age. HP HSTNN-I98C battery A standard battery will last only two to three years. that is a fact even once the battery persists to be unused so it is basic to not purchase a substitute laptop computer battery right up until it is ready for getting arranged into service.

Types of mobile computer Batteries

Laptops abound with various sorts of laptop batteries. Lithium-ion, probably the most popular, is favored for exceptional performance. HP HSTNN-I98C-7 battery Other batteries utilized in laptops consist of nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), nickel-cadmium (NiCad) and different inner batteries that operate temporarily for particular applications.

Some laptops characteristic two secondary alkaline batteries to energy the inner clock. HP HSTNN-IB25 battery There also may perhaps be considered a 3rd battery to maintain the method operating whilst the primary battery is eliminated and replaced. mobile computer managers worried with battery overall performance have to verify the battery ingredients label to confirm battery type.
Lithium-ion batteries, also referred to as Li-ion, characteristic quick charging possibilities and exceptional overall performance more than nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride models. HP HSTNN-IB2S battery

though they rarely catch on fire, Li-ion batteries are thought to be flammable. Li-ion batteries, susceptible to harm from overcharging, ought to be charged only using the laptop's authentic battery charger.

Because the batteries have large vitality density, harm for example crushing, puncture or disassembly can trigger actual physical injury from toxic resources distribute by fire or explosion. HP PR08 battery
Nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries characteristic economical price, large discharge prices and lengthy life. producers suggest a slow 24-hour demand prior to initial use. This slow demand revives electrolyte redistribution. throughout lengthy storage space periods, electrolytes sink for the bottom within the cells. first demand prior to use also assists supply all of the battery tissues an identical demand level. NiCad batteries supply large latest output and final via 500 demand cycles. HP QK647AA battery

NiCad batteries shed recognition for intolerance to overcharging and environmental issues. perfect Buy, airwaves Shack and various mobile computer producers supply pc battery recycling services.
Nickel-Metal Hydride
The complete holding potential of all mobile computer batteries decreases with age. HP 609881-321 battery Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries characteristic 30 % extra potential than a usual NiCad of comparable dimension and consist of fewer toxic metals. NiMH, though environmentally extra desirable, has decreased cycle existence in comparison with NiCad. Discharging and recharging a NiMH extends the existence within the battery, but in contrast to NiCad, is not important for optimal performance. HP 609881-351 battery
Li-ion battery(dv6000 battery) configuration centered on nanotechnology produces ten occasions the electrical power of current Li-on batteries. Yi Cui, Stanford college assistant professor of resources science and engineering, heads a analysis set building software programs for silicon nanotechnology. HP 611708-001 battery Cui's experimental high-performance mobile computer batteries characteristic silicon nanowires that absorb extra vitality and supply higher battery life. The tiny silicon nanowires possess a diameter one-thousandth the thickness of a single sheet of cardstock and resist fracture. based on Cui, "It's not only a little improvement, it's a revolutionary development." HP HSTNN-XXXX battery
Better Notebook batteries Battery Life
It is an established fact for most electronic devices which boast of offering to get the job done with minimum effort at the least amount of time that this so called efficiency does not stay true if the battery is dead or empty. The advantages of technology work more effectively when the battery is up and at to support its functions. HP WM06 battery A weak battery for your laptop could be the thin line between failure and success in delivering that advertising presentation on that business meeting so be sure to take good care of your battery least you would want to be a soldier in battle who did not go through proper military training, now that would be disaster.

One way to minimize consumption of power and extending the life of your battery is to lower the brightness of your screen display. HP FN04 battery It is said that every level of brightness that is lowered is equal to almost ten minutes of battery life. The use of extra features such as ClearType fonts and other effects will also reduce the using up of power so you may want to opt out of these features when you want your battery to last longer. Cutting down on battery usage is simply a click away on the setting you have on your electronic notebook's control panel. HP QK648AA battery

Speaking of disabling features, you may want to do the same for unused devices. You may want to forego of the following or perhaps make sure that they are disabled when you are not using them; these are the Wi-Fi radio, the Ethernet adapter, the Bluetooth radio and the infrared transceiver to name a few. HP 614564-751 battery It may surprise you to know that turning one on could make a great deal of difference to your power use.

The lesser activity you have on your hard drive, the lesser the power consumption. A good way to minimize the frequency of the spins your hard drive makes to access data is make sure to make it a habit to defragment your hard drive on a regular basis. The process supports the drive in finding data as quickly as possible. HP 614565-721 battery

Also check on your Window's paging file. The advice is to optimize this setting to the recommended 1.5 times of the capacity of the installed memory for both the initial and the maximum paging file size as this serves as the virtual memory if your RAM is already full.

Another consideration is your startup items. Each time Windows boots up, the startup items loads up the memory and as a result other applications that have been left open are then forwarded to the virtual memory. HP ED03 battery It follows then that the load of the CPU increases as well.

It is to be remembered that at the get go, your laptop's battery should have been charged to 100 percent after the purchase; after which, the battery should have been discharged completely and charged fully to 100 percent again. This process is done to establish and set up the amount of electrical charge that your notebook's battery can hold. HP ED06 battery A good advice is also to keep your batteries on a cool, dry place when not in use as high temperatures can damage them.

Exterior Laptop Battery

The majority of us believe that the exterior electric battery becoming large not really handy to transport close to within our new laptop bag. Electric battery technologies offers can come towards the contemporary period. HP ED06066 battery Many of these electric batteries tend to be pounds not as much as 2 pounds usually through 1. 5 in order to 3. 5 pounds. Despite the fact that when you compare the actual laptop computer battery electric batteries, you receive just that which you compensated, importance these types of reduced pounds energy options could be pricey. HP ED06DF battery The cost runs from the laptop computer battery electric batteries begins through reduced 100 bucks in order to a lot more than 500 bucks; prepare yourself in order to shell out a great deal for the comfort. Ideally, the actual pricey battery packs are likely to provide you with additional electric battery existence compared to much less inexpensive electric batteries. HP HSTNN-CB1Y battery

Although the electric batteries tend to be high-priced, consider just how much it might set you back if it's unable to finish a substantial function product whenever you wish this given that a person go out associated with laptop computer battery energy.

The actual finished strategy associated with utilizing a laptop computer battery may be the advantage it offers associated with range of motion. HP HSTNN-CB1Z battery Everybody that functions the laptop computer battery offers suffered the actual discomfort associated with operating from energy. Last but not least, all of us discover that all of us call for energy probably the most correct in the center of essential function or even probably the most hard period. HP HSTNN-F05C battery Getting all of this in your mind, there are many various option selections for outdoors laptop computer battery energy besides the actual within the laptop computer battery electric battery or even the ability provide which delivered together with your laptop computer battery.

The actual gains of those various option options deliver a few such things as lengthy electric battery existence, lighter in weight pounds, back-up energy choices.

ninety (90) a matter of minutes may be the regular existence of the laptop computer battery electric battery, that is regularly not really acceptable time for you to total high of your projects.HP HSTNN-IB1X battery Another range of energy may be the outdoors electric battery (alternative). Almost all these types of outdoors electric batteries (exterior) as a result which their own wattage as well as link kind isn't correct with regard to the kind of laptop computer battery; empowering you to definitely rely on them of all typical laptop computer batterys. Common laptop computer battery manufacturers available for sale Acer battery, Sony, Dell, IBM battery, HEWLETT PACKARD, Lenovo, Entrance. These types of outdoors (exterior) electric batteries could quite often expand the life span of the laptop computer battery around 10 several hours; you can now definitely acquire some severe function carried out within 10 several hours instead of the typical ninety (90) min's. HP HSTNN-LB1X battery

Whenever you will search some other (exterior) electric battery, make sure that it's well-suited together with your laptop computer battery. Because such as corded energy materials, most of the common energy suppliers have a large amount of adapter directions that enable these phones link up almost all main companies. HP HSTNN-LB1Z battery You need to become aware of that's it is important a person appearance with regard to whenever you buying; how the product has got the particular guideline in order to connect in to your own laptop computer battery.

Those would be the Pros associated with outdoors (exterior) laptop computer battery electric batteries.

Brief notebook battery battery Tips

Universal laptop battery life is shorter than the main books, if used in normal circumstances would like to always maintain a good life time, then at least have to replace the battery. HP HSTNN-XA18 battery In addition, sony vgp-bps2b battery different habits can also cause short and long battery life, books, and some people are used to remove the battery to directly use the power supply, while others used long the battery inserted in the books, hot-swappable power supplies, so the life of the battery can cause tremendous damage.

Before introducing the price books, I first introduce some small knowledge about the battery. HP HSTNN-XB1X battery Start with appearance, the more genuine attention to the battery packaging, kraft paper box, anti-static sealing tape, foam lined, these measures can be well protected packaging cells, preventing cell damage during transport as well as scratch; and fake battery in order to save costs, will try to simplify the packaging, this battery did not use before a potential safety hazard. HP HSTNN-XB1Y battery Genuine battery in addition to the regular packaging, labeling is also very particular, specify the parameters of the battery, performance, application models, etc.; and counterfeit battery is more rough in the labeling.Finally we introduce the use of laptop battery tips sony vgp-bps2c battery can help extend laptop battery life.

1, a new battery for the first time use, make sure to run out over power, then turn off the charger about 12 hours to fully activate the lithium ion to achieve maximum capacity, cycle three times you can. HP HSTNN-XB1Z battery

2 each, of the number of lithium battery charge is about 500 times, such as prolonged use of an external power supply, remove the battery, which will not only help notebook battery cooling, which adds to the durability of the battery. Do not the case with the battery power plug again, this is the most likely damage the battery move. HP HSTNN-XB2C WY164AA battery

3, as long without the battery, please pay attention to maintenance. Pay attention to environmental temperature and humidity, do not put wet areas, to maintain ventilation, the battery must maintain more than electricity, charge up once every month or so, electricity, electricity consumption is best kept at around 50 percent. HP 538693-271 battery

4, battery and notebook battery CPU processor speed, dell d620 battery applications, screen brightness, wireless devices, external ports, and related factors such as battery life itself, so the actual battery use time may be different with the same type of battery. HP 580956-001 battery

5, as determined by the physical properties of the battery, the battery itself is a consumable, it will be the number of batteries used, the user habits, use of environmental temperature and other factors gradually reduce their use of time.

6, Please has failed to properly deal with the old battery, do not be thrown away.






Acer Aspire 7750ZG battery

Acer Emachines Laptop Battery Maintenance
Laptop Battery Maintenance
1, activate the new battery. You want your notebook battery longevity, there must be a good start, which was to buy a notebook from the start. Acer Aspire 7750G battery New laptop batteries at the first boot with 3% of electricity should be (this is common practice firms. If you buy the notebook first opened, found that the battery is fully charged, is certainly used by others), this time, you should first do not use external power, the battery inside the power exhausted, until the shutdown, then use the external power supply charge. Acer Aspire 7750Z battery After returning home, even after the exhaustion of the battery charge, charging time must be more than 12 hours, repeated three times to activate the battery, in order to lay a good foundation for future use.
2, to minimize the number of EMACHINES D440 Battery. This method seems to be some people feel stingy, but it is also the most effective. Acer Aspire 7750ZG battery You know, the battery charge and discharge directly to the life of each battery charge, battery on a step forward to retirement. Recommend you use an external power supply, use an external power supply when the battery removed. Some friends of convenience, often several times a day the power plug, and the laptop is equipped with batteries, do more damage to the battery. Because each time access is equivalent to an external power supply battery charge time, battery life shortened by a natural. Acer Aspire AS4250-C52G25Mikk battery
3, after the exhaustion of battery charge and avoid charging time is too long. Regardless of your notebook to use nickel-metal hydride or lithium electricity, to power must be exhausted after the full (capacity less than 1%), which is the best way to avoid the memory effect. No memory effect on lithium argument, I note in front of businesses irresponsible misled. Lithium also have memory effect, but its memory effect than Ni-MH small number of Bale. Acer Aspire AS5250-C52G25Mikk battery And battery charging in the same way, when you charge the battery to the laptop, try to avoid too long, the general control within 12 hours. As for the prevention of exposure to prevent damp to prevent erosion chemical liquids, avoid contact with the battery contact with metal objects such as notes, much to mention here also.
The first charge, you should continuously charge the battery to 12 hours, and cycle to fully charge and discharge times (see the battery maintenance section) in order to wake up completely new battery, if this is not the battery is stored for a few months use, it is also recommended for three complete charge and discharge.Acer Aspire AS5250-C53G25Mikk battery If a battery by 12 consecutive hours after charge and discharge cycles, or three times still can not charge this battery can not be used needs to be replaced.
Laptop computers are used in the current lithium-ion battery as its power source, not equipped with the battery for a notebook, the notebook has completely lost its own meaning, and a mobile PC is no different samples, so that the notebook computer notebook computer battery is the very important qualitative components. Acer Aspire AS5250-E352G32Mikk battery
Avoid the use of lithium batteries under high temperature, expert studies, high temperature conditions will accelerate the aging process of lithium batteries, and not to the same extreme low temperature environments. Low temperatures will reduce the activity of lithium EMACHINES D442 Battery to reduce laptop battery life. Activate regular lithium treatment is fully charged and discharged, so that the maximum capacity lithium recovery. Acer Aspire AS5253-C52G32Mnkk battery Approach is to turn off all power management, so that slowly discharge until the laptop is fully discharged and then fully charged, can be repeated two or three. Hot weather, as far as possible safeguard their own laptop batteries, notebook computers also allow better play their role. Want to maintain your laptop battery will not become part the trouble.
Laptop battery notebook computer can be said that the most important source of inspiration. Acer Aspire AS5253-C54G50Mnkk battery No batteries to provide energy, you can not complete the special requirements of mobile office. Then we can only laptop in the hands of a mobile PC Bale. The laptop battery maintenance and use of skills has become the most difficult thing for most consumers. Acer Aspire AS5253-E353G32Mnrr battery Now in use and maintenance of laptop batteries have been different opinions on this issue, I now combine their own experience and advice of a Taiwan-based notebook brand customer service center engineer the battery after use and maintenance of this situation, and so a brief introduction, and will be in-depth discussion of my friends in the laptop battery maintenance and daily use in the presence of some errors to do some corrections, hoping to help our friends. Acer Aspire AS5253-E354G32Mnkk battery However limited, the article if oversight is also beg the indulgence of our friends look!
There is also a need to pay attention to the question: if long-term battery-powered and not powered with AC adapter (such as students), put the battery in a cool dry place such as cabinets. This approach is to avoid humid environment, while if the machine not the best place to separate the battery and the books, do not believe we bought a time when attention to cell phones and books to see, business is not separated from the battery and the machine's? Acer Aspire AS5741 battery
hang up, but there is no way to pull the battery
I have seen some friends before the machine can not properly shut down the phenomenon, even illegal shutdown are not effective, Blame the great "fainted dead" system now! Finally her brother directly to one-third to pull the battery with eyes closed two stamping feet, and heard books scream would stop. Acer Aspire AS5741-H32C/S battery In fact, this approach is very harmful, because in the standby state, the memory is powered and working, if hasty to take down the battery directly, data loss is inevitable, not in the plug when the AC adapter to take the EMACHINES D640G Battery This approach can only be a hundred harm

ASUS K53SK K53SM Notebook Battery Review Acer Aspire AS5741-H32C/SF battery
From the test results can be seen, which hard disk write speed almost the height of the read speed, which require a higher speed in accessing the user is indeed a good news. The test from the write speed of 154.6MB / S.
As the main target of this evaluation is the card with the ASUS Array SAS hard disk transfer speed test, since it is for speed, then we will need to explore its fastest, the best place in the end where they are. Acer Aspire AS5741-H54D/LS battery We all know that a few hard drive RAID0 works in parallel processing, accessing the data, respectively, by the simultaneous operation of several drives, read and write their own parts, so the speed is the fastest. Sorry is the way I only have two hard drives, we can only explore two hard disk drives is the speed of a ASUS K53SK Battery .
The following two sets of test data are derived from RAID0 data read and write speed, the speed reached a 295.6MB / S and 286MB / S, compared to a single hard disk read and write capabilities, almost doubled in real times, which can be regarded as a consistent theory and practical special case, RAID0 read and write performance really extraordinary. Acer Aspire AS5741-H54D/S battery
The following test replacement PIKE 1068E card, the protagonist of this evaluation, the official debut-PIKE 2008 card. The main test here two cases, first, PIKE 2008 SAS I drive card with read and write performance tests to verify the card downward compatibility PIKE 2008; Furthermore, the test card with PIKE 2008 SAS II hard drives, and explore its highest reading write performance. Acer Aspire AS5741-H54D/SF battery
Similar to the above test procedure, first to test drive their single SAS I read and write speed. Read and write speeds tested were 150.3MB / S and 140.6MB / S. And PIKE 1068E test scores compared to the results a little behind. Backward compatibility in the performance was not very good, because after all, is an array PIKE 2008 card should be used to measure its performance mainly depends on their doing a variety of arrays and other hardware matches shown, so this data does not describes its performance as PIKE 1068E card, we only can be used as a reference. Acer Aspire AS5741-N32C/KF battery
Throughout the RAID 0 is the transmission speed, PIKE 2008 card the same down to leeward, but not much. Here, further evidence, SAS I drive with PIKE 1068E PIKE 2008 card performance than to play better. The array as a second-generation card PIKE 2008 in the use of generation hard disk, there is no generation with generation of hard disk array card play. Look forward with a second generation SAS hard disk, PIKE 2008 card to maximize its performance. Acer Aspire AS5741-N32D/K battery
Usually you can charge and discharge lithium-ion battery 300-500 times. More suitable for lithium-ion battery is not fully charged, and not suitable for rechargeable battery completely exhausted, so frequent a full charge and discharge should be avoided. Although the lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, but some lithium-ion batteries have been engineers called the existence of a number of memory problems, because the frequent short battery charging does not take full, the battery's own power detector (usually laptop computer batteries have the device) will not completely filled according to the capacity to adjust. Acer Aspire AS5741-N54E/K battery However, if after charging and discharging every 30 times, to conduct a full charge and discharge, we can solve this problem. The best way is to let the battery has been used when the mobile device can not start to conduct a full charge. If you ignore this, then the same lithium-ion battery capacity will be gradually reduced. Acer Aspire AS5741-N54E/KF battery
Aging of lithium-ion battery is easy to overlook the problem of a user. Lithium-ion battery life is usually 2-3 years, and computing time is from lithium-ion ASUS K53SM Battery production line out from the moment the date. With the oxidation of the battery, the battery's capacity will be gradually reduced. When the battery capacity reduced to a certain point, the battery can no longer continue to be used, although this is still the battery can store a certain amount of power. Acer TravelMate 4370 battery Part of the laptop and cell phone batteries by adding a certain amount of cobalt to solve this problem.
1. Carefully check the computer interface and battery interface connection is correct.
2. Replace the battery, charging adapter for a power to activate the battery, in the off state then disconnect the adapter, re-boot. Acer TravelMate 4740 battery
3. Please contact for a new battery.
4. Contact your local dealer or service.
Second problem: the battery is not used for some time, re-use when less power or no power
Possible reasons: 1. No charge 50% of the storage capacity itself rarely 2. By battery quality or storage environment, the natural loss of battery 3. Shelved for too long, not regularly causing the battery charging and discharging of the natural attenuation . Acer TravelMate 4740-352G32Mn battery
1.100% charge normal use on it.
2. Normal, normal use after charging.
3. Please replace a new battery.
Problem Three: The battery shows charging has been completed (100%), but disconnect the AC power, battery power supply can not normally cause the computer to crash.
Possible reasons: 1. Operating temperature is too high, causing the battery over-temperature protection 2. The process of charging the battery there is a problem, resulting in power display distortion. Acer TravelMate 4740-432G50Mna battery

4400mah TOSHIBA Qosmio F750 3D F755 3D Battery Tips
Some notebook will adjust the BIOS, CPU and other parts of the state of energy-saving technology to check the feature is turned on. In use to save the usual long as we pay attention to the use of TOSHIBA Qosmio F750 3D Battery power consumption can be reduced. Acer TravelMate 4740-5261 battery
Here we summarize it so that you can use the attention.
①. Peripherals connected to the expansion port removed immediately after use, such as printers, scanners, digital cameras, mobile hard drives, USB floppy drive and so on. As long as these peripherals connected to the laptop computer, even if does not work will consume battery power;
②. If the PCMCIA slot expansion card no need to use, should be immediately removed; Acer TravelMate 4740-5452G50Mnssb battery
③. A large notebook drive power consumption, no need to use the CD to be taken out, otherwise it will break to read, increased energy consumption. Smooth performance notebook cooling heat and power very close relationship between the two, which is the way the heat from the laptop TOSHIBA Qosmio F755 3D Battery to the decision. Laptop computers generally use a thermostatically controlled fan with heat pipe cooling technology, will only reach a certain temperature, enable the built-in cooling fan.Acer TravelMate 4740-5462G50Mnss02 battery Once the notebook computer's internal air circulation, heat pipe heat can not spread out in time, will cause the fan stop running. Since only the laptop internal temperature reaches a certain temperature, the fan will run, we note the following points can reduce fan energy consumption. Acer TravelMate 4740-7552 battery (1). As far as better ventilation or air-conditioned rooms. (2). Do not let debris and dust blocking the vents of the laptop, cooling ducts, the heat sink internal parts can not be dirty, I had a thick gray split into a notebook everywhere, that would lead to heat a lot of trouble. (3). In the home or office use, the best cooling effect for a good cushion pad at the bottom through the water cooling pad for laptop better. Acer TravelMate 4740-7787 battery

Notebook battery refresh program Lesson
Using the battery refresh program to restore the battery's discharge time
Big brand laptop has a battery refresh programmer, we can use it to repair the battery. For example: a IBMThinkpad390/262650 based laptop, the distribution for the nickel-metal hydride battery(Ni-Mh) batteries, as usual discharge properly, leading to the battery discharge time is short, only less than 5 minutes, if carrying a laptop to work, then it is very inconvenient, what methods can restore the battery's discharge time? for the above, we can use the IBM has launched a ACER Aspire One 753 Battery refresh program to refresh the batteries, discharge time to recovery, specific methods are as follows . Acer TravelMate 4740G battery (1) the use of AC power to the laptop, the first to ftp://fip. pc. ibm. com / pub / pccbbs / mobiles / isbr01ww. exe download the IBM provided TP390/390e/390x series laptop battery refresh program. (2) Restart your computer, press F8 to enter boot menu and select safe DOS mode. You may give them such questions, I am also P4 machines, why feel so slowly? Acer TravelMate 4740Z battery The reason is that the hard disk, and now the mainstream notebook hard drive speed is 4200 rev / min, 5400 gradually into the mainstream, and although the hard disk has been around 7200, but the application is minimal. The current minimum is also a desktop computer 7200, and the overall performance hard drive is a very critical constraint of a hardware, so slow to slow in the hard disk. Acer TravelMate 4750 battery
(3) just download the files into the directory, the implementation of the battery refresh program isbr0lww, exe, reading the warning message, insert the floppy disk as required, and then press the Enter key to the implementation of the self-extracting operation. (4) boot floppy disk with this computer, the screen appears StartingPC-DOS. . . Message. (5) prompted unplug the AC power, the program will automatically be on the Ni-Mh battery discharge, discharge is completed, the system will automatically shut down. Acer TravelMate 5335 battery (6) The ACER Aspire One 753 Battery temperature is high at this time, should not immediately start, after the battery cool for a while, plug the AC power. (7) boot the computer with a floppy disk, the Autoexec. bat file will automatically run the refresh program, and ask the user whether to proceed. Select yes, press the Enter key. (8) At this point, refresh process began to refresh the battery, the process soon, when the return to DOS prompt A:> when that refresh is complete. (9) Shut down the computer, and charge the battery until the light turns green so far. (10) The above procedure is repeated three times to get the best results. Acer TravelMate 5335G battery
Battery life not by the length of the total use of time, but by the charge and discharge times to decide. If you always to the notebook without the battery installed to take down, even if turned off the machine and remove the AC power after the batteries are not like the thought kept as fully charged state. Acer TravelMate 5335Z battery Notebook batteries because the battery in the integrated control circuit, so even when the power is also shut down the computer power. As an AC power source connected, the battery will start charging, when turned on or off the power when the battery is repeatedly charged and discharged, affecting battery life.
In addition, many lithium battery pack failure is the result of a failure of energy-saving core, this phenomenon can not be avoided. Acer TravelMate 5340 battery Because each cell batteries can not be completely consistent with the nature, quality and use for a long time some little worse after the beginning of aging, and damaged the whole (in series) if the discharge curve. Interest and ability of the reader can try to open the DELL Inspiron N4120 Battery pack, the multimeter's help, you can quickly find the damaged batteries (abnormal voltage). If conditions allow, according to the corresponding parameters of batteries can replace the qualified product. Acer TravelMate 5340G battery

Method of repair laptop battery
Most Laptop manufacturers in the product when leaving the plant are said to buy a new laptop should be in full discharge of the case, repeated three times on the battery fully charge / discharge, charge, preferably more than 14 hours. Acer TravelMate 5542 battery It is so short, so that the notebook computer users had a wrong view. In fact, the laptop products at the factory before the battery will activate, in order to avoid wear and tear affect battery performance, with only a small amount of electrical energy. Since the completion of a laptop battery is fully charged ACER Aspire 1830T Battery, it will automatically stop working, there is no need to maintain the charge time to 12 hours. In general, buy a new laptop just follow the normal charge / discharge method can be activated. Acer TravelMate 5542G battery
At present, most brand laptop recovery disk will only cover the system partition C, even if the partition will be restored to factory default state of a partition will be prompted to give the corresponding options. The Compaq laptop I've seen the recovery disk will be handed does not give any tips in the case resume into a partition. Acer TravelMate 5735 battery So get a new laptop and then be sure to use after the resumption of what the system restore disk to avoid future data storage and more time be thrown off balance.

the notebook ACER Aspire 1830Z Battery can be converted the other system?
Can say that this really is a problem of food at home, do not know why so many users will ask the new laptop. Acer TravelMate 5735Z battery Notebook computer is, it, like desktop computers, the drive can be installed under the premise of supporting any PC operating system.

The Reason of damage battery
When using Laptop battery long time, I am often dissatisfied with electricity charge, and even the battery is damaged, the specific performance is larger resistance, the voltage across the charging up faster. Acer TravelMate 5735ZG battery This easy to charge control circuit judge to have full capacity will naturally decline. As the larger battery internal resistance, discharge voltage drop, high speed, so the system is easy to mistakenly believe that voltage is not enough power is low. Comparison of the discovery of short battery life, should take corresponding measures.
You may give them such questions, I am also P4 machines, why feel so slowly? Acer TravelMate 5740 battery The reason is that the hard disk, and now the mainstream notebook hard drive speed is 4200 rev / min, 5400 gradually into the mainstream, and although the hard disk has been around 7200, but the application is minimal. The current minimum is also a desktop computer 7200, ACER Aspire 1830TZ Battery and the overall performance hard drive is a very critical constraint of a hardware, so slow to slow in the hard disk.
XI, and why some functions with a super-rabbits are ineffective? Acer TravelMate 5740-332G16Mn battery
Super rabbit lot of people will optimize the Masters this desktop optimization of weapons used in conventional laptop on, used, found that many features with the good about failure, such as the brightness of the sound adjustment. The reason is the super rabbit will be the drivers of these features as unnecessary since the launch of the process to the disabled, such as the Hotkey drivers and so on. Acer TravelMate 5740-332G25Mn battery So this kind of optimization procedure used in the notebook even, if you have to optimize as far as possible, after determining which does not require manual optimization.
How to extend laptop battery life?
Laptop battery long time to charge less often, or even show damage, and therefore must use attention to some tips: No matter what your laptop to use nickel-metal hydride or lithium electricity, to power the basic exhaustion as much as possible and then charge (charge less than 5%), which is the best way to avoid the memory effect. Acer TravelMate 5740-333G25Mn battery In fact, the lithium-ion battery has some memory effect, but much smaller than the nickel-metal hydride batteries Bale. But note that charging the battery, try to avoid too long, the general control within 12 hours.

laptop and battery information review
Lenovo was founded in 1984 by the Institute of Computing investment of 20 million yuan, 11 scientists founded, and today has grown into a diversified development in the information industry within the large enterprise groups. Acer TravelMate 5740-333G32Mn battery Fiscal year 2002 turnover of 20.2 billion Hong Kong dollars, currently employs more than 12,000 people in 1994, listed in Hong Kong (stock code 992), the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index constituent stocks. During 2002, Lenovo's market share of 27.3% (source: IDC), PACKARD BELL EasyNote SB85 Battery from seven consecutive years since 1996 among the domestic market sales of the first, to end of March 2003, Lenovo Group has 12 consecutive quarters of the Asia Pacific market ( excluding Japan) first (source: IDC); 2002 second quarter, Lenovo's Desktop shipments for the first time to enter the global top five, which ranked third in the consumer PC world. In the past ten years, Lenovo has always been adhering to the "let users better" philosophy has always been dedicated to the Chinese users with the latest best technology products, and promote China's information industry development. Acer TravelMate 5740-352G25Mn battery
Haier Haier
Haier Group is the world's fourth largest white goods manufacturer, China's most valuable brands, Chinese brand buyers satisfaction. Haier set up more than 30 countries around the world design center localization, manufacturing bases and trading companies, employs more than 50,000 people worldwide, has developed into a large multinational corporation, Haier 2007 global turnover of 118 billion yuan. Acer TravelMate 5740-372G25Mnss battery The current president of Haier Group, Haier Group Yang Mian Mian. In the Haier Group CEO Zhang established under the guidance of brand strategy, has the implementation of brand strategy, diversification strategy and internationalization strategy, the end of 2005, Haier's strategy to enter the fourth phase - the phase of global brand strategy. Acer TravelMate 5740-434G32Mn battery Business for 24 years of hard work to make Haier brand in the world-wide reputation has increased significantly. In 2007, Haier brand value up to 78.6 billion yuan, since 2002, Haier brand value for six consecutive years ranked China's most valuable brands list. Haier brand refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, televisions, water heaters, computers,PACKARD BELL EasyNote SB87 Battery, mobile phones, home integration products have been awarded 19 Chinese brands, including Haier refrigerators, washing machines was also named the first batch of China State Administration of Quality Supervision world famous. Acer TravelMate 5740-5092 battery In August 2005, Haier was the British "Financial Times" as "China Top Ten world-class brands," the first. In 2006, "Asian Wall Street Journal" organization named the "top 200 enterprises in Asia", the Haier Group, the fourth consecutive year topped the "Mainland China enterprise integrated leadership" topped the list. In 2008, the World Brand Lab value selected for the preparation of the "Chinese buyers of brand satisfaction," ranked fourth. Haier has been among the ranks of world-class brand, its influence is expanding as the global market grew rapidly. Acer TravelMate 5740-524G32Mn battery
Charge and discharge: As you complete release after the completion by the principle of full charge and discharge the battery back and forth two or three times to offset the curve of the battery can be repaired over. Note: When charging the battery is full to make sure the best way is to shut down filling several hours or overnight and then unplug the power discharge, until the computer shut off automatically. This back and forth at least two cycles Acer TravelMate 5740-5896 battery
Method Two:
And charging the battery in use will cause instability in the capacity of the PACKARD BELL EasyNote SB86 Battery down, but the decline was not caused due to aging, so the calibration is appropriate to make this part of the recovery of the lost capacity. Therefore, regular battery calibration is very necessary thing, such as 1-2 months time. Acer TravelMate 5740-5952 battery
To get the battery recovery, apart from replacing the batteries, but also through the SMB bus (remember that the content in front of it!), Into the control circuit setting the parameters, the parameters re-set the battery This return to normal. Not only can charge and discharge, and to accept the management of laptop and software shows battery status. Acer TravelMate 5740-6070 battery
Cause of the malfunction is found, and can repair the time, merchants will inform the maintenance costs (eliminating the haggling process among several.) Disassemble it, remove the old battery cell and put a new one. Note, the battery cells are completely replaced in general, not only for part of the argument. Acer TravelMate 5740-6291 battery
capacity? Power? Who is concerned with the use of time in the end?
The manufacturers of notebook batteries have a more detailed description, we can often see the "6-cell 4400mAh", "4-cell 2200mAh" nominal value such as batteries, over time, we believe that directly determines the capacity of 4400mAh or 2200mAh laptop working hours. Acer TravelMate 5740-6529 battery
Let's take a look at the composition of a laptop battery. Remove intelligent control circuit, notebook battery is actually a battery pack, batteries usually 3-12 pieces (that is independent of the lithium batteries), with their way through the series and parallel combinations together to form large-capacity high-voltage MSI Wind L1350D Battery group. The principle is to parallel the increase in current, in series to increase voltage, these are junior high school knowledge of physics to relate to. Acer TravelMate 5740G battery
The common 2200mAh, 3.6V batteries, for example, a number of small series may be composed by four batteries, the voltage is 14.4V, Capacity 2200mAh.

Laptop Battery Maintenance Tips
Laptop Battery Maintenance - 3, after the exhaustion of battery charge and avoid charging time is too long regardless of your notebook to use nickel-metal hydride or lithium electricity, to power after the exhaustion of a certain charge (charge less than 1%), which is The best way to avoid the memory effect. Acer TravelMate 5740G-334G32Mn battery No memory effect on lithium to say, I had in front of businesses that are irresponsible and misleading. Lithium also has memory effect, but its memory effect smaller than nickel-metal hydride Bale. And battery charging as same as you charge the battery to the laptop, try to avoid too long, the general control within 12 hours. As for the prevention of exposure to prevent damp to prevent the erosion of chemical liquids, avoid contact with metal objects touch the battery and other precautions mentioned here are limited.
Acer TravelMate 5740G-434G32Mn battery The new battery can improve the deep charge-discharge lithium-ion battery's actual capacity? See related information in the information which can not, I also asked an expert for this, experts say this is meaningless. The first three could not think of all the so-called charge-discharge using the "activate" what is necessary. But after we marked in the deep charge-discharge capacity of why change it? Acer TravelMate 5740G-524G50Mn battery
Compatible original SAMSUNG NP-M730 Battery Code:
Fit machine:
NP-E252 Series SAMSUNG NT-E252 Series Acer TravelMate 5740G-528G64Mn battery
Notebook computer lithium-ion batteries are generally with management chip and charge control chips. The "management chip" in a series of registers, there is capacity, temperature, ID, charge status, and discharge times and other values. These values are in use will gradually change. "Charge control chips" mainly control the battery charging process. Acer TravelMate 5740G-5452G32Mnss battery Lithium-ion battery charging process is divided into two phases, fast charge constant current phase (the battery indicator light yellow) and constant current decline phase (the battery indicator light flashes green. Constant current fast charge phase, the battery voltage is gradually increased The standard voltage to the SAMSUNG NT-R719 Battery , then under the control of the chip into the constant voltage, the voltage will not rise to ensure that no over-charge, current is increased gradually as the battery level reduced to 0, and the ultimate completion of charging. inside the battery have a statistical power chips, will discharge curve by recording impulse (voltage, current, time) can calculate the sample battery power, this is what we read about in the Battery Information wh. value. Acer TravelMate 5740G-6765 battery The lithium-ion batteries in the repeated use , the discharge curve may change, if the chip has been no opportunity to once again read out a complete discharge curve, the calculated power is not accurate. so it is necessary to calibrate the battery charge-discharge depth of the chip.






Asus K72LN71 battery

Top Quality ASUS K55VD K55VS Laptop Battery
The keyboard design is also ASUS's ultra-pole compared the characteristics of a keyboard operating area of ​​the depression designed to keep the same minimalist style with ASUS K55VDseries, followed by the keyboard keys design a reasonable sense of the intensity of keystrokes. Asus K53E-SX058V battery
The touchpad design looks fine, brushed metal panel is also very light contrasting fashion sense, touchpad with integrated design, the middle of a line to separate the area of ​​the touchpad and buttons. However, the buttons of the touchpad experience is not good use when you press down more demanding, long the touchpad fingers easily fatigue. Asus K53E-SX069V battery
The ASUS K55VD. Interface edge D surface of the fuselage with the design of red